My Awakening! Ch. 01

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It seemed like the drive to New Orleans was so much longer than it had been before. We were finally going to a place which offered the freedom we had dreamed of and the acceptance of who we were no matter what. The Sanctum of Lavishness was within walking distance now and I couldn’t wait another second for the chance to have what was desired and needed for so many years. I’d had enough of secrecy and frustration when it came to guilty pleasures.

This was going to be a night never forgotten and certainly something that would allow the inner “slut” to awaken within. Little did I know this would only be the first of many unforeseen adventures in acting upon my sexual fantasies, even those looked on by society to be “taboo” and “immoral”.

Sitting in a dark room, with so many strangers, various races, sizes, ages, and attractions, seemed to be similar to a Buffett of anything you could want and more to feed your sexual desires. I thought I’d be quiet and maybe even intimidated but instead completely aroused with lustful thoughts of what could happen, with who, how, and even how many times.

Everyone was feeling that “electricity” of sexual tension, it was on everyone’s mind, in their every look, and every move. I wondered if it affected them like it did me. Did they even notice it? Did it make them loose sight of any inhibitions like I had? Could I really be the only woman here moist with excitement and anticipation? I wanted to scream with happiness in a way which I’m sure would look like insanity but even if I did, it wouldn’t have embarrassed antalya escort me at this point.

During my thoughts of all this I realize I’m not sitting alone anymore with Nicklas. My drink in hand and other against my thigh, if you call that very last inch thigh or “the edge of point of no return”. At this moment I fully recognized if I held this position a moment longer I’d be consumed by loss of control of my wondering and wanting fingers, in no time at all moaning and screaming, I surely would become the center of everyone’s entertainment at least until I managed to suck my hand from fingertip to fingertip completely dry of any evidence I’d lost my composer to start with. It’s then I look up to meet a woman sitting on half my lap more than the couch I hadn’t been glued to for long and when I focused on her I see this beautiful, naturally sexy, smiling face who’s hand was responsible for the sudden darting or pulsating series of mini orgasms, which I’d never felt before, not like that.

She gave me such a giddiness I felt like a excited school girl, eyes widely brighten and a smile that couldn’t be scraped off and this only ignited her own sparks and was steadily leaning into and even onto me with the motivation of a runaway train and I wouldn’t dare think of stopping her!! She looked at me like I was the sweetest thing she’d ever seen and if she wanted to take advantage of me in any way I wouldn’t care, no matter what her plans, sensual, perverted, or even illegal as long as she finished whatever she starts I was going to comply happily. Even if it meant she wanted to take me right here in front of all 70 or so strangers surrounding us, at least half of the voyeurs were keeping a sharp eye on her lips savoring my neck and even more so her hand that had disappeared underneath my skirt. I relaxed into the black leather couch revealing myself and my new “helping hand” feeling I’ve finally found my long lost casa. This “slutty girl” is home.

I don’t know how long it took me to rejoin the rest of the world but when I did I actually notice Nicklas is sitting to my left sensually taking in every inch of my exposed neck and his warm hand rubbing and lightly pulling at one of my nipples that are now so hard they’re tingling with energetic flows of arousal headed straight down my body setting all my quivering female anatomy on fire.

My third orgasm recedes as I’m led up a long flight of stairs. Unknowing my destination, the two men following closely behind, I don’t know what’s going to happen next, who’s doing what to me, who’s taking what from me. The kind of uncertainty that’s so high in seductiveness, and outright making me so wet I feel it run down the back of my knee. The strangers passing me in the stairway watching her lead me upward increased my delicious wetness, a passing older man stares at my exposed tits watching my hardened nipples bounce with every step I’m led.

I reach an odd excitement entering a dark doorway with sheer fabric hanging all around. Darkness and heat is all I feel around me and nothing to hear but the moaning of some lucky woman begging for more. The further we go the louder it is with the sound of amazing pleasure, people with other people, you can’t tell who begins and who ends in some places. I had found THE ULTIMATE “den of pleasure”, “I don’t care if I ever leave” passed through my mind. I want nothing more than to start at the beginning and work my way through the entire room with every person there, entering a make out session of one to fall into holding another’s female partner in place for the smoldering hot cock that’s headed for her. It’s never ending wanting to be in it all and let it all have me controlling every move, touch, and thought with it’s lust but my “mistress” had other plans pulling me to a slow fall back onto one of many beds.

There was no thought only my immediate launch into action with this caramel skinned beauty. On my knees meeting her, my hands grasp at her body, pulling my own body against her hard and tight wanting to make her cum as intensely as she had me, making my mouth want to taste every inch of her and saving the best for last.

I loosened my grip on her to see her gorgeous dark body hovering over me swaying in her lust and her own erect nipples grazing my own my body heaving beneath her with the warm hands of mine and her lovers on either side of me firmly rubbing every exposed stop of my skin and the view of both if their swollen hard cocks, one large and white and one chocolate colored and throbbing, standing to attention as in waiting to make this awakened slut fill full and complete with burning lustful heat that has created this conservative sweet daddy’s little girl into what I felt was now a insatiable sex craving slut, and was loving every minute!

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