More Surprises


Before you read this you need to read “surprise” the first part of this tale.


I was sitting in the kitchen with my first coffee of the day reflecting on the events of the previous night. It was like a dream, but my throbbing pussy was testament to the fact that it had happened. I still found it hard to believe that my husband and son had schemed together to help me realise my wildest fantasy. To be fucked by more than one man and to make one of the other men my son realised another dark fantasy.

I have always had something of a submissive streak and the way I was taken last night played to that side of my personality. My husband, Dave had always been aware that once I was turned on I was very willing to give in to him and his whims, but he had never really taken advantage of it however, the way he planned and executed things last night showed that perhaps his mind and active imagination was more powerful and maybe that planning was his strong point, but it had never shown itself so graphically before.

The way my husband took subtle control surprised me, and offering to share me with Paul; my son was both astounding and very exciting. I wondered though how they would be this morning in the cold light of day, now that the lust of the moment had passed. I was also nervous about that as well and wondered just how I would react. For sure I found the prospect deliciously exciting. When my son called me their little fucktoy I shuddered and even now my tummy got butterflies with anticipation of what might happen if they went through with their proposals. Just how would they share me I wondered, and apart from the obvious what would be expected of me?

I heard some movement and mumbling drifting down from upstairs so I started to make a pot of tea for them, a short while later I saw Paul enter the kitchen; he was only wearing a towel wrapped around his waist and he was grinning from ear to ear.

“How are you this morning,” he asked

How should I react I thought, should I show him that I was OK and happy with what had occurred or should I be contrite and ask for his forgiveness for letting myself go in such a debased way.

“Just fine, thank you,” I answered returning his smile.

I was standing at the worktop pouring his cup of tea; he came behind me and held my waist putting his arms around me and hugging me to him. He had never greeted me like this before and again I felt those butterflies in my tummy.

“Did you like your birthday surprise last night, it certainly looked like you did?” he asked me

I know I blushed a bright shade of pink and I cast my eyes down a little, I was not sure how to reply. “Not bashful are you,” he asked, “that’s different to last night you were really wild then and it certainly looked like you enjoyed having those three cocks pleasuring you, but at the same time you looked beautiful it was great to see you enjoying yourself and looking so happy,” He added.

I turned and looked into his eyes, I was still feeling a little unsure and embarrassed at admitting a thing like that to my son, I blushed again.

“You know I loved it,” I whispered in his ear.

He turned me to face him and kissed me on the lips, not a mother son sort of kiss; it was passionate with his tongue sweeping over my lips trying to gain entry into my mouth. I was taken a little off guard I did not expect this quite so soon. I felt his hand gently cup my breast and start to me massage it, gently running the palm of his hand over my nipples. I sighed, as the lovely sensations seemed to run from my nipples down to my pussy. I returned his kiss our mouths locked together with our tongues dancing in each other’s mouth. He continued his teasing as he pulled and rubbed my nipples, he nibbled and blew into my ear and kissed the nape of my neck.

“You know that Dad and I were serious last night about sharing you. The question is are you still happy to be our little fuck toy?”

I did not expect him to be so forthright; I had assumed this conversation would come from my husband. I felt myself tingle with excitement at his statement. But I did want to answer, not before I had spoken with my husband just to make sure he was still happy with this new arrangement, I was worried about offending his male pride, Men can be so fragile at times and I did not want to upset him. I looked up at him and smiled, but I remained silent.

“Come on Mum admit it,” he whispered. “You loved having those three cocks didn’t you?”

I merely nodded, I was to afraid of what might happen and how far I might go with him if I told him just how much I did love it.

“Dad has told me what a dirty slut you can be in the bedroom,” he whispered as he tweaked my nipples making me shiver.” He told me how you tend to be submissive and last night you were a little submissive weren’t you?”

My mind was spinning everything he was saying was true; I was starting to get turned on and him telling me what a slut was last night made the memories of Escort bayan those cocks dominating me flit through my mind, making my pussy tingle. I did want some more wild sex like I got last night I had loved every single second of it. I felt myself weakening as he kissed me and played with my tits. His hand slipped down to my pussy and started to rub it gently his fingers softly stroking the lips.

“”Open your legs a bit mum,” he asked.

I kept my legs closed not wanting to give in to my building desires, I desperately needed to see Dave first, but his fingers were teasing me and I felt my pussy starting to get wet. He put his mouth next to my ear and whispered.

“You were certainly looked and acted like a dirty bitch last night as you sucked on my cock and then willingly let all three of us fuck you. Now come on admit that you would like some more of that.”

He was still trying to ease my thighs apart his fingers pushing and stroking seeking out my sensitive spots it was starting to feel so good and I knew that if he kept up this pressure I would soon be surrendering to his advances. I kissed him more passionately as I felt him press his hard cock against my thigh it felt so big and hard.

“Come on my little sub, open your legs a little for me, let me make you feel good, you know that you want to. Your just aching to have me caresses your cunt.” Him using that word to me only served to add to my lust.

“You just long to feel my cock throbbing in your hands. You know you want to be the dirty bitch you were last night, come on baby let me push my fingers into your wet pussy, why don’t you just stoke and wank my young hard cock I know that want to don’t you do? ” He said as he squeezed my bottom pulling me onto his cock.

I started to give in to his firm persuasive voice I felt my nipples stiffen and my pussy twitch as his words penetrated my mind. It was like he could read my thoughts; see the turmoil that his teasing was causing me. I started to give in to my basic urges and my more primitive instincts, and then when he called me his little sub my heart missed a beat and my tummy jumped.

“Oh God Paul please don’t I shouldn’t not until I have spoken with Dad,” I whined as I opened my legs for him.

“That’s it baby I can see that you want this,” he whispered as his fingers slipped into my weeping pussy. ” You love it don’t you, you want to be a slut for me to feel my cock in you?”

I sighed deeply and nodded I loved feeling his fingers pushing into my cunt and hearing his dirty words. He knew now that he was succeeding and that I was giving in to him, yet he kept up his dirty talk teasing and exciting me still more. I made no effort to stop him as he opened my robe and slipped it off of my shoulders leaving me standing naked before him in my own kitchen. He ran his fingers sticky with my juice softly up and down my body from my tits slowly down across my tummy and so slowly between my slick cunt lips, stroking my clit and dipping again into my moist opening.

He undid the towel that was around his waist and let it fall to the floor leaving him naked as well I could feel the heat from his cock as he pushed it against my thigh. My pussy was quivering and my heart was beating furiously.

“Look Mum look down and see how hard my cock is for you, you want it don’t you?”

I looked down and saw his cock hard and throbbing, he was slowly fisting it running his hand up and down its length, as I watched him my chest was pounding and my nipples ached with delight and excitement.

“Tell me you love this, admit to me that you love my cock that you want it to hold and to have it. To feel it’s hardness dominating you as it fills and pleases you. Tell me now that you want me to fuck you.”

“Oh God Paul,” I whispered.

He guided my hand onto his prick and I felt its heat and its hardness, I instinctively squeezed it and I shivered as I felt it twitching in my hand

“Tell me you love my cock,” he urged me.

I could not resist him and his seduction any longer, I was as turned on as I have ever been, I could feel my love juice dripping from my pussy onto my thigh, my nipples were so hard they were almost painful. I took a firmer grip on his cock and slowly rubbed it, it felt so very good and I knew in this moment that I had surrendered to him; I needed his cock in me and wanted him to dominate me with it.

“God Paul I do love your cock it’s so hard and so big and beautiful, I need it I want to hold it, and to have it filling me” I croaked my mouth dry with excitement.

“That’s a good girl, you know you want me to fuck you and for us to share you, deep down you are a slut,” “Tell me you are a slut,” he whispered”

My breathing was shallow, my hands sweaty and his fingers in my cunt fucking me so teasingly slowly was driving me mad.

“I am a dirty slut and I want to be a fucktoy,” I told him.

He smiled at me, a smile of victory I thought he had won me over, seduced me with Bayan escort his firmness, dirty words and skilful fingers he knew now that I was his.

“I know that you are a dad’s slut and that wont change, but now you will need to adapt because I want you to be a slut for me as well, to be submissive to me to allowing, me as well as Dad to control you I want you to give me unrestricted access to your body whenever I want it.”

I looked into his eyes where I could see his lust, but more than that I could see his love for me and my heart went out to him, I loved him so much and I wanted him to take me. Despite him being my son it seemed natural to give him this physical love people may not understand, but I didn’t care anymore. Over his shoulder I spotted some movement and I froze as I saw Dave leaning against the door watching and listening to us, how long he had been there I did not know, but I was suddenly nervous. He smiled at me and blew me a kiss he nodded his head indicating that he was neither annoyed nor surprised. I subsequently found out that they had planned this upstairs and arranged for Paul to come down first to see how I was feeling after last night and to sort of test the waters to see if I was still in the same frame of mind as then.

I stroked his cock slowly as I gathered my courage; I was trembling with lust and excitement I knew it was a big step for us all; it was a life changing moment.

“Paul I love you so much, just as I do your father and I will do anything for you, I want you to take me, to control me. I want to be a slut for you, your personal slut and fuck toy. I give you my mind and my body I will refuse you nothing and I promise to obey you at all times.”

Paul kissed me a big smile on his face, “I love you to mum,” then with a chuckle added, “my little slut.”

Dave came and joined us he took me in his arms and hugged me gently kissing my face and squeezing my bottom. Proving to me that he was indeed happy and not angry. I returned his tender kisses.

“This is up to you baby, I am your wife, your woman and if this is what you want of course I will happily go along with it.” I whispered tactfully to my husband.

I looked up at him to see he was smiling broadly; his eyes sparkled with mischief and lust, his face-radiated contentment and I knew I had made the correct decision

I felt a little shiver of excitement course through my body; I was not sure if it was the thought of being a shared woman and looking after two men sexually or being called a slut, but whatever it was it felt nice. It seemed that the dye was cast, I was happy that I had willingly surrendered to my two men.

“I am so happy that you have seen it this way and deep down I know that you want this as much as we do. I know that you are happy with this new arrangement as well, I also know you will cope easily and happily with two lovers.” He said with a chuckle.

He smiled again then poured himself a cup of tea; he took it to the table and sat down as if giving Paul and I some space. I looked at my husband and smiled warmly.

“Why do you want this Dave, why are you so keen on me letting Paul have me?”

He was pensive and quiet for a second or two, and then looked up at me with a serious face.

“I know you are a very sexy lady and that you love sex, as I am getting older I am a little concerned that I may leave you needing more.” I tried to interrupt, but he carried on. “I had seen the way Paul looked at you, and noticed how he had tried to look up your skirt and such things and I also saw the excitement in your eyes whenever he did and I know you sometimes sat so as he could see more easily. I just knew that he thought you were a hot sexy woman.”

“Dave you know I love you, you will always be enough for me.” I whispered sincerely.

With a smile he added, “I know you do, but as I get older my performance will diminish, that’s a fact of life and rather than see you have an affair with a stranger I spoke to Paul. After his initial shock and after much discussion he admitted he fancied you like mad so I devised our little birthday surprise for you.”

I went and kissed him and hugged him to me I felt a great love for him, his selflessness and concern for me was a wonderful demonstration of his love for me and that showed in his eyes.

“Oh Dave I love you so much,” I told him.

“So you are happy with the arrangements then, to be a shared woman, a slut for us both and will you be as dirty and naughty for Paul as you has always been in the bedroom for me?”

Kissing him again I whispered. “Yes, yes of course I am happy, but only if you are really sure that you want this.” “I do, I really do,” he confirmed eagerly.

Paul came and sat on a chair he opened his legs wide his cock sticking up proudly, I stared at it hardly believing that I was now his woman as well, my heart skipped a beat as I thought about all the times we would be spending together. He looked up at me and grinned.

“Come Escort and worship your new cock, show me how much you love it, prove your submission to me you slut, show your husband just how much of a submissive slut you are going to be for me” he said with a firm voice.

I dropped onto my knees between his legs and grasped his cock gently; I kissed the tip and ran my tongue up and down it sucking his balls gently into my mouth. I was in heaven I have always loved sucking cock and to be doing it in front of my husband made it so much better and exciting. I took his cock into my mouth and swirled my tongue around its head trying to get as much of it in as possible I gagged a little when I felt it nudge the back of my throat. I raised my eyes up to look at his face and taking his cock out I started to wank him.

“My god you are such a great cock sucker and you look so beautifully slutty on your knees with a cock in your mouth.” Paul whispered.

“Paul I just love your cock, I will always worship and pleasure it. I will always revere and honour it, I want you to dominate me with it.”

He smiled at me took his cock holding it at the base then slapped my face twice with it on either cheek. It shocked and surprised me and it stung some, but I found it incredibly exciting, like he was starting to dominate me with it. God I have never been so turned on, he was hitting all the right buttons and I started to revel in my submission to him and his growing dominance of me. My pussy was screaming for relief and I was getting wild with lust. He pulled me up and sat me on his lap.

“Ride my cock fuck me you horny bitch,” he said.

I lowered myself on to his throbbing cock and I gasped as I felt it nudging my opening and as I lowered myself fully onto it I felt my inner muscles stretching to accommodate this new and very welcome invader.

I glanced at Dave he had his cock in his hands and was grinning as if he had won the lottery.

“That’s it Paul she is ours now, our whore to be fucked on demand. Now fuck her good show her you’re the boss.”

His words added to my lust my mind was spinning as I listened to Dave talking and the feel of this big cock in my cunt. I was in a frenzy as I fucked my son lifting my arse then slamming back down on it. God it felt so good and so right. He lifted me up and laid me on the table and started to fuck me hard and fast, Dave pushed his cock into my mouth and I sucked it in greedily.

“Oh god that’s it Paul fuck me it feels so good, master me with your cock you dirty motherfucker, fuck your whore mother.” I panted.

He was holding me securely as he fucked me and I pushed my hips up to meet his thrusting cock. Dave started to cum and I swallowed the first jet then he pulled out and covered my face with his jetting spunk, it sent me over the top and I had a wild orgasm. There were lights before my eyes my body twitched and jerked and I screamed as my son continued to fuck me through it.

“Paul this is how it was meant to be, you fucking me like this, I know that I was put here to love you in this way. I love you so much I want you to love me like this forever,” I babbled

“I want you to always want to be in me, fucking me making love to me. I want you to fuck me so as I become yours, your loving slut. I want to be your whore your dirty whore,” I almost screamed as my orgasm took me higher.

He was grinning as he fucked me and I could see the beads of sweat trickling down his face, oh how I loved him.

“I want you and Dad to use me, abuse me, take me whenever, wherever and anyway you want to, I want you both to master, to me mould me into the sort of slut you want me to be. Even hurt me I don’t care the pain will remind me how much we love each other. Make me your dirty willing fucktoy baby.”

Paul pushed deeper into me as he started to cum, I felt his hot spunk splashing inside me filling me and coating my inside with his lovely cum. I hugged him close to me as I felt his cock jerking and spitting inside of me. When he had finished ejaculating he cuddled me and stayed in me for a couple of minute. I started to relax and I basked in the pleasure of having this great cock in me and wallowed in the delight of a wonderful orgasm.

He pulled out and I felt suddenly so empty and I moaned at the loss. I could feel our mingled juices starting to decant from my well-fucked and gaping pussy, but I did not care it felt wonderful.

“Come on you little whore suck his cock for him,” said my husband.

For some obscure and inexplicable reason it thrilled me being called a whore by my husband, my submissive streak must really be coming to the fore I thought.

“Yes sir,” I replied to Dave, I have never called him sir before and he cocked an eyebrow when I did.

I went to Paul and took his slowly wilting cock gently into my mouth and started to suck it, I tasted his spunk and my juice on it as it filled my mouth so beautifully. He eased me up and kissed me turning me to face his father, my face was covered in his cum and I had Paul’s spunk dripping from my pussy I must have looked a real mess.

Dave chuckled, “she looks like a real slut now, covered in our spunk, she is our little cum bucket,” he teased.

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