Natalie Succumbs Yet Further

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I was lying on my bed on my back with my legs dangling over the side. I had Lewis stood between my legs, gloating at me in my underwear and cock cage. He suddenly moved around the bed and undressed quickly, as i watched him behind me. I was so nervous that i did not move.

“Lift your knees up Natalie and hold them up behind the knees.”

I did as i was told and heard him get on to the bed. In a swift move, he got hold of my hips and thighs and spun me around on the bed, to face him and still grabbing my thighs, he pulled me bodily to him so that his cock was suddenly very close to me. I gasped audibly at his treatment of me but i was so in awe of him by now that i was completely in his power.

“stay as you are, sissy,” he told me and I remained in that position, looking up at him. “Who am I?” he asked me suddenly.

I was non-plussed. “I beg your pardon?” I whispered, not sure how to respond.

“I am your man, sissy,” he replied. Ahhhhh, I understood. “Who am I?” he repeated.

“You are my man, Sir.” I said with some feeling, that surprised me.

“Good. And who are you?” he continued.

“I am your sissy,” i ventured.

“Good girl. Yes, that is correct. I am now going to start to fuck you for the first time. I want you to think about that as it happens and what it means for you. As i enter you, repeat those two phrases so i can hear them and I want you to mean them.” He looked down at me with his cock in his right hand.

I nodded. I began speaking. “You are my man. I am your sissy,” I said. He spat a coupd of times into his palm and rubbed the saliva over his cock. I watched fascinated and horny and scared and wantonly, my hands still holding my legs up in the air. “You are my man. I am your sissy,” i said again and i felt his fingers wipe the remnants of his saliva around my cunt. His fingers Kadıköy Fetiş Escort slid easily along me and i felt one finger slip inside me easily. Oh, God I thought to myself. This is it.

I looked up at the ceiling then as he prepared himself and me. I spoke again. “you are my man. I am your sissy,” and i felt his cock press against me, rubbing around my hole, slipping around and pushing remorselessly forwards.

I tried to relax and began to speak again but before I got the first syllable out, i felt my sphincter yield and i felt him slide into me. I moaned allowed at that and became very aware then of him, pushing his cock into me until i felt something on my cheeks and realised it was his balls slapping into me.

It was done. I was full of him. Lewis had groaned so contently as he filled me with his cock and then just let it sit inside me. I waited for him and then remembered. “you are my man and I am your sissy, Sir.” I said more confidently. I began to believe it then. “I am your sissy and you are my man, Sir. Please, fuck me Sir.” I breathed up at him.

His eyes tore into mine then, searching and he leant over me, pressing his weight onto me more, pinning me under him and he slewed his cock out of me. It came out with a audible ‘pop’ and i gasped as he pushed it back into me, passing my sphincter so easily that he buried himself to his balls again. God, how I loved that move.

I was relaxing more as he began to fuck me with long slow thrusts. His weight was pinning me down still and i could not move and I loved that feeling of helplessness as he grunted and breathed on my neck. I could almost imagine his arse moving back and forth as he picked up speed. This brought out more moans and gasps from me. I was truly a sissy now. I fucking loved it all.

Lewis was fucking me strongly Kadıköy Gecelik Escort now. In and out, slewing his cock inside me, pulling out, rubbing the head of his cock against my cunt before pushing past my sphincter and burying himself in me again.

I was moaning so much by then and offering advice on how to fuck me that he grabbed my legs behind the knees and pushed my legs back that i yelped. his thrusts took on a different level of intensity then and the angle was wonderful. I had to bring him to orgasm.

“Come on baby,” I gasped out at him. “Fuck your sissy. Fuck her well. Come in her. Make her yours.”

This seemed to have the desired result because he redoubled his efforts and fucked me harder and deeper and faster and i knew then that he was cumming as he suddenly stopped, pushing into me as fiercely as possible and i felt his ejaculation in me. God, how i jumped and twisted and moaned and complemented him on his fucking.

“you fucking bitch,” he laughed then as he realised what i had done. I smiled up at him and i put my hands around his neck.

“More fucking please Sir,” I whispered at him and i got comfy under him as i felt him begin to move in me again. God, this is so good, I thought to myself and i lay there, with my eyes shut, and moaning loudly and freely as he fucked all the manliness out of me.

By the time he came again, i was a quivering sissy wreck. I was so desperate to cum but didn’t want to, just in case i reverted back to the male me. “Let me up please,” I said and he pulled out, resting on his ankles, breathing deeply.

I got up then and turned over and stuck my cunt in the air for him. I put my head down in the pillow and i gripped it tightly, waiting for the inevitable onslaught from him.

I felt his hands on my waist and i sighed happily. Kadıköy Genç Escort I let him pull me back onto his cock and i pressed myself back on to it as i felt it against my cunt.

He was fucking me again, holding my waist to him, not allowing me to collapse on to the bed. I was moaning into the pillow loudly and my hips were moving eagerly to his rhythm of thrusts.

I think i liked this position even more that the first one because i could feel my caged cock swinging around with every thrust and it was still limp but was oozing so much precum that it was a continuous stream to the bed covers.

“Make me cum baby.” I moaned at him and he grunted and puffed as he fucked me.

Long, deep thrusts that took my breathe away with their power and then shorter, stabby thrusts that hit the right spot more times than not, making me respond with “Yes, there.” or “That’s it baby. Do me. Fuck your sissy.” I said anything i could. I was completely lost in this moment. My body was his to fuck and take and use. I did not care anymore so long as i had his cock in me.

My undoing was turning my head to look up at him as he was fucking me. In that moment, his eyes met mine, his body controlled mine and i was simply ‘his sissy’ and i erupted with a massive orgasm that was a full-body orgasm. I cried out and had to grip the sheets as my back and legs rippled and jiggled whilst the electric feeling ripped through my belly and back. I felt my toes curling as another wave coursed through me and i came again. My cock was still limp but spewing out cum and i arched my back and rammed my cunt back on to his cock and gripped it so strongly that he cried out and came again.

In a moment, i had collapsed and he had landed on top of me, still buried in me.

I was breathing raggedly but contentedly, glowing in the after-shocks of my orgasms.

I smiled to myself then and said “Do that to me every time, baby, please? Make me beg for it. You know i will beg for it and mean it, don’t you?”

Lewis laughed then “You are a dirty fucker, Natalie,” and laughed again into my neck which sent a new set of shivers down my spine.

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