My Sisters Pt. 04: Aftermath


I’m sitting in the living room of Jill’s house. It’s been four months since the Fucking Day. That’s what we call it now…the Fucking Day. Well it was, wasn’t it? There was lots of fucking that day. And it was Pay Day for me, big time. Thomas is no longer in my life, but I’ve got his million dollars in the bank. I haven’t really spent any of it yet, so I suppose it’s more than a million now. I don’t really know what I’m going to do with it. Buy a house I suppose. And a car or two. The truth is I didn’t really need the money, it’s nice to have of course, and I’m not about to give it back, but here I am months later and I haven’t touched it.

When Thomas laid the bet I didn’t really think much of the consequences of it. Other than the money. Fucking three women in one day is nothing particularly out of this world, is it? Lots of people do that. Don’t they? Well, I think so. Three, five, half a dozen, it’s all possible. For men the little blue pill provides all sorts of opportunities. Not that I need that. Well, not yet.

But I chose my three sisters. I fucked my three sisters on Fucking Day. I suppose I thought it would be in, out, job done, go back to normal life and carry on as usual. But it hasn’t been like that. There have been ramifications. I suppose you could say the world, our little part of it at least, has tilted on its axis. It’s been knocked out of kilter. We’ve all emerged from Fucking Day changed people.

Which is why we’re all here today. Why I’m sitting here in this armchair watching my sisters. They’re all here – Claire, Bethany, Jill. They’re all dressed in the same clothes they wore on Fucking Day. Claire in her wool-knit dress, Bethany in her tight-fitting faded jeans and white blouse, Jill in her figure-hugging black dress with the red and white splashes all over it. Beautiful, the three of them. Beautiful, sexy, feminine, my gorgeous sisters.

But right now, they are behaving very oddly. They are walking around in a circle watching each other, not saying a word, just walking around silently, not in a formal circle but in circles, they are in fact circling each other, and keeping their eyes on each other the whole time. It is like some sort of silent dance. Claire takes a few steps one way then Beth crosses her path and Jill floats past behind them both. I’ve promised not to say anything. I have to sit and watch. I’ve noticed that they are touching each other ever so slightly as they pass each other. It’s the touch of a feather, just a hint of contact, and when they do the toucher and the touchee look into each other’s eyes. Beth usually smiles when she does this, but the other two don’t smile at all. When Claire and Jill touch, they stop for a second and really stare at each other. It’s all rather erotic, really. I feel a stirring in my loins.

I don’t know how long this has been going on. Twenty minutes perhaps? I was about to say something when Claire spoke.

“After Fucking Day I felt quite strange,” she said. She was walking, or rather floating, behind Beth. She lifted her hand and stroked Bethany’s open palm as she passed her. They touched ever so slightly, enough to cause Beth to close her fingers around Claire’s. But she didn’t hold on, she let Beth’s finger go. Beth smiled into Claire’s eyes.

“I was quite exhausted by your cock, Dan,” said Claire. “Emotionally exhausted. I slept for days. John was worried.”

“So was I,” said Jill. She smiled at Claire. Their hands touched. There was the faintest squeeze, then they parted.

“I loved it all,” said Beth, smiling hugely. “Your cock, the spanking, my ass being fucked. I loved it.” Claire’s hand slipped into Bethany’s. They formed an arch and Jill slipped underneath. Her hand trailed behind her and ran across Bethany’s bottom. Claire and Bethany turned in different directions and they dropped their hands.

“And I got everything,” said Jill, looking very serious. “Cock everywhere.” She drifted across the room, Claire touched her, Bethany touched her, she smiled at me.

“The thing is brother,” said Claire, “I can’t think about anything else now. Something happened that day, it has changed me.”

“Changed all of us,” said Jill.

“It has, brother,” said Beth. “We’ve been talking, and we know what we need to do now.”

Then they looked at each other, one to the other, Claire to Jill to Bethany. They were all smiling.

What happened next did take me by surprise, I have to say. Claire turned and faced the other two. “Sisters,” she said, and she ran her hands down the front of her skirt. She grasped the hem of her skirt in both hands, then slowly lifted it. She lifted it, revealing her beautiful legs, her thighs, she continued lifting, looking at her sisters all the while, until there was a glimpse of her white knickers. I saw Bethany smile, and she turned to Jill. Jill turned her head and kissed Bethany on the lips. Just a quick kiss, but it brought a smile to Claire’s face. I looked back at Claire as the others did. She had raised her skirt up to her waist now, fully Alanya Ukraynalı Escort revealing her pretty white lacy knickers. She was as beautiful as ever.

Bethany was the first to move. She stepped forward and knelt down in front of Claire. She paused for a moment, then leant forward and very very gently placed a kiss on the front of Claire’s knickers. She kept her lips pressed to Claire’s pussy for a long time, time enough for Jill to join her kneeling on the floor. Jill then leant forward and pressed her face into Claire’s knickers, placing one kiss after another where she could. Claire shifted slightly and opened her legs a little. Bethany seemed to have finished her long, lingering kiss, and she turned her head towards Jill. In an instant Beth grabbed her head and pulled it towards her, planting her lips on Jill’s. She kissed her with an urgency, it was the first sign of passion in this otherwise measured performance between my sisters. And it seemed to signal a change.

Jill and Beth started kissing in earnest, tongues and lips entwining, there was saliva and biting and some groaning and their heads went from one side to the other. Claire watched for a moment then she became animated. She pulled her dress right off, over her head, revealing a matching white lacy bra which displayed her breast beautifully. In an instant she hooked her fingers into her knickers and pulled them down to the ground. She stepped out of them and then stepped over her sisters, lowering herself between them as they kissed passionately. They had to break off their kiss when Claire’s body got between them, but they then had something else to attend to. Jill found herself face to face with Claire’s pussy, and she wasted no time sinking her face into the beautifully trimmed hair of Claire’s pussy. She moaned as her nose found its way between Claire’s pussy lips, it was hot and wet and magnificently pungent. Her tongue went to work, licking up and down, up and down, and in no time I could see Jill’s face becoming wet with Claire’s juices and her own saliva.

Meanwhile Beth, on the other side, had done a typical Beth thing and gone straight to the heart of the matter. She had grabbed Claire’s buttocks and pulled them apart and then buried her face between them, licking Claire’s asshole with her tongue without hesitation. Claire let out a gasp and put her hand on Bethany’s head. Beth pushed her face in further, I could tell she was really lapping up Claire’s ass.

And there they were. My three sisters fucking each other! Or at least eating each other. Jill and Beth had their faces buried between Claire’s legs, and Claire was standing there with her eyes shut and an expression of bliss on her face. I wonder if Claire had ever had a woman’s face between her legs before, or a female tongue in her pussy, and any tongue in her ass? I wouldn’t have been at all surprised if Beth had done this before, she was always up to something mad, but Jill, well, Jill had always been an unknown quantity, keeping herself very much to herself.

And the licking went on. I was getting quite aroused.

Then Claire patted both her sisters on the head, and started wriggling. Bethy’s face emerged first, she was grinning from ear to ear, and her cheeks were covered in moisture. Then Jill emerged from Claire’s pussy, licking her lips, she looked quite sombre, as if she were quite affected by the whole experience. She looked round at me, ran her hand over her mouth, then grinned. She looked up at Claire.

“Delicious cunt, sister,” she said. Then she started laughing. And Claire started laughing. And Bethy stood up and started laughing too.

“Asshole’s pretty tasty too,” she said. And they all stood there laughing, looking at each other and round at me and back to each other.

Then the laughter died away. Claire put her hand on Jill’s shoulder.

“You know, sis, I think Beth has been a bad girl lately. Licking assholes, I hear.”

“Hmm,” said Jill. “I heard that too.”

“I take my role of oldest sister very seriously. It’s up to me to punish her for being naughty. Don’t you agree?”

“I do, sister, I do.”

They both turned to Bethany. She tried to look shocked but she couldn’t help grinning.

“Strip,” said Claire to Bethany. “Pass me my knickers,” she said to Jill.

As Claire pulled on her knickers Bethany started to remove hers. First her jeans, then her blouse. She was wearing a black thong and a purple bra.

“Leave the thong,” ordered Claire. “Get her bra,” Claire said to Jill. Jill stood behind Beth and unhooked her bra. She slowly let her breasts fall. She kissed Bethany on the shoulder and walked away.

“Here,” said Claire to Beth in a stern voice. Claire sat herself on the sofa with her legs together in front her, and patted her legs which formed a perfect spanking lap. Bethany approached.

“Over here,” barked Claire, “I’m going to spank you.”

Bethany didn’t say a word, she just lay herself over her sister’s Alanya Üniversiteli Escort lap. From my vantage point I could see straight up Beth’s legs from behind. I would get a wonderful view of the spanking.

Claire put her hand on Bethy’s bottom, and she squeezed both cheeks. She patted them gently.

“I think five minutes to start.”

“At least,” said Jill. “She deserves a lot more.”

“Oh don’t worry,” said Claire, “there will be a lot more. Won’t there, Bethy?”

Beth had her head hanging down. She raised it up and looked round. “I hope so,” she grinned.

Claire brought her hand down with a loud slap! on Bethy’s bottom. She jumped, and kicked her legs. “Ow!” she said, half-heartedly.

Then Claire smacked her again, on the other cheek. Then again on the first cheek, and so she went on, one side then the other, smack, smack smack. Beth wriggled a little, and protested a little, but it was obvious to all that she was really enjoying herself.

After the allotted five minutes Claire stopped. She was breathing heavily from the exertion. Bethy was lying still, her bottom stretched tight across Claire’s lap, and now a rosy pink colour. Jill stood behind Claire and leant down and put her hand on Bethy’s bottom.

“Hot,” she said. She stroked Bethy’s burning cheeks, and then ran her hand between her legs. Bethany opened her legs a little. Jill and pushed a finger under the thin material of the thong.

“Wet!” she said.

Claire brought her hand down with a sharp slap! onto Bethy’s bottom.

“Naughty girl!” she said.

And she started the spanking again. This time it was harder and more urgent, and Beth wriggled around a lot more and made more moaning noises. Jill stood behind Claire and massaged her shoulders as she delivered the spanking. After another five minutes Claire stopped again. Bethy’s bottom was now a deeper red in colour.

“Have you got a wooden spoon or hairbrush or something?” Claire said to Jill. “My hand’s hurting.” Jill went off to the kitchen. She returned with what looked like a spanking paddle, but it was actually a small wooden chopping board. Beth’s eyes lit up when she saw it.

“Now that’s the thing,” said Claire. “Now we’ll see what you’re made of, my sister.”

And the spanking continued on. This time the smacks were a lot louder, and harder, and Bethany really wriggled around and groaned. Her bottom was going a very deep red colour. I could see that this implement was really causing pain on my poor sister’s bottom. Finally she cracked.

“Please,” she cried, “stop. Stop.”

Claire was unrelenting. “Not a chance,” she said. Beth tried to get up. “Hold her down,” said Claire, and Jill obliged, putting her weight on Beth’s shoulders so she couldn’t move. Claire hit her harder with the paddle.

Now Bethany was in real distress. She was crying and screaming and doing all she could to get away from the blows her sister was applying to her fiery red bottom. Claire was smiling as she struck, blow after blow, hard, accurate, fast. I don’t know how many spanks Beth received, or how long the spanking went on for, but my cock was bursting with excitement by the end of it.

Finally Claire stopped. She was panting heavily, sweat was beading down her face and down her back. Bethany was just lying sobbing her heart out, Jill was sitting watching. She had taken off her dress at some point and had her hand down the front of her knickers. I could see a damp patch from where I was sitting.

“All done, sister,” said Claire. “You were very brave. Can you get up?”

Beth pushed herself up and gingerly stood up. She turned to look at her bottom but couldn’t get round far enough to see. She put her hands on her burning cheeks.

“That hurt,” she said to Claire.

Claire was still sitting, so her face was level with Beth’s bottom. She turned her round so her pussy was facing her. She put her hand between Beth’s legs.

“Open,” she said. Beth shifted her leg. Claire put her hand between Beth’s legs, she took hold of the thong which was wedged into Beth’s pussy, and she slowly pulled it away. Once it was clear of Beth’s pussy lips, it dropped to the floor. Claire pushed a finger into Beth’s pussy, looked up at her, then leaned forward and kissed Beth’s pussy.

“You smell wonderful,” she said. “Lie here, I want to eat you.”

Beth put her hand in Claire’s hair and ruffled it, then she stepped over her legs and knelt on the edge of the sofa. She swivelled round and lay down on her back on the cushions of the sofa, her legs splayed wide open, her pussy wet. She was not shaved between the legs. Claire looked at her pussy, then up into her eyes, then she bent down and kissed Beth’s pussy. She then knelt in front of Beth and buried her face in her sister’s cunt. She moaned as she felt the hot wet stickiness envelope her face.

Jill was watching all this. When Claire started licking Beth’s pussy, she stood up and went to the back of the sofa where Alanya Vip Escort her sisters were. She knelt down on the floor behind Claire. Her bottom was sticking out as she strained to get at Beth’s pussy. Jill smiled, then slowly removed Claire’s knickers. In front of her was the delicious sight of Claire’s asshole and her cunt. She put her hands between Claire’s legs and forced them open a little wider. Then she, in her turn, leaned forward and extended her tongue. It touched Claire exactly on the little strip of skin between the bottom of her pussy and the start of her anus. Claire wriggled to acknowledge the contact. Now what to do? Jill could lick down to Claire’s pussy, or up to her asshole. What a delicious dilemma. I couldn’t help myself.

“Up!” I called out. I could see Jill smile, then she flattened her tongue and ran it slowly up Claire’s ass. She licked slowly around the lovely swirl of Claire’s anus, round and round she went, then up and out then she returned and did it all again.

So here’s the scene… Bethy is lying on the sofa naked, with Claire’s face buried in her hot, wet pussy. Claire is wearing a white bra and is on her hands and knees. Jill is still in her underwear, a lovely matching set in black silk, and she is kneeling on the floor with her tongue licking her sister’s ass. I am sitting in an armchair with the biggest hard-on possible to mankind. So what to do now?

I decided I couldn’t just watch. I stood up and went over to the sisters. They were all engrossed in their activities, but it seemed to me that Jill was missing out. Beth was receiving, Claire was giving and receiving, but Jill was just giving. She was clearly enjoying her giving, her licking was very intense and focussed, but I thought I’d redress the balance. I stood behind her and pulled her up until her bottom was pointing at me. She let me move her without stopping her ass licking. I put my hand on her silky knickers and slowly lowered them. She moaned as she felt my hand on her pussy. It was soaking wet. Without further ado I took my cock in one hand and slid it into my sister’s cunt. She moaned into Claire’s ass and I began to fuck her.

That to my mind competed the job – I was fucking Jill, she was licking Claire, and she was licking Beth. It was true Beth had a spare orifice, but that was too bad. No doubt it would be filled later.

It was a happy moment, that. All the siblings fucking each other. My beautiful sisters and me. Jill’s cunt was a delight, so wet and hot and slippery, she took me so deep. With each thrust she was propelled forward and buried herself further in Claire’s ass and pussy. It dawned on me that at some point we all might like to bring this happy time to a conclusion, but the chances of all of us having an orgasm at the same time were pretty remote. But how wrong I was! I should never underestimate my sisters.

I felt myself cumming, the build-up was intense, and when the moment came I thrust myself forward and pumped my hot seed into Jill. That was enough to send her over the top, and she moaned a long, low moan and came with me. She also thrust her tongue deep into Claire’s ass, which was enough to send Claire into a spasm and a groaning, moaning orgasm. She leant forward and bit onto Beth’s clitoris which caused a violent reaction in her, she bucked and screamed as her orgasm tore through her. It was incredible! The moaning and groaning and shuddering and gasping went on for a while, then we all, as one, collapsed onto the floor and the sofa, a heaving, hot wet and sticky mess. At first there was silence, as we all came down and gathered ourselves, then Claire spoke.

“Fuck,” she said.

I giggled. Beth and Jill looked at each other and smiled. Claire looked at me.

“Who invited you?” she said. Then she started laughing. She turned to Beth who started laughing too. Jill joined in, so did I, and soon we were all falling about laughing and laughing. I don’t know how long it went on, but soon we all had tears in our eyes and pains in our sides from laughing so much.

Eventually it all calmed down.

“Well,” said Jill, “I don’t know about you but I could do with a drink. Anyone for champagne?”

We all said yes. Jill extricated herself from various limbs and other body parts and stood up. As she stepped over Claire’s legs, a dribble of my semen escaped from her pussy.

“Wait,” said Claire. “Is that Dan’s?” Jill nodded.

“Open legs,” she said. “That’s where it all started for me.” And Jill stood in front of Claire, her legs apart, and we all watched as Claire licked at Jill’s pussy and cleaned her of every bit of my semen. She licked it in and swallowed it. Jill’s eyes closed as she went.

“You’re good at that, sister,” purred Jill. “Might have to put that champagne on ice, a bit longer.” And she put her hand into Claire’s hair.

But Claire pulled away.

“Nope, done,” she said. “Very delicious, both of you.”

“Do you do that for John?” asked Beth.

Claire looked at her and paused a moment.

“Well,” she started, smiling. “Ever since Fucking Day I have rather taken to cocks in my mouth.” She looked at me and smiled. She mouthed ‘thank you’ to me.

“Me too,” said Bethany. “But for me it’s cocks in my…bottom.” She laughed. “Ass. Arse. Asshole. Aaaaanuuus. Whatever it is, I like it in there.”

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