My SSBBW Grandmother Ch. 01


This story is based on actual events. The names have been changed to protect our identities.


Growing up I had always preferred larger women. Petite women had never done anything for me. My name is Vince. At the time this story began, I was 18 and in my senior year in High School. I was always very shy and quiet. My mother worked and traveled, so I spent most of the time with my grandmother, Mary Ann, near Birmingham Alabama. I thought my grandmother was the most beautiful lady I’d ever laid my eyes on. She was an SSBBW, a very big sexy woman!! She stood 5’4 and weighed around 350 lbs. She had grey hair and the most beautiful blue eyes. Her breasts were huge, her bra size was 56H.

Her dress size was 32/34 and she had a huge ass and tummy. She’d always wear a dress or skirt, she’d never wear jeans. Her makeup was worn everyday and was absolutely flawless. I was her only grandchild and we were extremely close. For the most part we lived together.

One day, after she’d picked me up from school, she told me she was very tired and that she was going to lay down. Shortly afterward, I thought I heard crying coming from her room. I opened the door and she was in tears. I asked her what was wrong. She said, “I just turned 65, I’m fat as a cow and will never be able to get a man.” I said to her, “Gran you’re so beautiful, how can you say that?” She asked me if I was ‘blind’ and said that I was just saying that because I was her grandson. I tried to convince her I was telling the truth, but to no avail.

My grandmother had always had me sleep in her bed with her. It was a large, comfy, king size bed. I had never really realized how lonely she was. That night, I snuggled up next to her and held her as I

told her how gorgeous she really was. “I hope to someday meet a woman exactly like you,” I said. “All the girls in school are so skinny, they do nothing for me.” She turned and said, “you really like heavy women like me?” “Yes Gran I do,” was my reply. “Those petite women are flat chested and have no ass!!” She laughed and said, “Vince, I’m so flattered, you really make a fat Alanya Yabancı Escort old lady feel good. Hold me tight. You make me feel so good about myself.” I held on to her, cuddling and we both fell asleep.

In the morning the alarm woke us, she said, “Vince, I felt your penis rubbing against my bottom last night and it felt so good!” I was embarrassed and blushed a bright red. I apologised, “Gran I’m so sorry, please dont tell mom. She replied, “don’t be sorry, it’s all good. I looked at her questioningly, “what do you mean?” “For the first time in the twenty-five years since your grandfather left me for that skinny tramp, you’ve made me feel desired. She agreed that she would never tell your mother (her daughter). She added that, “this is our secret and nobody else’s business.”

Later that day she picked me up from school and pulled into the driveway. We got inside and I told her that I did not feel good, so I went upstairs to lay down in her bed. She told me that she would be right back. She was going to the grocery store to pick up something for dinner. At that point I completely undressed and was as hard as a rock. I started to stroke my cock and was talking out loud, “Gran your wet pussy feels so good.”

I heard the door open and looked up to see she was in the room. She said, “remember our secret?” I turned to her and said, “yes.” She looked at me and said, “I have another secret we’re going to keep between us.” She pulled the covers off me and, in an animalistic way, grabbed my cock and started sucking. It felt so good. She was out of control. I was moaning and my cock was throbbing, so hard I screamed, “Grannnn, I’m cumming!!!” Her lips sealed around my cock, I shot off 5 huge spurts of cum and she swallowed every last drop. I was in heaven. I proceeded to remove her dress as we kissed, passionately. I then unhooked her bra and released her huge tits, they were now freely hanging. We kissed deeply again as I gently caressed her tits and then began to suck on them. She moaned with pleasure she said, “Vince, I was certain I would never again be with Alanya Yaşlı Escort a man as long as I lived.” I said, “lay back Gran.” I spread her legs apart and kissed her inner thighs. I then worked my way up to her pussy. She said, “you really want to eat me out?” Without answering I dove right in. She moaned, “oh my god, this feels so good! No one has ever done that for me before!” As I licked and sucked on her clitoris she said, “wow I’ve never felt anything so good.” I licked faster. I felt her body start to get tight and she said, “Vince, I’m cumming, oh my god I’m cumming!!!” At that point she started to convulse. She was screaming so loud, calling my name and then caught me off guard when she squirted over and over. I tried to swallow it all, but there was so much. I had never tasted anything so sweet.

I never had the chance to get soft. I climbed on top of her, entered her pussy and thrust into her. “Fuck me Vince, fuck your Gran hard!” She said. “Your cock feels so good inside me baby.” I sped up and she said, “fill me full of your cum baby.” I kept pounding, unloading every drop I had inside her. She said, “I’ve never experienced anything that good.”

Without giving her time to rest, I went back down on her and said, “I want to taste our love juices together.” She moaned loudly saying, “you need to give this old lady a rest.” So I did, but I was instantly hard again. I said, “Gran I want you on top of me.” She was very hesitant, worried she would hurt me because of her size, but I convinced her to try. She said, “Vince, I’ve never done this position before. Oh my God you feel so huge!” Once again, just two minutes later, she screamed and she gushed her honey all over me, soaking the bed. We must have done it at least 3 more times that night.

In the morning I woke up, frantic. It was after 9 and was late for school. She said, “shhh, relax, you’re staying home with me today.” She then snuggled up to me and said, “Vince, I love you.” I replied, “I love you so much Gran.” She continued, “I hope you always continue being intimate with me no matter Alanya Yeni Escort what, however…” she then went on to say to me, “I do want you to meet a girl your age some day and have children, but you must promise me one thing. Please come and see me as often as you can and make love to me like this.” I said of course, I love you so much!!

Our lives were totally changed after that day. Each day we would live like we were husband and wife. One day, when I got home from school, my mother was home. She informed me that she was offered a job in Dallas, TX. I told her that I was not going with her to Dallas. She was very upset with me. I told her that I would be going to college here, at University of Alabama. At that point she asked me if I wanted to live here, with my grandmother. I said “most definitely!” My grandmother was very rich, she paid for my college, I never spent a dime.

We had so much fun together in and out of the bedroom we would go on trips and cruises together, enjoying each other so much. She said “Vince you made me feel alive again. I’m so happy we are together. I’ve always loved you so much and I am so in love with you.

Shortly there after my grandmother bought me a brand new, Ford F150 4×4. She never let me go without. She then bought a new home in the mountains in Franklin, NC. We moved there just after I graduated college.

I really had a hard time meeting any women. About two years had passed. “Vince, please, you promised you would marry and have children.” She said. “I found this dating site for BBW women. I placed an ad for you and this lady Patricia wants to meet you.” I was horrified, but I never wanted to let my grandmother down.

Things did work out between Patricia and I. We got married a few years later. Gran made me promise that I would come see her at least once or twice a week to continue our special relationship. I fulfilled this promise, even though I was married. We still made love twice a week. I must say that I did marry a SSBBW woman just like Gran. My grandmother had a 4000 sq foot house built, which she paid cash for. She had it built for us about 5 miles down the road. Patricia and I went on to have two children.

Gran and I continued our relationship for twenty years, but then she became ill. I moved her in with us and rented out her home. Gran passed two years later. I was forever grateful for her and our special relationship.

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