Needs and Wants: A Holiday Romance

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Author’s original note: I’m no longer a Literotica virgin! I had fun writing my first story, and I hope you enjoy it. I think this qualifies as a longer story, meant for more patient readers who appreciate character development. All characters in sexual situations are over 18. I look forward to your feedback!

Author’s update: Thanks for the encouraging feedback and an extra special thanks to those who noted corrections. This is the same story, but with grammatical edits. All those errors were embarrassing, and even more so, how long it took me to submit my corrections. Do forgive me, for shortly after this submission, my life was derailed by an unexpected loss and everything was put on hold. But I’m picking up the pieces and even though it’s no longer the holiday season, I just had to fix this submission before working on something new.

~Brandon’s Winter Break~

I was relieved to finally be back after a long and tiring flight home from extended business abroad. I had been in Thailand, overseeing the production of new truck model that had already been in production here in the Midwest. Although glad for the adventure and experience of living in another culture, I still found myself longing for home.

Another company engineer, ten years my senior, was originally slated to take my position. In addition to the opportunity to live abroad for a year, the job was a major promotion with a decent pay upgrade. Further, the company provided for your living expenses in Thailand so you could maintain your home expenses while away. It was only for fiscal year 2015, during which time we were to work with local management during the transitional production period. There was always a lot of machinery and equipment that needed to be retooled for a new product line, and the company wanted to send over an engineer who already had experience with the specifications for the new model.

The original candidate was a family man, who backed out after the military coup this past spring. So who’d the company look to next? A bachelor like myself, of course, supposedly without home responsibilities. I accepted what sounded like an exciting opportunity.

I had a good translator and ended up fitting in pretty well with the Thailand work crew. Production had gotten off to a strong start, allowing me an entire month to go back home over the holidays. While it was rough to leave the warm Thailand weather for a harsh, Midwest winter, I was really looking forward to being back in my own house, spending Christmas with my family, and, most of all, being back with my dog, Sid.

My dog and house were being watched by a great friend’s sister, Jolene. Jolie, she preferred. I was initially hesitant at the suggestion of having Jolie and her young daughter stay at my house. But it wasn’t until May that the first engineer backed out, leaving me with less than a months’ notice to make arrangements and be in Thailand for the new fiscal year. Otherwise, production would be delayed. It’s true I didn’t have a spouse and kids to worry about, but what of Sid? I knew he wouldn’t be happy in Bangkok, where he’d spend most of his time ignored in a small, urban apartment.

I asked my great friend Tyler if he would take him, but he didn’t think his cat would go for it. But he convinced me that his recently divorced little sister, now a single-mom, would make a great live-in dog sitter. Not only would Sid get all the attention he needed, Jolie could keep my house up. It would be a win-win situation. Her long and messy divorce was recently finalized. She was staying with their parents for now, but needed to back in the metro area to complete her college degree. She lived in the metro before to attend the university, but didn’t complete her degree on account of getting married young and her husband’s demanding career.

Apparently, she had become rather financially dependent on her spouse, but the divorce agreement provided a short opportunity for her to finish her education while receiving modest, time-limited alimony. Tyler told me she didn’t yet have many resources for maintaining her own place, especially one in a good school district for her daughter, Macy. Tyler was convinced it’d be a mutually beneficial relationship — I’d have a great dog-sitter for Sid, and it would allow Jolie to put her limited funds into savings instead of rent.

In most circumstances, I would’ve instantly rejected the idea — but I was desperate for someone to take good care of Sid on such short notice and I completely trusted Tyler. He was one of my best friends. I knew he was raised by a great, fun-loving family, and that Jolie likely had his same trustworthy characteristics.

I actually met her once about five years ago when I went with Tyler to visit his family. They resided in a mid-sized town about two hours from our urban area. She hosted Tyler’s family and me for dinner. Jolie was a very attractive and vivacious woman. Naturally thin and on the tall side, with light brown curly erzurum escort hair, huge green eyes, and dimples. She was a great conversationalist with a good sense of humor. She served a great lasagna followed by a homemade tiramisu, and the whole family raved about what a cook she had become — apparently not one of her strong suits in college, they joked.

Her husband, Rick, was quite the opposite. Well, he was also attractive — also tall, and with a classic, good boy look with blond hair and blue eyes. But Rick’s personality was dull. He said little and scowled often. Me, and my naturally flirtatious personality, earned a particularly nasty scowl when I suggested that Jolie’s lasagna was as befitting as herself. Had Rick not been such a prude, I would’ve definitely tried infiltrating Jolie and her now-ex for one of my polyamorous adventures.

As it turns out, Rick was pretty much a jealous and controlling asshole, according to Tyler, who apparently kept Jolie close-by and often accused her of affairs which he entirely imagined. I never had the occasion to meet her again. Although the divorce was messy, Tyler assured me that Rick was not a real threat. Jolie was doing well and had already made great strides in piecing together a new life as a single mother.

Nonetheless, I still had some qualms about letting someone stay in my house for a year, especially the thought of a single mother and young child in my bachelor’s pad. It wasn’t a typical bachelor’s pad, if the stereotype of dumpster-dived furniture and a wall-to-wall mess was accurate. I owned my own three bedroom house, a newer model home filled with contemporary furniture from IKEA furniture and local art. The furniture was relatively cheap; the art was not. So, I wasn’t embarrassed of my home, but rather worried about the destruction a kid could impose and also whether it was child safe. Tyler assured me that at age 7, Macy was well past the destructive stage and also wouldn’t stick her fingers in uncovered electric sockets.

An additional concern was that women tended to become attached to me very quickly. I am an attractive man — tall, reasonably fit, shoulder-length long dark hair, and piercing dark eyes. I dress very carefully to enhance my appearance, finding a careful medium between bad-boy and clean-cut. My tattoos were where business attire always kept them hidden and hair always kept back at work, where I often wore a dress shirt and tie paired with jeans and cowboy boots. On top of my good looks, I had a good career and nice house.

Ideal marriage material, I realized, but I had no interest in marriage or any long-term relationship. I once had one, of five years, and with a wonderful woman. But, it sucked me dry. Monogamy, as it turns out, wasn’t my thing. And while I was absolutely committed to it while in that relationship, I was simply not satisfied and she was not interested in an open relationship.

Since then, I did my best not to get entangled with any woman looking for more. This stopped most second dates from even occurring, as I was brutally honest about my intentions and lifestyle. A couple others became stalker-like when they wouldn’t accept that my constant NSA declarations were not just a phase and they had convinced themselves that they were the ones who could tame me. The last thing I needed was another obsessed lady friend, especially one with keys to my house. But Tyler assured me that Jolie was absolutely not interested in dating at this point in her life, having just left her marriage. And further, she’s never been one of those clingy types of girls, he said.

So I invited Jolie over to discuss the possibility. She was as gorgeous as recalled. According to Tyler, her marriage had taken a toll. She had been looking worn thin but her brother just figured it was age. Then after the divorce, he said, her radiance came right back. I wasn’t sure how old she was really, other than a little younger than Tyler — which would put her in the early-to-mid 30s range.

I didn’t flirt once, a conscious effort in light of my concerns and not wanting to send the wrong signal. Jolie was really chill, and her personality put many of my concerns at ease. I gave her a tour of my house. It was a spacious ranch with a basement. The kitchen, dining area, and living room were all open to each other. The master bedroom was behind the two-car garage, a large corner bedroom facing the backyard. The remaining two bedrooms were on the other side of the house, which functioned as guest room and an office. She admired my art and I encouraged her to attend the First Fridays Art Walk now that she’ll be living in the Metro area. It was a newer event that probably wasn’t around when she first lived in the area. She also asked very practical questions about the neighborhood and home maintenance that put me at ease.

Most importantly, Sid warmed up to her right away. She didn’t mind him jumping up on her or his doggy kisses. She talked directly to bodrum escort Sid, like any dog lover should, and asked me the right questions about his routines and veterinary care. I noted that his full name was actually Sid Vicious, and she laughed, patted Sid on the head, and said, “You need to rethink your relationship with Nancy, buddy.”

I offered her a year of free rent, in exchange for the best dog care ever and maintaining the house. Jolie accepted the offer, but with the caveat that she didn’t have a green thumb for my plants. She could only guarantee a happy, healthy dog and well taken care of house. It was a deal, and I was also fortunate to relocate my houseplants to my friend Cody who could keep anything alive.

Jolie knew I would be back over the Christmas break and we agreed that we could share the space for that time. The rest of the year, Macy would be in my guest room and Jolie was using mine. Allowing her to use my bedroom was also a weird decision, but I was a tidy person and already had all my skeletons locked away in the closet since I normally employed a house keeper. There were some things I preferred to keep private and I certainly didn’t need to be openly advertising my libertine lifestyle. But with these private details taken care of, the bedroom might as well be occupied in my absence. Jolie initially offered to rearrange my office to squeeze a twin bed in there, but the effort and expense didn’t seem justified when my bedroom with its large king bed would be unoccupied.

As it turned out, Jolie arranged to spend most of winter break away. We would be co-residing for just a few days, while they both wrapped up their semesters at school. Then, Macy would be going to her dad’s for the holidays, and Jolie planned to stay with her parents.

So far, the arrangement had worked great. Jolie and Macy have gotten along great with Sid, and if anything, he seems to be getting very spoiled. Jolie sends pics of them and Sid having fun together, often very amusing pictures such as Sid wearing a tutu while dancing with Macy. Jolie has also gotten very creative with Photoshop, apparently as a result of a graphics design course she’s taking this semester. Apparently Sid has been to Paris, Tokyo, and the moon, while on a Sex Pistols reunion tour. I was happy that Sid was getting great care.

I knew it’d be a few days before I had my house to myself and truly back into my element. Still, I was looking forward to being back home, with Sid, and in my own bed. I also had at least one date lined up for the coming weekend, after Jolie and Macy would be away, and working on another. Finally on my doorstep after a cab ride home from the airport, I breathed a sigh of content as I turned my key and stepped inside. I was exceptionally tired and planned to crash instantly.

I was surprised to see things a bit messy, although certainly not a disaster. Still, Jolie gave me the impression that she was getting things in order for my return. I thought that would’ve included cleaning, but then again, I told myself, I’m kind of just a neat freak and there is a child living here at the moment.

There was a sink of dishes and Macy had art supplies spread out on the kitchen table. I opened the fridge to find a drink, and was pleased to see that the fridge was clean and well organized, and, further, that Jolie picked up some of the grocery items I requested. I grabbed a bottle of beer from the local brewery and took a nice long swig. Ahhh, the taste of home. There was no getting this local porter in Thailand. I then went through the living room, on my way to my bedroom to crash after my red-eye flight. Reading materials were strewn about the living room, and apparently Jolie was a knitting a very long scarf. Sid had a few toys out, but he was nowhere to be seen.

I opened my bedroom door, half expecting to find Sid, but was instead surprised to find quite a sight for my sore eyes. I hadn’t turned on the lights, but the full moonlight beamed through the partially open blinds. Jolie was peacefully sleeping on my bed. She slept naked, as far as I could tell under the sheets, and she looked perfect. One long thin arm was stretched out as she slept on her belly, but slightly tilted to the side with one leg straight down and the other bent up to her chest. Her ass looked absolutely amazing – perfect round mounds under the sheets. Her sleeping face was turned towards mine, lips parted slightly, and I could hear the slow, steady rhythm of her sleeping breaths. I stood there mouth agape, with my beer in my hand, and also thinking, she said she’d be staying in Macy’s room and that the bedroom would be all ready for me. What kind of game is she playing, sleeping here naked in my bed?, worried that she’d become one of those infatuated women.

Loud enough to wake her, but trying not to shock her, I proded, “Jolie?” I repeated myself, slightly louder each time. About the fourth time, her eyes drifted open and she stared straight at eskişehir escort me. Her eyes widened in surprise, and she rolled onto her back, pulling the sheets up tighter.

“Brandon! I thought you were arriving around 5 tonight!” she went on, “I’m sorry, I must’ve misunderstood. I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t still be here in your bed!”

She sat up, clutching the sheet up around her so I could now make out details of other parts of her body. The heavier blankets had apparently been tossed to the ground during the night, understandable as my room always stayed very warm in the winter. Her unmade-up face had a fresh, healthy look and her hair was a huge matty mess, cascading around her shoulders. Damn, why did I have to by 1,500 thread count sheets?, I thought, I could probably see more of her if she were under cheap sheets. And then, stop thinking like a walking hard-on.

“5 AM,” I stammered, “but it’s OK, don’t worry about it.”

With my free hand, I dug my phone out of my pocket and scrolled quickly through texts trying to find the one I sent her with my travel schedule. She wasn’t messing with me — I told her the wrong time.

“Oh shit!” I confessed, “I did say 5pm — my bad!”

I looked back up at her, and noticed she seemed genuinely embarrassed to be caught naked in my bed under scant coverings. She obviously couldn’t get up and leave my bed without further embarrassment.

“You know what,” I responded, “I’ll go get something to eat and you can go back to sleep. I’ll crash on the couch for a while.”

“No, no, I won’t be able to fall back to sleep anyways. I’ll get up and move my stuff out of here — I’m sure you’re exhausted from your travel!”

“Yeah, sure am. Long flight.” I paused and realized I was still staring. God, I couldn’t help it — such a beautiful sight after more than a day in transit and 6 celibate months in Thailand. “Hey, where’s Sid?”

“Oh, he’s been sleeping with Macy every night,” Jolie answered, “They usually get up around 8am.”

That was sleeping in for Sid, who always woke me up at 7am. That little girl must really have him hooked.

“OK, well I’ll just go grab a bite, and you just let me know when the bed’s available, OK?”

“Yes, of course. Again, I’m so sorry! I’ll be super quick about it. I just need a moment to change the sheets and get all my shit out of here” she said gesturing to a massive heap of clothes on the floor, “and, er, to get dressed.” she said smiling sheepishly. No really, you don’t have to, I mused.

I wandered back into the kitchen, now in different kind of daze. God, she was even more gorgeous than I remembered, and seemed to be in even better shape. She must be taking advantage of my gym equipment in the basement. I rifled through the fridge, again pleased to find it so well stocked. As I put together a turkey and swiss sandwich, I thought about how much I missed cheese while in Thailand. I also thought more about my correspondence with Jolie over the past few months.

Jolie mostly texted me, and hadn’t been overbearing at all. She sent occasional updates on Sid – mostly just pics of him. Through these texts, I got to know more about her personality and gathered she was a rather adventurous and outgoing woman. She wanted to know where to find a beach that allowed dogs, for example. Later on, she noted that she’d been going to first Fridays, as I had suggested, and at the last one met Marc, the artist who painted the abstract nude hanging in my dining room. Jolie texted that he was, “gorgeous talented creepy. #notgivingmyrealname.” I agreed with her assessment.

She also asked if she could use my bike after Macy got one for her birthday, explaining that she’d take good care of it and replace it if anything happened. I don’t think she had any idea how much that bike really cost, but I thought it’d be pretentious to point that out so I simply told her where she could find the lock and key. Then she wondered if the bike cart thingy was for Sid, because he sat in it every time they went to go on a bike ride. Very observant, as it was Sid’s. Then she asked if he needed a helmet. I said no assuming she was joking, but she sent me a link for dog helmets the next day. Turns out there was such a product, and dog riding goggles too. Jolie said purple would best complement his golden fur tones, but black looked more punk. What’d I think? Maybe she was actually serious, so I said I didn’t think Sid would wear a helmet, but if she insisted, the helmet should be red to match my bike. She agreed that Sid wasn’t the type of dog to wear a helmet since he liked to feel the wind blow through his fur. I think it was a joke. Anyhow, it gave me a much needed laugh since, as it turns out, humor doesn’t translate well across cultures.

I was eating my sandwich and enjoying my beer, while still recollecting our recent correspondence when Jolie came into the kitchen. She was now clothed, but looking just as luscious. She was wearing silk blue-striped pajama pants, with a tight fitting tank top and apparently no bra. Jolie was of a thin, muscular build, with a smaller chest but noticeably perky nipples. She headed straight to the coffee maker, “Need something to help wake me up — be outta your way in just a sec.”

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