My Frat Brother’s Mom


I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the TV screen where Marty, my best friend and fraternity house roommate, was getting a slutty blow job from his beautiful mother. The camera positioned between Marty’s wide-spread legs gave me a perfect view of the action. Jill, Marty’s mom, kept her eyes wide open and stared into the camera lens through glassy eyes. The action was punctuated by flirtatious winks at the camera. Jill took her son’s stubby five-inch cock out of her mouth and made kissy-lips at the camera. She licked every inch of the little tool with obvious relish, then stuffed it back in her mouth.

I was stretched out naked on my bed, jerking my nine-inch cock, while Marty circled the bed with his camcorder in one hand and his dick in the other. It wasn’t the first masturbation tape we had made for his mother’s enjoyment, but I sensed that it was going to be one of the best.

“You had better get ready now ’cause in about ten seconds I’m going to blow a load in Mom’s mouth,” he said.

I pumped my cock a little harder and faster as though revving an engine just before a drag race. On the screen, Marty’s quivering thighs and the look of sublime satisfaction on his mother’s face tipped me off that he was hosing her tastebuds. The sight of his jism dripping off her chin sent me over the edge, and the pent-up custard shot out of my cock with such force that it hit me in the face. I moaned as I savored the familiar feel of my warm essence splashing down on my chest and belly. The sight of Jill lapping up her son’s spunk made me cum even harder.

When it was all over, I felt my face begin to burn with the blush of shame that I was never able to suppress, no matter how hard I tried. If you had just jacked off for the amusement of your best buddy and his nympho mother, you probably would have blushed, too.

“Mom is going to love this tape. I don’t think you’ve ever shot a bigger load. Mom says you cum like a horse, and she’s right. My loads are only half that size.”

“Aren’t you going to jack yours off?” I asked.

“Naw. Going to save it for Mom,” he said as he gave his nuts an affectionate squeeze. “My soup is going to simmer in there for six more hours and then I’m going to squirt it right down her throat, or maybe in her face. She thinks it’s good for her complexion, can you believe it? Listen, why don’t you come with me? Mom wants your big cock so bad. We could double-team her. She wants to try a DP with one in her pussy and one in her butt. Yours would be perfect for her pussy. Mine fits better in her ass. We would have a blast.”

“No, I don’t think I could do it. I’m too damn shy.”

“Well, you aren’t shy about jacking off in front of me,” he argued. “Believe me, you won’t have a problem getting it up. Mom knows a million tricks for getting a guy ready.”

But he couldn’t persuade me and a short time later he was on his way home alone for a weekend of passionate sex with his mother. I put a tape of him fucking her in the ass in the VCR and laid back to jack. As soon as I got a hard-on, I regretted my decision not to go home with my friend. I was nineteen years old and still a pathetic virgin. Everybody said I was a good-looking guy and maybe they were right because I didn’t have a problem meeting girls. I just didn’t know how to get past first base.

“Goddamnit, I’m sick and tired of jacking off,” I said in a loud whisper. “I’m going to get me some pussy.”

I was lucky to get the last seat on a commuter flight to Marty’s hometown. During the short flight, I could hardly think of anything but Jill’s beautiful head bobbing up and down on her son’s undersized cock. You should have seen the look on Marty’s face when he opened the door and saw me standing there. He quickly held a finger to his lips to silence me, then he motioned me in. He was wearing a robe, so I figured that he and his mother were already getting it on.

“We just got started. Are you going to help me with her?” he whispered.

“I’m not sure I can go through with it. Could I just watch for awhile?”

“Sure, but you’re going to have to get naked.”

I slipped out of my clothes and stood there trembling with my cock hanging limp between my legs.

“I don’t want you to have a softie when Mom gets her first look at you. Jack it up hard.”

I masturbated for a few minutes without much success. Marty suggested that I peek around the corner and spy on his mother. Even though I had seen her naked body on the videos, I was still caught off-guard by her beauty. She could have had any man she wanted. That made Escort bayan her relationship with her son even more shocking. She was fondling her pussy with one hand and her breasts with the other.

“Watch this,” Marty whispered. “Stay here until I come for you.”

Marty went in and sat next to his mother. He pushed her hands away and took over the job himself. He roughly groped her cunt and fondled her teats.

“Oh, baby, you’re going to make me cum if you keep that up.”

“That’s the whole idea, Mom.”

Watching my friend shamelessly diddling his mother did the trick, and I soon had a perfect hard-on.

“Working on you has made me real thirsty, Mom,” Marty said. “I’m going to go chug a Pepsi, and when I come back I want that blow job you promised me.”

Marty led me to the kitchen and popped open two cans of soda for us. He laughed and pointed when he saw my hard cock.

“I can’t wait to see Mom’s face when you walk into the room with that big thing sticking out,” he snickered.

We chugged the sodas and then he led me back to the bedroom. “Hey, Mom, I’ve got a little surprise for you,” he said, as he led me into the room.

Jill was sprawled naked on the bed with her hand on her pussy. When she saw me, her jaw dropped and her eyes widened. I got my first good look at her beautiful tits in their natural state when she sat up. They were only average in size but suited her body perfectly.

“Oh, my God!” she exclaimed. “Wherever did you come from?”

As I explained how I happened to be there, her blue eyes never left my raging hard-on. A slender strand of pre-cum dangling from the tip was evidence of just how horny I was.

“Isn’t his cock a beauty, Mom? I told you he’s hung like a horse.”

“Well, I did see it on tape, dear. It just looks bigger in person.”

Larry, we just started a few minutes ago, so you are just in time. I always start off by giving Marty a blow job. He can fuck longer after he gets that first unpredictable pop out of the way. Now why don’t you come over here and lay down. I have wanted to wrap my lips around that salami since I watched your first jack-off tape.”

The two perverts had already set the camcorder up on a tripod to tape their incestuous activities. Marty unscrewed it and propped it on his shoulder. Judging by the big grin on his face and his pulsating erection, he was thrilled at the prospect of finally getting to watch his sexy mother with another man.

No sooner was I stretched out on the bed than Jill mounted me for sixty-nine. She pressed her neatly-groomed cunt onto my mouth and ground it against my lips. I had never eaten pussy before, but I had watched enough porno to have a general idea of how it was done. I stuck out my tongue and began exploring with it. I knew that the clit was the most sensitive part of a pussy but didn’t know exactly where to find it. She let out a soft moan and ground down harder when my tongue raked across the top of her pussy. I had found her cum-trigger purely by accident.

Jill waited several minutes before finally taking my cock into her warm, wet mouth. All of my masturbation fantasies about blow jobs had not prepared me for the real thing. It felt so much better than I had ever imagined possible. Even now, years later, and with hundreds of blow jobs under my belt, I find it difficult to describe the feeling.

“That’s it, Mom,” Marty said in a hoarse voice. “Give my friend the best BJ he’s ever had. Suck that big, hard cock of his until his jizz shoots right down your throat.”

Marty continued the raunchy talk as he taped his mother blowing me. He told me later that the talk was meant to make the tape even hotter, and it did.

I don’t know what compelled me to tell them that I was a virgin. I managed to push Jill up off of my face far enough to blurt out, “I’ve never had a blow job before. I’ve never had any sex before.”

“OH, MY GOD!” Jill exclaimed. “You’ve brought me a virgin, honey. I’ve always wanted to fuck a virgin.”

Jill went crazy on top of me. She gulped my cock and took it all the way down her throat.

“That’s it, you slut,” Marty goaded. “Take all nine inches of that fat prick down your throat.”

The intense pleasure suddenly became unbearable ecstasy. I seemed to have no control over my body as I began to thrust in and out of my cocksucker’s mouth.


Then my cock was out of her mouth and Bayan escort she was jerking it with her hand. I let loose what surely was the biggest load of my life. I couldn’t see what was happening, but assumed that my jizz was shooting into her pretty face. It wasn’t until I watched the tape that I discovered that she had kept her mouth wide open and had directed half of the spurts onto her tongue and the rest into her face. The tape revealed that I had let go an amazing twelve spurts.

As Jill rolled aside, Marty rushed forward to get some close-ups of his mother’s soiled face.

“Don’t wipe it off, Mom,” Marty said. “You look fabulous with your face covered with gonad-gravy. Jeez, he’s a one man bukkake.”

Marty handed me the camera and said all I had to do was point it at them. I watched through the viewfinder as he assumed the push-up position above his mother. He rubbed his cock in the mess on her face and then shoved it into her mouth. He pumped in and out of her mouth, fucking it as though it were a pussy.

“It’s been awhile since I had the pleasure of fucking your mouth, Mom,” Marty said. “I think I like fucking it even more than fucking your pussy.” Seemingly proud of his perverted sexual appetites, he grinned and winked at the camera.

“Tighten your lips and suck hard, Mom,” he demanded. “Another load is on the way.”

Marty suddenly pulled his cock free and knelt with his ass against his mother’s teats. He ordered her to open her mouth wide, then he jerked off and divided his load equally between her gaping mouth and her flushed face. Even though his cum-shot wasn’t in the same league as mine, it was still quite impressive, and when he was finished, every part of her face had been soiled.

Marty was eager to see the tape, but Jill, who claimed to be exhausted by the three orgasms she had rubbed out on my tongue, wanted to rest. Marty and I went to the livingroom where he popped the tape into the VCR. I sat on the couch and watched Jill suck her son’s cock in various positions. That was the part that I had missed. Instead of being revolted by the sight of a mother and son committing the ultimate taboo, my cock began to rise. I began to masturbate without really even being aware of it. Marty was working his dick, too.

Ten minutes after the incest began, the tape showed me arriving on the scene. I sucked in my breath when I saw myself on the bed being mounted by my friend’s voluptuous mother. The sight of her sucking my fat cock gave me a perfect erection.

“You better not shoot off,” Marty warned. “We still have some fucking to do.”

Marty could hardly contain his excitement when my cum-shot started.

“I’ve watched a lot of porn, but I’ve never seen a money shot that juicy,” he said.

After we watched him fuck his mother in the mouth and blow his load all over her face, we were ready for just about anything. Marty led me back to the bedroom where we caught Jill masturbating.

“You just couldn’t wait, could you, Mom?” Marty said. “Well, my buddy and I are going to give you a fucking you’ll never forget.”

Marty produced a can of sunburn medication and sprayed every inch of our cocks.

“This will make our cocks a little numb so we can last longer,” he explained. “It takes fifteen minutes to work, so we’ll suck her tits until then. Which one do you want?”

A few seconds later I was on the bed nursing hungrily on Jill’s right teat while Marty nursed the other one.

“Jeez, don’t be such a wimp,” Marty said. “Grab some of that pussy.”

He placed my hand on his mother’s cunt and told me to grope it. When I did, Jill went wild and began squirming all over the bed. Marty and I could hardly keep her suckers in our mouths.

“Damn, I think this bitch is going to cum right now before we get a chance to fuck her,” Marty observed.

When I pulled my hand away from Jill’s pussy, it was covered with her sex juice. Marty ordered me to get on my back, then he rolled his mother over and pushed her on top of me.

“Go ahead, Mom. Take that big fat cock of his in your pussy. The two of us are going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.”

Jill was trembling as she fumbled with my cock. Marty finally grabbed it and stuffed it in her.

“Damn, what a sight!” he exclaimed. “It looks like you’ve got John Holmes fucking you, Mom. I’ve got to get this on tape.”

Marty knelt down at the foot of the bed and aimed the camcorder at his mother’s ass. She began posting up and down on my cock like a cowgirl on a horse. None Escort of my countless fantasies had prepared me for my first fuck. She was warm and wet inside. On each upstroke, her muscles tightened around my cock and milked it.

“How do you like your first pussy, buddy?” Marty asked with a snicker. I couldn’t answer because his mother had filled my mouth with teat. At first I lay quietly and let Jill do all the work. I didn’t know how to fuck, and I was afraid I would mess it all up if I tried. But my natural instincts gradually took over and I began to thrust up into her. She began panting and drooling like a dog on a hot summer day.

“That’s it, buddy. Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it. The bitch is coming like crazy.”

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Marty setting up the camcorder on a tripod, and knew that he was preparing to join in. I felt his cock and balls against mine, and then he was inside her and the head of his cock was rubbing against my shaft. We began to alternate strokes, with him pushing into her ass as I pulled out of her cunt. Jill began babbling incoherently. Most of the orgasms I had seen in pornos were almost certainly fake, but the ones she was having were the real thing. Each time she came, her pussy tightened around my cock.

“How do you like it, Mom? How do you like having two cocks in you at the same time? I guess this makes you just about the biggest slut in town.”

“I can’t hold back much longer, Marty,” I said.

“Hold it in for just a couple more minutes, buddy. Let’s make her come a couple more times. This is one fuck she’ll never forget.”

I managed to hold out for two or three more minutes, long enough to give Jill a string of orgasms. Then I shot my load so hard that I saw stars. Halfway through my orgasm, Marty shouted that he was coming. It was a perfect ending, with all three of us coming together. We all went limp and lay there in a sweaty pile for a long time.

Jill was pretty well used up from so many orgasms, but Marty and I were still horny. Two orgasms wasn’t nearly enough for two over-sexed nineteen-year-olds. Marty wanted to do another DP with me playing the role of ass-man. She was skeptical about her ability to take my cock in her ass, but finally agreed to try.

We were all sweaty after our workout, so we decided to take a shower and piled into the shower together.

“I guess you’ll want the front, won’t you?” Marty said, handing me a bar of soap. I began soaping up Jill’s fabulous body, starting at her shoulders and working down over her teats. I was shy at first, but became more aggressive as time passed. My soaping of Jill’s pussy quickly evolved into groping. Meanwhile, Marty was soaping his mother’s back and ass.

“I’m going to get your ass loosened up with my fingers, Mom,” Marty said.

She groaned as her son stuffed his soapy fingers up into her ass-hole. Marty reported his progress as he finger-fucked his mother’s ass. “Two fingers. Now I’ve got three in there. All four now. I think you’re ready for my buddy’s big cock, Mom.”

Back in the bedroom, Marty handed me a jar of Vaseline and I greased up as Jill assumed the conventional position on her elbows and knees. Marty manned the camera as I knelt down behind and took aim on his mother’s ass. I didn’t see how my thick cock could possibly fit in that tiny hole, but I was determined to try. I felt her flesh giving way as I applied pressure. “OUCH!” she exclaimed as my head popped into her.

“That’s it, Mom,” Marty said. “The head is in. The rest will be a piece of cake.”

I slowly slid forward until every inch of my rod was planted in that warm ass. My friend was beside himself with excitement. After setting up the camera, he slipped underneath and worked his cock into her pussy. I can’t possibly find the words to describe how good my first piece of ass felt. None of the superlatives I can think of do it justice. Let’s just say I was in Heaven and let it go at that.

Jill soon adjusted to having my cock up her ass, and the three of us went at it like sex-crazed maniacs. She started howling so loudly that Marty clamped his hand over her mouth. “She can’t stop cumming, buddy,” he shouted gleefully. But all good things must come to an end. The old axiom that the ass-man always cums first was certainly true then, and I pulled out and basted her quivering ass with the last of my custard. Marty finished a few seconds later.

I had had my first blow job, my first pussy, and my first ass, all in one night. Talk about losing your virginity! My relationship with Marty continued through the end of the school year. Every couple of weeks I would go home with him and we would fuck his mother into a coma. The fun and games ended when Marty and his mother moved to the West Coast a short time later.

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