My Crazy Cousin Ch. 02


It was early but I was working on my second cup of coffee. The new apartment was just that, new. It still smelled of paint with an undertone of fresh cut wood. I had seen the model unit less than a week ago and this one had been under construction. The paint was dry but just barely when I moved in.

What I liked about the place and what had sold me on it was the fact that all the apartments were more like duplex houses than normal apartments. That there were about fifty of them scattered over several dozen acres with a privacy fenced backyard for each, made it feel more like a house than an apartment. It also gave an outside space with some privacy.

With two bedrooms and two baths, it was more than spacious for me. One bedroom had a fireplace and a master bath. The other had a smaller bathroom off the hallway leading to it. That bedroom was my office and workout room. Since I had just retired from the Marines, I did not have a business yet but I would need something to keep me from getting bored very soon.

My mind wandered to my crazy cousin Amy for a few seconds, her lush, naked, very responsive body running as a series of pictures across my mind’s eye. I sighed deeply and sipped my coffee to clear the visions. Then I grinned and whispered, “I sure wasn’t bored that morning.”

Standing up, I looked around the main room of the apartment, which consisted of the living room, kitchen, and a dining area. I had spent the last three days shopping for furniture and decorations. Flea market and thrift store items were far more prevalent than new. The icebox was about the only thing new in here.

In the office, the computer desk, computer, and workout machine were all new. The mattresses were new in the master bedroom, as were the linens. A new patio set was in the back yard. Two deck chairs were on the shared front porch with a small round table. Overall, I was satisfied with the place.

There was a light knock on the front door. I looked through the peephole and Amy was grinning back at me. I frowned and sipped my coffee. The light knock came again. I debated with myself whether to open the door or not. If I didn’t, I wondered what she would do. If I did… I sighed and reached for the knob.

The light knock came again and I opened the door. “Can I help you?” I asked. She had on a long duster type coat and it was closed and tightly belted.

“I need to borrow a cup of sugar,” Amy replied, still grinning.

I looked her up and down and said, “You seem to also need a cup since I don’t see one.”

She undid the belt on the coat and then slowly opened it wide. “In that case, you can sprinkle it on me and lick it off.” She was naked under the coat. The puffy ends on her breasts looked crinkly and her nipples were standing tall from the cool morning air and my eyes.

“What if I have company that might object?” I asked as my eyes wandered up and down her young firm body.

“Why would she object? She can help you lick it off,” Amy said softly as she shifted her hips from side to side.

I chuckled and replied, “One tongue knocked your socks off, what would two do?”

Amy shivered hard and whimpered softly. “I’d die with a very large grin on my face.”

I chuckled again and stepped back allowing her to enter the apartment. “May I take your coat?” I asked formally.

With a grin, she shrugged the coat off and handed it to me. I hung it on the coat rake behind the door and turned back her way. She had slipped her sandals off and was walking across the living room. She walked with a bounce in her step on the deep pile of the carpet. Her firm heart shaped ass swayed as she walked, the muscles under the skin moving erotically there and in her thighs, and calves.

She stopped by the dinning area and looked around. “You’ve done a nice job in a short period of time.”

“What are you doing here so early?” I asked as I walked into the kitchen.

Amy watched me pass by and said, “I figured you would be running around as naked as I am.”

“I’ve been busy and I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Want some coffee?” I asked as I refilled my mug.

“Sure, if you have any creamer and sugar.”

“Sugar, ah yes, the reason for your visit. I have sugar and I have milk. That’s as close to cream as I have around here.”

Amy grinned and licked her lips. “Want to make a bet on that?”

I shook my head as I pulled a mug out of the overhead cabinet. I filled it with coffee and sat it on the counter. “Sugars in the bowl and the milk is in the refrigerator. You can fix it the way you like it.”

“In answer to your earlier question about why I’m here so early, I figured I would catch you still in bed or at least in the shower,” Amy said softly.

I moved over to the counter separating the kitchen and the dinning area and leaned against it, sipping my hot coffee as she walked into the kitchen and opened the icebox. She bent at the waist to get the milk out. The fact that she bent far more than necessary did not go unnoticed. Her smoothly shaven Escort bayan plump little pussy was exposed at the top of her thighs.

“Patty sausage and biscuits sound good for breakfast,” I said mostly to myself.

Amy grinned at me over her shoulder as she straightened up. Her eyes were on the tent in the front of my shorts. “I would like a big old sausage myself,” she whispered softly.

With a grin, I asked, “And just how many of those have you had?”

She chuckled as she walked over to where the mug sat. “You know how many, just you and the other one who thought force feeding was necessary.”

“And you didn’t get the cream out of either one. Have you considered whether you are a spitter or a swallower?”

Amy poured a little milk in the mug and slowly stirred a teaspoon of sugar in as she thought the question over. She shivered at the thought of swallowing and sipped the coffee, it was a little too sweet but good all the same.

With her back to me, she whispered, “I don’t know yet.” She turned around and leaned back against the counter. Her eyes went from my face to the tent in my shorts several times as she sipped her coffee.

A few minutes later, she asked, “You like looking at me?”

I nodded and sipped my coffee. She smiled and whispered, “I like you looking at me. It makes me… uh… horny among other things.”

“I see you used the right word this time.”

With a soft giggle, she whispered, “Yeah, I learned a lot that morning. The right word was the least of it.”

“Other than finding out you love oral sex and a tongue in your little butt, what else did you learn?” I asked.

Amy grinned at me over the rim of her coffee mug. “That alone was worth the price of admission.”

“And?” I prompted.

“Uh… well… uh, spankings are not something to joke about, but then again… I like it when you look at me but I already said that.” Her eyes dropped to the front of my shorts. “To take my time when sucking your dick.” She looked up at my face. “And your dick does not go in my pussy, although I really would love it there, I think.”

I grinned and whispered, “I’d love it there also but…” I left the sentence hanging and asked, “Did you get yourself a toy or two?”

Amy shook her head. “I don’t know where to get toys unless I order them off the Internet and then they would be delivered to the house and mom would ask a ton of questions.”

“There is a lingerie shop on your side of town that carries a fairly good selection. The lady that owns it is also very discrete and very knowledgeable.”

Amy laughed nervously and shook her head. “I don’t know if I could just walk in and buy something like that from a total stranger. I’d end up blushing myself to death.”

“That’s the good thing about total strangers, they have no idea who you are or anything about you.” I paused and then said, “Maybe I should take you by there and introduce you. I need to pick up a couple of chaise lounges for sunning in the back yard, the store is right down the street anyway.”

“Would you?” Amy asked.

“Do you have any clothes with you or are you just going to run around in your raincoat all day?” I asked back.

“Uh, yeah, I have clothes in the car. I have an appointment at the local college this afternoon.”

“I thought you were going to State?”

Amy shrugged. “I did also but money is tight so I get to live at home for another four years.” Then she grinned and added, “That is unless I come and live with you.”

I chuckled nervously and shook my head. “No way, your mother would kill me and your dad… Well, let’s not go there.”

“Can I at least come over and study? You can help me with my biology homework.”

“The library would be a much safer place to study,” I said as I walked over to the sliding glass door leading out to the patio.

Amy followed me over and looked out. “Can we sunbathe naked out there?”

“That was the idea. For me to sunbathe naked out there anyway,” I said with a chuckle as she frowned. “I also need a small grill.”

Amy giggled softly. “I have a small grill.”

“Yes you do and I plan on it staying small and unused.”

“That’s no fun.”

“Fun, no. Safe, yes,” I said as I turned toward the kitchen. “Have you had breakfast yet?”

“I usually skip breakfast except for coffee or juice,” she said moving closer to the glass door.

“Well, I don’t,” I told her as I opened the refrigerator and got out a slab of bacon and a carton of eggs.

Amy was standing almost up against the glass door and I watched as a shiver ran up and down her spine. With a smile I said, “Open the door and step outside.”

She whimpered and shook her head. “I’ve never been outside naked.”

“Then it’s about time. Open the door and step outside.”

Her hand went to the latch and flipped it to the open position. Then she stood there with her hand on the handle but didn’t open it. Then her hand went back to the latch and she locked it. “I’m too big a chicken Bayan escort right now to go out by my self.”

I chuckled and carried the bacon and eggs over to the counter next to the stove.


Amy had gotten dressed as I ate breakfast and we left to run our errors as soon as I cleaned up the kitchen. She had been quiet the whole time. She seemed to be somewhere inside her own head so I gave her time and space.

My first stop was at the old lumberyard. That’s where I picked up the lounge chairs and a small grill. With them loaded, we head farther across town to the lingerie shop. I pulled into the parking lot and parked in a space close to the front door.

As I shut the truck off, Amy said, “I’ve always thought of myself as wild and crazy.”

“And?” I prompted a minute later.

“Well, I am in some ways. In my head at least but then something like going outside naked comes along and I freeze up. I keep thinking what if someone saw me? What if…” She sighed and shook her head.

I chuckled. “A lot of the wild and crazy thoughts are hormonal. Everyone goes there when they are young. I hate to be the barer of bad news but you’re not much different than everyone else.”

Amy looked at me and stuck out her tongue. “I am different. I’m unique.”

I laughed and shook my head. “You’re special alright.”

Amy sighed. “Yeah, I’m just another screwed up in the head teenager.”

“If you’re lucky, you’ll grow out of it.”

With another sigh, Amy whispered, “What if I don’t want to grow out of it? What if I like doing crazy things like I did the other morning and this morning? What if I don’t want to turn into my parents?”

“Ah! You don’t see your parents as sexual beings, I take it?”

Amy gave me a wide eyed look and shook her head. “I try not to think of mom and dad and sex in the same thought.”

“Where do you think you came from?”

“Well yeah, but…” Amy said and then grinned.

“Not her butt,” I said and then grinned. “But knowing my uncle the way I do, I’ll lay even money she’s had it fucked a time or three.”

Amy groaned and squirmed on the seat.

“Ok, now that you’re primed, lets go get you a few toys,” I said with a chuckle.


Amy hesitated at the door of the shop. I was holding the door open and when she did not go inside, I placed my hand on the small of her back and pushed. She whimpered softly but she did move forward. I kept on pushing her gently until we were at the front counter.

The woman behind the counter was short and round with a smiling face. “Hey Jim, long time no see.”

“Hey Marcie, you’re looking good,” I replied and then nodded at Amy. “This is my friend Amy, she’s in the market for some toys, but she’s kind of shy.”

Marcie looked Amy up and down and smiled. “I don’t bite, not hard anyway and I’m very discrete.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Amy said shyly, her eyes on the countertop.

“Do you have an ideas about what you want?” Marcie asked her and then looked at me. I smiled and then winked at her as I waited for Amy to reply.

“I… uh… I…” Amy stammered and then groaned softly.

“You are eighteen aren’t you?” Marcie asked.

“Oh, yes ma’am. I have my driver’s license if you need to see it.”

“I have to ask for the record,” Marcie said and then looked at me again. “Anyway, I don’t think Jim would have brought you in otherwise.”

“Maybe I just need to look at what you have,” Amy blurted out. “Then I can decide what I want or is that need.”

Marcie grinned. “Both apply. Do you want me to help you or maybe Jim or do you want to go on your own?”

Amy looked at Marcie and then glanced at me. “Uh, maybe Jim. I’m not as shy around him.”

Looking at me, Marcie said, “You know where the toys are.”

I nodded and started toward the curtain leading to the backroom. Amy hurriedly caught up with me as I went through it. I crossed the backroom and opened another curtain enclosing a small alcove.

Amy went through the curtain and looked around. A look of disappointment crossed her face as she saw the few items on the display shelves in front of her. Most of the things were novelty items except for some padded handcuffs and some kinky costumes.

“Where are the…” she started to ask and then I opened the top drawer on a large filing cabinet. She moved closer and then looked inside. “Oh, yeah.” The drawer was full of dildos. Big ones, small ones, long ones, short ones, thin ones, thick ones.

After a few minutes of looking, she shivered and then giggled. “I guess there is no one size that fits all.”

“Even with your limited experience, you already know dicks don’t come in one size, so why should pussies?” I asked with a grin.

Amy shivered and then looked back in the drawer. She picked up a package with a slender six-inch dildo in it. “This one is almost as big as the only one… Uh, about the same width, but a little longer.”

“Did it feel good?” I asked and then thought it Escort was a dumb question as she gave me a wide-eyed look.

“Well, duh!” she said and then blushed.

I chuckled and said, “It’s a good starting point until you figure out what you really like.”

Her eyes dropped to the front of my shorts and I shook my head. “Don’t even go there.”

She giggled and picked up the biggest dildo package in the drawer. She shivered hard as she held the two up next to each other. I reached in the drawer and got one two sizes smaller and handed it to her, taking the huge one away.

“That’s more of a comparison,” I said with a grin.

She shivered again as I put the big one back in the drawer. “I, uh, see what you mean about different sizes.”

I closed the top drawer and opened the next one. It was filled with all sorts of vibrators. Amy looked over the selection and asked, “Should I go with the same size or something different?”

“This is where things get a little more complicated,” I said in reply. “Dildos mimic dicks but vibrators come in all sizes, styles, and types.”

She laid the dildo on top of the cabinet and reached inside to pull a package out with a Rabbit Vibrator in it. She read the package for a moment and then whispered, “This thing does everything but scratch your back.”

“That would put you into orbit and keep you there,” I said with a grin.

She shivered hard and put the package away. “Maybe I need to keep it simple to start with,” she whispered as she picked up a straight slender pink vibrator about the same size as the dildo.

I reached in the drawer and picked up a brown vibrator with a little arm off the base that extended upward. It was just slightly larger in diameter than the pink one and about as long. “This might prove interesting,” I said as I handed it to her. She put the pink one back and took the brown one.

After reading the package for a moment, she whimpered softly as she glanced up at me. “The twig vibrates also,” she whispered.

“Yeah, it does whether you have the twig facing forward against your clit or to the rear, or in your rear for that matter.”

Amy’s eyes got wide and then she groaned softly. “Your tongue, uh… But this thing, uh…”

I grinned at her and she groaned softly again. “I told you toys could be interesting.”

She shivered hard and whimpered. “If I think about that too much I’m going to make a mess in these pants.”

“Just relax, there are two other things and then we can go,” I said as I closed that drawer and opened the next one. It held silver bullets and eggs. I selected a package with two silver bullets in it and closed the drawer.

Then I opened the next drawer. It held an assortment of butt plugs and anal dildos. Amy looked at the assortment and gave me a funny look. I selected a small black butt plug and closed the drawer.

“That should do it,” I said with a wink.

“I, uh, have some money but I’m not sure I can afford all this,” she said softly.

I smiled at her and said, “You pay what you can on those, and I’ll cover the rest. It was my idea after all.”


Back out front, we laid our selections down on the counter. Marcie looked them over and smiled. “A nice assortment,” she said as she rang up the purchases. The total was more than even I had thought it would be.

I looked at Amy and reached for my wallet. I paid with my credit card. “You can pay me back later,” I said to her with a wink.

Marcie handed me my receipt and then turned to the shelf behind the counter. She picked up a bottle of lube and dropped it in the bag. “On the house for an old and new customer.”

Amy blushed and picked up the sack. “Thank you,” she said shyly.

“You are more than welcome and enjoy,” Marcie replied with a big smile.

Amy giggled and looked down at the countertop as she blushed again.

Looking at me, Marcie winked and said, “Have a good day.”

I winked back at her and said, “It’s already been a good day.”

She was chuckling as we walked out the door.


Back in the truck, Amy groaned and slumped down in the seat. The sack of toys was on the seat between us. “I keep think what she must think of me.”

“She thinks you are a sweet young lady with manners that is going to spend the rest of the day having one great orgasm after another until you either pass out or go to sleep,” I said as I started the truck.

Amy groaned again. I chuckled as I stopped at the edge of the parking lot. “Knowing Marcie and her sexual appetites, she’s probably sitting on the stool behind the counter with one hand under her blouse pinching and rolling a stiff nipple around. The other is stuffed in the front of her shorts with two fingers rolling her clit around.”

“What?” Amy said in confusion.

I grinned at her. “She was a young girl at one time with her own set of first toys so she’s either reliving past memories or trying to visualize you playing with what you bought.”

Amy groaned and then whimpered. “One of those I find to be sweet but the other…” She stopped talking and shivered hard.

I was chuckling as I pulled out onto the highway and headed for home. The afternoon should prove very interesting.

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