My Brother My Lover Ch. 05


As I lay in bed, drifting off to sleep, I wondered why mom had asked me so many questions about my brother Bobby’s cock?

As I dosed on and off I wondered why she hadn’t punished us more? Why wasn’t she really, really pissed when she saw us doing what we were doing?

Sure she was mad when she found Bobby and me having oral sex and Bobby standing over my body cumming on me, as I used her sex toy to masturbate and cum too. But she didn’t seem like she was that upset now only a little while after it happened.

Another thing that was bugging me was if she saw us having oral sex before we finished or when Bobby stood there cumming on me, why didn’t she stop it? If she watched me masturbating with her dildo, again, why didn’t she stop me. I didn’t know what to think about all of this.

A few minutes later on Mom came back into the room and told me at 9:00AM tomorrow she and I will be going to the doctor and I will be getting some type of birth control.

She told me that I had grown into a very beautiful woman and every guy who saw me would want to make love to me, even my brother, especially my brother. After what I told her about the two of us doing the things we did and had done, mom didn’t want to take a chance of me getting pregnant.

She said: “I know your brother and at his age Mary he will want to keep doing the things you both have been doing. I’m sure that it would only be a matter of time before you both went all the way. I leave you both alone to much going to work and temptation is always there for both of you. So even if I say don’t do it again, you’re both together to much to not want to experiment and to try it again. So you’re going on birth control.”

I didn’t say anything but she was right. I knew Bobby and he would be after me every second once she left for work. And if she only knew, I would be after him too. So yes, I should have some protection. The only problem was once I got the birth control there would be less and less and less of a reason why I shouldn’t let my brother fuck me and be the first boy/man to put his cock in me.

When she left I sort of laid back on the bed and looked up at the ceiling. I would talk with Bobby about it when we were alone again. I rolled over and sort of fell asleep in a kind of twilight. Some time later on I heard voices coming from down the hall.

Sighing after a few minutes, I swung my legs over the side of the bed. Then a few minutes after that I stood up and walked towards my brother’s bedroom.

As I got closer to his room I heard sounds coming from his room. I peeked around the corner of the door and I couldn’t believe my eyes. The lights were all on and the door was wide open. There was my brother fully nude standing facing the bed and jerking off again. But, on the bed was my mother. My damn mother! I watched and could hear them talking.

“Yes sweetie, that’s it.” my mother said.

“Jerk it for me and cum. Show me how much cum you have for me now.” She went on and on about how beautiful his cock was and how much she loved what he was doing for her.

I stood there watch her. Her long shapely thighs were showing as her nightie was way up around her hip and all of her legs were showing. She had one leg bent over the edge of the bed and Bobby was looking down at her. The other leg was on the bed. It looked as if she had her legs spread wide open for my brother to see. If she didn’t have on panties he was looking right at her pussy. I couldn’t see if she did or didn’t.

As Bobby jerked off, my mother’s eyes never left his cock. She smiled and I saw her hand move down her body. Bobby was humping his cock now and his hand was a blur. “Come closer.” She told him.

When he moved a little more I saw all of her body now. Mom’s thighs were in fact wide open. And, she didn’t have on any damn panties. Her breasts were hanging out of the top of her nightie too!

Her nipples were dark and long, and hard. I could see that mom was sexually excited and was rubbing her pussy like I did, when I was trying to cum.

But my mother’s pussy was different than my own. Mom’s pussy was completely shaved, she was bald as a baby’s butt, well pussy.

Bobby was looking at his mother shaved pussy with her thighs spread wide open. I knew he could see everything and I was becoming jealous!

Bobby began to moan as mom reached out for his cock. He took another step towards her and she could now touch his cock head with her fingers.

She Escort bayan began to squeeze it and rubbing it for him as he jerked the shaft. “When I touch it like this Bobby does it feel good baby?” She asked.

He shook his head and sort of moaned: “Yes.”

He didn’t say anything more. He just kept jerking it while mom played with the head of my brother’s cock. He didn’t have too speak. Seconds later, I saw the first shot of cum pump out his cock head and fly on our mother’s arm and thighs.

He took a third step and moved closer to the bed where she was laying on. As she circled her hand around the hard shaft, shot after shot of his white hot cum was now flying towards her and landing on her pussy, all over her pussy. He was covering her pussy just like he had done to me earlier today.

“Oh fuck mom! It feels so good when you do it. Keep going I’m still cumming.” He moaned out the words.

He stood there and watched his mother finish him off, masturbating him until he was done. I could see she loved playing with his cock and her hand kept pumping my brother’s cock until it started to shrink.

When they finished she smiled and kissed the tip of his dick. He moaned again and told her how good she made him feel. Still holding his cock she asked him if he would like her to suck on it little on it?

Bobby told her: “Yes, that would be great mom.”

I watched as she put his soft cock head into her mouth and began to suck on my brother’s cock. He held her head and watched as her cheeks collapsed from her lips sucking so hard on his cock.

Mom would lick the shaft and lift the cock and kiss and lick the underside of his cock. She teased it and ran her tongue around the head and massaged his balls with her other hand.

I couldn’t believe it. I was sure mom was working on my brother to see if she could get him up and finding out for sure how fast he could recover. She worked her magical mouth and tongue on him for a short time and Bobby’s cock began to grow again. I watched and learned that mom was very good, she sucked him really good. She could teach us both some things I was sure.

As I bent around the corner a little more I must have moved enough so that she saw me. And she smiled. She never took her mouth off of my brother’s cock but she looked up at me and a smiled formed in the corners of her mouth! She was having fun and she was enjoy it very much.

Again I felt jealous. I also felt a tingling between my legs and smiled back at her.

I went into the kitchen and got a soda and something to eat. As I sat at the table eating and drinking awhile later my mother came out and smiled as she sat next to me. She took my hand and patted it. T

hen she said: “Your brother has a nice cock Mary. And you were right he does recover very quickly. In fact in less than 30 minutes I made him cum twice. I think you and I are going to enjoy him, that is after you get birth control. You know it will take a week or so for you to be fully protected. So in the meantime I’m going to make sure he is drained and sexually satisfied. I talked to him and he wants to have sex with me and you.”

I didn’t know what to say so she went on. ” We can have some very nice times together Mary , but you can’t say anything to anyone about this. I told him that I would be happy to teach you both about sex. I will show you positions and how to get the most out of them. I will show him how to please you much better than he is doing now sweetie. I know you saw me sucking him, I saw you in the doorway, So what do you think?”

Again I didn’t know what to say. ” She looked at me and continued: “And I don’t know if you ever gave this a try but you and I can enjoy each other too. I mean women can go much longer than a man, and even if Bobby is young, he will tire out and drain himself. So we can have our time together too without him if you want.”

She ran her hand over my shoulder now as she stood up and walked behind me. Standing there she rubbed my neck and shoulders and bend down and kissed my neck. It gave me chills.

She whispered that she loved both of us and she felt we could be a lot closer if I wanted to be.

Then she ran her hands down my front and cupped my breasts. As she licked my neck and kissed my cheek she said: “You have wonderful breasts Mary. They’re so big and firm and full just like Bobby told me they were. He loves your tits baby! And I can see why.”

I Bayan escort didn’t move but I didn’t stop her. I closed my eyes and let my hands fall on my lap. Mom gently stroked and rubbed my breasts as my nipples grew. She played with the nipples pinching them on the outside of my tee shirt. With no bra on and just a tee shirt, I soon felt like my nipples would explode they became so hard and long.

“Mummm”, mom whispered in my ear. “Your breast are very special Mary. Do you like how it feels when mom touches you like this?”

She asked me as she kept touching and pinching my nipples. “Yes”, was all I could say.

I was astonished that my own mother was stimulating me, But I was also wet between my legs! “Let me lift this tee shirt up over your head now baby.” She said as she did it.

Now nude from my shorts up my mom sat down on the chair facing me and lifted my breasts in her hands. They spilled over the sides of her hands and she told me I had really nice big tits. “NO shit!” I felt like saying,

She looked at them and examined them like they were the fist ones she had ever seen. She loved them gently stoking each one and then using two hands to hold tone of them she lifted it towards her mouth.

I didn’t say or say anything. I let he enjoy my breasts because I was enjoying her touch, more than I liked to admit.

Then she moved closer and took my right breast and began to suck on my nipple. She held my tit and I held her head with my hands and just say: “Suck mom suck it please.”

That’s when I found out I could orgasm from just having my tits and nipples played with. When I moaned she pulled me to her and I moved and sat on her lap. She stroked my breasts and sucked on them and played with my nipples.

I felt wetter and put both my hand between my legs. I squeezed my thighs against my hands, hard! I sort of rocked on them squeezing and release, squeeze and release, squeeze and release.

And, when mom pushed her hand down between my thighs and rubbed my pussy fast, I began to cum!! “OH GOD mom!! I’m cumming I’m cumming! OH GOD OH GOD!” I cried out as she worked on me.

When I finished she kissed me and held me and rocked me like she did when I was a small child.

She whispered in my ear and she touched me lovingly and gently as only a mom can do. “It’s OK baby! Was it good”? She asked.

I looked at her and told her it was wonderful. She smiled and said: “There’s a lot more we can do together Mary and with Bobby it will be even better for you and Bobby and me.”

I didn’t move and I didn’t say anything. She stoked my hair and kept kissing me and holding me. We stayed like that for a while and then she said: “Come on let’s go talk with Bobby.”

I told her I didn’t think I was ready for that yet so we walked hand and hand to my room. When we got there she put me in bed and laid there with me kissing my neck and stroking my hair.

Again I didn’t say anything but I began to kiss her back, As we did her tongue entered my mouth and we played tongue kissing for a while.

When she took my hand and placed it between her legs I didn’t say anything . When she moved my hand up and down her pussy covered only by her panties, I just did to her what I did to myself.

She smiled and released her hand but I kept going. I kept rubbing her pussy and as she kissed and tongued my mouth she kept telling me she loved me very much and how good I was making her.

Then she sat up and told me to take of her panties. I move around and she lifted her ass up and I slid her panties off of her hips. I watched as them came down off her knees and feet and then I dropped them on the floor.

When I saw her shaved pussy it was very wet. I told her: “Your pussy looks amazing mom! I want you to show me how to do that, I want my pussy shaved just like yours.”

She said: Sure sweetie we’ll do that tomorrow. It’s so much better shaved. There’s no smell from pee and it feels amazing when you rub it or you have someone rub it for you. And when you are being fucked…” She stopped and looked at me.

“But you haven’t done that yet have you Mary?” Mom continued.

“No.” I told her.

She said: “It’s OK Mary we’ll have to get you to try that too. That is once you get your birth control. There are so many new and wonderful thing you can try without the risk of getting, well you know pregnant.” She smiled at me and gently stroked my cheek.

I was still Escort rubbing her pussy when she stopped me and said: “Let me see your pussy too Mary.” I want to see it before and after we shave you.

I stood up and wiggled my ass out of my tight shorts. When I had my shorts and panties down around my knees. I stepped out of them and stood in front of my mom fully nude. Mom smiled and told me how beautiful I was and no wonder my brother was all hot to trot over me. She told me to come back on the bed and lay with her.

We were both nude now and I did as she asked. Mom took me in her arms and slowly made love to me. Touching my nipples with a finger and feeling me jump a little from the stimulation, she smiled and bent her head until she was sucking on it. Her hand worked on the other tit as she sucked. I laid there and again held her head.

Back and forth her mouth moved from one tit to the other and back to the first again. She held me in her arms and used her free hand to stroke and love my right breast as her mouth sucked and licked the other one.

I was feeling really good. And then I felt my pussy being touched and stroked and I let out a nice long slow deep breath. I sort of hiss it between my lips as mom worked on my body. Man she really know how to push all of my buttons.

Mom held my nipple in her mouth sucking on it as her other hand continued to stroke my breast and pull on my nipple. That went on for awhile as my passion, lust and sexual need began to rise higher and higher. I closed my eyes and was close to another orgasm from my pussy being touched and loved.

She was doing a wonderful job of working on my body. As she move her arm which was under me trying to get it out I realized she wasn’t touching my pussy! All of a sudden I knew she wasn’t the one touching my pussy and loving it with their fingers.

“Who the hell…” I said, and looked down!

When I did I saw my brother was fully nude kneel next to the bed and was playing with my pussy. He saw me looking and smiled. Then Bobby kissed my hip and worked him mouth and tongue inward towards the hair around my cunt.

Mom whispered: “Open your legs Mary. Let Bobby please you too.”

And I did, immediately! I spread my thighs as wide as I could and Bobby moved between them. His mouth never leaving my body. He buried his face into my pussy and used his fingers to spread my pussy open wide. His mouth felt delicious and he worked on me like he knew I loved it. Kissing and licking and fingering me he was giving me electric shots up and down my body.

Mom sat up now and let my head rest in her lap, as she watched my brother eat my pussy. I close my eyes and held his head and rotated my pelvis letting him taste all of my pussy. Mom pinched my nipples and rubbed the top of my clit with two finger.

My brother had his two fingers in me rubbing my “G” spot as mom rubbed and pushed down on my clit hood Bobby’s mouth was sucking my clit and mom was now back sucking my nipples.

In seconds with all of my body being stimulated I cried out an arched my back and my body lifted my ass up off the bed as I began to cum like I never did before. Humping and humping like a female dog in heat I climaxed so hard it felt like I was leavening my body and floating in the air.

Over and over again I went up and climaxed and up higher and climaxed again ad again and again! It went on and on and on. In think it would have continued until I passed out or died it felt that good.

I couldn’t do anything but cum and orgasm until mom finally pushed Bobby head out from my pussy. He removed his fingers from my wet cum covered cunt. And licked each finger.

As mom took me in her arms and kissed me and held me whispering she loved me. Finally she said: “It’s OK baby! It’s OK. I love you! Bobby loves you. It’s OK Mary. Rest now., Just rest and let me hold you in my arms sweetie. Rest!”

And I did. The last thing I remember was Bobby holding me too. The three of us laid on my bed in my room together while I began to recover from the best sex I had ever had.

If this was what was going to happen with mom being added to Bobby and my love making I was all for it. I couldn’t wait to begin my birth control and feel how it felt being fucked by Bobby’s cock while mom watched and joined in.

The next thing I knew mom was shaking me and telling me to wake up it was time to get dressed and go to the doctor. I sat up rubbed my eyes and looked at her. She smile and told me to hurry up and get washed and dressed.

As I showered I wondered if what happened tommy last night was a dream or real. I had no idea. If I wanted to know I would have to ask mom or my brother.

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