My Powerful Aunt Krisztina Ch. 02


Disclaimer: If you only like real things, (or really happened things, or boring real-looking things) please don’t read. You’re wasting your time. I only like to read and to write about fiction. Please read the first chapter of this story to better understand this one.


It was hard to wake up the next morning. It was as if I had the strangest dream in my life. I couldn’t believe what happened in the previous day. But the door opened and I saw my aunt. I was not sure whether I was awake or not. Maybe I was still dreaming.

Kris was dressed in a very short pink dress, which barely hid her bikini panties while she was standing, and white fishnet stockings. She had pink 5″ stiletto heel shoes, rising her head above mine. She looked very confident and this made her extremely sexy.

“I like to be spoiled and seems like we have chated too much and you haven’t spoiled me at all. I want to fuck the shit out of you. Are you happy to hear this?”

“Yes, mistress!”

“The question is whether you’re man enough to please me or not.”

“I think you saw my manhood,” I giggled.

“Many men say that I’m insatiable.”

“We’ll see about that.”

She stayed in the bed, next to me. Her endlessly long legs were almost touching my hands.

“Firstly, I want to set some rules between us. I don’t want to repeat the lesson I teach you yesterday because today I would be much tougher. You must choose pain or pleasure- to obey or not. I can be very bad if I want to.”

“I think I have no other choice but to behave.”

“OK, you will be my fucktoy! You will do only the things I tell you to.”

As she spoke, her long fingers had found my cock under my clothes and began rubbing it along my thigh.

I leaned over to kiss her. She pressed her magnificent tits up against me and returned the kiss. She raised her dress above her slim waist. Taking my hands in hers, she drew them up under her dress and toward her breasts. She sat up and slipped her dress off her shoulders. She crossed her arms and pulled her dress over her head. Her breasts were warm and the nipples stiff. My hands came trembling to rest on her breasts, trying to cup their perfect F-sized forms. I grabbed her tits and sort of pulled them down to hungrily eat them. I began to kiss and suck on her long nipples, while she pressed them into my face. I spent the next several minutes kissing and licking and sucking the most perfect boobs ever. Her skin was soft like velvet to the touch yet underneath I felt very hard flesh. Soon the pace and depth of her breathing told me that she had a powerful orgasm. She told me I was a really good sucker, to make her come just by licking and sucking Bahçeşehir escort her tits.

Then she ordered me to suck her cunt. As I began to work her sweet pussy, she pulled my hair to bring my face closer to her and began to moan. When I sucked her hard little clit up into my mouth I thought she would rip my head off, grabbing and my ears and neck, and thrusting her twat into my face.

“Suck my big clit,” she cried out. “Suck it harder!”

I sucked on her clit and let my teeth graze over it as she pulled my neck with her ankles. It didn’t take more than a few minutes to bring her a second orgasm.

“Oh, fuck! Domedomedomedome!” she cried out holding my mouth close to her twat with both hands.

After crushing my head with her muscular thighs for a few seconds, she relaxed.

She commanded me to shove two fingers into her pussy. She spread her legs far apart to give me better access. It didn’t take more than a few thrusts to bring her a new orgasm. I paused for a moment to let her better feel the pleasure. I pushed my mouth and tongue into her cunt firmly for a moment and then backed off. I kept doing so and it looked like I drove her mad.


After a few more on and off moves I finally bore down on her sopping wet pussy and pushed her over into a wild fit of orgasm. I could feel her legs and body quiver. She pulled my face up to hers and kissed me wildly and passionately, as our tongues wrestled.

Her own hands dropped down to my crotch and she quickly got my jeans opened up. She broke off our kiss and let her drop down to my crotch. She pulled my painfully stiff erection of my jeans and gave it the most sweet kiss. I felt it like an electrical shock.

“You deserve a special treatment!”

She dropped her head down and began to suck my cock very skillfully. Her head bobbed up and down onto my fully erect cock.

“You have one big beautiful cock and I love to taste big cocks and play with them” she said taking a short breath.

“You’re the best cocksucker I’ve ever seen!”

“This is just the prelude, boy!”

It was obvious that she had much experience in giving head. The thick shaft plunged instantly down her deep throat. She grabbed my hips shoving her long fingernails deep in my flesh, pulling me as if my dick was too short to satisfy her.

“Are you ready to cum for your mistress?” she asked, pumping her fist up and down the big shaft, fixing me with her deep blue eyes. I answered with a groan, as I felt cum urging up from my balls.


She pumped me a Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan couple of times and when she felt the first hot blob spurt out, she lowered her head and took the full load her mouth. This made me tingle all over. She sucked every last drop out of me.

“Very tasty cum!” she said licking her lips. “Now we’ll do something different!”

***** We went in my training room (of course, she undressed instantly) and she showed me some tips about pumping iron. Then we did arm wrestling and she explained me what the previous tips were used for, to improve arm power. I was no match for her enormous strength. No one of my martial arts instructors could show such an astounding force.

“A lot of people believe all the bullshit about martial arts. There is no good martial art. The most important thing is power. Do you want me to show you?”

“I would like to!”

“Punch me!” I did so. She bobbed her head, just below my fist, then she grabbed my neck with her arm and threw me on the floor. She was above me. I was trying to escape, but I was sure I had no way to do it. She stood in front of me, and said:

“Attack me with all your might!”

I was terribly upset to be overpowered by her, so I jumped and kicked fast. But she was not there anymore. She was behind me when I landed on the mat. She bear hugged me and then threw me down. She took my wrists and fixed them on the floor, an after that she fixed my biceps painfully with her knees.

“You see, you only think about hitting me. This thing doesn’t work. I only think about fixing you on the floor. And this works wonderfully. Your sweet gentle cock seems to like it, as well.”

I didn’t notice when she tied my hands together with a heavy apparatus. Maybe it was while she was looking at me with those sultry eyes, her tongue flicking at her lips. Maybe it happened while she was expertly sucking my tongue. I just suddenly noticed that I could not move anymore. Placing her hands on the sides of my face, she lowered her head toward mine.

“Now you’re mine”, she smiled. She fully undressed me slowly, while teasing and talking dirty. She leaned up and kissed my navel, then licked it gently.

“Your flesh is soo sweet! I should eat you like a hot pie!”

She placed her hand on my chest so she could feel my heart beating like a drum. I was a little scared. She let her heavy breast press my dick against my abs. Her thumbs caressed the manhood skin slowly. She continued playing with me a long, long time, gently touching my manhood with all her body parts hands, nose, ears, lips, hair, toes, wrists…. My erection hurt. It was almost too much for Escort Bahçeşehir me. It was interesting that she knew how to keep me a very long time just near the finish- when she felt I was too turned on, her sensual lips blew air for a few seconds.

I don’t know how long this went on. I only know I was somewhere between pleasure and pain. She untied me and we went in the living room to rest and to have a cold drink.

“Do you consider yourself as a pervert woman?”

“Of course, I am by far the most pervert being you’ve ever seen!” “What is the most pervert thing you’ve ever done?”

“Two guys pissed me off very, very bad. So I raped them!”

“Did you do that?”

“In fact it was more than that, I fucked their asses with a huge dildo!”

“They stayed just like that?”

“They had no choice. When I fucked one, the other one was tied and watched!”

“Wow! You are really kinky!”

“The kinkiest thing is that one of them became gay! I’m proud I was his teacher in sucking big cocks!”

“You did that?”

“Of course, they both deep throated me until they get used to it!

“How long did that occur?”

“Three days”.

“You kept them prisoners 3 days?”

“Yes. They didn’t call the police, it was dangerous for them.”

“How could that be even worse?”

“This is secret! Why don’t you shut up and lay down on the floor, so I could fuck you?”

I obeyed instantly. I had a strong ironlike erection. She caressed my penis again. I thought she was going to continue teasing me with her hand but to my surprise she straddled me, holding my stiff cock upward. She lowered herself down to me, grunting, hard like an animal. She began bobbing furiously her ass up and down. A raptor smile erupted on her face as she saw on my face the sensation her hungry cunt produced to my penis. As the feelings grew deep in my shivering body, she began to bounce faster and faster, as if she wanted to break my bones. She began to breathe heavily and deeply, shifting her position from one side to the other, leaning forward then back. I pulled her down to me for a kiss but she bit my neck hard. Her hips began to move in an alien pattern and she began to make some of the most amazing sounds I had ever heard. The pleasure was unbearable, so I was about to finish.

Her eyes pierced me. They had the color of steel.

“Don’t you dare to cum inside me, or I kill you!” Her long fingernails dig deep in my flesh, making bloody traces. After a while, I felt again the urge of cumming, so I announced it to her. She began stroking the cock furiously. I thought that she will break it apart.


I spurted an unbelievable amount of semen. The pleasure made me squeal.

“Well, it seems like you begin to understand now how to listen to me” she said licking the blobs of cum off her hands.

I felt completely exhausted and I hoped to get some rest. But the day wasn’t finished yet! It was only noon!

More to come!

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