My Mother-In-Law


About 2 weeks after Mel my wife of 3 years and I separated her mother turned up on my doorstep. It was a warm summer evening when I heard the knock on my front door and when I opened my door there stood Annie my mother in law. I thought here we go now here comes the tongue lashing I have been waiting to hear. But to my surprise there was no tongue lashing, in fact it was quite the opposite actually. Annie was here to see if there was anything I needed and to find out how I was getting on.

Mel moved out of our home and into a flat with a female friend of hers. After 3 years of marriage our differences were impossible to overcome, more and more arguments her quoting my, in her view, unreasonable demands – I wanted sex, she didn’t, her arguing once or twice a month was plenty for her. Funny that seeing our first year of marriage we were at it like rabbits and now I was the one being too demanding of her.

Her mother Annie is in her late 40’s, with short blond hair, nice tits, a slim waist and from when I had seen her in a swimsuit long slender legs. I have always found her sexy and attractive but my heart sank when I thought she was here to have ago at me over Mel. I let her in following and admired her firm bum and the fair amount of leg on show in the short summer dress she wore as she walked into the front room ahead of me. I went to make coffee leaving her sitting in the lounge and when I returned with her cuppa I noticed she had sat in one of the low chairs and that her dress had ridden up revealing a lot of thigh and a hint of stocking top.

Sitting opposite her I tried not to stare especially when she crossed and uncrossed her legs like in the movie with Sharon Stone as her dress rode a little higher showing the lace stocking top. She started to talk about Mel and my problems but I interrupted her telling her it was over and that I no longer wanted to discuss it or go in to any detail of what the problems were between Mel and me. Annie replied that Mel had told her everything but that she wasn’t here to get us back together and that in her opinion I’d tried and it wasn’t my fault if the ‘silly little bitch didn’t want cock’ as she put it.

Reaching into her bag Annie took out a tin containing a heavy engraved steel cock ring that I soon found out Mel had shown and given her after our separation and now here was Annie handing it back to me telling me that Mel had shown it her to prove how unreasonable I was being about sex and told her about all the sex aids I’d tried to get her to use. Standing up Annie crossed the short distance between us and sat next to me.

“You and I both have the same problem in the bedroom, you had Mel and I have Dave who is always away and when he is home couldn’t get a rise if his life depended on it. Unlike my loving daughter I love to fuck and feel a nice hard cock deep in my pussy”.

By now my cock was hardening, her hand was on my thigh moving closer and closer to my dick. Annie leant forward and kissed me softly on the lips once, twice, then started kissing me and thrusting her tongue into my now willing mouth. Taking my hand, she placed it on her thigh moving it Beylikdüzü Ukraynalı Escort above her stockings and I stroked the flesh above then brushed my fingers over her panties touching her pussy.

“Take me to bed and fuck me” Annie said as she broke the kiss off.

Taking her by the hand I lead her upstairs and into my bedroom where we quickly undressed. With my cock semi erect she asked me to put on the cock ring and watched as I slipped it over my cock then pulled my balls through adjusting it for comfort. I stroked myself fully hard feeling the ring tighten found my cock and balls while watching Annie as she removed her bra revealing her full breasts and stepped out of her panties. Her tits were firm and tipped by erect little nipples. Her pussy hair trimmed to a small triangle just above her slit and was shaved between her legs.

By now the cock ring was doing its job and was tight round my cock and balls. My prick now rock hard with the veins standing out on it as she crawled over the bed and took hold of my dick pulling me into range of her opening mouth. Taking my prick between her parted lips and sucking me into her mouth I felt her soft hand caressing my balls and gently squeezing them at the same time. A finger was then pushed into my backside which was a new and exquisite sensation to me. With the cock ring on I last longer but after being sucked for 2 or 3 minutes all I wanted was to taste her pussy and ram my cock up into her cunt and fuck her.

I got on the bed rolling her on top of me in the 69 position as she continued sucking on my throbbing cock and I lifted my mouth to her cunt and tasted her sex juices. I sucked her clit as it hardened and I took it between my teeth nibbling and teasing it. As she started to grind her pussy against my tongue I felt a gush of cunt juice spurt onto my face as she suddenly came telling me she wanted my cock inside her. She wanted to be fucked hard and to feel my spunk squirting in her cunt.

Straddling me she got on top of my stiff cock and aimed it straight for her soaking wet pussy. Lowering herself down until my knob was touching her clit she held my cock and rubbed it over her clit before moving it to the entrance of her gaping hole as she gave a loud moan as I penetrated her. I don’t know how long it was since she’d last been fucked but she was like a wanton woman.

Lifting herself so my cock was just inside her pussy then slamming down with her clitoris banging against the hard steel cock ring with each thrust making her gasp. I was playing with her bouncing tits and taking a nipple between my teeth sucking hard, biting and pulling harder when she demanded it. I felt my cum starting to rise and thrust in to her tight pussy harder than ever before and as deep as I could I spurted my spunk into her belly as she cried out that she was cumming again.

After that first frantic fuck we were like dogs on heat only 20 minutes later and were still in bed when there was a knock on the front door. It was 8pm and I then remembered that I had invited a couple of mates around for a porn and beer evening. I grabbed Beylikdüzü Üniversiteli Escort my dressing gown, quickly telling Annie who and why they were here and that I’d get rid of them quickly. Annie said not to send them away that she’d join us giving me a dirty grin as she did so. I let them in then dressed leaving Annie in the shower.

About 20 minutes later I heard her coming down stairs. John, Jerry and me had just put on a DVD when Annie entered the room. She hadn’t dressed, just stockings and heels, her pussy still moist from the fucking I had given her and then her shower. Her lips slightly parted, nipples hard, tits swaying as she walked into the room. John and Jerry had not met her before and I quickly introduced her as Annie, a friend.

“Yes” She said.

“A friend and cum slut who has more to offer you than your little DVD” was all she said as she turned down the sound on the TV.

“Greg invited me round and told me that you would all fuck me. I hope that’s true because I love cock and spunk” she continued.

I could hardly believe what I was hearing, wondering if she’d done this before. She was already fingering her pussy using the fingertips to rub her clit in slow circular motions. She looked at us as we looked from one to the other when she suggested that if we were going to fuck her we better strip off. She’d clearly had a look in the cupboard in my bedroom as she had a bag of sex toys that Mel had left behind, unused I might add.

As we undressed she sat back on the sofa, her bum on the edge and spreading her legs wide. Using one hand to hold open her cunt she switched on a 10 inch vibrator running it along her gash and pressing it against her clit before sliding it into her soaking hole, pushing about 7 inches into her pussy. John and I got on either side of her and began sucking and biting a tit each, as I reached down to play with her clit the large plastic cock shaped vibrator was still in her cunt. Jerry knelt between her legs removing her hand from the vibrator he pulled it out bending to lick and suck her pussy. Annie took hold of John and my cock slowly wanking us as she came from Jerry’s tonguing.

When she started to cum Jerry slammed his cock straight up her soaking wet cunt pushing her thighs wider apart as he rammed his prick hard into her and his heavy balls slapping against her ass as she sobbed that she was cumming and begging him to ram her deep and fill her cunt with cum. He pulled almost out teasing her clit then slammed back in fucking her for about 5 minutes until he stiffened and stopped with his prick buried fully up her pussy as he came. Pulling out his cock, jizz dripped out, dangling from her pussy lips as John turned her over with her head ending up in my lap. He pulled her up and bent her over spreading her legs, one on the sofa one on the floor as he slid his cock in to her dripping pussy from behind.

As he fucked her she took my cock in her mouth sucking me deeply running her teeth up and down my pole as she gobbled my cock. Annie made grunting noises as she was fucked, pushing her fanny back to met Beylikdüzü Vip Escort each thrust as he shafted her, John telling her what a nice tight cunt she had, that he could feel her cunt muscles rippling and gripping his cock as they fucked and she had another orgasm. With her cunt massaging his cock it wasn’t much longer before he came adding his spunk to the mixture inside her.

I made to move to take over but she stopped sucking my prick long enough to tell me she wanted me to cum in her mouth and that she wanted John and Jerry to lick her cunt clean as she sucked my cock. They took turns sucking and licking their spunk and cunt juices from her pussy as she sucked me off swallowing my spunk when I shot my load. After, we had a few drinks, watching the porn we already had on the television as we recovered.

Annie using her hands and mouth to get us all hard again and distracting us from the porn by using a large cock dildo about 12 inches long and about 4 inches in diameter which I’d bought mainly to annoy Mel with no expectation of it being used. We all watched as she spread lube on it then took the first inch, her pussy lips hanging either side then slowly but surely moving down a little then up taking a bit more inside her each time. Annie’s cunt gradually opened as she took the helmet part and about 4 inches of the plastic cock inside her stretched cunt.

Sliding down to the thickest part she slowly took more of the shaft until with a smile of triumph she was impaled on about 10 thick inches. Moving up and down the massive dildo she fucked herself with it until she came and spurted all over the plastic cock and her hands. Slipping it from her pussy her cunt was gaping and we could see right inside her pink hole. We were all ready to fuck her again and I pulled her on top of me, my prick entering her easily as her cunt was still so stretched. I called to John to fuck her as well, soon feeling his prick sliding in next to mine. She told us she never been DP’d before but loved the filled sensation of having two cocks in her cunt at the same time.

The three of us got in a rhythm, us pumping our cocks in her as she pushed to take us as deep as she could, whilst sucking on Jerry’s cock as he stood beside her. I watched as Jerry spunked in her mouth, pulling out and shooting the last drops on her face then felt John’s cock twitching as he started to cum and I came moments later, Annie gasped out that she could feel us cumming and flooding her cunt with spunk as she collapsed on top of me as she came.

Annie stayed the night in my bed as John and Jerry slept down stairs. Although I woke a couple of times during the night hearing her being fucked downstairs. In the morning I fucked her before breakfast then while she showered went and saw John and Jerry out. We needed to talk to decide where to go from here and how careful we needed to be to keep the family from finding out. Fortunately Don her husband is usually away several days a week including weekends.

We went away for a weekend soon after that night and she picked up a couple of lads who we took back to the hotel for a good hard fuck session. One of the lads having a very large cock which she totally loved. Annie just can’t get enough cock and is a real slut. Recently Annie told me she wants to take a cock in her ass when she is being fucked. She has now been fucked by about half a dozen of my mates although none are aware that she is my mother in law, at least for the time being anyways.

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