Neighborly Relations Pt. 04

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This is the fourth part of a story in the “NEIGHBORLY RELATIONS” series. It’s best to read them in order, but a quick recap will help here. Neighbors Emily Porter and Patty Trent have taken up a lesbian relationship. Patty’s husband knows about it, but Robert Porter does not. Robert did, however, accompany Emily into the Trent back yard to watch his exhibitionist neighbor screw her husband through her bedroom window. The Porter children, Elaine and Danny, know about it, too. In fact, they have video. And, they have video of their parents screwing that excites them very much. Oh, yes, Danny and Elaine have taken up masturbating together lately. And playing doctor, too. MEANWHILE, Jenny and Daryl Peterson had a sex party with Terry and John Carter, and now both couples want more. Everyone will get more, very soon.



CHAPTER ONE, The Ugly Duckling

When Patty Trent was growing up, she’d felt that she was plain, less than attractive, because of her braces and greasy skin, lank hair, and a pimple beside her nose that would never go away. Her sister was a beauty, and she had boys fighting to take her out, but Patty knew she’d never have that happen to her. No, not Ugly Patty.

The girl she had been then couldn’t see beyond the surface to admire the straightforward prettiness of her face and the inquisitive glow in her eyes. No, she didn’t see anything worth much there. So, as she grew, getting rid of her braces in her senior year, and as her breasts began filling out to their eventual pleasing weight and her bottom rounded seductively, she didn’t see it happening. No, she was just plain old Patty Rasmussen, Charlotte Rasmussen’s ugly little sister.

It was in college that she began to change her opinions about herself, beginning in the dressing room at the campus pool, where a very pretty blonde coed said, “Damn, I wish I had your ass, Patty. My butt is flat as a boy’s butt.” Patty had been confused by the compliment, but she returned to her dorm room to study herself in the full length mirror on the back of the door. Yes, her ass was pretty good, wasn’t it? And her tits, while they weren’t yet to their eventual D cup size, were shapely and firm. Really not so bad at all.

As for her face, well, she still had trouble seeing what she was looking at.

One night, she was trying on clothing in preparation for going to a movie with her roommate and her roommate’s boyfriend. She couldn’t decide, and went from one blouse to another, finally settling on a pale yellow blouse that would require a change of bra. She removed her bra and turned to pick up a white one that wouldn’t show through. That was when she happened to see the sidewalk outside the window. On that sidewalk, lit by one of the tall lamps gracing the campus, five young men were standing, grinning, and clearly enjoying the sight through her second floor window. Patty was shocked, and she froze for a moment, facing them directly before the boys realized that she was looking back and ran for cover.

The boys had been watching her change clothes. They had been turned on by what they saw. And, the next time, when she “accidentally” exposed herself, she felt a hot thrill that someone out there, perhaps unseen, was enjoying the view.

At first, she didn’t admit to herself that she was purposely exposing herself, but that is what she began doing. Her closet was nearest the window, so she had a perfect excuse. She never left the drapes completely open, as they had been that first time, but about half closed. It was fun capturing the attention of passersby, randomly stopping boys and girls, even a couple professors. Some took a quick look and hurried away in embarrassment, while others stood and stared. It was an erotic thrill to be looked at like that. It made her nipples hard, her pussy wet.

It was far too fun to stop.

One night in her junior year an Engineering student named Charles Trent stopped outside her window. She’d been putting on these impromptu shows for a year by then, and he knew what he was looking for. Charles wasn’t someone who got off by peeping in windows, but he’d been admiring Patty Rasmussen from affair for several months while never working up the nerve to talk to her. When he mentioned to his roommate that he thought she was hot, the other boy agreed and mentioned that, if he was patient and timed things right, he might get to see her naked.

So, he’d come to look, already enraptured by her beauty fully clothed. This new image was nearly too much to bear. She saw him on the sidewalk, staring at him in return, and he held his ground and didn’t run away.

Patty held her ground too, emboldened by the knowledge of her appeal. She came to the window, still topless, and called through the screen, “Hey, you’re that guy from English class aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am,” he replied. “Charles Trent.”

“Okay, see you in class tomorrow,” she said, closing the draperies.

A little bit over a year later, they were married.


They Gaziantep Genç Escort set up housekeeping together, and, while he worked construction, she taught elementary school. They had two children, Debby and Kelly, and they moved into a house on a nice quiet cul-de-sac in the suburbs. Eventually, Charles rose to foreman of the whole operation, and, when the school cut back on teachers, they decided that Patty shouldn’t worry about work just then. She became a stay at home mother.

In all that time, Patty had never purposely exposed herself again. She had a muscular husband with a very large cock who loved her more than life itself. She didn’t need anyone else to testify to her attractiveness. She forgot about the thrill.

But one day, in mid winter, the thrill returned. She had just finished her shower and wanted to apply lotion to her legs, but the bottle wasn’t in the bathroom. After drying herself, she walked naked to the bedroom looking for the bottle. It wasn’t there. Oh, yes, she’d used it in the living room. She walked immediately out to the brightly lit living room. The lotion was on the end table by the picture window sitting under a lamp that was providing some of the illumination on a dim winter day. Giving no thought to the open drapes, she picked up the bottle and poured some lotion on her hand, thinking to put her foot up and apply it right there.

As she put her foot on the chair, she happened to glance out and see the mailman standing in the middle of the street with a handful of letters and a lust filled expression on her face. Patty’s heart hammered within her, as though his scrutiny was an electric charge. Her pussy grew moist as she lowered her leg and turned away from the window, still aware of his eyes on her butt as she slowly walked away.

Patty wiped the lotion off on a towel and lay on her bed to finger herself to a monumental climax.

In bed that night, Patty rolled toward her husband and said, “Remember how we met?”

“Yeah, I’d been told there was a cute little stripper on campus and I went to take a look,” he said, sliding his hand down over her shoulder and along to her hip.

“The mailman saw me naked today,” she blurted, not knowing any good way to say it. She related the entire story to him, complete with her masturbation, and waited for a reply. His cock, growing against her knee as she lay facing him, presaged the answer.

“I bet her liked that,” Charles said.

“Yes, it looked like he did, before I ran away from the window.”

“You never run away from anything,” he teased her then. “You want to be seen again, don’t you?” Charles always cut to the heart of the matter, and this was no exception.


“You don’t need my permission, really,” he said. “It’s your body.”

“It’s your body, too,” Patty told him. “We’re married. I wouldn’t want to do anything you don’t know about.”

Charles thought about it, taking his time even as he traced the curve of her buttocks with one hand and moved his cock in to slide up over her knee. Finally, he spoke.

“Well, I believe that what a person does in their own home is their own business,” he said. “I suppose the matter gets tricky when it comes down to leaving curtains open on purpose. Still, to each his own, right?’

Patty gripped his cock in reply, stroking, smiling.

“Just be careful,” he told her. “And I don’t really have to tell you, but make sure you’re not prancing around when little kids might see you.”

“Absolutely,” she said. “God, I love you.” She kissed him deeply, filling the kiss with all the love she had inside.

The next day, after all the school buses had gone, Patty opened her front curtains and vacuumed her carpet in the nude. Her neighbor, Robert Porter, was just leaving for work, and he slowed as he drove down the street. He was her first audience member, and she thrilled to the idea of giving that boring banker a stiffy.

Over the next couple years, Patty continued her hobby without problems, and without ever really knowing if any one other than Robert Porter saw her or not. Their little neighborhood was a quiet place that went on its way quietly. Nobody complained, so maybe nobody was watching at all.

Patty couldn’t know that both the Peterson’s and the Burtons had clear views through her front window from their own darkened living rooms. She didn’t know how Daryl and Jenny Peterson, both in their early 50’s, liked to watch her and then have a little quickie before Daryl drove down to his car dealership. And she didn’t realize that Ralph and Betty Burton had gone so far as to record a couple of her little shows with their high-def camera and have some special loved ones over to enjoy it. She didn’t know because they were twenty years older than she was and didn’t appear to be particularly sexually active.

Those neighbors liked her shows because of their old school charm. She wasn’t masturbating, fornicating, or standing on her head. She was vacuuming the carpet or dusting furniture. She was just showing off, and they found that rather sweet.

Over time she’d taken to scampering out to her detached garage to sit in their mini van and masturbate while watching the street. Her husband and chief enabler backed the van into the garage for her specifically for that purpose. She loved the thrill of exposure felt during that brief run between the house and the garage.

It was a Wednesday in May when everything changed. Patty had spent the morning cleaning, dusting, and had even gone into the back yard to retrieve some stray toys. Then, in the afternoon, the temptation of the van in the garage was too much to ignore. She hurried out across the driveway with the garage opener in hand and took up her position in the passenger seat of the car. The part of her brain that told her this activity was stupid was no match for the part that was thrilled. Her heart was racing, her pussy wet, and her hand went to her groin immediately.

And then Emily Porter came out of her house and started the sprinkler on her lawn. She turned, spotted Patty, and approached her where she sat naked in her mini van. Patty finally felt the mortification of discovery. It wasn’t a man, who might appreciate the sight and just let it pass. No, it was Emily Porter, the perfect in all ways mother of two and wife of Robert, the staid banker. She would probably call the police and they’d have to leave the neighborhood in shame.

Patty burst into tears.

“Please don’t,” Emily said as she hurried around the car to get in on the driver’s side. “Don’t cry. Don’t. I didn’t mean to . . .”

“I knew I’d get caught some time,” Patty said, bravely fighting back tears and wiping her cheeks with the back of her hand. “I just didn’t think about, about what it would be like to be caught.”

“Well, at least it was me,” Emily said. “I just had to find out what was going on.”

Patty’s tears slowed as the other woman spoke to her, and her opinion of Emily Porter melted into something entirely different than before.

Emily told her that she had caught a glimpse of her naked body on Monday and had needed to masturbate after seeing her. Emily, her formal, proper neighbor, had been aroused by Patty’s body. She’d come out today because she couldn’t hold back. She just had to see.

Patty could see it in her eyes now, pure lust. Emily might not be willing to acknowledge it yet, but she definitely had the hots for Patty Trent. God, that excited Patty. And, before they parted company, the two women sat side by side in the mini van and masturbated together. By the time they finished, Patty figured that maybe she had the hots for Emily, too.


“Does she shave her pussy?” Charles asked Patty later in bed. His cock displayed his interest in the story Patty had just relayed, and his steady gaze on Patty’s face told her he was hoping for more.

“Why, do you want a piece of her?” Patty teased.

“No, but the two of you together, man. I just wanted to fill in the image in my mind,” he said.

“You’re not mad about it?”

“About what? You got caught and played out a bad hand. What else could you do? Boy, you and Emily Porter.” He nodded, clearly enjoying the image in his mind.

“I want it to happen again, Charles,” Patty told him. “I’d really like to take it further.”

“I figured you did when you started telling me,” he said.

“Well, what do you think?”

“I think that you love me,” he said. “You love me every bit as much as I love you. I want you to be happy, babe, but I’ve got selfish thoughts right now, too. I’m thinking how fun it would be to listen to you describe your encounters.”

“Encounters? Plural?”

“I doubt you’ll stop at one,” he laughed, hugging her. “Just so long as you tell me all about it, it’s fine with me.”

“Oh, I will,” she promised. “I’ll tell you in great, intimate detail while you’re big fat cock is slamming into my hot, wet cunt. I promise.”

“I’ll hold you to it.” Charles rolled her to her back and kneed her legs apart to lower himself down to the shaved entrance of her hot tunnel. She grasped him, rubbing him on the wet slit and over her clit like a living dildo, and then guided him into the opening and let go.

He slammed his cock in the rest of the way, all ten inches of him, and Patty cried out in pleasure as he settled into a moderate pace. Charles pumped his cock deep into his wife’s wet pussy for a full ten minutes, staring into her eyes all the while, both of them smiling in bliss. And Patty’s bliss was complete when he released a hot mass of cum deep in her tunnel. They were soul mates-two perfect sides of one coin.

The next night she told Charles of going into Patty’s house unannounced and actually catching the other woman pleasuring herself with a huge dildo.

“She had it suction-cupped to the table and was squatting up and down on this, this huge, fat fake cock,” Patty said. “Jesus, did she get off or what. But you know what she was saying just before she came?” Patty kissed down her husband’s stomach and licked up the shaft of his cock, waiting for him to ask.

“Okay, what did she say?” he asked, settling in to enjoy the ministrations of Patty’s tongue.

“She was saying, ‘Fuck me, Charles! Put your big dick in me!’ Cool, huh?” She took him into her mouth, circling the head of his cock with her tongue.

“What? What do you mean?”

“Apparently, her husband told her that he saw your equipment at the gym. She told me that he said you were huge.” She took his huge cock into her mouth again, pumping with her hand as she licked and sucked.

“He told her that? Why?”

“I guess he was comparing you to the huge dildo he bought for her. She thought it was way too big, but he said it wasn’t and then reported on your penis size.” Patty could feel him firming up even more when she told him that, and she knew a bit about the thrill of knowing that someone out there has been thinking about your body. She took him into her mouth again, sucking and pumping faster. Then she released him to say, “The dildo is sure as long as you, but way fatter. I don’t believe anybody’s got a dick that fat!” And then she went back to work on his cock.

“And that’s when you guys did it?”

“Oh, yes. We did each other with that fat cock and then went in for the kill,” she said, continuing to stroke him. “I pulled her face into my snatch and told her to do me. I told her to ‘make me scream like your bitch, suck my clit.” She said. “And then I said I’d do her so hard she’d think she died and went to heaven.”

“Oh, God, what an image,” Charles said. “Did you like it?”

“Yeah, I did. I never thought a woman would actually taste good, but she did in a musky sort of way. I really got off on it.” She tickled the opening in the center of his purple head with her tongue, teasing it as she stroked him, and then ran her whole tongue around the head before moving her mouth down to see just how much of his dick she could fit in. Today seemed like a day for firsts, and maybe she’d succeed in deep-throating him.

“What else happened?”

“Her daughter came home early so we had to scramble. We ended up going to the sex store and buying toys, so I think I’m going to have something really good to tell you tomorrow.”

“Boy, I don’t know if my heart can take it,” he teased. “I’d love to see the two of you.”

“I’m not sure Emily would mind,” Patty said. “It’s just that I’m not sure I’m ready to share you.”

“I just want to watch.”

Patty stood, quivering with sudden excitement. “Get up, big boy,” she said, and she lay on the bed when he stepped off on the floor. Patty began rubbing her pussy, exciting her hard clit even further as she slid up so that her head hung off the side of the bed. “Come on and have at me,” she told him.

“Oh, don’t be silly. I don’t need a deep throat job,” Charles told her.

“But I want to do one,” Patty said. The thought had come over her without prompting as she was telling him her story, and now she just had to try. They had tried it a couple times without success. Her gag reflex was nearly as strong as her need to breathe air. This time would be different, she felt.

“Come on. If I can eat pussy I can deep throat ten inches. And I promise to push you off if I’m choking or something. You’re not going to kill me.” She looked up at his cock from below, his balls hanging heavy, pendulous below. Reaching up, she grasped him and pulled him forward to where she could suck his balls into her mouth gently, juggling them with her tongue as he sighed.

“Okay,” he said at last. “Just give me a minute to be ready before you start. I don’t want you having to work too hard.”

She took his scrotum back into her mouth as he began stroking himself and watching her move her fingers in her pussy. Watching her glistening fingers and seeing her breasts sliding over her rib cage, flattened as she lay on her back, was a thrill, and he was soon ready. “Open up,” he said, backing slightly.

Patty grasped his cock and said, “Fuck my face, baby. Shoot that load so deep that I can’t even taste it.” And then she relaxed her throat and let her mouth hang open, inhaling deeply as she took the bulbous head into her mouth and pulled him deeper. His rock hard cock slid in over her tongue and touched the back of her throat, nearly gagging her, but she willed herself to relax, to open up, to take him all the way in.

Soon, Charles’ balls were hitting her closed eyes as he moved himself in her throat. She was swallowing, exciting him further, and his release came swiftly. He felt himself exploding into her throat and then stumbled back, gasping, filling her mouth and then leaving one last spurt of cum on the side of her nose.

“Holy sit,” Charles said, falling onto the bed beside her.

“Exactly,” Patty agreed, swallowing the shot of cum that had filled her mouth as he was withdrawing. “I don’t know if I can ever do it again, but I’m sure as hell glad I got to try it out.”

“You and me both.” And the husband and wife laughed together.

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