Mother: Discipline


*all characters are over the age of 18 years old*

I was going crazy all day at school today, after mom had kissed me goodbye and whispered into my ear that she intended to help me live out my kinky fantasy that I had admitted to her last Friday night. This particular fantasy was what had finally made mom allow me to reach my orgasm, after she had strapped me down onto our bed. All day a school, I could barely concentrate. I considered several times just leaving school and going home, but considering mom would be at work until her usual time I dismissed this notion and stayed the whole day plus cheer leading practice. I showered after practice and then raced home to prepare myself for what I knew would be an incredibly hot sexual experience with my mother.

Arriving home, I immediately stripped naked and through my clothes into the hamper. I then picked out my outfit: a pair of white lace socks with frills on the top, shiny black ladies dress loafers, a plaid skirt, white cotton panties, and a white long sleeve blouse. I made it a point to not wear a bra. I tried to decide how I would wear my hair and couldn’t decide between putting some curls in it, putting it into two pigtails, or leaving it natural. I debated all three ways as I dressed into my slutty schoolgirl outfit. I left the top three buttons on my blouse undone, so as to show off some cleavage and prove that I wasn’t wearing a bra. I finally decided on leaving my hair natural, but adding a pair of my old glasses to complete the desired effect. I looked at myself in the mirror and squealed, because I knew how mom would react to seeing me this way.

Just like when I had dressed in my leather slave girl outfit, I couldn’t resist taking a few selfies on my phone. I then sat down on our bed and put myself in the most innocent pose I could think of: I sat on the edge of the bed with my ankles crossed, then skirt coming down to just above my knees, my free hand in my lap, looking up at the phone with wide innocent eyes behind the glasses, and biting my lips as if I was afraid I was in trouble. I checked the picture and it was perfect. I then sent it to mom with the text, “Mommy, I can’t find my bra. I’m sorry, but I think I may have lost it.”

I giggled as I pushed send and waited for my mother’s reply. Less than a minute later I got a reply with a picture of my mother standing up with her free hand on her hip and a stern look on her face. The text read, “I am very disappointed in you, young lady. We will discuss this matter and your punishment when I get home. I expect you to be waiting on our bed when I get there.”

I texted back a quick reply of, “Yes, mommy.”

I then waited for her to get home. A little while later, I heard the garage door open and shut. I then heard the door from the garage shut loudly, followed my a determined walk up the stairs to our bedroom. I bowed my head, as if I was in trouble when my mother walked into our bedroom. She stopped right in front of me and said, “Well, young lady, what do you have to say for yourself?”

I made my voice small and afraid as I answered, “I’m sorry, mommy.”

Mom stood before me with her hands on her hips, and replied “Well ‘sorry’ isn’t going to cut it this time. I am very disappointed in you, young lady. How can you just loose your bra? This time I can’t let the situation slide. You will have to be punished. Do you know what happens to bad girls who misbehave? They get a spanking.”

She then sat down on the bed and pointed to her lap, saying “Bend over my lap, young lady.”

I immediately sniffled a bit and bent over her lap, as I felt my skirt ride up a bit. Mom then began to caress my thighs with her fingers as she said, “I am very disappointed in you, young lady. You are usually such a good girl. But I have no choice but to punish you for your forgetfulness.”

All the while she was saying this, she began to trail her fingers up my thighs and over my cotton panties covered ass cheeks. I tried to hold my sighs and moans in, so they came out as quiet whimpers. Mom then continued, “It is just unacceptable to have my daughter waltzing around without a bra on. Every pervert could have a good look, and that is not ok with me. I am your mother, and I will not allow other people to ogle my sweet daughter. What kind of a mother would I be if I let you get away with anything? There is no telling what you might get involved with. So this stops right now.”

I felt my pussy growing very wet now, as mom’s fingers began trailing over my core. Her fingers ghosted over my asshole and pussy, making me want to moan and push back into her fingers. Mom then burst out, “Oh my god! Your panties are soaking wet! How could you possibly think now is an appropriate time to become aroused? Did you really loose your bra, or did you just throw it away because you felt like looking like a slut? If you can’t treat your clothes with respect then you don’t deserve to wear them. Take off your panties, right this instant!”

I went to stand up and take off my panties, but mom held me down on her lap and said “No, you can do it from right here. Now take them Escort bayan off, young lady!”

I then reached back and grabbed the hem of my panties and started to pull them off. I had to wiggle my ass a lot, in order to shimmy out of them. This action only caused my mother to get a close up view of my wiggling ass cheeks. Finally I managed to get my panties down and off my feet. I then went still and awaited my punishment. Mom then brought her fingers back to my ass cheeks and thighs, and began to caress my skin again as she said sternly “I pride myself on raising you correctly. I try to teach you how a proper young lady should act, but this is just too much. I will give you twenty spanks to your bare bottom and you will count them out for me. Do you understand, young lady?”

Mom had returned her fingers to my pussy and asshole, and was now running her fingers up and down between my wet folds as another finger teased around my asshole. I was able to whimper out, “Yes, mommy.”

She never stopped teasing my pussy and asshole, as she brought her other hand back and delivered a swift spank to my ass cheeks. I yelped and jumped, as I called out “One.” She brought her hand back again and slapped my ass just as hard, as I called out “Two.” She continued to tease my pussy and now began to press two fingers just inside me, as her thumb began to rub my sensitive clit. Her other hand then came down again, as I called out “Three.” I felt my pussy tingle and a heat blossom, as her fingers curled up inside of my pussy and her thumb continued to rub my clit. I called out a surprised “Four” as her hand again connected with my ass for another hard spank.

I felt my body battling with itself, as my pussy and clit were being thoroughly stimulated while my ass was continuously being spanked over and over. I felt my ass heat up and knew that I probably had red hand prints where my mother had spanked me. I cried out “five” as she connected again. I had to tell myself that it was almost over and that I could take another five slaps to my ass. But my mind again went back to the pleasure being forced upon my pussy and clit. Mom was now really thrusting her fingers deep into my pussy as her thumb furiously worked my clit. I cried out “Six” as I felt another spank hit my poor ass. I began to doubt that the punishment really fit my mistake, as another quick spank forced me to cry out “Seven.”

I wanted to press my hips backwards to gain more depth from my mother’s fingers in my pussy and more friction from her thumb on my clit, but I dared not admit to her that I was receiving pleasure from my punishment. She might stop all together, then I would be forced to run to another room and finish myself off. If I could just hide the fact that my mother was about to make me cum, then everything would be ok. Another spank to my sore ass resulted in a cry of “Eight” from me. Two more to go was all I could think. I only hoped she wouldn’t stop her wonder full fingers pumping in and out of my pussy and her thumb rubbing my clit.

I cried out “Nine” as another spank struck my ass, as I felt my face flush from pleasure. I moaned out softly, as I felt my orgasm nearing. I took a deep breath as my pussy tingled amazingly, causing me to completely miss the tenth slap to my already sore and red ass. All of a sudden mom’s fingers and thumb stopped moving, causing me to cry out in pain as my fast building orgasm suddenly ceased. I was panting confused, as I waited for what I thought was the tenth and final spank. Mom then sternly said, “Young lady, you are not paying attention to your punishment. I told you to count the spanks and you missed one. Now how many times did I spank your ass?”

I was shocked and completely at a loss. I tried to think back, but could not pin point any missed spanks to my ass. I timidly answered back, “Nine, I think, mommy.”

Mom answered back reproachfully, “No, young lady, I delivered ten spanks to your poor little ass. I don’t enjoy spanking your cute little ass until it glows red. I do this to teach you a lesson and you failed to learn the lesson. I will now start over, but this time I will give you twenty spanks and you will call them all out or we will keep going until you can. Is that clear, young lady.”

I was practically sobbing now, both from the pain of my poor sore ass, the promised additional twenty spanks to come, and my lost orgasm. I was finally able to whimper out, “Yes, mommy. I’m sorry, mommy.”

Mom had kept her fingers buried inside my pussy and hr thumb on my clit, but had refused to move them at all. With her other had she had been rubbing my red ass in soothing trails of her fingers against my warm skin. She now brought her hand away from my ass and delivered the first of twenty spanks that I was now to receive. I cried out “one” as I felt the sting on my poor sore ass. The spanks were of the same strength, but now that my ass was already sore and tender they felt so much worse than before. Another spank forced a cry of “two” from my trembling lips. A quick spank and a cry of “three” as I wished that my mom would go back to fingering my pussy and Bayan escort rubbing my clit.

I cried out a sobbing “Four” as another spank hit my ass. I was on the verge of tears, as I yearned for her fingers and thumb to move again. I cried out “Five” as another spank struck my ass. I literally cried out “Six” as another spank hit my sore ass and tears streamed down my face. I felt another spank and sobbed out “Seven” as my body was now wracked with pitiful sobs. I tried to ignore the pain to my ass cheeks, but another spank delivered to my immensely sore ass forced a sob of “Eight” from my trembling lips. Tears were now free flowing down my cheeks, as yet another hard spank forced me to cry out loudly “Nine.”

My body shook as I sobbed and cried on my mother’s lap, but another hard spank again forced me to cry out “Ten.” I tried to take comfort in the knowledge that I had once again reached the halfway point, but knowing that I had ten more spanks to go filled me with too much dread to take any solace from my achievement. With tears still flowing down my cheeks and now dripping from my chin, I felt a sudden relief as mom resumed finger fucking my pussy and rubbing my clit with her thumb. I sighed in relief, but another hard spank forced a cry of “Eleven” from me.

Mom now seemed to take pity on me and let me rest, as she trailed her fingers over my bright red ass cheeks and continued to finger fuck me and rub my clit. She soothingly said, “It’s ok, baby. Just let it out. You’re almost there. Just a nine more and we’re done. As log as you learn from this, we won’t have to go through this again. I don’t like this anymore than you do, honey. But I have to discipline you when you are a bad girl, you know that right?”

I sobbed out, “Yes, mommy, I know. I’m sorry, mommy.”

She was still plunging her fingers deep into my pussy and rubbing me clit, as she said “Ok, now let’s get through this. You’re doing so well. You just have to concentrate, and it will all be over before you know it. All you have to do is count, baby girl. You can do that for mommy, can’t you?”

I sobbed, “Yes, mommy. I will.”

My pussy was once again feeling the build up to my orgasm, but I tried my best to ignore it and focus on my spanking. I felt the next hard spank and cried out “Twelve,” as mom was already preparing for the next spank. I again felt the sharp pain to my sore ass and sobbed “Thirteen,” as the pleasure delivered to my pussy and clit threatened to derail my focusing on calling out my spanks. I cried “Fourteen,” as yet another spank was delivered to my ass. I shuddered to think of how my poor ass must look. I was sure it was beet red my now, but another sharp pain to my ass forced out a cry of “Fifteen.” I was panting and sobbing, even as I felt my orgasm building stronger and faster than before. I wasn’t sure if I was even capable of following along with the next five spanks to my ass.

Another spank to my ass focused me enough to scream out “Sixteen,” and I hoped that I could accomplish my goal of getting through this punishment without earning more spanks than I already had coming to me. I cried out “Seventeen” as my ass was spanked yet again. The pleasure to my pussy was blossoming now and I felt like it was spreading through my body like a wildfire. Another sharp painful spank to my ass forced a cry of “Eighteen” to escape my lips, as my orgasm continued to grow. My mother was such an expert in giving pleasure to women, that I knew she would make me orgasm soon. I just had to last through two more spanks and I would be done.

I cried out “Nineteen” as the next to last spank made my whole body shake in a spasm of pain, that almost overran my need for my orgasm. I sucked in a deep breath and prepared for the nest spank, but it didn’t come. Instead mom increased the speed and depth of her fingers pumping in and out of my wet needy pussy, as her thumb pressed down harder on my sensitive clit and rubbed me to the verge of my ecstasy. I ignored my pleasure as best as I could, willing myself to focus on the next spank. But I felt my orgasm begin to flower inside my pussy and my whole body began to shake, as it spread and began to overtake my concentration. I felt a hard and sudden spank to my ass and quickly and loudly screamed “Twenty” just as my orgasm took hold and ripped through my body.

I was reduced to sobbing uncontrollably on my mother’s lap, as the pleasure of my orgasm and my exhilaration at having lasted through all of my additional spanks made me cry like a little girl in my euphoria. I felt my mom’s tender touches against my sore ass, as she soothingly rubbed my stinging bottom. She then complimented me by saying, “That’s my good girl. Don’t you feel better now that it’s all over. Is wasn’t so bad, now was it. And you did so well once you concentrated on your punishment. I do hope we don’t have to go through this again. Your poor bottom is so red. I’m sorry I had to do this, but it’s for your own good.”

I sobbed out, “I know, mommy. I’ll be good now, I promise.”

Mom continued to rub my sore ass soothingly, as she removed her fingers from my Escort pussy. I felt the juices from my pussy coating my ass, as she rubbed my poor bottom with both of her hands. She continued to massage and soothe my poor sore ass for several minutes, until I had calmed down and my sobbing had stopped. I was still a little high from my orgasm, as mom said “Now that you have learned your lesson, why don’t you show mommy how grateful you are.”

I then breathed out, “yes, mommy,” as I slid down off of her lap and onto the floor at her feet. I knelt there careful to not sit back on my heels for fear of causing more discomfort to my still very sore ass. Mom then pulled up the skirt of her work suit to reveal her wet pussy to me. I leaned in and placed gentle submissive kisses to her clit and pussy lips, before I buried my face into her wet folds and began to lick deep inside her wet pussy. Mom moaned in pleasure as she enjoyed her daughters expert tongue doing amazing things inside her very horny mother’s pussy. I licked deep inside mom’s pussy as I tried to lap up all of her delicious juices. I moaned softly, as I enjoyed her rich essence.

Mom placed her hand lightly on my head and began to pet my hair gently, as she enjoyed my submissive nature. I could barely remember our relationship before mom and I became both lovers and dominatrix and submissive. I thoroughly loved submitting to her will and fulfilling all of her sexual desires, just as she enjoyed playing out all of my kinky fantasies. I made it a point to ask her if she had any fantasies for us to do, once I was done licking her sweet tasting pussy, of course. I felt a fresh flood of her juices flow over my tongue and into my waiting mouth, as her pussy began to quiver.

I guess she really enjoyed my spanking, as she was so close to her own orgasm already. I moaned in pleasure as I felt my face glisten with her juices, coating my face in the wonderful way that we both loved. I was never happier than when I had just finished licking deep inside of my mother’s pussy until she orgasmed spectacularly and coated my face with her juices. My ass was still sore and I felt it actually giving off a bit of heat against my heels, as I hesitantly sat back to better relax in my current position. God, I loved it when mommy made me submit to her. She was made to dominate other women and I was filled with joy and belonging every second of every day with the knowledge that she had chosen me as her sex slave and lover.

Mom’s moans had grown louder now, as I concentrated on flicking and jabbing her g-spot with my tongue. I felt her fingers curl into my hair and hold me tightly to her pussy, as her orgasm approached. I was slamming my tongue in and out of her wet pussy, as I aimed the tip of my flicking tongue directly at her special spot. I loved to explore her pussy with my tongue and lick every inch of her insides, but I was on a mission to make her cum hard. So I concentrated on my mother’s growing pleasure, as I felt her pussy quiver around my tongue. With a cry, mom’s pussy released another wave of her juices as he orgasmed hard. Her juices flowed over my tongue and into my open mouth, where I swallowed every drop she gave me.

Mom was panting and gasping at the sheer force of her orgasm, as she flopped backwards onto the bed. I continued to lick deep inside her pussy, until I was sure I had cleaned all of her juices from within her. I then withdrew my tongue and placed a tender kiss to her pussy lips, before I crawled up onto the bed and nestled myself into her side. Mom sighed as she wrapped her hands around my body and kissed my tenderly on the lips, before drawing back with a satisfied smile and asking me “So, was that as hot as you hoped it would be, my sweet baby girl? Because mommy enjoyed that immensely. I just hope your poor red bottom doesn’t hurt for too long.”

Hearing her say my “lovers” name for me released me from my submission to her. I smiled brightly, as I answered “It was amazing, mom. Thank you. I have wanted to do that for so long, and it was even better than I imagined it would be. And I like having my butt all sore and red. It gives me a reminder of all of this.”

Mom smiled down at me, as she then said “Yes, but I think I may have spanked you a little too hard, baby. Why don’t you roll over and let mommy kiss it better.”

I beamed and immediately rolled over to my stomach, revealing my bright red and sore ass to my mother. I sighed as I felt her fingers trailing over the stinging flesh of my bottom. I then moaned softly as I felt her kiss my ass cheeks tenderly. Mom then said, “Mmm…no. I think I can do better than that. Let me try again.”

This time she spread my sore ass cheeks apart and placed another tender kiss to my puckered asshole, causing a deeper moan to flow from my lips. I then gasped in pleasure as I felt her slide her wet tongue right into my asshole. I moaned as her tongue began to lick deep inside my ass. God, I am so glad she taught me how to properly rim a woman’s asshole. I think I enjoyed giving and receiving a good and deep anal licking as much as my mother does. I giggled as her tongue licked deeper into my asshole, and caused my pussy to quiver. I loved it when I make mommy cum just from tongue fucking her asshole, and now it seemed like she was returning the pleasure to me. God, how I loved my mother.

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