New World Beasts Pt. 01 Ch. 07

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Big Tits

Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


In the morning, Leo and I woke first. We stumbled downstairs nude, where I showed him how to brew coffee and the many different ways to make eggs. He stumbled on the over-easy, but overall made me proud. When Will and Nick showed up at the breakfast table, Leo greeted them with a kiss and prepared them each a cup of coffee to order.

As we ate breakfast, we discussed what to do with the day. Like a true slut, all my son wanted was more cock in his ass. The rest of us were willing, but starting to get sore.

My brother, as usual, was full of clever ideas. “First of all, we’ve got those buttplugs you showed us earlier. I say we start him off with the smallest in the morning, and work him up to the biggest tonight.

“In the meantime, why don’t we make it a family game day? Remember how Dad used to set it up? We could start with five-card stud, Leo could stay under the table and pleasure whoever wins the round.”

Leo was keen on this idea. While Nick lubed up his new cousin and slid the smallest buttplug into his increasingly loose hole, I pulled out the chips and cards. With his plug shoved firmly into him, Leo climbed under the table where he began stroking and kissing legs, eager to play the family slut.

Nick won the first round with a straight. Leo eagerly began to work on his cock, but Nick gently told him to suck and fondle his balls instead. It was a good strategy to avoid distraction, and Nick’s cock was overworked already, but it didn’t help him in the next round when he realized he’d given away half of a pair of queens.

Leo moved on to me. He curled up close between my legs, not just sucking on my dick but stroking my thighs and playing with my balls. It was difficult to concentrate, but I didn’t mind.

I remembered as a young man when my father would suggest this game when he had his sons together. When I was the youngest, I would be underneath the table having the time of my life doing whatever I could to please and distract the current winner. Later, I would feel the wrath of karma when my two younger brothers would get their turns to use their mouths and hands to distract me.

I won the next round, not for lack of Leo’s distractions, but because I was determined for them not to end.

During the next round, Leo discovered that he could fit both of my nuts in his cheeks at the same time. I could feel his tongue swirling them around in his mouth, his beard pressed against my groin, and my stiff cock against his face. Will won that round with an obvious bluff; I obviously had my mind elsewhere.

I couldn’t see Leo working my brother’s cock, but knowing that the far-off look in his eye was due to my son was beyliikdüzü escort very gratifying. So was the three of a kind that I won the next round with. My nuts were back in my son’s mouth, and his hands were rubbing my cock against his beard. Needless to say, I lost the next round.

It was Nick’s turn next. He could barely count the cards in his hand; his mind was elsewhere. Halfway through the hand I could see his left hand dip down below the table, and by the motions he was making I could guess that he was fucking Leo’s face.

We only lasted two more rounds, and nobody was even sure who won. The next thing I knew, I was standing next to Will with his tongue in my mouth and both of our dicks in Leo’s mouth. Nick was on his knees next to Leo, playing with his buttplug. He was slowly sliding it in and out, and with each pass of the bulb through his hole Leo gasped a little around our cocks.

Nick stuck his face into my crotch and started nuzzling my balls. I could feel his tongue tracing circles around my sack, his beard tickling the inside of my legs. Leo conceded my cock to Nick, who slid it right down his throat and rammed his nose into my crotch. I’d always loved the way my nephew gave head; his father had taught him some valuable skills. All the while, he continued to fuck Leo slowly with the buttplug.

“So much for taking a break,” I laughed.

Will smiled. “It’s getting too close to the full moon now. There’s no way we could restrain ourselves.”

I nodded, and rested my head on his furry shoulder, letting his long salt-and-pepper beard fall across my face. I felt his hand rubbing my ass cheek, and I realized that this might be the longest we’ve ever been together without him fucking me.

As if in response, he slid a finger between my cheeks and began playing with my hole. I was still a little wet and sloppy from being fucked by Leo last night.

Will pulled me tight. “What do you say you and I show these kids how grown men do it?”

“I’d like that. What do you think, kids? Up for a demonstration?”

Nick and Leo withdrew their faces from our dicks to nod enthusiastically.

Will led me up to my bed, and wasted no time getting me on all fours with his face planted between my cheeks. He was rimming me like a pro, and had wrapped his beard around my cock and balls like he knows I like, rubbing them gently.

Leo and Nick were standing next to the bed, unsure. I looked up to see my son watching me with fascination, seeing me submit for the first time.

“It’s okay, son. I’m gonna show you how to be a good slut. Both of you, come on up here and feed me your cocks.”

They settled in before me and I got to work pleasuring them. I hadn’t yet shown bodrum escort Leo my deep-throating skills; he made a satisfied sigh when I got his dick all the way into my throat. I reached under his balls and was happy to find that he still had the buttplug inside him. He squirmed as I played with it.

Will was on his knees behind me now, his thick cockhead pushing against my hole. I felt nervous every time he was about to penetrate me, but I knew I could take him. He slid slowly, carefully into me, adding a wad of spit as he went.

Our sons were watching in fascination. Nick had seen his father fuck me before, but even now he was still mesmerized. It was important to me that they remember that is was normal to enjoy both fucking and being fucked, and that having another man’s cock inside you can be masculine and wonderful.

Will increased his tempo fairly quickly, knowing from experience that I would open up to him readily. I loved the feel of his cock; of my two older brothers, I could tell their cocks apart blindfolded. They might look pretty much identical, but Will’s shaft had a pleasant shape that bulged in the middle to stretch and relax my hole as he thrust in and out of me.

The enjoyment must have been obvious on my face, because when I looked up I could see it reflected back from Leo and Nick. I wrapped my arms around the two of them and held them tight as Will began to pound me harder. I could feel my whole body rocking with the force of his thrusting. Nick and Leo held me tight. The two of them started to make out, and I joined in, our tongues and lips mingling.

Will pulled out and grabbed me by the waist, flipping me over. He pulled my legs up and slid into me firmly and roughly. I could see by the look on his face that he was really getting into it, and wasn’t planning on holding back. He leaned over me and nibbled at my neck, restraining himself from biting.

“Want it hard?” he asked me.

“Yeah, give it to me. Show these boys how we treat a pig.”

Will responded by spitting in my face, a thick spray of saliva. I opened my mouth in a wide grin, and he spat again and again. Just like my son, I loved it. Will gestured at Leo and Nick, who hovered over me. They looked uncertain; Will nodded and gestured down at me.

Nick spat first, a heavy glob that landed on my cheek. I nodded encouragingly. Leo spat next, aiming for my mouth but missing and hitting my chin. They kept going, taking turns as Will focused on slamming himself into me. Leo let loose a long stream of drool that landed perfectly in my mouth; I swirled it around with my tongue, enjoying the taste of him.

My face was soaked pretty quickly, and Nick and Leo were soon licking my face and spreading the bolu escort spit between them. Will slowed down his pace long enough to soak the three of our faces in more of his saliva.

“Okay you two,” I said breathlessly. “Get your cocks up here. Come on up and fuck my face.”

They obeyed quickly, both of them struggling to get a proper angle to get both of their cocks in my mouth at the same time. I reached up and felt the plug still inside my son, and started playing with it again. Will was ramming me so hard now that I felt like a tunnel blasted open wide.

I looked up to see his face soaked with sweat. He reared up and made a few long, forceful thrusts into me ass. He came with a long, loud howl, and I could feel his cock swelling and squirting. As he finished, Leo and Nick backed out of the way quickly as he collapsed on me in a heap. His face rested on my face, and I couldn’t help myself but to lick up some of the sweat that covered him.

“Okay, brother. You’ve had your turn. Let these boys experience what it’s like to be inside a man.”

Will rolled off me with a smile. Will and Leo both rushed to get to my ass, and eyed each other up nervously. They both obviously wanted a go at me first, so I decided to avoid a situation.

“Okay, new plan. Son, lay down on your back.”

Leo lay down on the bed next to Will, curious. Facing him, I straddled his pelvis. His cock was already rock hard, and Will had stretched me well. I slid down on him in one fluid motion, and we both let out a sigh of pleasure.

“Okay, Nick. Come on over. Right up behind me.”

Confused at first, Nick caught the idea quickly. He straddled Leo’s legs behind me, and lined himself up with Leo’s cock.

The sensation of Nick entering me was phenomenal. When I was young I used to take my father’s and brothers’ cocks together all the time, but it had been a while. I was proud that I was still able to open myself up to two men at once.

I began grinding my pelvis, very slowly at first. It was a tight fit, and the sensations were overwhelming. Nick reached around and ran his hands over my hairy chest; Leo reached up and stroked my belly.

I managed to get a proper rhythm going and keep my balance. It felt amazing, not just because I had two beautiful hard dicks inside me, but because they belonged to two young men I loved very much. Feeling my son’s and nephew’s cocks pressed up against each other, sliding in and out of me, was incredibly hot.

Leo didn’t last long, with his buttplug enhancing the experience. I increased my tempo until he passed the point of no return. I felt his body tense up underneath me, and he threw his head back as his cock let loose his load inside me.

Nick reached the same point immediately after. He wrapped his arms around me and started bucking wildly, and came while Leo was still inside me.

Spent and sweaty, we all collapsed on the bed to catch our breath. My hole felt pleasantly sore and stretched. I was happy to be carrying the loads of my brother, son, and nephew.

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