Ness Discovers Milk Cum and More

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Tash bent over the counter in the kitchen whilst the party cheered. She had her bum stuck out whilst Ness and one of the other party goers held kitchen utensils.

They’d been playing a spanking game on everyone and now it was her go to get whacked.

Jack stood videoing it on his phone, enjoying watching his girlfriend get spanked by two other women, even if it was only for fun and not sexual. He felt the odd small pulse in the shaft of his cock as it happened before him.

As the party kept on going so did the drinking with everyone getting drunker and drunker.

Gradually the guest began to leave as couples or groups eventually leaving just Ness waiting on her taxi in Jack and Tasha’s house.

Finally she relented and phone the taxi company to find out what was happening only to be told he had broken down and it would be an hour before they could get her another one.

“Fuck’s sake, taxi’s going to be another hour!” She drunkenly whined.

“Ha! Sucks to be you!” Teased Jack.

“It’s fine,” Tash told her, “just stay here if you need to. Do you want some more to drink? I can get you another vodka?”

“Oh god, maybe not vodka, it gets me all worked up and horny!” She giggled.

Tash looked at her slightly supposed but also giggled along with her in her own drunk state.

“Well at least I might get my go at spanking you back then if I get you another vodka!” Tash said.

“Oh, no! I want to try it with my hand, I’ve never done that before and it looks fun!”

Jack felt the pulse in his cock again and hoped this was about to go where he wanted it to. His girlfriend and a hot blonde who just admitted to being horny…

“Ye go on Tash, see if she can leave a hand print on you!” He smiled as he said it seeing Tash shrug, turn round and offer her round thick ass up to Ness.

Ness gave a whoop and quickly pinched her bum before saying loudly “1,…2,…3…”

Slap! Ness’s hand slapped across one cheek of Tash’s round ass giving off a loud smacking sound. Tash gave a quick squeak mixed with a whelp, a mixture of pleasure and suppose.

“Fuck it” thought Jack,” may as well see how far this can go, I can always stroke my cock to the thoughts and cum hard over myself if it goes nowhere.”

He went over to his girlfriend and looked Ness in the eyes, “Works better without the dress, you can see the hand print better.”

He slid up Tash’s dress, surprised at her not resisting or pushing his hand off. As it slid up Ness could see black mesh knickers, sexy but not slutty covering her ass.

Watching Jack reveal his girlfriend like this to her, she suddenly felt a wetness approaching mixed with a little flutter.

“Go on Ness, give it to me again, see if you can leave a print on the other gaziantep escort cheek!” Tash goaded.

Ness placed her hand over Tash’s big round bum noticing how soft and warm it felt below her skirt, she hadn’t noticed before. Her hand lingered for a moment and out of the corner of her eye she caught sight of Jacks crotch through his jeans. Either his cock was really big when soft of he was getting turned on watching! That thought only help excite her more as she licked her lips before giving Tash a final hard spank.

Tash yelped with pleasure again, spanking always felt good when she was a bit drunk.

She turned round and noticed her boyfriends cock bulging.

“And what’s that!” She proclaimed.

Her inhibitions about pointing it out gone from drinking gin all night.

She quickly grabbed it though his jeans.

“Oh my god Ness! Look he’s such a perv.”

“True.” said Ness half staring half giggling. “But it is kind of hot.”

“Of course it’s hot watching two girls spank each other!” he protested. “Only thing hotter is of you two kissed!”

Tash shrugged “Fine then.” Looked at Ness and pulled her towards her.

Ness had no clue what was coming next but suddenly found herself kissing Jack’s girlfriend in front of him.

“Holy fuck, this is hot!” Ness thought. She was now getting really wet, she could feel it though her own lace knickers.

As they pulled apart Tash said, “Go on then, take your cock out, we want to see how hot you really think it was! In fact, you’re always getting naked at party’s for a laugh, why don’t you do it now, seeing as your boxers won’t fit round your cock soon!”

At the sound of this the blood pumped heavily to Jack’s cock. He could feel the thick veins struggling against his boxers. As quick as he could he stripped. Happy to free up his thick hard cock. He could feel it pulsing in front of the girls and loved that they were both staring at it as the pre cum began to drip.

He quickly ran his finger over and sucked the pre cum off, leaving no room for doubt that he was horny, ready for this to go further and just incase Ness hadn’t realised, he was happy to experiment!

“Why don’t you kiss round my cock then?” He asked.

Without a seconds hesitation Ness dropped and greedily started licking the thick shaft. Tash followed suit, seemingly unworried that another girl was tonguing her man’s cock.

Tash grabbed the shaft and began to wank it into Ness’s mouth, he free hand squeezing her own tits.

She stood up and pulled off her dress revealing round tits squashed into a push up bra, quickly unclasping it she ripped it off to show her big tits off. He thick nipples were as hard as bullets and she pinched at one as she began to run her clit.

This hatay escort was happening so fast Ness didn’t know what to do. She decided to just keep getting as much of Jacks thick cock into her mouth as she could. Her tongue roamed round it and she could feel the pulsating head of his cock, taste the constant flow of pre cum from him as he ran his fingers through her hair and pulled her mouth round more of his cock.

“Jesus this is hot, seeing you get your cock sucked is making me drip babe! I wanna cum watching you get sucked off!”

“Fuck yeah, she’s so good at sucking,! Let me see you play with your tits whilst she blows me!”

Ness looked up though a mouthful of cock, dripping wet at the sudden dirty talk. As turned on as she was by Jack’s cock, Tash stood there rubbing her clit in nothing but her knickers was turning her on just as much. She suddenly realised she wanted to suck Tash’s tits as well as Jack’s cock. She felt like a perv mixed with a slut and the thought made her heart race with excitement.

Looking up at Tash’s round tits she suddenly noticed a little white bead at the end of the nipple she was squeezing! What was that? Was that milk!?!

Tash didn’t realise but Jack had been trying to get her to produce milk by sucking and playing with her boobs as often as he could. It looked like it had started to work!

Suddenly milk began to drip out of the breast tash was squeezing as her body began to shake with her first orgasm. She flushed red all over and milk ran down her breast.

“Oh my god let me suck those tits!” Ness begged.

Tash still hadn’t seen her milk yet but pushed her tit into Ness’s mouth. Her sucking helped it flow and before long both breasts were leaking sweet milk.

Suddenly she realised what was happening, she felt both shocked and turned on. Both Ness and Jack were almost drooling at the sight of her milk filled tits.

“Oh so you two like this do you? You pair of pervs!”

Ness quickly pulled off her top and bra as fast as she could and begged to be sprayed with Tash’s milk. What had come over her, this was such a pervy thing to do!

“Please tash, give me some milk! I fucking love it!”

“Ok” agreed tash, “but I want to see you get Jack off some more too!”

Ness dropped to her knees in front of him and began to stroke his cock, kissing and licking the tip, all the time Tash was spraying them with her milk.

“God there’s so much of it” Jack said, breathless.

“Well you two had best start drinking some then!” Tash said, and she pulled them both to her chest, loving how fast they both latched on to her with simultaneous sucking motions.

She could feel the milk exiting her and imagined what they must feel like having mouths filled up hatay escort with sweat tit milk.

As they began to empty her of milk she could see it dripping down their chins. She wanted some. She wanted to taste that sweet milk. She leaned forward and licked it off her man before dropping to Ness’s tits and letting it pour from her mouth over her hard nipples. As it ran down she dropped and slurped it back up swallowing as she did so.

Jack’s cock with still hard, he needed to cum, and so far Ness hadn’t had chance to.

“Right” tash said taking control, “I want Jack to cum all over your tits whilst you play with yourself… then I’m going to clean you up as you’re such a dirty girl!” She winked, as Ness unbuttoned her jeans and did as she was told, gently swirling her fingers over her clit, she knew she would cum the instant Jack’s thick spunk fired from his cock. She wanted it to build and be a heavy gushing orgasm.

Jack clearly wanted the same as he kept stopping his stroking and cradled his balls every now and then. He was clearly trying to build up as much cum for Ness as he could.

“Good” she thought, “I want his cum to coat me” she said out loud, “I want to be a dirty cum slut so you can clean me up Tash, come on, lick your man’s hot spunk off my tits whilst I cum!”

That sent Tash over the edge and another wave of orgasm hit her. She almost screamed with pleasure as she saw it sending Jack over the edge too!

His thick cock began to erupt. Spurt after spurt of cum flew from his cock all over Ness. He kept pumping it hard trying to soak her as much as possible.

Tash was pleased to see how much cum he had, there must have been 15 or 16 thick shots of cum spray Ness. Both her tits were drenched, her nipples could no longer be seen though the cum and ropes of spunk had hit her face. It had dropped over her cheeks and onto her lips.

As Ness began to rub her clit as hard and fast as she could tash quickly went to work cleaning her man’s cum off her. Slurping it up from her nipples and using her hands to scoop whatever she could up, though glazed eyes rolling in her head Ness suddenly realised that Tash was scooping it into Jack’s hungry mouth.

He lapped it up smiling, still stroking his cock. Whatever cum was left on Ness’s hard nipples was soon licked up by him.

“Holy fuck!” she thought. “I’ve never seen or heard of a guy do that! That’s so fucking hot!” And she Began to cum again. Just as she did Tash started to lick the cum from Ness’s face and quickly pulled Jack in.

His tongue helped tash roam round before the two of them pushed their cum soaked mouths against Ness. The three of them began to kiss, cum rolling from one mouth to another, hands all over each other.

Ness and Tash sat back breathless, Jack tried to stand up but gave up and knelt down instead. His cock was still rock hard Ness noticed. The three of them all looked at each other smiling without saying a word.

Suddenly ness’s phone began to beep.

“Shit the fucking taxi!” she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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