Mrs Marlow Meets The Clergy Ch. 01

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Chapter One. Introduction

I often think how I first met the two old priests and Sister Mary. They were so lovely and kind. At the time I was a young married mother of two children. I was painfully shy and very conscious that I was a little plump.

I had to go to a church meeting to discuss my children’s religious training and I was dreading it. At the time the fashion was short clothes and I knew this showed up my fat a bit.

When I got there it was wonderful. Sister Mary the elderly Nun was so happy and smily as she handed everyone tea and cakes. Father John and Father Peter were so chatty and made us all laugh. It was so nice I really wanted to talk to them on my own. So did all the other young mothers.

When I did get my chance with Father John it was better than I imagined. He made me feel so nice. I even told him my worries about being chubby.

He was so encouraging “But you are not fat, Mrs Marlow. You are lovely and plump. Just the way most men like women.”

I started to feel good about myself but explained I was conscious of my big top. He laughed so wonderfully.

We were in the corner of the large room and he said encouragingly, “What I would really like you to do Mrs Marlowe is take a great big breath and push your Top out.” I was self-conscious but I did it.

He made me laugh when he looked at my top and said “That’s the nicest blowy up blouse I have ever seen. With your lovely plump thighs you look like a lovely juicy schoolgirl.”

Apart from laughing I felt so swoony and nice. I wanted to talk to him forever. I asked him shyly if he would call me Lucy. He smiled and joked “My plump little Juicy Lucy.”

He never knew how much those words excited me. For the rest of my life, I wanted to be Little Juicy Lucy. The words made me feel so intense.

I hovered around the hall all afternoon hoping to see him again but he was too busy. I remembered that he had told me he sometimes took Confession in the church house on Tuesday Evenings, so I decided to risk it.

I told my husband Derek that I needed to see Sister Mary for some advice on the children’s uniform. He nodded agreeably. He was a very nice man but really didn’t want to be involved in any decision making.

When I went up the church drive, the big door was open so I slipped into the lovely hallway and peeped around. Then he saw me. I was suddenly conscious of my short plaid skirt showing my rather plump thighs and felt terrible as I stutteringly asked him if he would be kind enough to give me Confession.

I tried tekirdağ escort to explain that I knew my growing feelings about dressing in school clothes like a Juicy Lucy were wrong. I needed his help. I felt so guilty and silly. I must have sounded like a child.

He put me at my ease immediately and told me “Of course, Mrs Marlowe. Why don’t you sit down for a moment and draw your breath.”

I sat down with some relief but conscious of my plump thighs and that I may be showing my underwear. However he seemed pleased with me which set my mind at rest.

He explained that he didn’t normally give Confession at this time but he felt that I had been so honest telling him about my schoolgirl thoughts that he would make a special dispensation for me.

Again I felt wonderful and for some unknown reason I kept my legs open. He sat down opposite me and I started to confess my naughty sins and he nodded understandingly.

We also talked generally and he told me some naughty stories, which made me laugh and relax. I remembered the last time that he had commented on my juicy thighs and I tended to open my legs wider. I hoped I wasn’t offending him.

He was reassuring and told me nicely “I like your knickers Lucy.”

I was less embarrassed and felt I was pleasing him. I don’t know why but I also pulled my skirt up so that he could see all of my drawers.

He smiled “You are a good little girl Lucy.” I was getting more confident now and explained that when I was a schoolgirl I had liked to be hugged.

I added “As I got older and married, it has become a nice fantasy now Father and I really would like to be hugged.”

I then bucked up my courage and asked “Will you hug me Father?”

He nodded “If you like Lucy. Come and sit on my knee and we will finish your Confession.”

I smiled shyly and got up off my chair and walked towards him. He was sitting on a low wooden chair with his knees splayed.

I had my legs wide open and realized he could see right up between my thighs. Again he relaxed me saying “I really like your panties, they are nice and tight.”

I laughed and went to sit down over his right thigh facing him. He stopped me “We have to remember you are a married woman Mrs Marlowe and retain propriety. It would be better if you turned your bottom towards me before you drop astride my knee.”

I nodded but was getting more and more conscious that I didn’t like being called Mrs Marlow by Father John.

As I sank down I could feel his strong thigh pushing right into my crutch. Actually it was me pressing down made the pressure and I caught my breath. He did put his arms around me and I felt lovely as he cuddled me. I was conscious of my big breasts in his hands.

Before I started my confession, he told me a naughty joke which made me laugh so much I was rocking on his knee. It felt so wonderful that I kept rocking all the time I was having confession.

I remembered how he told me to be honest about my sins and even went back to my school days when I had touched myself between my legs.

He was so kind and understanding and let me carry on rocking myself on his knee and even letting me slide a few inches up and down as he gently asked me if I had let the boys feel my breasts.

I explained that after church on Sundays, the boys would take us around the back and have our tits out and make us rub their cocks.

He smiled “You are a good honest little girl Lucy.”

My rocking and slidies had increased and suddenly I gasped and realized I had cum. I felt so embarrassed. I felt very wet and knew it would be impossible to explain.

Father John helped me dismount as best possible. It was even worse than I thought. His trouser leg just above his knee was soaking with a dark patch. I knew it was my juices. What would he say? I wanted to die.

It got ten times worst as just then Father Peter came in.

I started to stutter my apologies. I could hardly say that I had reached orgasm sitting on my priests knee taking Confession. I was after all a married woman well into her thirties. I was just stuttering helplessly.

Father John interrupted kindly before I said too much “Don’t worry Lucy. It is a simple accident. You seemed to have peed yourself.”

It was embarrassing but I felt so relieved that he was covering up for me.

He even kept up the pretence by telling me to pull up my skirt. I did and both priests could see my knickers were soaking with my cum, but both pretended I had peed myself.

Father Peter said “This will be difficult for you to go home to your husband, Mrs Marlowe. I don’t suppose you have any spare panties?” I shook my head. He was kind but I didn’t like the Mrs Marlowe term.

Wonderful Father John came to the rescue “Little girls don’t have spare underwear. Take your knickers off Lucy so that we can sort something out.”

I felt better thinking I was a little girl and had to do as I was told. I stood up and with my skirt over my waist, turned my back as I dropped my panties. I knew they could see my bottom, but I couldn’t help that.

As I got my drawers down to my ankles, Father John told me “Hand your panties to Father Peter, Lucy. He will wash them now. They wont take long to dry and you can put them back on before you go home to Derek.”

As I handed my panties over to Father Peter, I blushed as I could see the very dark patch right in the middle of my gusset. It didn’t even look like pee. They both knew what it was.

Father Peter was lovely. He saw my embarrassment and jokingly brought my panties to his nose and inhaled. He smiled “I like smelling the little girls knickers.”

I laughed and Father John smiled “That wasn’t too bad was it Lucy?”

As I watched Father Peter hurry away with my panties I couldn’t help thinking what kind men the two old priests were. Father John gave me a friendly pat on my bottom and said “We will have a chat while we wait for your underwear. Why don’t you sit down opposite me. I still like your lovely short skirt.”

I sat opposite him in the same manner as previous. I remembered he had complimented me then on my panties. This time however I wasn’t wearing any drawers, but I felt he would still like my legs open.

He did like it. He chuckled “I toldl you that I liked your knickers Mrs Marlowe, but to be honest I like your twat as well. For a little girl you have a nice big twat.”

Although he called me Mrs Marlow I could tell he was being nice so I kept my legs opened for him as we chatted. Then Father Peter came back with my clean panties in his hand.

Father John simply said “Pull your skirt up Lucy so that Father Peter can help you put your drawers on.” It was so nice.

As Father John took me to the door he looked around to ensure that Father Peter was out of earshot and teased “I hope your panties are covering your Sweet Mary Ellen, Lucy?”

I felt he was sorry he hadn’t helped to pull my drawers up. Also I remembered what he had said earlier. I wanted to show that I was grateful for him treating me as Little Lucy.

I looked over my shoulder and saw that Father Peter was still in the kitchen.

I sat down on the carpeted stairs in front of him and opened my legs to show him my panties saying quietly “They are right up my twat Father.”

He groaned with pleasure so I added “Right up my big twat.”

He didn’t want Father Peter to hear and whispered, “Is it wet?”

I pulled my panty gusset to the side so that he could see for himself. It was quite hairy but that didn’t stop the view “What do you think Father?” I teased.

He was pleased and said “It certainly looks nice and wet and sticky.”

“You can always make my twat sticky Father.”

He laughed as he opened the door for me to leave.

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