My Sister’s Keeper Ch. 01


Note: All characters are over 18.


Sasha walked through the house, irritated. Her older sister, Kaitlyn was nowhere to be seen, which wasn’t the issue, but she was irritated. She had always been getting on her nerves. If there was a way to get some satisfaction out of taking her down a notch, she’d take almost any option in a heartbeat. Anything to wipe off that smug grin of hers she sometimes got. But, she supposed it could wait.

Sasha was quite used to getting things her way and Kaitlyn was the one person who never seemed to understand that. Sasha planned to change that very shortly.

Walking by Kaitlyn’s door, she noticed it was open, which was odd, considering her sister rarely left it open. Not wanting to pass up the opportunity to get a leg up on her in some degree, she walked in. Knowing she wasn’t around, Sasha got right to work snooping through her things.

Her attention was turned to the closet, which was open for some reason. She became more curious than spiteful, wondering why the normally shut closet was slightly open. She looked inside to see some boxes. Something that was a crimson color and looked like some sort of rubber poked out of it on one side. Curiosity getting the better of her, she opened the box to reveal what she guessed were random things.

Pulling them out one by one, she noticed several things of the same rubbery material, which she realized was latex, looking to be a sleep mask of sorts, among a couple other things she couldn’t immediately guess the use for. She also found what looked like shackles, some rope, and a few vibrators and dildos, which she knew about because her friends were users of them. Sasha had considered getting one, but since Kaitlyn handled all the laundry (the only thing Sasha appreciated about her, since she couldn’t wash clothes for shit), there was no safe guarantee it wouldn’t be discovered. There were also a few things on leather straps, such as a ball, a ring, and a couple with pumps that looked like blood pressure cuff pumps attached to cylindrical objects. What they could be used for, Sasha was unsure.

The last thing she noticed was a small calendar in the box. Looking at it, she saw that the date was the next week on Thursday at six thirty.

“That’s when I’m at practice…” Sasha muttered. “Seems she has something she’s doing. I suppose I should find out what it is. I could get even with her then.”

Sasha carefully packed the box back how she found it and left the room. She then headed to her own room and got on her laptop to do a small bit of research. Upon finding out some interesting things, she left to go do some other things, waiting for the appointed date her sister had planned something for.

Soon, Kaitlyn came home and Sasha simply ignored her.

“Hello, Sasha,” Kaitlyn said pleasantly.

“Whatever.” Sasha said. Kaitlyn seemed taken aback by this. She didn’t know why Sasha was always like this. But, she chose to ignore it like she always did. It went better that way.

“I’m going to my room.” Kaitlyn said.

“I’m not stopping you,” Sasha said, rolling her eyes. Pausing for a second, Kaitlyn considered saying something else, but didn’t for fear of upsetting Sasha further. She walked down the hall, sitting on her bed and curling up her knees and sighing sadly.

“Why does she hate me?” Kaitlyn asked herself, blinking away tears. “What did I ever do to her? Why can’t I ever get through to her? Is being nice not enough? Is there something else… something else I have to do?”

On the appointed date

Sasha waited in her room, hidden under the bed in case Kaitlyn walked by. There was a lot of clutter under her bed, so Kaitlyn wouldn’t expect her to look there if she was paranoid about it. While she didn’t expect Kaitlyn was paranoid, apparently there was something she didn’t want her to know about. While Sasha normally respected secrets, this was Kaitlyn. She didn’t deserve to keep secrets. Sasha took great pleasure of thinking of how to humiliate her with this secret. She knew that Kaitlyn would certainly not be the same after this. Hell, if Sasha felt like it, she could hold it over her head forever.

Hearing Kaitlyn’s footsteps softly walk to her door, Sasha perked up slightly. She knew that Kaitlyn must have checked the house already, but she decided it would be best to wait a little longer so that she could be absolutely sure that Kaitlyn wouldn’t see her.

After about twenty more minutes, she felt the coast was clear, so she emerged carefully and quietly from her hiding spot under her bed. She stealthily made her way to her sister’s room. She could see the door was closed, probably a precaution in case whatever she was doing took longer than she presumed the practice was this time.

Sasha listened into the door, hearing a slight rustling. She carefully and quietly opened the door just enough to peek inside. What she saw inside shocked her.

Her Alanya Olgun Escort older sister was tied spread-eagled to the bed. Rope (presumably the rope Sasha had seen in the box earlier) attached to her feet and securely held them spread-eagled. The short length was enough to give no slack whatsoever. Her hands were secured with handcuffs. Sasha guessed that she did that because it was easier to get out of them (particularly since the key was on a small, magnetic chain attached to one of the pairs, probably for immediate escape) or simply because it was easier to cuff a single hand than tie it with rope; or maybe it was both.

An odd thing Sasha also noticed was that Kaitlyn was wearing something that appeared to be latex on her arms and legs. The ones on her legs went from her toes to her upper thighs and fit her body tightly, almost tight enough to be a second skin. It even went in the shape of her toes, almost like those ridiculous socks one could buy, but more intriguing. The ones on her hands were just as tight and went almost to her shoulders. Their shiny, red color made them look a little seductive.

On her face was also a blindfold that completely covered her eyes. Upon seeing this, Sasha crept from her hiding spot outside the door and looked over Kaitlyn’s getup closer. The blindfold was the same one she had seen earlier in the box.

Kaitlyn’s breath was hitched. She was clearly enjoying this

Sasha had just now noticed that Kaitlyn was completely nude (minus the latex gloves and stockings while she was bound like this. If there was one other thing Sasha was forced to admit about Kaitlyn she was a fan of, it would be her body. She wasn’t ugly by any means. Another thing Sasha hated about her. Oh, how she wanted to take that body and…

Suddenly, a lust filled and downright sadistic idea filled her mind as her face drew into a smirk to display such. She could humiliate Kaitlyn and she wouldn’t even have to know it was her. That made it even more sweet. But, first…

Sasha very carefully, and without moving the cuffs more than Kaitlyn was moving them, slid the key off of its place, pocketing it. Kaitlyn would only be let free on her terms, not her own. She then walked over to the box, being careful not to make noise so that Kaitlyn would know she was there. Even though she didn’t know Sasha was still home, the younger sister didn’t want the older to know someone else was having their way with her quite yet.

She looked over to the clock in the room and noticed an alarm was set. Quietly moving over to it, she noticed that the alarm was set for fifteen minutes before Sasha’s practice ended. Sasha assumed it was obviously so she’d have plenty of time to clean up before being discovered. Sasha silently turned it off. Kaitlyn wouldn’t need it anyway; the one she had wanted to avoid seeing her like this was already here and was even about to become her tormentor.

She walked over to Kaitlyn, her fingers lustily twitching. She’d always wanted to get an edge over her sister and this was actually her chance. She was going to enjoy this. The box that held Kaitlyn’s stuff was gently carried over, Sasha being careful not to make any noise with it. It wouldn’t do for the fun Sasha was going to have.

Sasha considered untying and rebinding Kaitlyn’s wrists with rope, but decided against it; she was perfectly secure right now, so she didn’t need bother with something like that. She did decide, however, to make sure Kaitlyn was quiet. Sitting down, carefully, she took off her socks. Balling up the dirty and sweaty socks, she pocketed them for a second. She wanted to take in more of the situation before she actually touched her.

Looking into the closet, she noticed that there were several other boxes that seemed as suspicious as the one Sasha had found these things in.

Inside one of the boxes was an odd device that looked like metallic underwear with a cushion on the inside. Sasha put it back, careful not to make it make noise, lest Kaitlyn be aware yet. She would find a good use for that on Kaitlyn later.

She also found what resembled an outfit made of latex in a similar color to what she was wearing currently. There were also various considerably kinky costumes.

“Where the fuck does she get the money for all this?” Sasha thought. “This has to be pretty expensive… unless she has a super well-paying job, I don’t see how she got it. She didn’t steal it, I know that much, since there’s a receipt here. I’ll figure that out later.”

She pulled out what looked like a hood made of latex with laces running up the back as well as a set of zippers to help fasten it tightly. She felt it could help disguise her. However, when she put it on even partway, she realized it made her completely deaf. She then removed it, smirking as she found a toy for later use.

Sasha then walked over to Kaitlyn, her smirk returning as she saw the bound and now Alanya Otele Gelen Escort helpless form of Kaitlyn, robbed of her escape and completely unaware of what was going on just feet from her. It was such a delicious and tantalizing situation to Sasha. So much so that she was beginning to feel herself getting wet and her pussy beginning to let her know she was aroused.

Preparing to enjoy herself with her now victim, she watched as Kaitlyn took a breath with her mouth. Letting it be her window, Sasha shoved the dirty, sweaty socks into her mouth. Immediately, Kaitlyn started to struggle as she realized there was someone else there. But it was to no avail; her binds were too tight.

Sasha pushed them far into Kaitlyn’s mouth, trying to get them as deep in as she could. Once she’d finished, however, she noticed that Kaitlyn was beginning to spit them out. Looking around for a method of sealing the socks inside of her older sister’s mouth, Sasha’s eyes lighted on one of the objects on leather straps. Remembering she’d discovered they were gags of a sort, she grabbed the largest ball gag she saw, using one hand to keep the socks firmly in Kaitlyn’s mouth. Using her other hand, she pushed the ball into Kaitlyn’s mouth. It was obviously a struggle to get it in as well as the socks, despite them only being ankle socks.

After about thirty seconds, she managed to get the large ball past Kaitlyn’s teeth, which helped hold it in place. She buckled the straps tightly shut, smirking wider as she heard Kaitlyn take a sharp breath through her nose with every tug.

Stepping back to look at her handiwork, Sasha covered her mouth tightly to hide a few laughs at the sight of Kaitlyn’s mouth. Her cheeks were bulging slightly due to the socks and ball gag in her mouth, which made her look helpless and a bit silly even.

Kaitlyn felt around for the key to her handcuffs, not yet realizing that Sasha had already taken it. Sasha felt herself get even wetter as she saw the display of helplessness from her. It was a turn-on in a way she’d never thought it would be. Both taking advantage of her sister and seeing her entirely powerless to stop her… it was quite the power trip. She would have to do this again sometime.

Kaitlyn’s screams emerged from her lips, heavily muffled by the things stuffed in her mouth. It was so nice to hear them as Sasha prepared to enjoy humiliating her further.

Deciding to have some more fun of her own, she quickly stripped her clothes off, climbing on top of Kaitlyn. Licking her lips, she grabbed both of Kaitlyn’s breasts. The older sister continued to struggle, trying to shake off her unknown attacker.

She grabbed Kaitlyn’s breasts more gently, kneading them as she leaned up and bit down on Kaitlyn’s neck. She didn’t know why she did that. She had seen it in movies as something arousing and she had wanted to do it, sort of like some seductive vampire. She felt that Kaitlyn’s nipples had gotten hard. She then pinched them, rolling them around in her fingers and watching as Kaitlyn moaned through the gag. It was almost as if the older sister had relented to her torture and was accepting it. Sasha was a little confused by this… had she figured out it was her and knew she wasn’t in any real harm… or was this dumb bitch into this sort of thing?

She moved her attention to Kaitlyn’s pussy. It certainly looked nice and Sasha smirked as she prepared to take it and fully take her sister. Grabbing one of the dildos from the box, she began to insert it into Kaitlyn’s pussy. Slowly, she started, Kaitlyn’s struggling slowing down slightly as moans of arousal began to overtake her. Sasha continued to insert it, pushing it to its base. She noticed a switch on the dildo and pushed it. Instantly, it began to come to life, buzzing inside of Kaitlyn’s pussy and causing her to struggle more.

Sasha smirked wider, then noticing Kaitlyn’s asshole was open to her view in the struggles of the older sister. She had learned from her friends that some people like to put things in their asses. She grabbed another dildo, this one being shorter and with an odd shape (it was actually a butt plug), she began to insert it into her sister’s ass. She began to lick Kaitlyn’s stomach and up to her breasts as a way to give her older sister a tingling feeling. Instantly, the struggling stopped as Kaitlyn began to moan with pleasure, the sexual assault finally pleasuring her.

Sasha began to continue to feel wet as she began to grab her sister’s breasts and play with them.

“Am I getting turned on more and more by it simply being her…” came the thought to herself. “Or is it that I’m doing all this to her? Or is it both? Either way, there’s no way I’m going to quit this. Seeing her like this makes me want to do more to her to get even.”

She continued to play with Kaitlyn’s breasts. Eventually the older sister’s body shuddered as she had a muscle spasm from an Alanya Rus Escort orgasm, her juices spraying onto the bed.

Sasha stopped at this point, having felt herself cum. She bit her lip and clamped her hand over her mouth to prevent any noise from coming out that would identify her. She stood up, watching her sister as she shuddered from the rush. She panted into the gag, feeling her arousal grow.

Sasha had a wicked look on her face as she felt her sheer enjoyment at ‘tormenting’ her sister like that. She walked over to her, leaning to her ear and disguising her voice so it was almost unrecognizable.

“Your punishment has only just begun,” She said as Kaitlyn’s second orgasm came, nearly dislodging the dildo in her pussy. Sasha never quite figured out if the orgasm came from her saying that or the vibrating dildos, but she didn’t care. She had a new plaything. “You’re going to do exactly as I say or I’ll post pictures of you in this position everywhere, completely humiliating you.”

Kaitlyn shook her head, desperately not wanting this to be noticed elsewhere. Sasha smirked; she had accomplished her goal of putting her sister in her place as well as getting a new plaything she would have fun with. She only needed to figure out what the rest of Kaitlyn’s little toys did and she would enjoy using all of them on her. Who knows? Perhaps she could keep Kaitlyn as her submissive little bitch for years.

“I’m going to leave you like this,” She said in her still disguised voice. “And, you’re going to stay like this for a while. Don’t worry, I won’t let your sister see you like this. But, I’m going to enjoy having you as my plaything.”

Kaitlyn whimpered a little, Sasha smirking as she smacked the older sister’s breasts hard, which caused her to yelp. She then scribbled a message with her non-dominant hand (to disguise it) and taped it to Kaitlyn’s breasts with some tape from a common tape dispenser. Her work done, she left the room and closed the door.

After about two hours, she walked back into the room, chuckling as she saw her sister still in the same position. There was a decent amount of cum on the bed in between her legs, which was clearly the work of the vibrators. Kaitlyn was panting and in a daze, clearly overwhelmed by the orgasms she’d been put through.

“I’m going to unlock your cuffs now,” Sasha said in her ear in the disguised voice. “You’re not going to remove your blindfold until you hear the door close and you wait two minutes. Clean yourself up and read my little note for what you’re going to do next.”

Kaitlyn mumbled something dazedly, but Sasha couldn’t much understand it. It sounded like “yshh mshtrsh” behind the gag.

When Kaitlyn nodded in a daze, Sasha stuck the key in the cuffs, unlocking them both. Kaitlyn’s arms flopped down on to the bed limply, making Sasha think she’d done a bit too much harm.

Perhaps I did go too far…” She thought. “This was simply about putting her in her place, not causing her brain damage.”

“You’re going to be so much fun to play with.” She said, trying to keep up the act. She didn’t truly hate Kaitlyn… the girl just got on her nerves a lot. There was little sisterly love for her, but Sasha would never say she would genuinely wanted to see her hurt badly. This was simply supposed to put her in her place and her own arousal to the act of forcing her sister to be her little plaything had made her possibly go too far.

Kaitlyn was taking deep breaths through her nose, seemingly waiting for something. Sasha then remembered that she had said that she had told her not to do anything until she’d shut the door. She walked out of the room and shut the door. She walked to her own room, getting onto her laptop and beginning her research on Kaitlyn’s toys.

However, even as she did, her arousal at the thought of secretly dominating her sister kept growing and she slipped her fingers into her pussy to relieve herself. Bringing herself to a strong orgasm, she moaned in relief and continued. She now had the confirmation she needed: it was the fact she was dominating Kaitlyn that made her so horny. Oh, how much she would enjoy continuing it and forcing her to do all sorts of kinky things… maybe even in public if she was to follow some of the secretive bondage images she’d seen, which made her lick her lips in arousal.

Meanwhile, with Kaitlyn, the older sister had counted the seconds, waiting until she could take off her blindfold. Once she did, her eyes squinted shut as they adjusted to the light. She blinked away some tears that had come with the pain. She moaned a little into the large, jaw aching gag as she pulled out the dildos from her body. Next, she untied her feet, stretching them as she gained mobility again. She looked down to see the note on her breasts. Pulling it off, she read it.

“You better be in this room tomorrow at twelve thirty, your legs bound and your hands bound behind your back.” It said. “You will submit to me or else your hobby will be found out.”

Kaitlyn unbuckled the ball gag, working it out of her mouth, she took it and the socks out. She noticed the socks were socks like she and her sister both wore, which meant the intruder must have gotten them out of the hamper or something.

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