Office Antics Ch. 04

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Helen went back to her office and sat behind her desk in her leather chair. She sat thinking about the previous evening, wondering whether anything would happen again, when the phone bought her out of her reverie.

“Mrs. Morgan?” The voice on the other end of the line queried.

“Yes speaking,” she replied.

“Hello this is Jim Roggers, head of security. I was wondering if you could spare me a few minutes of your time.”

“Err…yes…ok…I’ll come straight up.”

She stood and straightened her dark blue wrap over dress, checked the seams on her stockings were still straight and then headed out of the office. She walked the couple of flights of stairs to the security office, and knocked on the door, as she noticed it could only be opened from her side with a key.

The door was opened by an African man in his late forties with silver grey hair. He stood about 6 foot 2 inches and was well muscled. He wore his hair short and had a stud in one ear. He wore the regulation security uniform, which unlike many places was reasonably modern; dark blue trousers, pale blue shirt and a black tie. His name badge confirmed him to be Jim Roggers “head of security”.

“Hi Jim, what can I do for you?” She asked as he moved aside to allow her into the small room.

“Ah Mrs. Morgan, please take a seat.”

There was one unoccupied seat; the other two were filled by two other guards.

“This is Matt Smith and in the corner is Chris Beech.”

“Hi Matt, hello Chris, you must be new here,” before either could reply she added “and please call me Helen.”

She sat herself in the proffered chair, crossing her legs at the ankles.

“So guys, what’s the problem here?” She asked looking at Jim as she did so.

“This was taken last night….we thought you’d best see it before anyone else did….” He trailed off as Matt started the video playback.

It was of the general office, and there she was perched on the edge of Tony’s desk. There was Tony with his face between her thighs. She sighed at the memory of it. The video went on to show her sucking him off. Then her answering the phone and walking away, just after which Tony had smiled into the camera.

“Please play it again,” she asked huskily.

Jim had expected her to be indignant that he showed the tape to her in front of his colleagues. He had expected a request that maybe the tape accidentally get mislaid. He did not expect her to ask to see it played a second time. Having watched it a second time she wheeled the chair backwards, towards the door, so that she could see all three of the men, although she looked directly at Jim as she started to speak.

“Oh Jim, you should have seen what happened in my office a while later….I had that Bostancı Sınırsız Escort lovely young Lizzie, her nubile body naked in my office. I tasted her virgin juices as I sucked her lovely pussy.”

She licked her lips slowly, as if remembering the taste left there by Lizzie. One of the guys moaned, she looked towards the two men seated. Chris looked a bit flushed. She continued to watch him as she continued…

“And then in the boardroom Tony bent me over the table and fucked me from behind. He then had young Lizzie on the table whilst I watched. As I watched I used a bottle of Mr. Williams’s best brandy to wank with.

She could tell the youngest guy was turned on. She could see Jim’s erection straining at his trousers. None of the guys dared speak.

“It was so good but I think you can’t beat a good prick….” She looked at each of them as she finished, “….unless you can have three good pricks.”

Again there was a moan, but this time it was echoed by another.

“What do you say guys?” She asked as she stood and undid the ties of her dress, letting it drop to the floor. She wore a deep red satin bra, with matching French knickers and suspender belt. Jim looked at the other two and they both nodded.

“We are up for it,” he answered for all of them.

“Good. I think you two should come and stand alongside Jim and we can go from there.”

Matt and Chris pushed their chairs back and stood next to Jim as requested. Matt was of a stocky build and stood around 5 foot 8 inches. He had an abundance of dark curls framing his somewhat chubby face. Guess if it hadn’t been for the massive erection in his trousers he’d look every part the cherub. Chris on the other hand was a slim guy who looked about 17 but she knew from company policy he had to be at least 21. He stood just shy of 6 foot and his blond hair was cut short all over.

She sat back in the chair with one leg dangling over the arm.

“I think you guys should strip for me.”

The three guys stood there looking embarrassed and none of them wanted to be the first to make a move. Helen stood again and walked up to Matt who was stood in the middle. She undid his trousers and slipped her hand inside, as she started to stroke his prick he sighed. With her other hand she undid the buttons on his shirt and then ran her hand down across his hairy chest. The other two stood and watched knowing their turn was to come in due course. She then pulled his prick free of his trousers and bent her head to it, licking the bulbous head of his stocky prick before encircling her lips around him and taking it into her mouth.

She then stood and moved across to Chris. She smiled at him and he returned the smile somewhat Bostancı Suriyeli Escort nervously. She loosened his tie before undoing his shirt. She then proceeded to run her hands down his smooth young body to the tops of his trousers. She undid the belt of his trousers and the buttons before lowering the zip. Her fingers again slid in to wrap around his prick. It was slimmer and longer than that of Matt. She lowered his trousers with her free hand and knelt before him. She then lowered his boxers so his lovely prick peeked out over the top; she caressed him before suddenly taking the whole prick into her mouth. He moaned at the suddenness as he’d expected her to lick it first as she had the other. She withdrew and then took him again, he again moaned. She stood and kissed him on the lips.

She the moved along to the other end of the line to Jim. The tall African and you know what they say about coloured men!! Well she was about to find out if it was true. She ran her hand along his prick over the material of his trousers; it was sure longer than the other two. She undid his trousers and his prick sprung out. He wore no underpants and yes she guessed there was truth in the saying. She took him in her hand and stroked him. Her hands pale against the darkness of his flesh.

“Matt, you sit on the chair,” she instructed.

He removed his trousers and underpants before doing as she requested. She removed her French knickers and then knelt over him.

“Chris, I want you to slide your lovely prick in my pussy a few times, then slowly ease it into my ass.”

She leant forward to allow Chris better access to her pussy. Her tits were in matt’s face. He undid her bra and greedily sucked at each breast, grating his teeth lightly over her nipples. Chris was sliding in and out of her wet pussy.

“Now.” She said and he withdrew his prick.

She took hold of it and guided him to her ass. Her pushed forward as she pushed back, and suddenly to resistance gave and the head of his prick was securely held by her ass. Her moaned as he pushed further into her. She lowered herself onto Matt’s waiting prick. Both the men moaned as they felt pressure from the other’s cock; making each hole that much tighter.

She fucked them both and as she did so she took Jim’s long dark prick into her mouth, sucking and licking it. He slowly forced it deeper into her mouth.

Before long the tightness of her ass proved too much for Chris and he came with a groan, shooting his cum into her ass. With a nod from Jim, he withdrew and as he did so Jim moved round behind her. His arms went around her, just below her breasts and he lifted her off the chair. He turned her and dropped her to her feet as she landed he pushed Bostancı İranlı Escort her over the desk. Holding her down with a hand in the small of her back, he thrust his prick into her.

“Is this how Tony had you?” He asked as he teased his prick along her pussy lips.

“You’re a…” He started as he guided his bulbous head just into her pussy.

“…Dirty…” He said as he thrust his cock hard into her. She moaned. He withdrew.

“…Greedy…” He continued as he again thrust hard into her. She again moaned and he withdrew.

“…Little…” Again the deep thrust, followed by the moan and his withdrawal.

“…SLUT…” He finished with a forth deep thrust into her. She again moaned. He withdrew his prick fully and teased along her lips again.

“…Aren’t you?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

“We didn’t hear you…..What are you?” He asked as he slapped her ass hard.

“I’m a dirty greedy little slut”

He turned to Matt.

“You want some of this pussy?”

“Oh fuck I sure do.”

She moved to take Chris’s prick in her hand to play with, but Jim grabbed her hand and pinned both above her head.

“Oh no you don’t little lady.”

He moved aside, but retained his hold on her hands. Matt thrust his stocky cock into her. He grabbed her hips and pulled her back towards him with each thrust of his prick. She could feel his mass of curly pubic hair tickle her ass with each stroke.

She watched Chris. His erection returned and throbbed as he watched her getting fucked. Matt withdrew before coming and Jim again replaced him. The deep long strokes of his long prick. She moaned each time he pounded into her as his prick caressed her G-spot. He too withdrew before he came and let go her hands.

“Stand up, turn around and sit on the desk.” She did as bade. “Ok son it’s your turn now,” he said to Chris.

She leant back, with her arms out behind her, as he guided his prick into her hot wet pussy. He sighed as her muscles contracted around his prick. She was so much wetter than when he’d first had his prick in her. She watched his face as he fucked her. He was not so rushed and started with long slow strokes.

Jim and Matt stood either side of him, slowly stroking their pricks. She looked at each and their differing grips and facial expressions as they wanked themselves. Chris stepped up the pace as he felt himself near to a second orgasm; the fast shallow strokes were matched by the other two wanking faster. Matt groaned and was the first to come shooting his load over her stomach and tits. Chris withdrew and massaged his prick until he too came over her stomach and mound. Jim was still wanking.

“Open your mouth you slut.” He groaned as he started to come.

His cum landed on her face and in her mouth and hair. She licked her lips cleaning as much cum off as she could. With one hand she scooped up some cum off her tits and with the other some cum off her mound. She put first the fingers of one hand in her mouth and then the fingers of the other and licked them clean.

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