Nurture Thy Brother Ch. 02


Most of my stories are written for my wife’s reading pleasure. She sometimes is the character and others she is not. Most are written from an aspect that places her there or gives her the most realism that I can possibly give. I hope you enjoy.



Three weeks had passed since Charity Ross had spent the night with her younger brother Robert and the thoughts of that night had been a constantly on her mind.

Nothing could have prepared her for the events that took place. What was supposed to be a night of consoling and nurturing for a younger brother going through difficult times became a night of reckless, yet the most satisfying sex she had ever had.

She’d not heard from Robert since that night and she worried about his thoughts. She knew what they shared was totally forbidden and she spent many days with feelings she didn’t understand.

Everything in her being was screaming that it was wrong, but her body refused to agree.

Her thoughts flashed back to the moment Robert revealed his cock and how at that moment, she knew that she must have it and always have it. She remembered the feel of his cock as it slid down her throat and the taste of his cum when he filled her mouth the first time.

She remembered the mass of his cock as it entered her ass.

He was uneasy with the actual act of intercourse, so she gave herself to him in another way first.

That was all it took and he was all in for the rest of the night and the next morning. He made slow passionate love to her and came over and over again inside her womb.

Now, she wondered if they had maybe ruined their bond by going to far. She wanted to call and check on him, but was worried of his reaction, so she waited. She was hoping he would call her soon and that all would be fine. She decided that she would only wait a day or so more, then go see him.

Charity struggled with the guilt of betraying her husband. Mark was a good man. He loved and cared for her like no other could. Sex with him was good and she had never been disappointed, but he never took her to the places that she and Robert had gone. She was amazed at the closeness she and her baby brother shared in the later hours of making love.

At first, it was raw, nervous and at times, clumsy sex, but as the night continued, they seemed to crawl inside one another, seeking a bond deeper than they thought possible.

They would lay belly to belly with Robert inside her. He would put his hands on her ass and pull her so close that it seemed he would push his cock through her, yet still he wasn’t deep enough.

She wanted him deeper. He wanted to be deeper.

Could she ever have that with Mark?

She didn’t think so, but she knew she still wanted him. He was the man she loved and the man she wanted. She told herself that she could not have Robert again, but as she said it, she knew she was lying to herself.


Robert Durman spent the last three weeks much like his sister. He dealt with strong feelings about their night together. He wondered if all had been lost between them.

The tuzla escort first three or four days were spent hiding in his house and not answering the phone for fear it may be her and he wouldn’t know what to say.

He knew he should be feeling guilt and at first, he did, but now he only felt a longing, a longing to see her and maybe talk about what had happened.

What happened that night for Robert was life changing. The divorce no longer mattered and he was over feeling sorry for himself. He was ready to face the world again and enjoy its gifts.

His thoughts were clearer, but they were also full of that night with Charity. At thirty-two years old and seven years younger than Charity, Robert fancied himself as worldly and knowledgeable, but that one night convinced him that he was very wrong. He had never experienced anything like what they shared

Robert thought back to the moment Charity’s robe had come open. He was sure that she believed it was an accident, but it wasn’t.

He had hooked his thumb in the opening of the robe and it only took the slightest of movement from her, for the robe to fall open. He was only hoping to get a peek of those gorgeous breasts, but got so much more.

When the nipple was exposed and she didn’t move, he decided to take a chance on her nurturing and that she would allow him some rope. Her reaction at first was a slight jump, but she didn’t stop him when he circled it with his tongue.

When she opened her robe to expose her body, he knew things may never be the same.

Charity is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.

He recalled the feeling as he looked down from her breast to the swell of her black silk covered mound.

He could smell the beautiful aroma of her sex as he got closer and then finally pushing aside her thick black hair and finding a her swollen clit and then taking it into his mouth.

Her taste was beyond explaining and her juices were hot and sticky. That was the only moment he thought of her husband Mark, but only to think how lucky the man was to have her for a wife.

Robert brought his sister to multiple orgasms while going down on her and that would have been enough, except she responded in a way that told him she needed more.

He wanted more as well, but he felt strange at the thought of them actually having intercourse. He thought maybe they would be better off just having oral sex. His conscience was telling him that he should at least draw a line somewhere and not cross it.

When he stood to remove his pants and reveal his cock to his sister, he was only hoping for a blowjob as a return favor.

He got that and more as his sister proved to be well equipped to handle him and not only took all of him down her throat, but included his balls. She took his entire load down her throat after sticking two or three of her fingers in his ass.

He didn’t want it to stop, so he was going to go back down on her instead of being tempted to slide his cock into her pussy, but Charity offered something special.

She pulled her knees back to her chest and spread tuzla escort bayan her cheeks apart. With her eyes, she told him it was OK to take her ass.

The rest of the night went much the same way with them enjoying each other in almost every conceivable way.


Charity had waited long enough. Mark was out of town on business and the kids were on a sleep over, so now was as good a time as any to meet with Robert.

He would have to talk to her if she went to his house and let herself in, so that’s what she decided to do.

It was already nine p.m. before she came to her decision, so she took a quick shower and threw on a tank top and shorts and headed out. She intentionally left the bra out of the equation in hopes that she could show off for her baby brother.

It was near eleven before Charity arrived at her brother’s apartment across town.

Robert’s car was in the drive as expected. The lights in his apartment were off.

Instead of knocking, Charity let herself in. Her intention was to have a conversation and hopefully ending with more of what she really wanted, but it appeared that Robert had already gone to bed.

Charity took a deep breath and moved toward Roberts’ bedroom. To her surprise, he wasn’t there. The bedside lamp was on, but only an empty bed.

She became concerned until she remembered that sometimes when he was feeling down about his wife, he would sleep in the guest room. She moved quietly down the hall where she found the guestroom door closed.

The lamp from the hallway silhouetted her body as she opened the door. She could barely make out Roberts’ body as he lay on top of the sheets.

Without hesitation, she removed her clothes and moved to the foot of the bed. She placed her hands on his legs and caressed them as she moved up toward her target.

He responded slightly by moving his legs and stirring a bit. Charity continued inch by inch until she lay snugly between his thighs.

She slid her hands in the direction of his cock and wrapped her fingers around his semi hard monster. She thought the memory was locked in her mind, but as she gripped his cock, she could swear it seemed bigger than before.

Charity let the thought pass and began her assault on the quickly expanding member. She savored every inch of his cock and licked her way over his balls and between his legs.

She wondered to herself just how long she could go before waking him. She felt his hand on her head as she took him deeper and deeper down her throat. She could wait no longer and climbed above him.

She found the tip of his cock in the dark and slowly lowered herself onto it. A long moan escaped her throat as she buried him deep inside her womb. He was splitting her in two and she loved it.

As Charity settled completely on his pole, her brother reached up and caressed her breast. She rolled her head back as he kneaded each of them and then froze in shock as she heard him grunt out “Oh, Tess”!!

Tess was her older brother Ryan’s fiancée.

Either Robert was having an erotic dream of his escort tuzla brother’s lady or she had made a terrible mistake.

She peered into the darkness to see whose face went with the cock she was so wantonly riding. She leaned to one side to allow more light from the hall and to her shock it was Ryan looking back at her. He didn’t seem to be surprised and his smile was pleasant and inviting.

Charity attempted to rise off of her brother’s cock, but he moved his hands to her hips to hold her in place.

His cock was still hard. In fact, it seemed even harder than before. Ryan quietly told Charity that it was OK.

Robert had told him everything and he understood. He explained that Robert had come to him, because he needed someone to confide in. He was staying at Roberts because of repairs being made at his place. Robert had borrowed his car to hit the town and have some fun.

As Richard talked, he began to move his hips and push deeper into his sister.

Charity responded by bearing down harder. She put her hands on his chest and raised herself into a squatting position.

Ryan lay back as Charity slowly milked his cock with long deep strokes. He wanted to see her better and turned the bedside lamp on.

What a beautiful sight he was treated with. He watched as his sister lowered and raised herself on his cock and watched as her tits swayed from side to side with each stroke.

She was more beautiful than Robert had described. He wanted all that she had given their younger brother and more. He pulled her to him and kissed her full on the mouth. Their tongues came together in a passionate struggle.

Ryan was getting close to cuming and Charity had no intention of wasting a drop of it.

She squeezed and pulled on his cock until the last moment and just before he shot his load, she pulled off and engulfed him in her mouth. Ryan could hold back no more and the first load of steaming hot cum blasted the back of his sister’s throat. It was nearly more than she could handle, but not a drop escaped.

The second load covered her tongue and she greedily swallowed it down and waited for the next blast. Ryan pulled out of her mouth and the last two or three blasts hit her in the face. She attempted to gather it and swallow it too, but he pulled her to him and they kissed and shared what was left of his load.

Charity had now had sex with both of her brothers and she knew that her life was forever changed.

As she lay beside Ryan, she could feel his manhood rising again. She knew she would spend the rest of the evening making love to him and she wanted nothing more.

She now belonged to her brothers and they could have her as often as they desired and in any way they chose.

Ryan rolled his sister on to her back and pressed her knees to her chest. He wanted what she had given Robert and he wanted it now.

He slid his cock back into her pussy to get it slick, then removed it and slowly pushed his massive cock head into her tiny asshole.

Charity nearly passed out from the pain before her little hole loosened up and accepted her brother’s cock.

Charity would always cherish each night she spent alone with Robert and then Ryan, but she also wanted them both at the same time and soon she would have her wish answered.

Those adventures will follow…

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