My Young Cousin


I am Nini, 27 years old and work in an office as secretary to a Lady Vice President. I am the only child of my parents. I lost my dad 2 years ago. I got married a year ago and since then my mom is completely alone. So, I try to spend as much time as possible with my mom. My hubby travels a lot and whenever he is away, I come and stay with mom.

Since my dad died, I usually sleep with my mom in her bedroom. My mom, in summer takes everything off except her sari at bedtime. Her top remains virtually exposed and only her waist to knee remains somewhat covered. I generally sleep naked when I am with my hubby. With mom, I used to wear shorts and T-shirt at bedtime before my marriage. Now when it is too warm, I wear only shorts with nothing on top and mom takes it easy.

Mom has always been easy with her nudity in my presence. In fact, once in a while when she calls me in the bathroom to soap her back or shampoo her hair she remains fully naked and thus I am used to see her naked body which has remained quite rich and gorgeous at mid forties. (In fact I have seen her making love too; that story I have written separately).

With my lady boss seducing me to taste female body, I have developed keen interest in watching a nude female body. I was not at ease with my own nudity earlier. But now I have changed and enjoy the comfort of being without clothes whenever I could.

When I am with mom in the bathroom I also remain fully naked. Mom is very fair and her plumpness has added an extra lustre and softness to her skin. Her 38c boobs are very soft and while soaping her back I sometimes feel like touching her boobs, but never did in the fear of offending her. Her nipples are also quite large. She has a bit of fat on her tummy and that makes her belly button look rather deep. She has no hair on her arms, thighs and legs. Only body hair she has is in her armpit and pussy. She keeps her armpit shaved clean but doesn’t shave her pubic hair.

Her pubic hair covers a large stretch and is perfectly triangular in shape. I wonder how the triangle could be so perfect. These days, I do get attracted to her body and feel like fondling her more, but can’t get enough courage to do so.

Since the only nude females I have seen are much older than me, I always wanted to see a young girl naked. The opportunity came last week. Last Friday, I went to my mom’s place after office for spending the weekend and found that a whole lot of relatives – my mamas and mashis (uncles & aunts – mom’s brothers & sisters) had come from North Bengal. They were staying at my boromashi’s (mom’s elder sister) place and came to meet my mom & me. While the entire crowd left after dinner, a cousin sister stayed back. She (Rinku) is my chhotomashi’s (mom’s youngest sister) daughter. Rinku has just completed High School and is 18 years old.

Mom asked me to sleep with Rinku in her bedroom and went to the other bedroom. Rinku, whom I am meeting after about 5 years, has grown quite well both in height and in other parts. She is now taller than I am and her breasts looked quite well developed. I thought she would sleep in her thin cotton slip (like she used to do earlier) and I would be able to see how much her body had grown. But she only took off her skirt but not her top. I told her repeatedly that it is too warm and she should take off her top. But she appeared to be too shy.

I realised that she is yet to accept the growth in her body wholeheartedly. Only if she felt that these changes has made her body beautiful like other grown up women, she would get over her shyness. So, I thought it was a good idea to show my body to this young kid. In stead of going to the bathroom, I decided to change in her presence. I took of my salwar & kurta and was in my bra & panty. I could see that she was watching me.

I deliberately took time to look for my nightdress, so that this girl could see me for longer time. After I found my clothes, I took off my bra and sensed that she was totally awed. Again I took time in spraying cologne on my body standing in front of the full length mirror so that Rinku can see my nice boobs (which have recently became quite large, courtesy my hubby & boss).

Finally, keeping my back to her, I took off my panty and put my shorts on. I deliberately did not let her see my pussy, so that curiosity in her is kept alive. When I lied down beside her, I asked her if she sleeps with her top on even at home. She said that at home, she sleeps alone and took off both skirt and top. I did not pursue the topic further and after talking for some time, we both dozed off.

Next morning, as we woke up I was toying with the idea of giving her a nude show again. But mom was knocking at the door and I had to abandon the idea.

In the office, I told my boss (who is my mentor too) about the previous night. She said my moves were in right direction. I asked her if I could expect Rinku to be taking off her top and let me have a look at her body under the flimsy slip. She answered in the negative newcratos and said some more subtle provocation would be required and if right moves are made even full undressing is not ruled out. She gave me a nice guideline and I went home with an expectant mind.

At bedtime, after closing the door I asked Rinku if she slept well last night. She said she couldn’t, as it was too warm. I told her I did not suffer as I had the right dress. But I hastened to add that it was much warmer today and it’s difficult to keep the minimum dress on (” Kintu aj gorm aro besi, aj kichhu gaye rakhai muskil”). From her eyes, I could see that she was pleasantly surprised, which meant she was happy at the prospects of seeing my body more.

While talking to her, I took off my dress and was again in bra & panty. My panty was a transparent one (intentional) and I could see her stealing a look at my groin. I said, it was too late for a bath but we could at least, freshen up ourselves with a wet towel. I was not sure if she was nodding.

Without bothering for her reaction, I took her to the bathroom and dipped a towel in water. I took off my bra and asked her to wipe my back. As she did, I turned around to show her my boobs and asked her to wipe my front. I could see her nervous at the same time happy look. She very slowly wiped me and her hands over the towel remained on my boobs for a while. My nipples had a hard on at her touch but I was not sure if she realised that. I finally took the towel from her and wiped my armpits.

Then, turning back from her, I took off my panty and asked her to wipe me (“ekhan ta ektu muchhe de to”) and pointed at my bum. From her touch, I could feel that her hands were shaking. Giving her a little time to cool down, I took the towel from her and still with my back towards her, I wiped my pussy. Finally, I turned around to give her a view of my pussy, which had a rich bush. This time, she was directly looking at my pussy and I could see her eyes glued there.

Allowing a few minutes silence, I said that I was feeling nice but how about her (“Amar to khub aram lagchhe, kintu tor ki hobe?”).

I could see her coming back to attention with a startle.

“Would you have that thick top on tonight also? (“Tui ki ajo oi mota top ta pore ghumobi?”), I asked her. She had no answer.

I pushed her further, “Why are you so ashamed as your body is changing? All girls change like this as they grow. And why should a girl be ashamed of another girl? I am not feeling shy with you.” (“Boro hobar songe songe sorir ta o boro hoy. Tate lojja pabar ki achhe? Ar dujon meyer modhye lojja ki? Ami to toke lojja pachhina”). She still kept silent but I felt that her resistance was gone.

I unbuttoned her top and took it off without any resistance from her. As her slip was wet with perspiration it stuck to her body and I had no difficulty in seeing that her boobs had grown quite nicely.

“You are perspiring like any thing. Let me wipe you nicely” (“tor ga bhalo kore muchhe dei, ja ghemechhis”).

As she did not protest, I held the bottom edge of her slip and slowly lifted it. Her smooth, fair & flat belly with a nice belly button came to view and excited me. As I pulled it up further to expose her breast, she closed her eyes.

And ‘wow’, what a lovely sight it was. Her boobs were much bigger than I thought (34b?) and had nice pink nipples. Best thing about it was that there was no sag at all. It was like those of models.

“Raise your arms”, I told her and pulled the slip off. I noticed growth of hair in her fair armpits. Looking at her wonderful body, I forgot that she was much younger than me.

The whole thing gave me a great excitement and I started wiping that heavenly body. As she stood still, I let my hand caress her body very softly. As I pressed the wet towel on her boobs, I could not help teasing her nipples but was a bit scared of her reaction. But to my pleasant surprise, the nipples became hard and she was still in a mood of surrender.

This gave me courage and I told her that she was grown up now and praised her breasts (“Tui boro hoye gechhis, ar tor buk duto bhari sundor hoyecche”). Saying this, I caressed her boobs without the towel and played with her erect nipples. When I was sure that she was enjoying fully, I touched her boobs again very lightly with my fingers and moved the fingers over her boobs like a feather. She was enjoying my touch with closed eyes.

Then I told her to take off her panty, which was also wet with perspiration (“tor panty tao to ghame bhije gechhe, otao khule phel”).

This time, she mildly protested. I ignored her protest and pulled her panty down and with a moaning sound in her throat she again closed her eyes.

Now I savoured her full nudity She had a nice bunch of curly pubic hair, which were one to two inches long and had covered her pussy completely. Though I was feeling greedy about her pussy, I didn’t do any thing other than just wiping her pussy and bums newcratos giriş with the towel.

Then she and I went back to the bedroom. Rinku asked me to put off the light.

But I said, “Are you still feeling shy? There is none other than me in this room” (“Tor ki ekhono lojja gelona? Ei ghore to ami chhara keu nei”).

I held her hand and took her in front of the mirror. “See, how pretty you look now”(“Dekh tui koto sundor dekhte hoyechhis”), I said as both of us saw ourselves in the full-length mirror.

Now she was looking at her lovely image and I could see pride in her eyes.

“Tell me which part of your body are you ashamed of? Every part is so nice.” (“Sorirer kon jaygatar jonyo tor lojja lagchhe? Sobtai koto sundor”), I asked her.

“I don’t like these hair” (“Ei chul gulo motei bhalona”), she said pointing to her armpit hair.

“Ok, I will shave your armpit tomorrow”(“Achha, kal bogolta kamiye debo”), I said.

She said, ” I told mom so many times, but she only shaves herself but doesn’t let me shave” (Ma ke kotobar bolechhi kintu ma sudhu nijer ta kamay, amake kamate day na”).

As she was still watching her nudity, I generously sprayed cologne on her body. Then I started touching her boobs with my fingers like a feather. I was a little apprehensive of her reaction. But she did not resist at all and after a while she started doing the same to my boobs.

She asked me, “Are you feeling as good as I am feeling” (“Amar jerokom aram lagchhe, tomaro ki temon lagchhe?”) While I nodded, I could not believe my luck. By that time, both our nipples were erect and I was eager to go further. I told her, “There are many ways to make one feel good. Let’s go to bed and show you” (Aram onek rokome deoya jay. Chol bichanay giye toke dekhachhi”).

While going to bed we realised that she had no nightdress and she was rather unwilling to sleep naked, even if I did so. As I knew she was still not entirely at ease with her full nudity, I lent her one of my panties. As her hips had grown well, the panty fitted her. She did not mind keeping her top exposed. I also slipped on a panty to give her company.

As we lied down close to each other, she placed her hands on my boobs and caressed slowly.

“Let me show you a better way”(“Ay toke aro bhalo kore ador kora dekhai”), I told her as I drew her closer.

I held her one boob in my hands and placed my lips on it. I traversed her boob with my wet tongue and as I swirled my tongue on her nipples she started moaning.

After I withdrew my mouth she exactly repeated the same thing on my boobs. I was amazed how quickly she was adapting to these things.

Then I pressed her boobs softly and slowly increased the pressure. From the sounds she made, I could feel that she was enjoying.

After a while, she came on top of me and placed her mouth on one boob and pressed the other with her hand. I started dripping wet. As she did this, I caressed her bare back and pushed my hand under her panty caressing her smooth bums.

After a while I told her, “I will give you more comfort, lie down on your belly” (“Toke arektu aram dei, upur hoye suye por to”).

As she lied down with her bare back facing me I started kissing her back. I made her raise her arms and kissed the sides of her boobs and armpit. I ran my tongue along her spine. As my tongue reached her panty top, I slowly moved her panty down and reached the top of her crack. I was tempted to go into the crack but controlled myself. I pulled her panty down further and ran my tongue along one side of her bum down through her smooth thigh and leg ending at her heel, simultaneously pulling down her panty. As I took her panty off from her heels I made a reverse trip up from her other heel and finally reached her neck. All along she was lying motion less.

As I finished, I thought she had fallen asleep. I was wrong. She turned over and pulled me down to hug me.

As our breasts touched, I was feeling nice. While hugging, she started pulling down my panty and I got rid of it. Now she gave me a wet kiss on my cheeks and I could not resist kissing her on the lips. She responded very eagerly and I could not stop myself from putting my tongue inside her mouth. This was possibly a little too much for her and she took a little time to reciprocate. But very soon her tongue was in action too. The kiss ignited fire in both of us and we remained entangled for a long time. While kissing, we pressed our breasts and hugged each other very tightly.

As the excitement of kissing subsided we gradually dozed off and two of us slept holding each other. She slipped into deep sleep very soon. I also slept quickly holding her body close to mine. As I sleep broke off and on, I found her hands resting on my boobs. I moved my hands over her fresh body and felt inside her pussy lips. It was all wet.

As I woke up in the morning, I watched her naked body in daylight. I really appreciated the beauty of her young body, which was like a fresh flower. She was lying in one side with her face buried in the pillow and. Her one hand was on my boobs and one thigh over mine. Her skin was very clean, with light hair on her legs. Thighs were strong & longish, waist tiny, bums shapely and smooth.

As I was visually relishing her body, there was a knock at the door. I hurriedly disengaged myself from Rinku and got up. Couldn’t find any thing handy to cover my nudity and had to walk up to the door stark naked. With the door slightly ajar, I looked outside and saw mom standing there.

She had only her usual flimsy sari with no blouse or undergarments. She asked me to let her in, as she wanted to use the bathroom. I told her to go to the other bathroom, but she said she couldn’t. Her toothbrush & everything was in this bathroom and she was to get ready early for going out. I asked her to wait but she said, “What’s the problem? You have no clothes on? Doesn’t matter” (“Ki osubidhe? Ekebare kichu pore nei? Kichhu hobena”) and pushed her way in.

I was extremely scared about her reaction seeing Rinku fully naked and held my breath as she pushed open the door. As she entered and closed the door behind her, she walked straight to the bathroom and initially did not notice Rinku. But just in front of the bathroom door, she turned around to tell me something and saw Rinku sleeping stark naked. But her reaction, contrary to my apprehension, was of pleasant surprise and curiosity. Looking at her fully bare body from the rear, she silently stood for a few minutes. She then came round the bed and stood close to Rinku keenly watching her naked body.

As she was lying on her side, her one breast was in view with the pink nipple clearly seen. A nice crease was formed around her armpit and a few streaks of hair were popping out. Her shapely hips and thighs were worth looking at.

After watching her for a few minutes, mom started talking on her own, “This girl has grown to such a beauty, could never imagine that. Was I so fresh when I was at her age? Never saw myself properly. Breast are so straight, nipples are so pink and what a wonderful shape of her waist & hips!”(“Ei meyeta eto boro ar sundor hoye gechhe bhabteo parini. Ami ki oi boyoshe eto sundor chhilum? Nijeke tokhon dekhini bhalo kore. Ki straight buk, nipples ki pink, pachha ar komor er ki sundor shape”).

Mumbling this on her own, she walked up to the mirror and removed her sari to expose her heavy and slightly sagging breasts. Lifting them with her hands, she watched them in the mirror for some time with an unhappy look. She turned side ways to watch her hips and waist and made a face.

As she came back to watch Rinku again, she was lying on her back with one arm on her forehead. Now her full frontal nudity was in view. Her flat belly with lovely belly button and the pubic bush was clearly seen. Her armpit hair was looking very nice on her fair & young skin. As the fan was running full speed directly over her body, her pubic hair showed a wave like movement and the armpit hair also moved under strong flow of air. Her wonderful body looked as if it was out of an artistic nude album. Mom touched her own belly as she watched her and made a face again. As mom was continuing with her monologue, she completely ignored me. After good five minutes she headed for the bathroom.

I felt a big relief that she didn’t question me why Rinku and I were sleeping in the nude. I now realised that mom still wanted to remain young in body and I was wondering if she had any lesbian tendencies.

As I knew mom would take long in the bathroom, I decided to share the bathroom with her for my morning chores. I pushed open the unbolted bathroom door. I found mom had finished brushing her teeth and was standing in front of the wash basin naked up to the waist, shaving her armpits. As I sat on the toilet seat and released my pee, I watched her shaving.

Though her armpit usually remains clean, this time it was not so possibly because she didn’t find time to shave for last couple of weeks and there was quite a bit of bush. It was nice to see her fair armpit getting smooth under the razor.

After she finished shaving, she applied moisturiser on the shaved area and also on her breasts. Though her very fair boobs sagged a bit, I loved them and felt like touching them. Mom took a bit of time on her boobs and I noticed her fingers teasing her nipples.

After relieving myself, I went out to get my towel and as I came back for brushing my teeth, I found mom was now fully naked and was bending down with her hands on her crotch. She was holding a comb on the top fringe of her pubic hair and was shaving along the comb. I now knew how her pubic triangle was so perfect. She also shaved the sides of bush along the thighs and then applied moisturiser on the shaved skin. I again felt like touching her pussy.

Then she went to the shower area. She turned on the shower and stood there with her face up. As the water was flowing down her body, she looked very nice. I was seeing her in full nude after quite a few months and her nude image was creating turmoil in my mind. I was dying to touch her and after brushing my teeth

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