My Sensuous Aunt Madge Ch. 01


I was 18 years old, had graduated from high school and had been accepted as a student at a university in another state. Fortunately, I had managed to earn a partial scholastic scholarship which would pay for my out-of-state tuition and books, but it would not cover my room, board or other expenses.

As it turned out my Aunt Madge, who was my mother’s younger sister, lived in the same city in which the university was located. Aunt Madge was 32 years old, only 14 years older than me, and had divorced my Uncle Bob about six months earlier. She had caught him cheating on her with a young coed from the university which had virtually destroyed Aunt Madge emotionally.

Aunt Madge was a strikingly beautiful woman and she and I had always been reasonably close. I had begun to pay more attention to her during the past few years just as I had to almost every other female. However, since she was my aunt, I pushed sexual thoughts of her from my mind. We only saw her a couple of times a year at family events or holidays so my memory of her was not altogether very clear.

As a result of her divorce, Aunt Madge was having a little difficulty financially. She taught 8th graders at a middle school and my parents thought that me living with Aunt Madge would be a very good idea. So Mom and Dad talked with me about living with her. Naturally, I was not overly thrilled with their idea since I wanted to have much more freedom than living with a relative would enable me to have.

They explained to me that if I stayed with Aunt Madge they could pay her for my room and board and everyone would benefit from the arrangement. Everyone, that is, except me. I had applied to out-of-state colleges and universities so I could get away from “prying” eyes and have fun while I was going to school. Of course, I did put up opposition to the idea but my arguments fell upon “deaf ears.”

The next morning Mom called Aunt Madge and it was decided that I would stay with her at her house at least for the first year and see how everything worked out. A couple of weeks later Mom and I drove up to visit Aunt Madge personally. It had been almost a year since I had last seen Aunt Madge and when I saw her this time it was as if I had never seen her before. She was not dressed in a particularly sexy manner, but she was smoking hot. She appeared to be about 5′ 2″ tall and weighed perhaps 110 pounds. Her bare legs were shapely and were already lightly sun tanned. It was, after all, still only in the Spring. She was wearing reasonably snug fitting shorts, a fairly loose fitting t-shirt and sandals. Her hips were full and although I could barely make out the size or shape of her breasts, they appeared to be perhaps a B or C cup. I would later learn her measurements were 32 C – 19 – 33.

If she was wearing makeup other than a light shade of red lip gloss and a little eye liner, it was not discernibly evident. Her lengthy silky auburn colored hair hung just a couple of inches below her shoulders and she had the most exquisite and enchantingly expressive brown eyes I had ever seen. Her eyes made me think of two pools of deep rich liquid dark chocolate. I honestly believe I could have looked into her eyes for days and days without ever blinking. They were so clear and bright they were almost hypnotizing.

I could not understand why Uncle Bob had cheated on her even with a hot young college coed. I was already beginning to think that as long as I had to stay with a relative Aunt Madge would be my first and only choice. She was awesome “eye candy.” If she had been a mother, she would be the only one on my MILF list. I could feel my cock begin to harden inside my jeans. Hopefully, it would not rise to full erection and become too obvious. I was very glad I had chosen to wear jeans since the tightness of the denim fabric would, at the very least, help to contain the evidence of my overactive 18 year old testosterone powered hormones.

Aunt Madge gave Mom a warm sisterly hug of welcome before turning to hug me. I held my breath as I felt her firm breasts and erect nipples press into my chest. Was I imagining things or were her nipples really as hard as pebbles? I tried to keep my hips from pressing into her since I certainly did not wish for her to feel my still growing erection. This could prove to be either a very good or an extremely difficult freshman year for me.

Mom and I stayed with Aunt Madge for five days and during that time I got to see Aunt Madge in various outfits including several very revealing bikinis as we swam in her pool or sat on the patio. I spent as much time as possible in the pool. A Speedo can only hide so much and Speedos were all I had brought. They might to wear in front of girls at school but I had not expected my aunt to have such an overpowering effect upon me. I almost thought my parents were deliberately subjecting me to some sort of cruel and perverted punishment.

I decided this would, indeed, be a very difficult freshman year Halkalı escort for me. It would be nearly impossible for me not only to avoid admiring my beautiful but also to keep my erection from becoming all too obvious. As I mentioned earlier, Aunt Madge was smoking hot and my hormones were, by this time, far beyond my control.

On the way back home, Mom asked me how I felt about staying with Aunt Madge for at least my first year at the university. I told her I was sure it would be OK which was what I can best describe as a little white lie. Little white lie? Hell, it was a bold faced lie. I knew the year ahead would the most difficult year of my entire life due. Not only was it my freshman year of college but also I had a nearly overwhelming attraction to my beautiful and sexy aunt. However, even with those two things factored out, I do admit I was looking forward to being around her and desperately hoping something far more intimate might develop between us. I suppose much of that was due to both my youthful age and my raging hormones.

Mom and Dad were both very pleased that I would be staying with Aunt Madge. I am sure that was due to because of the smaller expense of my staying with Aunt Madge rather than on campus and her being able to keep an ever watchful eye on me.

I got a part-time job at home for the summer and saved as much of the money I earned as I could to help pay for miscellaneous expenses and to provide me with some spending money while I was away at school. About a month before it was time for me to go to the university, my dad suggested that I quit working and move up early to stay with my aunt.

He told me he had a secret little stash he used from time to time for discretionary purchases that didn’t affect the household budget. He said he knew I had worked hard and not “blown” my earnings so he wanted me to have a little something extra. Dad explained that this was a gift and not a loan and I was to tell no one about it. I gratefully accepted the gift and swore myself to secrecy. I did not know he had a little private “slush” fund but I knew Mom did. From time to time, she would lip a little money into my bank account. My parents did not spoil me, but as long as I kept my grades and worked when I could they made sure I was OK.

Moving up to her house a little early would give Aunt Madge and me a chance to get better acquainted and for me to become somewhat familiar with both the city and the university. Additionally, it would give me time to tend to whatever list of “honey do’s” Aunt Madge might need a man to do for her. I was sure Dad meant chores and such but I had a much different list of “honey do’s” going through my mind. Of course, I really knew Aunt Madge would be thinking of the same things as my dad. Taking care of the lawn and the yard, tending to the pool, painting things, etc. etc. etc.

So I packed all the things I believed could not live without which included my laptop, my clothes, skateboard and snowboard, and a few books. No, no porn mags. Who even buys those with all the porn available on the internet? I also packed my ukulele. Yes, my ukulele. It’s really fun to play and easier to carry around since it is much smaller than a guitar. If you think ukuleles are just for Hawaiian music check out some YouTube videos. I had decided to learn to play the ukulele after having seen a number of videos on YouTube featuring the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain.

Dad drove me to Aunt Madge’s house this time instead of Mom. We loaded my motorcycle onto the trailer and towed it. Dad spent most of the trip giving the much expected fatherly advice. I don’t think he and Aunt Madge had any sexual thoughts about each other but I could not have blamed him if he had, but oddly enough he mentioned her several times during the trip to her house.

When Dad left the next day to return home, he winked at me and as he put the car in reverse to back out of the driveway and said, “Try to stay away from your aunt and remember all those little fishing tips your Grandpa and I gave you.”

Both Grandpa and Dad were crafty ol’ fishermen so I wondered just exactly what he had meant by his parting words. It was then I realized that while he may have never shown it, my dad’s thoughts about and desires for Aunt Madge may have been very similar to my own. I was certain he had never let Mom know either his thoughts or his desire for Aunt Madge if he did, in fact, have any such thoughts.

Over the course of the next month, I began to wonder more and more about Aunt Madge’s feelings about men and sex. To my knowledge, she rarely received phone calls from men and only a very few from women and, to my knowledge, she never went out on dates with anyone. It was all just a little too strange given her amazing beauty and fantastic body. Even if she shot guys down, surely women must have “hit on” her.

Aunt Madge spent a lot of time with me at home, took me to many places around Halkalı Escort Bayan the city and we often drove out into the surrounding countryside for little day trips which usually included a picnic. While she usually did not dress in particularly scanty or revealing clothes in my presence, she frequently wore very tight fitting shorts and even halter tops and she made a pair of jeans look incredible. A pair of tight fitting jeans did not compliment Aunt Madge, she complimented them.

Of course, at home out by the pool she always wore very sexy and revealing bikinis. She would often unhook the top when she lay on her tummy while sunbathing which revealed all the smooth, soft skin of her back and even a slight amount of the sides of her larger than I first had thought breasts. Frequently, she would have me apply sun screen tanning oil to her back which, of course, left me in need of a very cold shower.

On those occasions, I would usually retire to my room on the pretense of reading or surfing the web. In fact, I used that as an excuse peek stealthily down at my aunt from behind the curtains of my bedroom window. I do not know if she did it with a purpose or not but on several occasions she would turn onto her back leaving her bikini top beneath her for an all too brief few seconds. Then she would quickly pull the top from beneath her and lay it across her bare breasts.

I would almost choke every time as I stared at her near perfect plump but conical breasts with their dark areolae and sharply spiked nipples. Of course, this sight caused my youthful hormones to surge to the forefront and my cock would swell almost instantaneously to full erection from the sudden flow of blood coursing through it. As soon as she had covered her beautiful breasts, I would lie on my bed and masturbate like the horny 18 year old that I was.

I had always locked my door when I came up to my room to spy on my aunt. However, today I had forgotten to lock the door. As I lay naked on the bed using both hands to stroke urgently up and down the full length of my nine inch cock, I imagined my hot, sexy and seemly prim and proper aunt riding on it. I must have let out a very loud moan because suddenly, my door swung open and I heard Aunt Madge ask me, “Michael, are you OK?”

At that very moment, I felt my balls tighten and my cum erupted like volcanic lava as it spewed into the air above me. The white creamy cum gushed up into the air in ropes and landed all over my stomach and chest even though I tried vainly to squeeze my turgid cock hard enough to squelch the massive flow.

I felt my face glow crimson red from the embarrassment of having been caught in such a compromising position. Needless to say, I was speechless and I could only reach frantically for the comforter on the bed to cover my nudity.

I didn’t want to look at my aunt but I seemed to have lost control of even my eyelids. All I could do was stare at Aunt Madge who stood in the doorway with her mouth agape and her eyes opened so widely I thought they would surely pop out of her head. After a few seconds, which seemed to me to be forever, Aunt Madge stepped backward on somewhat wobbly legs and closed the door.

I just lay there on the bed in a state of near panic. I tried not to think of how my parents would react when Aunt Madge called them to tell them of the vile scene she had witnessed. Slowly, I got up to clean the cum from my still shaking body. After a few minutes, I put on a robe and silently opened the door just enough to peek down the hallway in the direction of my aunt’s bedroom. I did not see her so I opened the door a little more to look in the opposite direction. Again, I did not see her. I steeled myself and scampered across the hallway like a mouse escaping a hungry cat.

When I entered the bathroom, I quickly closed and locked the door. I took a long shower and cleansed the sticky cum from my body. Finally, after drying myself and putting on my robe once again, I peered out of the bathroom door. Again, I did not see Aunt Madge. As I stepped out into the hall, I heard her voice calling to me from downstairs. Either she was in the kitchen or the living room. I could not tell which.

“Michael, please come down here, would you?” she called. Her voice was soft and it did not sound as if she was angry.

“Just a moment, Aunt Madge. I’m in my robe. Please let me put on some clothes,” I replied.

She laughed and said, “It’s a little late for that. Don’t you think?”

I was mortified but I really could not disagree with her so I went downstairs as she had asked me to do.

I found her in the living room. It was illuminated by only a few lavender scent candles. I could see she had drawn the window drapes closed. She was seated in the center of the sofa and on the coffee table before her was a bottle of Chardonnay and two glasses. She was wearing a rather short neutral colored robe which was neither Escort Halkalı too revealing nor transparent but it was still quite sexy, at least to me.

She patted the sofa beside her and said, “Please sit down. We should talk.” Her voice was reassuringly soft and quiet.

I noticed she did not say, “We need to talk.” That was something I remembered having heard my mom say to my dad when she was pissed of at him. I knew Mom really meant was she was going to talk and Dad was going to listen.

When I sat down next to Aunt Madge, she handed me a glass of Chardonnay. At that time, 18 was the legal age to buy and drink beer or wine and my parents allowed me to drink a glass or two of wine or a couple of beers at home with them. Drinking while out with friends was an absolute NO. Actually to my knowledge, Grandpa had never told anyone about sharing his both his wine and his knowledge of it with me.

“Thank you, Aunt Madge, I think I need this.” I said to her. I was about to speak again but she placed her finger delicately against my lips to silence me.

The look in her eyes showed me without words that Aunt Madge was not angry or upset with me.

“Michael,” She began, “I know you are perhaps embarrassed, nervous and maybe even somewhat frightened but there is no reason for you to feel that way. Masturbation is quite normal and almost everyone does it whether they admit it to anyone else or not. I do it and I am reasonably sure that both your mom and your dad do it too. I assure you I am not going say anything about this to either of them about it. This will be our little secret.”

I breathed a sigh of great relief before smiling shyly at her and said, “Thank you, and Aunt Madge. I promise I will be more private and discrete in the future.”

“OK,” she replied and then added, “please start calling me Madge. I really don’t feel that I am that much older than you and based upon what I saw earlier you are certainly no longer a child so I see no reason for you to call me Aunt Madge, especially since we are, for all intents and purposes, actually roommates.”

With that she gave me what seemed to be to me a very sexy smile and added, “I kinda like the idea of having a hot, young college guy as a roommate even if he is my nephew.”

“Very well, I will call you Madge if that is what you want but it will seem a little awkward for a few days. Oh, does that mean you want me to call you Madge only we when are here at home or does that included in public as well?” I asked her.

“Michael, I want you to call me Madge all the time and that includes in front of your parents, Marsha and Daniel. If they have a problem with that, I will deal with it,” she said and laughed, “of course, if you start calling me darling or baby that might be a bit too much.”

I joined her in laughter and jested, “OK then, Sweetheart.”

She poked me in the ribs, giggled and said, “Mmmm, it’s been a long time since anyone called me that. I actually think I like it but we had better keep that just between us.”

All of my earlier fears melted away when she snuggled into me, laid her head on my shoulder and whispered, “If only you were not my nephew.”

I remained silent but put my arm around her not wanting to spoil such a moment of closeness. When I did that, she snuggled into me more closely. I could feel my cock begin to harden and I tried to adjust my body to make me more comfortable and to make my growing erection less obvious. ‘If only you were not my aunt,’ I thought to myself.

“Michael, I’m not a dick teaser and a school year is a long time. Let’s just learn to be relaxed around each other and let things happen naturally. Just so you know, I am not a prude about sex. I just don’t want to be emotionally crushed again and the incest thing is just that; a thing,” Madge told me.

My head was spinning like a top. My beautiful sexy aunt seemed to be blatantly coming on to me. Needless to say, I was getting more turned on and erect with each passing moment and I knew I would have to masturbate again and I would have to do it soon. Madge, as she had told me to call her from now on, was irresistibly charming and any advances she might make towards me would be impossible to resist; not that I wanted to resist any advances from her.

We finished our glasses of wine and I refilled them both. After I poured the wine, Madge leaned back against me once again; this time snuggling closer than before. As I placed my arm around her shoulder, she took my hand in her own and pulled it down to cover her breast. I squeezed her breast lightly pinched her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Instantly, I felt her nipple become even harder than it had been before.

Madge let out a soft sigh and looking up at me with her big brown eyes told me without saying a word that she was very comfortable with our newfound closeness. We looked at each other and Madge lightly moistened her lips with her tongue before pulling me down to kiss me. Her kiss was soft and gentle but quickly became more and more intense and passionate. She probed her tongue between my lips and into my mouth. I sucked her tongue into my mouth and when I licked the tender underside of her tongue she began to lay back on the sofa pulling me down with her.

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