Movie Star Good Looks! Pt. 05

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The story of two straight guys experimenting with gay sex continues and just gets hotter!

Please remember that the “…” is a signal that the narration is changing between Alan and Connor…I do my best to make it obvious, but I can see where it can be confusing, but I think the story is much hotter when you get to read both of these hot guys thoughts!

I appreciate all Likes, Stars, and comments, that is part of what keeps me writing and excited about continuing a series! Thanks for taking the time to read my work and taking the time to comment!


Connor kind of fell face down onto the bed and I said, “Wow, now I really have a lot of cum to lick off of you!”

“Yes you do stud, you shot a HUGE load!”

“Well let me get right at that!” I laid between his hairy muscular thighs and started licking toward his hairy muscular ass, and nothing could have made me more happy at that moment!

The intensity of the orgasms that I had with Alan was off the charts! No girl had ever given me the kind of amazing head that Alan did, and none of them had ever deep throated my cock! This just kept getting better and better! I was having an amazing time helping Alan discover his oral sex talents and helping him decide if he was truly gay and wanted to make this his lifestyle!

I had no complaints and it just seemed as Alan discovered his way through man-sex he just got better and better and I cared less and less about seeing Kara.

I was laying on my stomach feeling Alan’s hot breath on the skin of my calves and later up on my thighs and it felt great as he licked off all the cum he had shot on me while deep throating my cock!

It also didn’t hurt my ego one bit to have this hot man who many people commented looks like a cross between Bradley Cooper and Chris Hemsley getting pretty close to licking my ass! There was something about the feelings of domination I got when Alan was, well let’s say servicing my cock and balls.

I realized that in all my previous sex which was with women, it is pretty common for the man to be in charge and to be more dominant. I had never thought about that dynamic with another man since I had never seriously thought about having sex with another man.

So Connor had given me permission, actually asked, hell maybe ordered me to lick all my cum off of his body! I was going for it, I wanted to experience the feel, smell, and taste of every inch of this hot man, my best friend!

Although I’m also muscular and hairy, and actually several inches taller than Connor he has always seemed the more masculine, or somewhat take charge. Whatever we did we did it to the max! He pushed our workouts harder, our running harder, chasing girls harder, partying harder, and now there was this underlying dynamic that was hugely turning me on, and I think it was turning Connor on too!

Alan was laying between my spread legs licking drops and strings of cum off of the back of my legs. There was a lot to lick, as Alan had shot two loads of hot, thick cum while he was deep throating my cock, well actually I was fucking his throat part of the time, and that seemed to be what triggered his second load!

This was getting intense with Alan! I was torn between how hot it was and how much I enjoyed it, to wondering if I was heading down a path that wasn’t where I wanted to go…

As I was laying there with some of these thoughts going through my head, Alan made a move that surprised me! He moved his face just behind my knee and in one, long, slow movement he slid his wet tongue from behind my knee to the base of my ass! Holy fuck that was hot, and then all kinds of hot thoughts exploded in my head about what might come next!

I didn’t have to wait long to find out, as he moved his face to my other leg and made the same long, slow, wet stroke of his tongue. Fuck it was hot, but something about it is the fact that it was my super hot best friend who was doing it!

I tried not to react, but I know I at least groaned!

Wow, I had decided to just let my lust be my guide! Connor really seemed to be into anything that I did to him at this point, and when I licked from behind his knee to the lower curve of his butt, not only did he flinch, but he spread his legs a bit wider!

Then when I did the same thing to the other leg he groaned louder and spread his legs wider! I could now see his hairy ball sack beneath his hairy butthole and taint, and his cock that was either hard again or still hard pointing toward his feet. There was no denying that my life long best bud was really enjoying what I was doing to him!

I didn’t İstanbul Escort want to move too fast on Connor, he was being so great about letting me do all this exploring with him, and I definitely didn’t want to scare him off, but he was really, really into this.

So I moved down and did the long, wet lick from the back of each of his knees up to the bottom of the mound of his gorgeous hairy butt, and then I pressed his legs apart just slightly more and licked my tongue around the thick head of his leaking cock, up the shaft, over his ball sack, across his taint, and right into the crack of his ass!

There was a long, low moan when that happened!

Fuck! Alan was driving me toward another frenzy! I just had no idea some of these pleasures existed! I laid there for a few minutes as Alan licked all over my ass, and it was amazing. With all that he was doing, I had no problem when he pushed my legs open wider and then took a butt cheek in each hand and spread me wide and started tentatively licking inside of my crack, very slowly making his way to my puckered virgin butthole!

I could tell Alan was teasing me, he was licking everywhere except right on my butthole, and I knew, that he knew, that at this moment there was nothing I wanted to experience more than to have his wet tongue glide over my hole!

The fucker was really getting into it. He would start at the base of my spine and with his super wet tongue slide all the way down my crack to my taint. Then he’d wiggle his tongue down around there, work up a big wad of spit and slide back up again, but on the way down he would go around my hole on one side and then going back up he’d slide past it on the other side…fuck it was making me crazy, it was all I could do not to jerk my ass to the side so that his tongue would lick my butthole!

Fuck, I knew Connor well and I knew that he was building up a head of steam, after all the things we’d been through you wouldn’t think either of us would be ready to blow another load, but fuck, it was getting pretty hot!

I teased Connor about as long as I thought I could get away with, and then finally went all the way down and swirled my tongue around the head of his thick and throbbing cock and slowly made my way across his magnificently hairy ball sack, then through the thick hair of his taint, I used some extra tongue, spit and suction and had him moaning out loud, and then I finally just flattened my tongue out like a dog’s and slid my hot, wet, thick tongue right across his butthole and on up to the base of his spine.

I heard Connor suck in a lungful of air when I first made contact with his butthole, and then he froze. I don’t know if he wasn’t sure about what to think, or if he wanted to make sure to enjoy and record the experience of the first time someone licked his hot, hairy, virgin butthole, but when I slide off the other side heading again toward his tailbone he groaned loud, low and deep.

I immediately swirled my tongue through the thicket of hairy crack that was now the only thing standing between my tongue and Connor’s hot butthole I quickly descended and lapped at his hole and he groaned even louder!

I really got into slowly licking a through Connor’s butt crack, I would also go back to his hole every once in a while, but I had eased up on him as I wanted us to both relax. I was so wrapped up in licking and experiencing Connor’s butt, I didn’t even notice, but after about ten minutes of thoroughly licking Connor’s ass crack just like the other times, I’d made Connor cum he fell asleep! Hell, it made me wonder why he was so popular with girls if he did that all the time!

After a while I started licking my way up his back finding drops of my cum here and there, and I just kept licking them. It wasn’t until Connor moaned in his sleep that I realized I had moved all the way up his body and my cock was now sliding up his wet, hairy crack!

Holy fuck that felt good! Since the last several weeks of only doing things with Connor, almost of my the action to my cock happened hands-free, so this was a real treat having it encased in the tight crevice that was wet and thickly haired!

Although most of my thoughts since starting to explore my new gay feeling centered around me sucking cock and possibly getting fucked, there was nothing that kept me from wanting to do those exact same things back to another hot man!

Connor’s breathing let me know that he had nodded off while I was licking his butt, but the slight moans that escaped him occasionally as I dry humped him let me know that his body was enjoying this even if his mind wasn’t Anadolu Yakası Escort quite involved!

Fuck, Alan and I had another amazing session! He had actually deep throated my cock and I guess what I did to him would be called throat fucking and it was hot as fuck!

I can’t believe that I had passed out while Alan was licking my ass, fuck it was so hot, but also ‘soooo’ relaxing and after two massive orgasms in a row, my body and mind just shut down!

But now I was feeling other amazing feelings! As I woke up, I realized that Alan’s hairy muscled body was lying on top of me, it felt kind of good, the warmth of his body, the soft hairiness, and the hard muscles all felt good! There was one ‘really’ hard muscle and it was a long thick tube that was slowly and gently sliding up and down the wet hairy crack of my ass!

Alan’s mouth was against my neck and was gently kissing and lightly sucking on my neck, fuck that was one of the hottest feelings in the world, but it only slightly distracted me from what was happened a few feet lower on my body!

“Wow Alan, I thought you were the one who wanted to get fucked, not you fuck me!”

“Oh yeah, Connor I do, but after licking your butt for a while, I continued up your body finding more drops of my cum and this is the position I ended up in and it feels amazing, with the moaning you were doing it your sleep, I kind of figured you liked it too!”

I ‘really’ didn’t want to admit how much I was enjoying having Alan on top of me and more than that I didn’t want to admit that feeling his long thick cock sliding in my crack felt great too! But it wasn’t just that, I was enjoying having him on top of me, the body hair, the muscles, the kissing and fucking on my neck and shoulder, I kind of felt as if I was losing control, but I didn’t want it to stop either.

“Yeah Al, it wasn’t what I expected, but it does feel pretty good, and I guess I never really paid attention to how big your cock is, but it feels huge in my crack, don’t put that monster in my butt or anything!” I said, trying to sound as if I was teasing, but the feelings were awesome!

With that Alan started being just a bit more aggressive with his stroking and it did feel good, but I noticed all of my feelings of dominance slipping away, and they were feelings that I was really enjoying, but this was feeling amazing too!

I didn’t want to freak Connor out, but he made no bones that he was enjoying this, although I could feel and hear in his voice some amount of anxiety, just had to feel more of what I was feeling. I raised up off of Connor and bent down a bit and had gathered a large wad of spit in my mouth and slurped it into his crack. When I laid back down on top of Connor I wrapped my hands and arms under his armpits and wrapped around so that my hands were on each of his shoulders slightly pulling him back toward me and I slowly started grinding against him! It was fucking awesome, and I held myself in check not to push him too hard, I mean come on I was dry fucking a straight guy, I wasn’t sure how much of this he would allow, but I just needed to feel it!

“Connor, I hope you don’t hate this, and thank you for letting me do this, it feels fucking amazing, and if you want to, I want you to do this exact same thing to me!”

Connor didn’t say anything, but there was a slight, quiet, low moan, so I pressed my face again back to what seemed to be a magic spot on him and kissed, licked and sucked right were his neck connected to his shoulder. This produced a much louder and more enthusiastic moan, so I stepped it up and didn’t suck hard enough to produce a hickey, but I did increase pressure and enthusiasm. The next moan was accompanied with a slight rolling of his hips, that surprised and encouraged me!

Fuck, fuck, fuck! What Alan was doing to me felt amazing, it’s like my body was reacting on autopilot! I didn’t even realize it for a while, but I realized that I was rolling and moving my hips against Alan’s fuck motions, but it felt so fucking good I didn’t care what it looked like to Alan.

I didn’t want to break the mood because this was so fucking amazing, but I raised up again off of Connor after pulling together all the spit I could into my mouth and I leaned down, pushed Connor’s legs apart even wider and deposited a large mouthful of spit into his already wet, hairy buttcrack.

When I lowered myself back down I just laid kind of still as I kissed and licked up and down Connor’s neck, and as I hoped would happen, Connor started moving back against me. Fuck, this was ‘sooo’ hot and felt Ümraniye Escort amazing! Connor had started a rhythm against my thrusting cock, and at just the right moment, I latched onto his ear lobe, gently bit it and when he rolled his ass, I moved my hips and my cockhead drug directly across Connor’s wet, tight, virgin butthole and we both moaned!

That time an “Oh fuck…” escaped Connor’s lips and I continued humping him and nibbling his ear, neck, and shoulders, and it was just a few more strokes when he rolled his hops again at just the right time to drag my cockhead against his slick hole again.

Connor remained motionless for a few more strokes and then started rolling his hips and my cock drug against his hole on every stroke. We were both moaning and I pulled him back tighter against me. I couldn’t hold myself back any longer and this time as my pulsing, leaking cockhead drug across Connor’s tight, wet hole, I pushed! Just a little bit, but I pushed!

Connor’s moans became a grunt! I realized that I had just penetrated the outer edges of Connor’s tight hole, and I relaxed my pressure and he moaned again.

I didn’t move, I just relaxed the pressure, I knew if either of us moved my cock would push against his tight, virgin, hole again. I swiped my tongue across his earlobe again, and whispered into his ear, “Connor, this is so fucking hot and feels so good, I don’t want to stop, but if you do I totally understand, but this is so fucking hot!”

Fuck, Alan was right, this was so fucking hot, but I knew I didn’t want to get fucked, but I also knew that his cock against my hole felt 100 times better than his tongue against my hole and that had been stellar. I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t want to encourage Alan to proceed, but I definitely didn’t want him to stop, soon Alan took care of things and we didn’t stop!

I didn’t move, since Connor didn’t give me the go ahead, but I seriously started licking his neck and shoulder and when I sucked hard on his earlobe, Connor started moving his hips and was basically fucking himself on my throbbing cock!

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t actually fucking as I had not passed his super tight hole, but I was inside of his outer ass lips and pushed against that tight little pucker.

I was really surprised when Connor turned his face toward me as our lips almost met when he looked back at me and said, “Don’t go any farther, but please don’t stop!”

I moved slightly farther and both of us let out lips touch, and we both felt the pressure of my cock increase against Connor’s hot hole!

Fuck, I just pretty much encouraged Alan to fuck me, even though I told him not too, and fuck we just kissed!

Connor turned his face back away from me, and I placed my lips back at the junction of his muscular neck and shoulder and slowly started licking and sucking on him. Soon Connor’s hips started rolling again and I slowly started moving against him again pushing my cock against his tight virgin hole over and over again.

Then instead of pushing harder against Connor, I was pulling farther away so that my cock head slipped out of his outer ass lips and then slipped back in, so that now as he rolled his hips, he was the one increasing the pressure against his own tight, virgin hole!

After a few minutes Connor moved up onto his elbows and was literally fucking back at my cock, again he said, “Don’t fuck me Alan, but don’t stop what you’re doing!”

He turned his head back to me again, and just on instinct, I moved my mouth toward his and there was another slight kiss. Connor looked at me and his expression was fear, lust, and I’m not certain what, but he pushed back just slightly more than usual and we both moaned.

We kissed again, and I could feel my cock leaking and wetting his hole more and more, and finally, it hit me, and I told him I was going to cum! Connor moaned and I said, “I’m going to shoot my hot load of cum right against your tight virgin butthole!”

As soon as the words were out of my mouth, my cock started firing! I almost couldn’t believe that I was coming yet again, but there it was and it was hot as fire. Connor just laid there moaning as I shot my load on his butthole, then I pulled back and started stroking my cock up and down his hairy buttcrack as we both moaned some more!

Fuck I couldn’t believe how close to getting fucked I had just been! That was never something on my list of things to do before, but I had also never had a big hard cock sliding against my butthole either, fuck what was going on here, Alan is the one who thinks he’s gay, not me!

Things calmed down and Alan still laid on top of me panting, he started apologizing and such, and I stopped him and said, “That was hot, but I hope you intend to take care of the mess you just made of my ass!”

Alan moaned, “Oh buddy, I have full intentions of cleaning up that mess!”

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