My Dream Girl


Hi, I am an avid reader of and have read almost all of them. After reading so many stories I thought of sharing my first time with all of you.

* * * * *

I am Lucky, a 21 yr. old guy and have just completed my graduation. It all happened the day I received my final exam results. Well, to start with, I have always loved my Mother, Rupa, as a good son should! She is very beautiful even at the age of 41. She doesn’t really look that old. Mom’s around 5’5″ tall, very long jet black hair (down to her mid thighs), fair complexioned, beautiful brown eyes and to top it all a breathtaking figure of 36-30-36. You really got to complement her on that. Being an only child I’ve always received all that I’ve ever wanted.

From the day I saw her naked for the first time, I have always wanted her to be the 1st woman to be fucked by me. It so happened that my mom and I were alone at home and I was sleeping in my room. Suddenly I woke up and as I went to have some water, I noticed the bathroom light was on and the door was slightly open. I went near and what I saw was the most amazing sight I had ever seen. There was my mom, completely naked, sitting on the toilet seat shaving her pussy. I watched her, mesmerized by the sight and after some time went back to my room to relieve the tension in my loins. Since that night I’ve always craved for that beautiful body of hers.

Well, that was around 3 years back. I got the chance to fulfill my dream a few days ago. I was very anxious to tell my test results from School and as soon as I got them, I ran home. My father had to go out of station on some Official business and mom was alone at home. She was very happy when she saw my results and made all my favorite dishes for lunch. After lunch she went to her room to sleep and I sat down to watch a movie on TV. As I watched, a very hot scene came on the screen and I got aroused. I went towards the Bathroom, which was in my mom’s room. As I crossed by her bed, I saw that the Escort bayan pallu of her saree had slightly moved, Exposing the cleavage of her breasts which were going up and down rhythmically with her breathing.

She was looking like a Goddess with her long hair fanned out on the pillow and her inviting luscious red lips on her angelic face. I stopped there for a moment and went close to her. As I watched her I couldn’t resist the temptation. I placed one hand on her right breast and caressed it from over the blouse. The touch suddenly woke her up. As she started to say something, a puzzled look on her face, I put my lips on hers and before she could say anything, I started kissing her lips. She tried to push me off herself and stood up. She was confused and at the same time very angry.

She was searching for words to say something, but I interrupted her by holding her arms and telling her that it was alright. And she didn’t have to be angry about anything. I told her about my unfulfilled wish and that I have always craved for her. She heard me patiently and then suddenly slapped me and started crying. I stood there watching her. Then to my utter disbelief, she got up, came towards me, and as I waited for another slap, she kissed me on my lips. At first I couldn’t understand anything, then I put my hands around her and caressed her back in response to the kiss.

She thrust her tongue into my mouth and explored around. I then started to remove her saree folds slowly, while she removed my shirt. I unbuttoned her blouse and removed it and there lay her lovely breasts entrapped in her bra. I came down and planted a kiss on her cleavage. Mom held my head in her hands and pushed it downwards. I took the strings of her petticoat in my fingers and pulled them to loosen them. Her petticoat came down as well. I kissed her navel and as I went down I could smell the musky fragrance of her pussy. She obviously was highly aroused.

I turned her around Bayan escort and unclasped the hooks of her bra. Slowly I slipped the straps off her shoulders and as they went down my hands went down with them to support the freed pigeons. Boy I tell you. When I cupped them from behind, a current ran through my body. My dick was trying to come out of my pants and was pressing against mom’s shapely butt. I turned her around and there were the most beautiful, perfectly round and globular breasts with lovely pink nipples. What a sight they were!

Mom put her hand on my pajama bottom and over my penis and got ecstatic. She removed them slowly. Now we were both in our undies, unsure who would cross the barrier of total nudity first? She however made the first move and removing my underwear, held my rock hard dick in her right hand and kissed the tip of my penis. She put her other hand on my buttocks and started licking my dick as if it were a lollipop.

My fingers were clutching her long hair and I was going mad with pleasure. She started coming up all along sliding up my body. I put my fingers along the inside of her panties and slid them down going down with them. She had a great pussy and it was there just as I had seen it the 1st time. Only, it wasn’t shaven now. I held Mommy by her slender waist and kissed her wet cunt. My tongue roamed around it making small circles and she moaned with pleasure. I led her to the bed and laid her down.

Then I climbed beside her and started sucking her breasts, first one and then the other. How sweet they felt! While sucking one I was pressing the other breast with my hands. They were not too soft but just firm enough.

I exclaimed, “Mom, you look divine. ”

To which she replied, “Then drink the divine nectar to your fill son. ”

I was licking her body from head to toe as if searching for that nectar. She was clearly going crazy. She was caressing my chest, and playing with my dick. After playing Escort around for a while,

I asked Mom, “Rupa, I want to enter you now, take me in. “

“Oh yes, lets not waste any more time. ” and spread her legs.

I positioned myself and put my dick in front of her hairy wet cunt, and brushed it on her thick pussy lips a few times. Rupa was going ecstatic,

“Hurry up Beta, put it in… Put it in… I can’t bear it any longer. Don’t waste time… ”

I pushed hard… My entire penis went in and she gave a short gasp and a moan. I shoved my dick in and out slowly at first and my Mom was going mad with pleasure. I built up a steady rhythm and she was making sounds of her pleasure,

“ummmm… yes… yes… yeeeeeeesssssssss… fuck me… fuck your Mother you Motherfucking Son of a Hot Bitch… Fuuuuuuuck Meeeee… “

The obscenities were even more erotic and I increased my pace. Mother was moving her hips along with my thrusting, and she was moaning even louder and shouted at me uncontrollably,

“Yees… Faster… Faster… Yes Beta… Don’t stop baby. Fuck me Fasteeeeerrrrrrrr… ”

We both came simultaneously. It was a heavenly feeling and I had done it with my dream girl, ‘My Mother’. We both lay down exhausted and bathed in each others sweat. As we lay there naked in each others arms, Mother smiled sadly,

“I have had no sex life with your Dad for a long time, He couldn’t satisfy me when we had sex. When you made the move to take me I was angry at first, Due to our relationship as Mother and Son. But then my animal instinct took over and I thought, that you Beta, Could be the one to release my sexual frustrations. I am happy about the way it all turned out. ”

We slept there in each other’s embrace and when we woke up we made love again and enjoy each other’s company even more now. After a few days I made mom another request regarding her long hairs as I have a fetish for hair as well, but that is a different story which I shall tell you all next time.

If any beautiful and sexy mom would like to be fucked by me or If anyone would like to share their experiences, Then please feel free to mail me.

Till next time… Happy Lovemaking!!!

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