Natural Insemination


Note: I’ve had this idea for a while about a man providing his sperm to make a baby for his brother and sister-in-law. It sounded pretty simple at first but as you can read in the story it gets a lot more complicated. But it’s a whole lot of fun. Enjoy and all rights reserved.


Joe knew it would be the same thing when he got home. For the past week as he entered the door he heard his wife Jill sobbing away. He had tried everything, including suggesting counseling to help her get over their problem. Actually it was his problem because he was the one with the low sperm count.

“Jill you have to stop feeling bad about not having kids. The doctor said there is still a remote possibility and we can always look into adopting.”

“But I want to experience having my own child. Both of my sisters have kids and I don’t even want to go home for the holidays.”

“Maybe we can scrape up enough money for artificial insemination?”

“We can’t Joe. We both have student loans and a high mortgage payment.”

“I know but you can’t keep crying and making yourself miserable.”

She stopped sobbing and stood up to hug him. “I was reading on the Internet about other couples who…who have the same problem we have.”


“Just wait until I’m finished. Promise?”

“Sure,” he said not having any idea what she was going to say.

“The couples got another man to…to do a natural insemination.” She continued quickly before he could say anything. “It is usually someone from the husband’s family so the baby will have similar DNA to the father.”

“Natural insemination” he repeated and then it hit him. “You want another man to…to fuck you?”

“God no…not fuck. You make it sound so dirty.”

“Well hell it is dirty considering another man will stick his dick into you and fuck you until he fills you with his cum.”

Then she got angry. “It wouldn’t really be sex or fucking. There will be little foreplay and think of it like a needle injection.”

He sighed and sat down on the sofa. “I don’t think I can handle it.”

“I talked about it with Annie.”

“My sister-in-law? Jesus she will tell the whole world.”

“No she promised and is willing to loan us Adam.”

“Does he know?” Joe thought about his younger brother who had only recently married Annie.

“No. We thought it would be better if you asked him.”

“Yeah, like I go to my kid brother and ask if he wants to fuck my wife. Oops sorry..if he wants to inject my wife.”

“Joe it’s the only way.”

“We can keep trying. The doctor said I have some sperm.”

“Yes, but the odds of me getting pregnant are slim to none.”

“He might not want to do it.”

“You have to talk him into it,” she begged.

“Let me think about it,” he sighed as he walked out the back door to the patio. Fifteen minutes later he walked back in. “OK, I’ll ask him.”


It was a few days later when Adam and Annie came over for dinner. Except for Adam the other three were nervous about what was going to be asked. Joe made sure that Adam had a few beers before they all went into the den to sit.

Joe started first, “Well bro, Jill and I have something to ask you.”

Adam looked at him suspiciously. “This sounds scary.”

Jill had been looking at Adam all evening. She had not really noticed how good a shape he was in and had not really noticed the large bulge in his jeans before.

“As you know Jill and I have been trying to have children but we found out that the problem is my low sperm count.”

Adam was quick. “Hey, no problem. I’ll gladly donate sperm at the sperm bank.”

“That’s just it,” Joe repeated. “We can’t afford artificial insemination. We need to…to provide sperm the natural way.”

“You’re shitting me,” he gasped realizing his older brother wanted him to fuck his cute sister-in-law. He glanced at Annie. “And you know about this and are agreeable to it?”

“It’s for Jill and Joe,” Annie said trying to keep calm. “I know you love me and Joe knows Jill loves him. You know how happy we were when we had Mikie.”

“Yes, but..but this is very intimate and we can’t take it back once it happens.”

“We know,” Jill said finally speaking up. “It will just be as mechanical as we can do it.”

“Wow…this is crazy. Annie you know that I’ve never wanted to have sex with another woman besides you.”

“I know,” she smiled holding his hand.

“No one else can know. We all have to swear.”

“We swear,” Joe said checking out Annie’s cute little body. He started wondering if maybe he could mess around with her while Adam was fucking Jill.

Annie saw Joe’s eyes on her body and realized what he was thinking. Even though they had only been married two years their sex had dwindled to maybe twice per month. She too had read stories about couples getting together to get one wife pregnant while the other two spouses messed around at the same time. eryaman escort She didn’t think Adam would go for that at least not until he started having real sex with Jill.

“Honey, we all want this to happen. Joe and I feel comfortable that it will only be with one purpose in mind.”

Adam looked at Jill’s nice round chest. She had at least two cup sizes on Annie. “Well hell why not. When do we start?

“I knew it wouldn’t take much of a fight,” Joe laughed even though he was still not sure about this.

“This is almost my fertile time,” Jill said nervously.

“Tonight?” Joe asked. “Are you anxious?”

“Joe if this is the way you are going to act then we should call this off,” Adam said quickly. “I don’t think Jill or I really want to do this but it is needed for you two to have a child.”

“Also,” Annie chimed in. “In order for it to work it needs to be done more than once. We have to increase the odds.”

“Shit,” Joe said softly. He hadn’t figured it would be more than just once. “How long is this going to go on?”

“At least two weeks,” Annie said.

“Two weeks!” Both Joe and Adam said loudly at the same time.

“Two weeks as often as Adam is able to do it.”

Even Jill hadn’t planned on doing it with Adam every day for two weeks. “She’s right. We do it for two weeks and hopefully that will be it.”

“Adam is on summer break from his teaching job and since you are home there shouldn’t be any problems with time.” Annie grinned. She glanced at both men’s crotches and noticed they were both turned on.

They all got quiet as they thought about what the next two weeks would be.

“I don’t think I want to be in the house while you are doing it,” Joe said looking at Jill. “Maybe Annie and I can go to the movies or take some walks.”

“Uh….yes he’s right,” Annie smiled. “We shouldn’t be here.”

“So do we start tonight?” Adam asked knowing his pants were about to burst open.

“Joe and I can go to our house. Mikie is with your mom,” Annie said standing up. She looked at her watch. “It’s almost 8PM. We will be back around 10PM.”

“Two hours?” Joe gasped.

“It’s the first time and I’m sure they will be nervous,” Annie said. “It can’t be rushed to the point where the yield will be affected.”

“The yield?” Adam asked.

“Of sperm.”

Joe decided to set another rule. “Also, you can’t be naked while you are doing it. It uh…should be dark and Adam just pulls it out and you slide up your gown and don’t really see each other.”

Jill laughed. “You’re joking right? We’re going to be having intercourse for two weeks straight and you are worried about us seeing each other naked.”

Joe looked at Adam. “It’s supposed to be mechanical with no foreplay.”

Adam glanced at Annie. “What if I have problems you know…getting it up?”

Annie looked at the obvious hard-on pushing up his pants. “From the looks of that and the fact that you are always horny I don’t think that’s a problem.”

Jill could see that Joe was wavering. “That’s fine. If it happens we will have to revisit the rule. We all want to make a baby so please let’s try it.”

It was strange walking their spouses to the door so they could go upstairs and have intercourse for two hours. It was also strange for Joe and Annie leaving their spouses behind to have sex.

After the door closed Jill and Adam stood looking at each other. “I think we should go slow,” she smiled. “I’ve always thought of you as my little brother too.”

“Same here but I’ve also fantasized about you.”

“You have?” Jill asked surprised. She realized she had known him since he was fifteen years old. “Let’s go sit down on the sofa for a while.”


“We have to keep our minds off of what they are doing,” Annie said to Joe who was staring into space sitting next to her in the SUV.

“Yeah, like how are we going to do that?”

She grinned. “I think we can come up with something.” She reached over and took his large hand in her small one.

Joe glanced over at her and noticed that the top three buttons on her shirt were now open. He had not remembered them being open when they were in the house. He could now see the top halves of her small but perfectly shaped titties and the white-laced bra holding them up for his visual enjoyment. As he held onto her hand he felt her thumb rubbing over the back of his.

He had been to their house many times but never alone with Annie. It was strange walking into the dark house and waiting for her to put away her purse and turn on some lights. He noticed that she only turned on a few lamps, which kept the den in a romantic mood.

“Can I get you a drink?” She asked as she leaned over the small coffee table in front of her. Her shirt fell away from her chest and he had enough light to see straight down to her navel. She stayed bent over until he saw the dark upper half of her right nipple.

“Uh sure,” etimesgut escort he grinned knowing the open buttons and the flash was no accident. “Do you have any scotch?”

“I think so,” she said. “I think I’ll have one too.” She had never been with another man besides Adam and was cool on the outside but boiling inside. She left the room and a few minutes later came back inside and sat next to him. “A toast.”

He clicked his glass to hers. “What are we toasting?”

“To a successful baby.”

“To a successful baby.”


Jill also asked Adam if he wanted a drink but he didn’t. “So I guess we just need to do it.”

“Right we said to make it mechanical. Where do you want to do it?”

She glanced at the large rise in his pants. “I don’t think there will be a erection problem. You’ve been that way since we started talking about it.”

“I know and I’m not sure how long I’ll last since I’m really turned on.”

“We have two hours,” she giggled. “Give me five minutes to go upstairs and get ready.”

He watched her go and thought about his wife sitting in his house with his brother while they had intercourse. They said it was to produce a baby but he was going to fuck his brother’s wife mechanically or not. He looked at the clock and sat nervously for five minutes.

“I’m ready!” She yelled.

Adam reached into his pants and guided his eight- inch hard cock upward towards his navel. He knew Jill would be calling the shots and wondered if she would allow any foreplay or kissing. He stopped at the master bedroom doorframe and knocked.

“Come in silly,” Jill giggled.

Adam didn’t know what to expect. He peeked around into the room and saw candles lit on the two night tables. She was lying on the bed wearing a long black nightgown with thin spaghetti straps holding it up. “Wow…you are so beautiful. The candles gave off enough light for him to see her nice round titties and hard nipples pushing out the black silk.

“Thank you,” she blushed feeling weird that her young brother-in-law was seeing her like this. “Come closer.”

He walked to the bed and waited.

“I guess you should undress to…to your underwear. I mean you won’t be really naked.”

Adam quickly jerked off his shirt and pushed down his slacks. He stood upright after pulling his socks, shoes and pants off his feet proudly displaying his bulge of affection.

“We said to make it mechanical,” she said. So why don’t you crawl up here between my legs.” She slowly pushed her legs outward while pulling up her nightgown making sure to keep her pussy covered. “I’m not wearing panties.”

“Oh…ok,” he said looking at her delicious creamy thighs hoping she would wrap them around his hips as they fucked. He moved onto his knees between her legs and reached into his boxers to find his hard cock.

“Wait, lean forward. We uh…can’t see each other.” It hit her that this was really happening. Another man’s hard cock was about to enter her hot moist hole.

“Are you going to pull up your gown?”

Her fingers trembled as they pinched the gown on both sides and gently pulled until she felt the cool air on her upper thighs and newly shaven pussy lips. He was leaning over enough that they couldn’t see each other’s privates.

She smiled as she opened her legs, which pulled her outer lips apart.

“Are you…you know…wet enough?” He asked hoping she would let him touch or lick her pussy.

“I’m dripping,” she said as she leaned forward to guide his body down to hers. “Put it in.”

His upper body moved forward and downward until his hands moved to both sides of her shoulders. Both were nervous as he felt the tip of his cock press into her upper right thigh. He moved his hips until it between her legs.

“Ahh,” she moaned when the swollen crown pressed into her pussy lips against her raised clit. It felt good there but she wanted it inside. “Lower.” Her body shifted up while his shifted down. “Right there.”

Adam looked into her eyes as his hips lowered and his cockhead slid easily into her moist hole.

“Oh God it feels so good,” she moaned pushing up to get him totally inside. But he moved up as well to tease her. “You shit,” she gasped. “Put it all in.”

Adam didn’t want to make her mad and pushed another three inches inside. He had never felt Anne’s pussy this wet before. “More?”

“Yes…I want it all,” she groaned as she reached around his body and grabbed onto his firm ass. With one pull his cock moved completely inside. “AHHH!”

Adam knew he wasn’t going to last long. “I need to move it if I’m going to cum.”

Her hands remained on his bare ass as he withdrew it and slowly pushed it back inside. He knew they both wanted to let go and fuck and kiss but were committed to follow the rules that were set up. As he pushed and pulled her feet moved up the backs of his thighs until they crisscrossed around the top of his ass.

“I’m etlik escort going to cum,” he whispered as he pushed all the way inside. “I’m going to cum.”

“Good hold it inside,” she said grabbing onto his ass again and holding him tight and deep. Her internal muscles squeezed and released his buried cock until he exploded.

“NOW…NOW…OH FUCK!” He felt his spunk explode deep inside of her.

“More…give it all to me.” She laughed feeling the hot juices deep inside. She heard him grunt each time his cannon fired until he got quiet. He started to pull out but she stopped him. “Not yet.”

Adam thought he would start to soften but his cock stayed hard. “Want to do it again?” He knew she had not climaxed yet and knew the second time would be longer.

Her eyes stayed closed. “Yes.” Her mouth opened wide when his cock started moving again. Slowly at first, then faster and faster until his belly was slapping against hers.

Jill had not considered climaxing but feeling another man’s prick pounding her and his near mostly naked body against hers brought her to the summit.

“OH..OH..OH..OH,” she moaned each time he dropped. “Don’t stop…oh yes…yes…it feels so…Oh Adam…do it…fuck me.”

He knew she had lost control now and wondered how far she would go. When her eyes looked into his again he lowered his mouth to hers and felt her lips open and her tongue dash out to find his. She sucked on his tongue until she came. “NOW…I’M CUMING NOW!” Seconds later he filled up her void with a second layer of sperm.


Joe and Annie sat a few feet apart on the sofa drinking another round of booze. “This doesn’t seem fair. You know…they get to have sex while we watch TV.”

Annie grinned and moved her body up onto the sofa while putting her lower legs across his lap. “I could use a foot massage.”

He wished that she wore something else besides jeans and a tee shirt but knew they had almost two hours to get to know each other. He picked up her petite right foot and slowly and gently massaged.

“Umm…that feels so good,” She purred. Just the touch of another man’s hands was causing a serious wetness between her legs. She closed her eyes as his fingers caressed and rubbed up and down both feet. “Do you think they are doing it now?”

He forced a chuckle. “I’m sure of it. I think they couldn’t wait to get us out of the house.” His hands moved slowly up over her bare ankles and explored under the bottoms of her jeans almost to her knees.

“Are you jealous? You know that another man fucking your wife?” She asked as she peeked at his lap and saw the rise of his manhood.

He laughed. “I thought I was going to be but since it’s my brother and we might get a baby I’m not. Besides I’m getting a chance to know my beautiful sister-in-law better.”

Annie felt his left hand move from under her jeans and start traveling and massaging on top of the jeans. She didn’t complain when his large hand moved over her right knee to her thigh. She didn’t reach down to stop him until his left index finger pressed into her covered pussy. “We can’t do anything really bad tonight.”

He moved his other hand up until it was a couple inches from the junction of her legs and she stopped its progress. “Define really bad.”

“Just kissing and rubbing our bodies together tonight,” she grinned as she moved off the sofa and pulled the back cushions away. “Lie down on your back,” she commanded. When he did she grinned at his swollen hidden hard-on and moved her covered pussy on top of it while she moved her front onto his. Neither said a word as their mouths came together and their lips opened. Seconds later they were wet kissing someone besides their own spouse.

Annie felt his hands moving on her back. Her body shifted forward and back against his hard bulge. It was so hot tongue kissing another man while she dry-humped him. As his fingers moved down over her ass she leaned back and smiled. “Having fun touching my butt?”

“Yes, and I’ve wanted to do it since I first met you.”

“I’ve always thought you were hot too,” she whispered feeling his middle finger push down her covered ass crack. “I never thought we would ever do this.” Her pussy felt his hardness while her lips opened again to accept his hot tongue.

Joe felt his damn about to burst and grabbed her ass to hold her still. “Slow down…I’m about to explode.”

She giggled and froze. “Did little Annie get the big man all excited?”

He smiled. “You’re a big tease aren’t you?”

“Am I?” She asked. Her body lifted back until she was sitting by his feet looking at the shape of his cock in his jeans. “What are you packing under there?”

“Show me yours and I’ll show you mine,” he grinned as he lifted his sock-covered foot and lightly brushed it against her left breast.

“You bastard. And you call me a tease. If I don’t get any relief soon I’m going to scream.”

He felt her hard nipple and focused his big toe on it. “Go ahead.”

“What? You want me to…to touch myself?”

“Well I can’t do it and you need it.”

She had never even masturbated in front of Adam before. “This is crazy.” She grabbed his foot. “OK but you have to do it too.”

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