My Friend Darren

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At the start of my first year at uni, I met a lad who had moved to Bristol from the other side of the country. I’d seen him around the computer science campus, and then I bumped into him near where I lived. His dad had been transferred within his firm, and the whole family had moved. We ended up living quite close together so Darren and I became good friends. As it is, we both moved house again after a couple of years and saw each other less often outside of uni, but for the time being we spent a lot of time together.

He was the first person I had any kind of sexual experience with, and we just sort of clicked. We ended up having a pretty intense time for a while. I suppose it’s because we were quite trusting of each other and very paranoid about anyone else finding out!

It started off innocently enough – one time in the holidays we were at his house, in his bedroom. Both his parents worked, so throughout the holidays he had the run of the house during the days. Actually, he had a sister, but she was younger and usually spent the days with her friends.

So, there we were, talking about sex, and before long we were fidgeting because our boners had appeared. We started off just fiddling with them, trying to get more comfortable, but, of course, that just makes them worse! After a bit this turned into rubbing ourselves quite plainly through our trousers. Darren put his hand down his trousers and continued rubbing himself. I did the same, and it felt great! The talk sort of trailed off then and we were just quietly doing that, watching each other. Then Darren just said, “Do you want to have a wank?” I certainly did! In a second we were both there sat on his bed, trousers round our ankles, wanking ourselves off. The funny thing is that I can remember us both talking about how much we’d like it if various girls appeared right then, even though I’m pretty sure that neither of us would have known what to do if one had appeared!

After edirne escort a bit, Darren asked if I wanted to feel his, and so I took hold of it. He told me to hold it tightly, right at the end, and I wanked him a bit. It was so nice, feeling his like that. Then he took hold of mine afterwards and rubbed me for a bit. It was wonderful doing each other, and I felt so horny. We seemed to be able to do it just right for each other. We took it in turns wanking each other for a while, then I said that I was about to “spunk up”. That sounds pretty funny now! Anyway, he let go of me pretty quickly when I said that. I finished myself off, and, as I was coming, he said that he was going to spunk too, and he came as well. It was great! So we cleaned ourselves up and got on with the rest of our day.

But, that was it – from that notable afternoon onwards, we were at each other whenever we could! In fact the next day the same thing happened.

We were at my parents’ house. At one point he was playing the piano and I left him to it. I was a bit bored really, and just thinking about wanking with him again. I already had a boner, so I took off my trousers and pants, leant round the door of the room where the piano was and said, “Guess what I’m going to do.” He said, “Do you want to do it together?” I said alright, and he stopped playing the piano and started to undo his trousers. And so there we were, wanking again!

I said that we should go off to my bedroom so we went there and got completely undressed. It was much nicer than the day before, because after a bit we both lay on the bed, head to toe, and wanked each other at the same time. Then I started to feel like I was going to come and so I asked Darren if he would finish me off. He said okay, he would, if I would finish him off afterwards. I said that I would and then he turned around.

I lay back on my bed and then he took hold of it and started wanking me. God! It felt wonderful having someone else do it. I just lay there, eyes closed, soaking up all that gorgeous feeling. In a few seconds, that was it! I said that I was going to spunk up and Darren wanked me really quickly. The spunk shot out of me so hard, and it felt fantastic. Darren slowed down his movements and he got spunk on his hand, which he didn’t like. He let go of me and started wiping it on my tummy.

I said, “That was fantastic!” He said, “Will you finish me off now?” I said yes, but first he had to go and get some tissues! He went and got them then I cleaned myself up. Then it was his turn.

He lay down on my bed and I sat next to him. I took hold of him and starting wanking him. “Faster!” he said. I went a bit faster and he took hold of his balls, just feeling them a bit as I was rubbing him. He closed his eyes too and he was just lying there, with this dreamy sort of look on his face. After a few seconds he grabbed hold of my leg and just said, “I’m going to spunk”. I kept on wanking him and then I could feel his cock going really hard in my hand.

He started coming straight away and it was quite weird watching him have that orgasm, sort of objectively, without feeling anything myself. When he stopped coming I let go of him but he grabbed himself again and wanked a bit more, but really slowly. Anyway, he said he really enjoyed it and then I got the tissues and he cleaned up. That afternoon was great, being wanked off.

After that time, we just went crazy. We wanked each other off at every opportunity – in his house, at my house, and outside when our parents were around. We used to sneak off to the building sites where they were putting up new houses and wank in the half-built places. We’d climb up to the top floors so no-one would catch us, and then strip off and go for it, leaving little pools of spunk on the floorboards. I wonder if the builders ever used to know what it was when they came back the next day! Eventually we did it at university, even on the way to and from lectures!

We only got caught once, by his mum. We were sat on his bed, with our trousers down, and we heard her coming up the stairs. We pulled his duvet over us, and she just looked in the room and said did we want a drink and then left again. I’m pretty sure she must have guessed what was going on, because why else would we be sat on the edge of his bed covered by a duvet? Anyway, even if she did guess, she didn’t say anything.

Of course, before long, we became more adventurous too and started sucking each other, having 69s, and so on. We used to have this little game – we would take it in turns to suck each other: he would suck me once, then I would suck him twice, then he would suck me three times and so on. Before long we would be ready to burst and we’d come bucketfuls.

One time in the holidays a group of five or six of us went fishing near a disused mill. Before long, Darren & I wandered off to explore the mill building, and had a wonderful 69 on the top floor. With hindsight, I suppose it was rather foolhardy to go exploring what was a rather tumbledown building! Anyway, he took down his trousers and pants and lay down on the floorboards. I took mine down too and knelt over his head. I can remember that moment as clear as yesterday: seeing my cock hanging over his face, smelling his cock’s faint aroma as I took it into my mouth. It was fab, sucking each other like that, but we heard our friends coming into the mill, looking for us, and we were up and dressed like a shot! I do so wish I had felt his spunk erupting as I sucked him! I’ve often wondered what it would feel like, but never had the nerve to do it back then.

I think those couple of years were probably some of the horniest I’ve had, and I can remember so many times doing very enjoyable things to each other! It was great knowing him during that time when we had so much spunk to spare. It was fantastic for both of us to know that nothing we did would ever go any further and it was cool being able to try anything.

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