My Teacher Mrs. Joshi Pt. 01

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Hi my name is Sachin. I was 20 years old when this incident happened. My father was a state government employee. Due to his frequent transfers across state we used to travel a lot. Every one-two years we used to change our location. We were a nuclear famiy. I still remember when I was in college dad was transferred to one small village in Ratnagiri, a small district in Konkan region. Dad went ahead first and set-up a rented house there. After a week mom and myself moved there. Nearest college was 15 km away from our village. Dad enrolled me to that college. Due to remote location very few students were there.

In my class there were only 10 students. 8 boys and 2 girls, and number of teaching staff was also less. We had total 5 professors for 6 subjects. One professor used to teach us 2 subjects. Almost all my professors were really average in teaching. Mrs Joshi was little bit better among them. She was also below average but atleast she used to interact with students nicely. She used to try hard so that we could take interest in subject. Mrs Joshi was localite lady. Her husband used to work in Mumbai and her son was doing his engineering degree from Pune. Since it was too far he used to stay in local hostel in Pune itself. What I understood from my fellow students that her husband visits her once in a month. I did not understand the logic behind why she was staying back here in remote place instead of joining her husband in Mumbai. Money could be possible reason for it. Mrs Joshi must be in her late forties but she was very charming lady. Bit tall 5’8″, had very fair complexion. She had brown cat eyes with straight nose. Due to her age she was bit plump but was not fat and used to wear pair of glasses. She always used to wear smart cotton subtle colored saris. She was also poor in her subject but atleast she was bearable.

I was little new to the class but soon got mixed with crowd. Almost 4-5 months passed, it was mid October. October heat wave was in full swing. Mrs Joshi was taking her usual lecture and topic of rain water harvesting poped up. We started discussion on that. Mrs Joshi told us her on her farmhouse her husband got harvesting plant installed. If we are interested she could take us all there. Only problem was farmhouse was 80 kilometers away from our locality. So we chopped out plan that we will go there on weekend. We will start on Saturday morning and come back on Sunday evening. Initially we planned to go by public transport bus. Out of 10, two girls and 3 boys backed out. So now including me we were only five of us left along with Mrs Joshi for the visit. My class friend Nilesh mentioned that he could bring his jeep if we were only 6. Nilesh’s dad used to run small tourist travel business. He had 6-10 seater vehicles. Also Nilesh was an avid driver. So we all agreed to go by his jeep.

On Saturday morning Nilesh picked us all and we started heading towards Josh mam’s farmhouse. Nilesh was driving the jeep and I was sitting beside him. Deepak and Joshi mam and Pravin were sitting in the middle row. And Nikhil and Chintu were on backseat. Deepak and Pravin were bit hefty guys. They always used to lead our class. I did not understand why they sat in the middle row. Mrs joshi must have been cramped between these two. But seems every one was happy and quite joyful. We were all singing on different bollywood rize escort tunes, munching snacks. After an hour I just glanced back Deepak was totally railing on Mrs Joshi. His left should and hand was totally onto mam’s right shoulder and lap. I think both were under influence of sleep hence the situation. I did not pay much attention to it and continued munching snacks.

Finally after 4-5 hours of tiring journey we reached the destination. Mrs Joshi’s farmhouse was secluded from rest of the village and was in the middle of big farm. It was a one story compact old house. We went inside and entered into a big hall. I can see there were 2 bedrooms attached to ground hall and 2 small rooms on the first floor. Mrs Joshi directed Pravin, Nilesh and Deepak stay at big ground floor bedroom. Mam occupied other ground floor bedroom and asked rest of us to occupy upper 2 rooms. As directed by her, me two boys went upstairs. Other two boys shared one room and I have been given remaining room. It was already late afternoon and we already had lot of snacks so nobody was in mood of having lunch. So we decided to skip lunch and went to bed for rest.

After almost after an hour I woke up, it was a urgent need of relieving myself. So I went to toilet. Unfortunately flush was not working. I tried a lot but all my efforts went into vain. Somehow I controlled my sleep and went downstairs hoping to ask Mrs Joshi remedy. I knocked her bedroom twice or thrice but no answer. I thought she must be sleeping hence I started walking back to my room but suddenly I heard a loud moan and then bit noise of whispering. I felt like I heard mam’s voice. I realized it came from boys’ room. Even door was slightly ajar. I walked upto the door and glanced inside. Mrs Joshi was sitting on the bed; Pravin and Nilesh were sitting closely besides her. I felt really weird since they were sitting really close to Mrs Joshi. I heard Mrs Joshi was speaking with them,

“Boys, For god’s sake wait for the night. Why are you becoming naughty now? Sachin and other boys are upstairs. If they see us in this state then I will be totally embarrassed.”

Nilesh replied, “Don’t worry mam. Nothing will happen. Those boys are tired and must be sleeping. And I have not drove 6 hours continuously to see the rain harvest plant. All I need is this.” And he slipped his hand under Mrs Joshi’s sari.”

Pravin also voiced, “And mam, Where was your embarrassment when we made love in my bedroom when my mom was in kitchen. I was too hesitant that time. But you were too hot hence we did it.”

Joshi mam whispered, “Alright! All right! All I am saying is just to control your selves. We have entire night for fun. We have other boys also along with us and remember we came here for study.”

Pravin said, “Ok mam, But at least lets watch porn now. We promise we wont be naughty now and will only watch porn.”

Joshi mam nodded. Pravin went inside to bring out CDs from his bag. I decided to go inside. Hence I knocked the door and went inside. Joshi mam saw me and startled. She quickly changed her relaxed position and moved away from Nilesh. She quickly went into her usual charming mode and with smile she asked me,

“Sachin, What happened beta. Why are you here? Do you need anything? I just came here to pickup something from cupboard here.” She went into explanation mode.

I was about to talk but suddenly there was a door opening noise. It was Deepak who came out of bathroom. He was in his waist and down bottom stark naked!! On top of that his prick was fully hard. He just walked in shamelessly and sat very close to Mrs Joshi. Mam was totally embarrassed with this thing but Deepak seems to be brazenly displaying his prick and did not mind that I was standing there. He asked me to sit on the bed.

Mrs Joshi was now full of embarrassment. She literally yelled on Deepak,

“Oh for the God’s sake wear your pants Deepak. Look who is with us.”

Deepak seemed indifferent to mam’s yelling. In careless tone he replied, “What! Don’t act like your husband is standing here. It’s Sachin only. He is also like us.”

Mrs Joshi replied, “No, He is a good student. He will be shocked to see all this.”

“Oh forget it! Sachin, Tell me, Do you watch porn?” Deepak threw a tricky question in front of me.

With shyness I nodded my head for yes. Deepak yelled, “See! I told you na mam!”

He then removed her part of saree from her shoulder. Joshi mam stepped backed to hide out her bare blouse. But Deepak pulled her towards him and grabbed her and commanded not to move.

Joshi mam stood still. Deepak waited for Joshi mam’s composure and then he gazed at me and asked,

“Tell me Sachin, do you want to do this?” And her grabbed mam’s left cup of blouse and started goping it.

Mrs Joshi was standing in front of me in her dark blue blouse. Since upper part of sari slipped from her shoulder entire blouse was visible. Her two huge mounds were tightly held by blouse. Mam was wearing a long ‘Mangalsutra'(Wedding necklace). Due to embarrassment her fair face was totally became pink. Her hair was properly breaded and was wearing a typical big lens glasses. Frame was quite old and not at all smart. She was looking like a typical good household married woman. She was too old for these boys but still Deepak was blatantly groping her left cup of blouse.

For a moment it went into my nerves that these boys are taking advantage of such a nice lady of my mum’s age. But then those two huge mounds and mam’s super fair neck made me changed my conscious. With lot of shy I again nodded yes. Deepak gestured me to come. I walked down and stood right in front of them.

Deeapak ordered, “Dude, grab the other one. Enjoy!”

For the first time I looked into Joshi mam’s eyes. A big wide round face was stared at me. Even though she was very fair she had a typical ‘mommy’ type look. Even though she had brown eyes, her ordinary glasses were overpowering her cat eyes charm. But then I looked slightly down and found those huge mounds again. Without thinking much I just grabbed her boob. I just felt putting my hand on a cushion. I started groping it. I felt her lining of bra and even part of side of the boob that was not covered by her bra. I must say there was a big boob inside that blouse. My dick was totally hard.

Suddenly Pravin shouted, “Boys, lets sit and watch this movie.” We stopped.

Deepak asked Mrs Joshi to sit on the middle of the bed. Bed was facing towards TV. So we all sat on the bed. We all sat around Joshi mam and started watching movie. Shit! It was a hardcore porn movie. 4 couples were having orgy. Suddenly Joshi mam shouted,

“For the god’s sake, some one at least close that bloody door now.”

Pravin stood up and closed the door. In next 10 minutes all 3 boys removed their pants and started shagging shamelessly in front of Joshi mam. I looked at Joshi mam. She seemed not bothered here. Deepak grabbed Joshi mam’s hand and put it on his prick. Fingers were quickly wrapped around his dick and started moving up and down in rytham. I could hear the noise of her bangles while shaking Deepak’s dick. Now Pravin also moved forward and started untying mam’s blouse. Her blue blouse was now being thrown out of bed. Joshi mam was wearing black tight bra, I saw very big jugs tightly wrapped in that bra. Pravin tried to unhook the bra but he couldn’t do it. So Joshi mam silently unhook it and kept her bta aside. Oh my god, two huge melons were hanging on her chest. They were not firm but absolutely big. Mam had thick dark brown colored button size nipples. Her nipples were fully erected. Pravin inserted his face into her boob and started sucking her nipples. With one hand mam was shagging Deepak and Pravin was sucking her nipples, still mam seemed to be busy in watching porn only. Nilesh was also engrossed in movie only. He was not bothered whats going on behind. With all awkwardness moved myself behind Joshi mam. Her bareback was visible to me. With all hesitation I moved forward my hand between mam’s stomach line and her left hand. My palm was now on her left boob. I started groping it vigorously. Joshi mam did not mind it. Suddenly I felt some movement down. Mam’s right hand was on my prick searching for my soldier. I was wearing pants hence she was finding difficulty grabbing my dick. I quickly removed my pant and let my dick taste free air. Mam was not facing me but her hand quickly grabbed my balls. She started massaging my balls. I got a big kick in my head and next moment I painted mam’s whole back with my cum. I got exhausted. Mam stopped her massage. I just sat there only looking what others are doing. Deepak was sitting on bed with relaxed mood. His legs were totally spread away and mam was still shagging him. He was enjoying the movie. Nilesh as well was busy in watching movie and Pravin was still sucking her boob. I also started watching movie. But after a moment Joshi mam turned back and looked into my eyes and said,

“You enjoyed yourself. What about me? It’s time to please me. Pravin do the usual.”

Pravin nodded and he quickly untied her entire saree and petticoat. Joshi mam was now just wearing a single satin black panty. Mam was little bit plump down. Her thighs were tempting. Her panty was so small and tight that I could clearly see her butt crack from behind. Pravin removed her panty too. He wore her panty and started shagging in it.

Mrs Joshi was now totally naked in front of me. I again moved little forward to see her pussy. Mrs Joshi was completely shaven. She had two thick pink lips. It was a camel toe. Mam grabbed my hand and asked me to sleep on bed in front of her with my face facing towards ceiling. I lied down on bed. Mam slightly lifted her ass and moved forward and sat on my face such a way that her pussy came on my mouth. I could smell a strong odor from her pussy. Couldn’t see much. I just closed my eyes and religiously started sucking her pussy. After 10 minutes mam started moaning, her moaning got louder and finally I sensed some liquid coming into my mouth. I did not mind it and continued sucking her pussy.

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