My Girls and I Ch. 02

Ashly Anderson

Author’s Note: Hello all! Welcome back for Chapter 2, returning readers. To you newbies, you might wanna start with Chapter 1. The characters will make a lot more sense.

To say I was pleasantly surprised by the number of views, ratings and favorites the first chapter got would be the understatement of the century, so thank you! Also, a big thank you to those of you who had complementary things to say in comments. I suffer quite a bit of anxiety that my writing will not be well-received, so the confidence boost is greatly appreciated.

From now on, I’ll be updating my bio page every time I submit a new chapter, and if you would like to e-mail me with suggestions or critiques, feel free!

Last thing, I promise! I have an extremely active imagination, and I have story ideas involving some supernatural and sci-fi setting, so if anyone would like me to pursue them adjacent to this particular story, let me know!


All characters are 18 years or older.

Chapter 2

Bobby woke the next morning, unsure if last night had really happened. Waking up to Hannah’s mouth wrapped around his cock? It seemed like a far-fetched notion, but on the other hand, he’d never once had those kinds of thoughts about his youngest sister. Or any of them, really. His mother might have popped in there a time or two when he was quite a bit younger, but still. His baby sister? It had to have been some bizarre dream.

He rolled out of bed, looking down at his morning wood with a frown. He could have sworn he went to bed with his boxer briefs on. He shook his head, then closed his eyes and breathed deeply as he stretched himself out, lifting up onto his toes. That was when Megan walked in. Well, crept in, would be more accurate.

The twenty year old had given up her own room so that Bobby didn’t have to sleep on the couch, and she had been planning on creeping in, grabbing some workout clothes, and then creeping out. But when she saw him standing there on his toes, she had been stunned into immobility. She admired the lines of his body, the well-sculpted muscles that constant exercise in the Marines had given him. When he dropped down onto his heels again and turned to go get another pair of underwear, Megan sucked in a sharp gasp as her eyes dropped, almost instinctively, to his cock.

Now, Bobby was generously endowed. The size of his cock had even earned him a nickname in his barracks. Needless to say, Megan wasn’t prepared for the immediate dampening of her pussy at the sight of it. The flush of arousal in her cheeks. When Bobby went to cover himself, Megan snapped out of her daze and lifted both hands to her mouth, causing her oversized tee to lift and expose her white cotton panties.

“Oh my God! I’m so sorry!” She backed out of the room, slamming the door shut behind her, chest heaving. She could have sworn that her brother’s eyes had dipped to look at her panties in that last moment.

Bobby, for his part, had in fact looked down at the join between his sister’s creamy, muscular thighs and gotten a glimpse of the wet spot that had just barely been visible. He moved over to grab himself some underwear and pulled them on, pulling on a pair of shorts as well to help hide his bulge. It was only mildly successful.

He went to the door and opened it, to find Megan still standing there, waiting for him to be decent. Her face was nearly beet red as she looked down at her toes, “I’m sorry, Bobby! I thought you’d still be asleep. I just wanted to grab some clothes so I could go running.”

He smiled, waving her off, “It’s fine, Megan, seriously. Living in co-ed barracks tends to desensitize you to nudity. You wouldn’t believe how childish some people can be about yanking down someone’s towel.”

She frowned, still looking upset, “Are you sure? I know it’s weird, having to sleep in my room. I just don’t want you to think I was trying to peek on you or something.”

He chuckled, the not-quite-dream with Hannah coming to mind immediately, “Trust me, it wouldn’t be the weirdest thing to happen to me in the last twenty-four hours.” He stepped close, wrapping his arms around her in a hug.

She slid her arms around him, sighing with relief, her nipples hardening under the shirt as she pressed her body to his, feeling his muscles through the fairly thin material. She frowned and drew back a little, “If that’s not the weirdest, what is?”

Bobby let go of her and headed for the bathroom they all shared, “Some weird-ass dream i had last night. Don’t worry about it. Have you seen Hannah this morning? I wanted to talk to her about this guy she’s seeing.”

Megan shook her head, “No. If she’s not still sleeping then she’s probably gone already. She usually doesn’t stick around for very long when she does come home.”

Bobby frowned, “Thanks, sis. If you wait a little while, I’ll go on that run with you.”

Megan brightened instantly, “Really?!”

Bobby laughed, “Of course. I doubt your normal run will have me breaking a sweat, but better to keep the good habits I made in the Beylikdüzü Esmer Escort Corps than slack off, even for a day.”

She giggled, “Yeah, we wouldn’t want you to get fat, now would we? Meet you out front in ten?” Letting him get fat would be like ruining a work of art.

He grinned, “Deal. Let me just take a leak and I’m pretty much ready.”

After he answered nature’s call, he tied up the athletic shorts he’d bought yesterday at the mall. Then he headed out front and began to stretch, doing a full set of calisthenics. While he waited for Megan to join him he worked his arms with a set of twenty push-ups, and a set of twenty full sit-ups, wedging his toes under the front tire of his truck to keep his feet grounded. As he finished his sit-ups he glanced around to see Megan surreptitiously watching him while she stretched for her run. He hadn’t even noticed her come out of the house.

He smiled at her, “Almost ready?”

She smiled at him, then stood and bounced on her toes like a boxer getting ready for round one, “Yep!”

He chuckled, “You’re relentlessly perky and it irritates me, did you know that?”

She threw him a cheeky smile, “I know. Why do you think I do it?”

He rolled his eyes and started down the driveway, “Come on, smart ass. Time to take your licks.”

She looked at him curiously, “I didn’t realize you wanted to spank me before we went running.”

He snorted, “Shut it, punk. Let’s run.”

She giggled and took off, him starting up at a slower pace behind her, though his longer legs meant he kept up pretty well. His sister had put on a sports bra, an under armor tank top and a fairly short pair of Lycra shorts. This had the intended effect of molding them to her fantastic, muscular ass. He found that his eyes were seemingly drawn to it of their own free will. It didn’t help that the damn thing was so mesmerizing.

He shook off his fascination with watching Megan’s ass and he stepped up the pace, pulling alongside her, “That all you got, little sister?”

She grinned, “Oh, you’ve done it now. See you back at home, big brother.” Then she was off like Usain Bolt, leaving him in the dust. He grinned and picked up the pace himself, running hard, working his legs harder than normal as he strained to catch her. She managed to keep a little bit of a lead, but probably not as big of one as she had imagined. By the time they made their circuit, they were both breathing hard and Megan collapsed into the slightly unkempt front lawn, her C-cups rising and falling rapidly, “Jesus, big brother, when did you get so fast? I would have bet money I could smoke you without even trying so hard.”

He grinned, sitting down next to her, his bare torso shining with a light layer of sweat, “Years and years of PT, little sister. No one forced you to take the whole three miles at a dead sprint, though.”

She laughed, “I couldn’t just let you win, doofus! It took forever for me to be better than you at something. I’m not giving up my edge!”

Bobby rolled his eyes and slapped the back of his hand down on her abdominal muscles. She rolled away instinctively and he got up, pulling her up by her arm, “Come on. The one thing you learn in the desert is hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.”

She feigned bonelessness, going utterly limp, so he hauled her arms around him, one over his shoulder, the other under his other arm and she locked them around him so he could carry her inside.

As they entered, Stella looked up from the book she was reading, smirking a little at them, “Jesus, Bobby, you didn’t have to wear her out completely.”

He shrugged, “She insisted on beating me. Took everything she had, but I’ve got plenty of gas in the tank.”

Stella sighed, “Yeah, but now she’s gonna want a nap and she was supposed to come help me with the shopping!”

He frowned, “Where’s mom? Can’t she go with you?”

She shook her head, “She had an emergency patient. She didn’t say how long she’d be gone.”

He sighed in mock frustration, “Fiiiine. I’ll go with you. But we’re taking my truck. You get this one a shower and I’ll mow the lawn, shower, and then we’ll go.”

Stella frowned, “The lawn shouldn’t need it yet. Mom usually hires one of the neighbor boys to do it.”

He shook his head, “Not anymore. I’ve got all the outside chores now, no worries.”

She shrugged, then he carried Megan down the hall toward the bathroom. She smiled and kissed his shoulder, “Thanks for the workout, big brother, but I can manage. I just need to rest.”

He set her down on the closed lid of the toilet, letting her sit and he got her a glass of water from the tap, settling it on the counter beside her. He leaned down and kissed her forehead, “You get a shower and get some sleep. And next time, don’t try so hard. I’ll still let you win, I promise.”

Megan gave him an exhausted smile, “You’re the best, big brother.”

He chuckled and left the bathroom, heading outside to the shed to get out the push mower. His father had Beylikdüzü Eve Gelen Escort gotten a riding mower after Bobby had left, but Bobby preferred using the push mower.

He mowed his way along the outside of the back yard, working in squares until he came to the first obstruction before altering the pattern.

Inside, Stella was standing at the sink, looking out the window situated above it. As she watched her brother mowing the lawn, she couldn’t help but think about how much he’d changed from the guy she remembered. He hadn’t been the total babe he was now, that was for sure. As she watched him work, she knew she was in trouble. He was her type in almost every way, and she was going to have a hard time keeping her hands off him.

She moved away, trying to distance herself from temptation, as she went to help Megan get off her ass and into the shower.


By the time Bobby finished with the lawn, he had his fair share of dirt, dust and grass clippings stuck to his sweat-slicked, bronzed skin. He put away the mower, grabbed the weed-eater and did the touch-up in a hurry, and then stashed it in the shed before heading inside. He guzzled a couple of glasses of water and went into the living room, where Stella was sitting on the couch, wearing a soft yellow sun dress and some wedge heels, reading her book while she was waiting.

He leaned down, putting his sweaty arms on the back of the couch, “Sorry, sis. Didn’t mean to take so long. Give me ten minutes to shower and I’ll be ready to go.”

She smiled up at him, then wrinkled her nose in distaste, “Good idea. I can smell you from here. Go shower, stinky, or you’re riding in the bed.”

He snorted, then pushed up, smiled at her, then headed for Megan’s room, grabbing himself some clothes and then heading for the bathroom. It really did only take him ten minutes or so before he was striding into the living room, hair still wet, dressed in a plain white tee and khaki cargo shorts. He was wearing his running shoes for lack of a better option, and he swung his keys around his index finger, “Alrighty. Let’s get going.”

Stella smiled, getting up and heading around to the front door, which he held open for her, then closed and locked. He headed to the truck, unlocking it and opening the door for Stella. She pushed up the fold-down center console and slid across the bench seat into the passenger side before he climbed up beside her. A turn of the key and they were off, Stella watching him as they headed into town.

Bobby noticed her watching, brow arching, “Penny for your thoughts, sis?”

Stella flushed a little at getting caught, “Um, I was just wondering what you’re going to do, now that your home. Gonna get a job, or maybe go to college? I know mom would pay for it, if you really wanted to. I know Sean is working for some guy named Willy, painting or something.”

Bobby shrugged, “I’ll probably look for a job outside. I kinda missed the humidity, and winters here are perfect, so the more time I spend outside is good for me.”

Stella nodded, “I’m sure all the landscaping companies are hiring, what with us heading into their busiest season.”

When they pulled in at the local Publix, he got out of the truck and waited for Stella to join him before locking it up and heading inside. He grabbed a cart on their way in and they cruised the aisles, smiling and laughing as they talked about little, inconsequential things, just enjoying being together again after all these years.

As they came around to the checkout, Stella froze, seeing what Bobby hadn’t. Her reaction, however, he did notice. He followed his gaze and his face darkened. His ex, who had cheated on him and left him while in the Corps, was hanging all over some thick-bodied biker, covered in tattoos and wearing a leather vest and a bandana. She had changed from the nice girl he’d known in college. Now she was trampy, wearing ill-fitting Daisy Dukes, a cut-off tee and heeled boots.

She looked like she’d lost a lot of weight and her hair was lank and lusterless. Stella moved back to wrap her arms around her brother from behind, planting her chin on his back and murmuring, “I heard she got hooked on drugs a few years after you left, and now she whores herself out to the local biker club.”

Bobby sighed, shaking his head, “It’s a shame. She used to be a great girl. Now I just feel kinda sorry for her. . .”

“Don’t feel bad, big brother. She made her own choices. As the saying goes, she made her bed, now she deserves to lie in it.”

He sighed and shook his head, “I’m not sure anyone deserves that.”

Stella gave him a squeeze as they moved up to the checkout counter and she started loading their groceries onto the conveyor. Once they were through he pushed the cart outside and loaded up the truck himself, then got in and headed for home.

He glanced over at her, “Hey, can you do me a favor and make sure Hannah comes home tonight? I need to talk to her about something, and I Beylikdüzü Evi Olan Escort haven’t gotten my own phone yet.”

Stella frowned, “Sure, I’ll try my best. But she doesn’t listen to us like she used to.”

Bobby frowned, “Don’t worry. If she doesn’t show up for dinner, I’m going to get her. You know where this Andre guy lives, right?”

She nodded, “Yeah. He won’t like you showing up, though.”

He snorted, “Like I care. I care more about Hannah than how he feels about uninvited guests.”

Stella sighed softly, “Just be careful, alright? The guy is bad news.”

He reached out and patted Stella’s thigh, giving it a squeeze. For her part, she felt a shiver run up her spine at his touch, feeling that desire kick into gear, her pussy growing moist when he left it there.

When they reached the house, he pulled his hand back, then got out and started unloading, hooking bags up his forearm and pulling as many handholds into both his hands as he could. The end result was that he had grabbed three quarters of the groceries on the very first trip while Stella went and unlocked the door. Stella watched him carry what would have been four trips for her easily, and Megan watched inside as he took them all to the kitchen table and set them down gently, making sure nothing broke or fell off the table.

Megan fanned herself with her hand dramatically, “Whew. That was hot, bro. Showing off for your sisters?”

Bobby rolled his eyes, “No. I just want to make as few trips as possible.”

Stella came in with some of the things that were too big for bags under her arms, lighter items such as the paper towels and such, while Bobby went back for the rest. He grabbed everything on that second trip, heading inside to see his sisters quickly and efficiently putting things away, saving the bags. He smiled as he watched them, having missed the domesticity of it all.

Megan spotted him with that wistful smile of his and frowned, “What?”

Stella stopped and looked at them quizzically, Bobby just shaking his head, “Nothing, really. It’s just good to be home again. I missed you guys, and it just kinda hit me how much I missed normal stuff, like seeing you put away the groceries.”

They both gave an identical ‘awww’ and came to hug him. He wrapped his arms around them, one each, and squeezed them tight. He kissed the top of their heads, “Go finish. I’m gonna head back out, get myself a phone and all that. I’ll see you later, okay?” They both smiled at him, nodding and heading back to finish putting away the groceries.

Bobby watched them for a moment longer before heading back out to the truck to run his errands.


Megan and Stella finished with the groceries and then settled on the couch, Megan watching the TV with the volume low so Stella could read. Megan was the first to speak up, however, “You’re feeling it too, aren’t you?”

Stella looked up with a worried frown, “Huh?”

Megan had one of her legs up, her chin resting on her knee, “Bobby. You feel it around him too.”

Stella looked a little nervous, “I-I. . . don’t know.”

Megan turned to look at her sister, “I’ve always felt it. I don’t know how it feels to you, but every time he smiles at me it feels like my heart’s going to explode from sheer joy.”

Stella’s nerves eased, “I know what you mean. It’s hard to think of him as my big brother now. Six years is practically forever, and he’s changed so much.”

Megan gave her a knowing look, “To me he hasn’t hardly changed. Sure, he’s got more muscle and an incredible amount of stamina, but to me, he’s every bit of the incredible guy I remember.”

Stella sighed, “Yeah, but he was in a combat unit. He’s probably seen things we could never imagine, let alone understand. I just worry that after a few months it’ll start to get to him.”

Megan reached over and gripped her older sister’s hand, “We won’t let it. We’ll be there for him, through thick and thin. Whatever he needs. Promise?”

Stella smiled, “Of course.”

The athletic redhead snuggled up to her older sister and sighed, gaze moving back to the TV.


Bobby went and got his phone set up, and then he spent a few hours driving around, visiting the old haunts. His high school football stadium, the backwoods where he used to come to bonfires in the winter time. The dirtbike trails he and Sean had ridden practically all their lives. He sat out at Blind Pass in his truck, watching the young kids riding around trails that he and Sean had helped cut, each generation doing a bit more to help make the place a little more fun for everyone else.

He went to park out by the creek where kids were launching off the swing rope that he and Sean had broken and then replaced at his father’s insistence when they were thirteen. The place where he and Stella had both learned to swim, before they’d gotten the pool put into the back yard.

By the time he got home he was cutting it close for dinner and his expression darkened a bit when he didn’t see Stella’s car. He refused to believe that his baby sister would miss spending time with him after six years. Especially not after the episode last night. He headed up to the house, moving into the kitchen where Stella and Megan were just now serving up dinner, while their mother sat at the table, smiling softly at her daughters.

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