Morning Coffee And Then Some…

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It was a lazy Saturday. One of those days when you just really don’t feel like doing anything, but lay around naked and have sex. Renee called me and asked if I cared if she came over. Of course I didn’t, Renee and I have been best friends for over 20 years, and if she just wanted to come over to hang out, by all means, she was welcome.

My husband was out riding his mountain bike and I was lounging on the couch when Renee came over. She was still in her jammies too. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She was just in a little tank top and boxer shorts. Apparently it was a little nippy outside ’cause her nipples were hard when she walked through the door. My pussy started to twitch a little thinking about her nipples and wondering if she had on any panties beneath those boxers. I was betting not, since she doesn’t like to wear panties, which just made my pussy ache just that much more.

Renee is 5 foot nothing and petite. Everything about her is petite, but proportionate. She has little boobs, but for her frame, they fit her, and she has a nice round ass. We are different from each other, where she is only 5 foot, I am 5 foot 8. But we are similar in some ways too. We both have dark hair and an olive complexion. Her from her Latin mother and mine from my Filipina mother.

We both have insatiable sex drives also. Our husbands benefit well from that. The one thing that neither of us had done before was be with a woman. We had both been to college, but never experienced anything like that. Renee had kissed a woman before, but I hadn’t. We always joked about having our first experiences together, but it just never happened. Not for a lack of interest though! I figured I would just let things go between us and if it happened, it happened, and if not, then that’s ok too.

She came in flopped on the couch and said, “I just can’t get motivated to do a damn thing today!”

I laughed and said, “Yeah, me too. Tyler is out riding and I haven’t moved from this couch since he left! Do you want some coffee or anything?” She said she did and I got up to make her a cup.

Renee followed me into the kitchen and was chatting the whole time. I honestly couldn’t tell you what she was saying because I kept thinking about how much I wanted her. Which surprised me, because I normally have a fleeting thought about being with her or if I see an attractive woman, but never does it stay in the forefront of my mind. I had been horny since Tyler had left to go ride. I knew I should’ve fucked him before he left. Damnit.

The next thing I heard was, “Well, what do you think?”

Coming back to reality, I said, “Huh? Oh, sorry, Renee, what?”

She just giggled at me and said, “You’re thinking about sex again aren’t you? Horny Ass!”

I couldn’t help but blush, she caught me. Too bad she didn’t know she was the one I was thinking of.

“I said, ‘let’s call Jaimee and see if she wants to do something today'”, Renee reiterated.

Jaimee was my boss, but also a very good friend of mine and Renee’s. I thought that was a good idea, so I gave her a call. Jaimee had a friend in town visiting, but she said that she could meet up with us and we could all 4 do something together. I don’t know what was wrong with me, but my pussy was dripping. I had secretly lusted over my boss too. The prospect of being with Renee and Jaimee had my mind spinning. Nothing was saying that we were going to have sex, but in my mind, we were.

Again, Renee caught me in deep thought. “Reagan, what is your deal?” She said.

Before I could stop myself I said, “I’m sorry, I’m horny as fuck today. I knew I should’ve fucked Tyler before he left to go ride, but I didn’t and now my pussy is aching and all I can think of is sex.”

Renee just kind of looked at me and at first, she looked shocked, but then she looked just as horny as I did. She said, “Well, how ’bout I take care of that for you? We’ve always talked about it, and we’ve got the chance, so what do you think?”

I couldn’t believe my ears, and I thought she was messing with me, I said, “Yeah ok, Renee whatever.”

She looked at me and didn’t say anything. Instead she walked towards me, stuck her hands under my shirt and started rolling my already hard nipples in between her fingers. I started moaning and leaned back against the counter, she said, “Well, how ’bout it? You going to let me lick and finger your pussy til you cum since you are so horny today? Or are you just going to go through the day and be a horny little bitch?”

My head was spinning with lust. My pussy juices had soaked through my shorts and my nipples felt like they were on fire in her hands. I couldn’t take it. I wanted to feel her lips on my pussy. I wanted to feel her suck on my clit. I wanted to feel her fingers deep in my pussy while she lapped at my juices.

She let go of my nipples and said, “Well, what do you want?”

I took a hold of her and kissed her deeply and said, “I want you to fuck me Renee. Make me cum.”

She manisa escort grabbed my shorts and pulled them down; I stepped out of them and sat up on the counter to give her better access to my pussy. I had just gotten waxed, so my pussy was nice and smooth. She looked at my pussy and said, “Damn Reagan you are horny. Look at how wet you are.” I just nodded my head and guided her mouth towards my pussy.

I could feel her breath on my pussy and I was moaning and telling her to please please lick me. I needed to feel her so badly. Seeing her in between my legs was hot, but feeling her breath on my pussy was incredible. I was shaking with anticipation. She looked up at me and said, “Watch me, Reagan. Watch me lick your pussy til you cum. This is what you’ve been waiting for.” And with that, she buried her face in my cunt. The feeling was indescribable. My mind was racing with all that was going on, I still couldn’t process the fact that she was actually eating my pussy, but yet, there she was; I was watching her do it. I could feel my orgasm build and I started to shake, it was going to be a strong one. I grabbed the back of her head with one hand while the other was pulling and rolling my nipples. She was amazing; she knew exactly what I wanted. I was right there, just about to go over the edge, I could feel my pussy juices just flowing on the kitchen counter and I didn’t care, when the doorbell rang.

“You have got to be fuckin’ kidding me”, Renee and I said in unison. I jumped off the counter and pulled on my shorts to see who was at the door. Renee wiped off her face and went with me to the door. I opened it up, and there was Jaimee with her friend Lindsey in tow.

“Are you guys ok?” Jaimee asked.

Feeling a little embarrassed, I said, “Yeah, why?”

Lindsey said, “Well we heard you guys in there, but couldn’t really make out what the noises were, we’ve been knocking for a little bit.”

Oops. I could feel my face was flushed as was Renee’s. Jaimee just kind of looked at us, and then it clicked. She started laughing and said, “What were you two doing?”

Now, I have secretly lusted for Jaimee, but I never told her about it ’cause I didn’t think she would be too receptive to it. Jaimee was the polar opposite of me and Renee. She is of average height, 5 foot 4, blonde with fair skin. Small, but firm titties and a respectable ass. She is normally pretty conservative too, so the subject of me licking her pussy, just never came up between us.

Jaimee’s friend Lindsey was exquisite. She was tall like me and had a rockin’ body. She had light brown hair and big boobs, she just looked yummy.

We were all 4 standing in the kitchen when Jaimee said, “Well girls, what were you doing?”

I said, “Nothing, just getting some coffee, and talking, we just didn’t hear you.” Which wasn’t totally false? We were in there getting coffee, and we were talking, I just had left the pussy licking part out.

Jaimee started walking around the kitchen and said, “You know Lindsey, I smell something, and I can’t quite put my finger on it. Oh, I know what I smell, I smell pussy!” I about fell over. I couldn’t believe she had just said that.

Then Lindsey says, “You know, you’re right. I do smell pussy.” They both had mischievous grins on their faces. Lindsey continued, “I think someone was in here licking pussy before they opened the door, and since Renee and Reagan were the only ones here, I wonder who was licking who’s pussy? “

My pussy started to throb again, no way is this happening! They seemed like they were getting turned on by what was going on. Jaimee came up to me and said, “Hhhm, Reagan, you smell faintly of pussy… but you Renee,” she spun around and got in Renee’s face, “have pussy juice on your breath. So Renee was licking your pussy huh Reagan? Did you cum for her?”

I shook my head, she said, “You didn’t? Why not? Did we interrupt you?” I could only nod my answer.

“Oh, my!” Lindsey said. “You poor baby, you were probably so close and then nothing.” She was standing next to me and reached down my shorts and started rubbing my pussy. I almost came right there. Fuck I wanted her. I turned to her and started kissing her. I was horny and ravenous and I had to have her. I ripped open her shirt, popping buttons and releasing her huge titties from their confines. Her nipples where hard and aching to be sucked. I sucked one and pulled on the other while she fucked me with her fingers.

“Somebody is a horny girl, her pussy is sopping wet Renee, you must be a good pussy licker.” Lindsey said in between moans.

Renee was just standing there with her mouth open, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Jaimee started kissing Renee and said, “I want to taste her pussy, is it good? Kiss me Renee.”

They started kissing and rubbing each other, Lindsey was still fingering me and I could feel myself building an orgasm. Lindsey could feel my pussy walls shaking and she started rubbing my clit harder and harder while she was fucking me with her fingers, I couldn’t hold it any longer, I started cumming hard and fast, had it not been for Lindsey’s fingers holding me up, I would have fell over.

Renee and Jaimee were still kissing each other and letting their hands explore each other’s bodies. Jaimee said she needed to get her pussy licked and Renee quickly obliged. Lifting up her skirt, Renee buried her head in Jaimee’s pussy.

I took Lindsey by the hand and led her in the living room. I pushed her down on the chaise lounge and asked her if she wanted me. She nodded and shimmied out of her panties. She had a beautiful pussy. Her lips were full and wet, her juices had leaked onto her panties and gotten the outside of her pussy lips wet. She was so engorged, you could see her clit just begging to be licked. I slowly ran my finger up and down her slit, feeling the wetness and taking my time teasing her. I took my finger out of her pussy and held it up to her mouth, she eagerly took it and lapped up all her juices.

My pussy was wet and aching again. I needed to feel her lips on me. I took off my shorts and started rubbing my pussy while I was still rubbing hers. I would take my finger and dip it deep in my pussy then dip it deep in her pussy so that both our juices had coated it and let her suck it off. I couldn’t take it anymore, I needed to taste pussy. I slowly went in between her legs and started kissing her lips and licking lightly on the outside. Just barely letting my tongue slip in and taste her, then draw back out. Her clit was straining to be licked and sucked and I gingerly would flick it with my tongue. Just enough to let her know I was there.

Renee and Jaimee had made their way into the living room now and were 69ing on the couch. I must say it was quite an erotic site. Both of the heads buried in the other’s pussies with moans of pleasure coming out of both of them. Renee couldn’t stop cumming and Jaimee wasn’t about to stop her assault on Renee’s cunt.

Just watching them almost made me cum. I had my fingers buried in my pussy and was lapping at Lindsey’s pussy when I spun around and sat my pussy on Lindsey’s face. She moaned in agreement and dove right in. As soon as I sat my cunt on her more than willing face, she went to work. She didn’t mess around. She was sucking my clit, fucking my pussy with her fingers, sucking on my lips, running her tongue up and down my slit, it was awesome. I figured what the hell and started eating her pussy like she was eating mine. In no time we were both cumming. I had to hold on to her ’cause I thought I was going to fall off the chaise.

Renee and Jaimee were done and were sitting next to each other rubbing each other’s titties and chatting about me and Lindsey. Almost giving a commentary on our performance. We sat up and I looked around. It was comical the way we all looked. Our hair was completely messed up, our clothes were either sporadically thrown around the room or barely hanging off of us.

I was the first to question, “Now what?” We had all taken our friendship to a completely different level, where do we go from here?

Jaimee said with a smile, “We continue to have amazing sex whenever possible!”

We all agreed, but inside I was worried. The other girls were married too, but they were going to keep our affair a secret from their husbands. I knew I couldn’t. I tell Tyler everything, he has known for a while about my curiosity with women. I couldn’t just NOT tell him. I felt like it would be lying and not fair to him at all.

I voiced my concern to the girls. I let them know the predicament I was in. Lindsey was worried that if I told Tyler, he would tell her husband or someone else. I assured her that he wouldn’t do that, but that I had to tell him. He would keep our secret. We all agreed that we should tell him together, that way he knew where we all stood. He would know that they were all still very much in love with their husbands and didn’t want anything to break them up, but wanted to continue to lick pussy on the side. And he would know that no matter what I did with my girlfriends, nothing would ever take away from what he and I had. I love him with all my heart and soul and would never jeopardize our marriage for that. Also, if he had a problem with any of it, he could voice his concerns and we could work them out together.

We cleaned up the house real quick and made ourselves look presentable. Tyler would be home from riding soon, and I didn’t want him walking in on anything just yet. As if on cue, Tyler came home about 5 minutes later. He said hello to everyone and said he needed to jump in the shower. I followed him into the bedroom and sat on the bed while he got undressed.

I asked him how his ride went and made idle chit chat as he was getting ready to get in the shower, but he knows me too well. “What’s the matter?” He asked.

“Nothing, why?” I responded.

“‘Cause you have that look on your face like you need to tell me something, but don’t know how to tell me.” He said.

Shit, am I that transparent? Ok here goes.

“Ah, baby, I need to tell you something and please don’t get mad. Uh, fuck it… I’m just going to say it. I fucked Lindsey in the chaise.” I held my breath waiting for his reaction.

At first he just stood there, I think trying to process what I had just told him, then I saw his cock starting to grow. I looked at him and said, “Well, are you going to say something?”

Saying nothing, he walked over to me, pushed me down on the bed, pulled off my shorts and slid his cock into me. Good lord, as good as Lindsey felt licking my pussy, there is just no substitute for his cock.

While sliding his cock in and out of me, he asked, “Did you miss my cock when she was licking your pussy?”

I moaned “Yes baby I did. Nothing feels better than your cock in my pussy.”

He started fucking me harder and asked, “Will you lick pussy while I fuck you? And can I watch you eat her cunt and stroke my cock at the same time?”

Oh damn, I love it when he talks dirty to me. I couldn’t respond, I started cumming instead, my pussy was twitching and my legs were shaking and I just screamed out “YES! YES! I will!”

With a couple more hard thrusts I felt his cock explode deep in my pussy, which sent me into orgasmic bliss once again. I hadn’t come down from the first one, and he was already sending me into my next one.

Spent he lay on top of me and just looked at me. He smoothed my hair away from my face and said, “Do you love me?”

“Of course I do baby.” I replied.

“Will this come between what we have?” He asked.

I told him, “No, I won’t let it and if you ever have a problem with it I won’t do it again. You call the shots on this. But you have to promise not to tell the other husbands. The girls don’t want them to know. I told them that I had to tell you, that I wouldn’t and couldn’t hide it from you. They just want to make sure it stays between us and only us.”

Tyler promised he would keep our secret. I let him get in the shower and I went out to tell the girls, that our secret was safe. When I got out to the living room, I was met with a round of applause. Apparently I was a little louder than I had thought and they heard the whole thing. Embarrassed, I said, “Well, guess I don’t have to tell you guys what he thought of the whole thing.”

Tyler got out of the shower and suggested that we all go and get something to eat. Jaimee and Lindsey were ready, but Renee and I were still in our jammies. I had some clothes of Renee’s at the house, so we went to change and headed out the door.

We all loaded in our Tahoe and set off for the restaurant. We were talking about nothing really, when Tyler said, “So how did it start? I mean did you just decide, I’m going to eat her pussy today?” We all laughed at that comment.

I started telling the story of how Renee and I were getting coffee then one thing led to another and then the doorbell rang and how everything else just fell into place. I noticed though, out of the corner of my eye, as I was telling the story, Lindsey and Jaimee started rubbing each other’s pussy and Renee was rubbing her own.

I didn’t realize it, but I had gotten quiet ’cause I was watching what was going on in the back seats and Tyler said, “Well, was that it? No details?” I told him to shoosh and told him to look in the rearview mirror. Jaimee and Lindsey were kissing each other and Renee was watching them with her hands down her panties rubbing her clit. Tyler almost wrecked the Tahoe. I looked down and saw the growing bulge in his shorts; I unzipped his shorts and released his cock. I whispered to him to keep driving around and enjoy the show. Jaimee and Renee were panty-less, spread eagled and moaning loudly. Jaimee had one of Lindsey’s titties in her mouth and her fingers deep in her pussy. Renee was pulling her own nipples and looked like she might be close to cumming from rubbing her pussy.

Tyler’s cock was leaking like a faucet. He was having a hard time keeping his eyes on the road. I told him to find a nice secluded spot to pull over. He found a dirt road hidden amongst some trees and pulled in a ways so we wouldn’t be seen from the road. I started slurping on his cock while he was watching the show in the backseats.

Since the vehicle wasn’t moving anymore and we were in somewhat privacy, the girls went wild. Renee lunged at Lindsey’s pussy and started sucking her clit while Jaimee was nursing on her nipples. Renee then started going from Lindsey’s pussy to Jaimee’s. She would fuck one with her fingers while she was fucking the other with her tongue.

I don’t think I have ever felt Tyler’s cock as hard as it was right then. I didn’t want him to cum yet, I wanted him to watch it all and take it all in, and so I was taking it easy on him. Letting him enjoy the show.

Jaimee was the first to cum. Renee had a hold of her clit and was nibbling on it sending wave after wave of orgasm. Lindsey was next, Renee’s fingers were working their magic in her pussy and Jaimee was still nipping at her nipples.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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