On Daddy’s Ranch Ch. 01


Zoë was so excited. It was her 18th birthday and Daddy had a treat for her. He was taking her to the new ranch to see his horses. It was a beautiful winter day: warm in the sun, blue skies and clean, crisp air. On the drive up to the ranch, Daddy had her sit close to him in the truck, so that her thigh touched his. He draped his arm over her shoulders and pulled her close, kissing her cheek, telling her how much he loved his little girl. Zoë enjoyed his warmth, his strength, the smell of his skin and the faint lingering of his cologne. He teased her a little, about being such a big beautiful girl now. All the boys were sure to have crushes on her, he said, and this made her blush. Not because it was true, but because she could only think about some of the other girls she knew and how thinking about them made her feel warm and tingly between her legs. The only boy Zoë ever thought about that way was her Daddy, and that thought made her terribly embarrassed, because she knew it was wrong, but she couldn’t help thinking of her Daddy that way. As if sensing her confusion, Daddy put a hand on her leg and patted it in a fatherly way. At a stop sign, he turned and gave her a kiss that lingered on her lips and his hand moved up her bare thigh. Zoë clenched her knees together and Daddy moved his hand higher, all the way to her panties and forced his fingers in between the crease of her sex, just for a moment. Then he laughed, as if it were a joke, and drove on, talking of horses and the work to be done at the ranch.

When they arrived, Zoë was delighted to see the beautiful animals standing in their stalls, their big gentle eyes seeming to look right into her soul. She wondered if they could see the excitement and shame that warred there. Daddy took her into the corral and showed her how to brush them. He stood behind her, his hand over hers on the brush and she could feel his body pressing against her. Feeling her shame burn in her cheeks, Zoë pressed back and felt him harden against her bottom. Daddy began to comment on the stallion, pointing out how big and handsome he was. He told her to note how large the animal’s penis was and he described how he would mount the mares when they came in heat.

“What’s heat, Daddy?” Zoë asked.

“That’s when the mares feel very excited between their legs and know that it is time for stallion to put his penis inside them so they can make a foal.”

Zoë blushed even more as she pictured that, imagining the gorgeous stallion putting his huge sex into the beautiful mare. The tingling between her own legs grew and she thought about asking Daddy if little girls could be in heat, too, but held her tongue out of shame. She saw Daddy looking at her with a strange and intense look in his eyes and she looked away.

Daddy told her then to come with him into the tack room, he wanted to show her the horses’ tack. Zoë followed him into the small room. It was half filled with hay and had a sweet, dusty smell. Hooks lined the walls and various ropes and harnesses and mysterious metal things hung there. Descending from the rafters was a big, hemp rope with a dull hook tied to one end, the other end hung to the ground and was looped over a hay pallet. Daddy showed her the bridles and reins, then started to playfully put them on her. Zoë laughed and whinnied like a horse and began to prance around the room. Daddy laughed and pretended to ride her. He draped some reins over her head and yelled “Giddyup!” and “Whoa!” Then Daddy threw a rope around her like a lasso and drew her into his arms, nuzzling her neck. She laughed and squirmed and tried to get away, but Daddy tightened his grip. Her struggles grew more serious as Daddy’s nuzzling turned to kisses and his hands escort bayan moved to cover her breasts and then slid up her dress.

“No, Daddy! Don’t! I don’t like it!” Zoë cried but he only laughed and continued to molest her. Suddenly, he grabbed a wrist and quickly tied a lead rope around it. Then he repeated this with her other wrist so that only a short bit of soft rope separated her hands. He yanked her arms up and slipped the rope over the hook hanging from the rafters, then tugged the other end so that her arms were lifted high over her head. Her protests seemed to only increase his pleasure. He tied off the rope so she was stretched up almost on toe tips. He took her face in his hands and kissed her deeply, telling her how much he loved his little girl but that he had seen her being very naughty the other night in her bedroom, touching herself in ways that little girls shouldn’t do. It was very wicked and he was going to have to punish her before showing her how much he loved her. She started to cry and plead and he kissed her, very roughly this time, but still she sobbed. Her Daddy took something and put it in her mouth and fastened a strap behind her head: it was a ball gag. Her cries were muffled but her chest heaved with her sobs and tears streamed down her face.

He unbuttoned her blouse then and freed her breasts. Despite her shame she felt her nipples hardening. Daddy took them in his hands and played with them, kneading and stroking them and her cries began to lessen as the tingly feeling starting in her breasts began to spread lower towards her crotch. Suddenly Daddy pinched one nipple hard, causing a muffled moan to escape from behind her gag. Daddy pinched the other nipple hard sending a jolt of painful pleasure into her body. Daddy smiled as he watched her squirm: how could he be so cruel to treat her like this? Daddy began to spank her breasts with his hand, alternating spanks and pinches with soft kisses and then a bite, until she couldn’t bear it, not knowing if something soft and nice or harsh and painful were coming next. Suddenly, Daddy stopped torturing her breasts and disappeared behind her. She heard him rummaging then felt something rough and prickly on the skin under breasts. Daddy was looping some rough hemp rope around her chest, encircling her breasts, binding her, squeezing her tits and making her nipples pop out. She began to cry anew under her gag.

Daddy stood back and admired his work. “Darling, you have such lovely breasts. Do you think of another girl kissing and sucking them? Do you?”

SMACK! Daddy gave one engorged and bound nipple a quick spank.

“Do you imagine them nibbling on your nipples, like this?” Daddy’s hot mouth descended on one pink nipple and sucked it hard between his teeth.

“Or do you think about your Daddy doing this?” Zoë moaned, her face flushing with even more embarrassment, because it was true. She did think about her Daddy doing things to her. Not like this, though, nice things. Why was he so mean to her now?

Zoë felt Daddy’s hands come up under dress. His fingers looped under the waistband of her panties and began to tug them down. Zoë kicked her legs, struggling against him, but he gave one big pull and her panties ripped apart, leaving her exposed and naked. Daddy grabbed an ankle and tied more rough rope around it, then repeated this with the other. He looped both ropes over opposite hooks near the floor of the tack room and pulled them tight, spreading her legs. Zoë hung there now, like an upside down “Y”, feet spread, arms suspended over head by the hook. Her blouse was open and her breasts were cruelly bound, her engorged nipples poking pinkly out. Her dress was bunched up on hips tuzla genç escort and her buttocks and sex were exposed to the chill air and Daddy’s hungry eyes.

“Darling, your daddy loves you very, very much. He’s going to prove that to you. But you have been very bad and I’m afraid my warnings about your naughty thoughts – about girls’ pussies and tits, about touching your own pussy and rubbing your clit – had no effect. So I’m going to have to teach you a lesson.”

Zoë began crying harder out of fear, but she held some hope that Daddy wouldn’t be too cruel. He said he loved her, after all. But that hope vanished when he saw the riding crop in Daddy’s hand. It was long and thin and made of bound leather, with a knot on the end. Daddy took it and rubbed it on her face, down her neck, across her breasts. He went behind her and she felt it trace along her ass. She whimpered as it poked inside her ass cheeks and up against her tight virgin anus. When the first blow landed she was totally unprepared. It felt like fire erupting on her ass cheek. She shrieked behind the gag.

“Shush, now, dear daughter. The more you cry the harder I must spank you. You must try to be brave. Ok?”

She mumbled yes behind the gag but didn’t think she would ever survive the humiliation of being whipped by her Daddy like this. More spanks from the crop descended on her unprotected and vulnerable ass. Then Daddy came in front and she gasped to see him because his pants were off and his penis was huge and erect. Fear went through her, yes, but she was ashamed to admit her second thought was how beautiful it was. He was her stallion and she thought/feared/hoped she would be his mare. Daddy ran the crop up her thigh and into the folds of her sex. When he brought it out they could both see the wetness on the end. Daddy brought the crop to his face, sniffed it.

“Oh, darling slut daughter, I’ve made you in heat! Here, taste it!” With that Daddy tugged aside the gag and put the end of the glistening leather to her mouth. Her own pussy smell mingled with the taste of leather as she put her tongue on it.

“Do you like that taste, darling?”

“No Daddy.” She lied.

Daddy frowned.

“I’m going to teach you to like it!”

Daddy undid the rope holding her arms over her and told her to kneel in the straw on the floor of the tack room. It was prickly on her knees but it was a relief to have her hands down. Her legs were still spread wide by the ropes pulling her ankles apart and she felt terribly vulnerable and exposed. Daddy knelt before her. His huge penis was just inches from her mouth, pointing right at her.

“Daddy wants his little girl to taste his lollipop. Stick your tongue out!”

“No Daddy!”


The crop landed hard on her reddened ass. She cried out, but still resisted. “No Daddy! I don’t want to taste your lollipop!”

Daddy’s blows rained on her ass until the tears dropped from her cheeks onto the straw. He grabbed her breasts roughly and pulled her forward. He took her by the back of the head and forced her face into his crotch. His erection mashed against her cheek. Then he began to beat her face with his hard meat.

“Suck, daughter! Suck daddy’s lolli!”

Crying, Zoë opened her mouth and he filled it with his big sausage. It was slightly salty and although she hated how Daddy forced it into her she secretly loved the feel of it in her mouth. Without realizing it, she began to suck and lick it in earnest and the heat in her vagina doubled. She felt wetness begin to run down her legs.

“Ah, that’s my sweet girl!” Daddy sighed as he watched his big erection pump in and out of his little girl’s mouth. “Look tuzla kendi evi olan escort at me with your big beautiful eyes.”

She obeyed, keeping her eyes on her Daddy’s while his balls slapped against her chin and her mouth filled with his penis taste. Her tears mixed with the saliva coating its thick veined shaft, but in truth, the wetness in her cunt was exceeding that in her moist young mouth. Daddy held onto her head and chin with his hands and as he fucked her lips, she felt her full young breasts swaying to the rhythm.

“That’s it, darling. See how much Daddy loves you? You love Daddy, too, don’t you?”

“Mmmhmmmm” Zoë moaned around the throbbing penis in her mouth, sending little vibrations into Daddy’s cock.

She almost whimpered in desire when he pulled it free with a little pop and got up to move around behind her.

“What are you doing, Daddy?” Zoë asked in alarm.

In answer, Daddy just chuckled and then she felt something dull and hard pressing against her wet sex. Now she did whimper, but even she couldn’t tell if it was mostly from fear, shame or desire. She heard Daddy crooning behind her.

“What a beautiful pussy you have, sweet daughter. So fresh, so pink, so wet…”

She felt him begin to push his cock into her and the wave of pleasure that shocked through her made her cry out. Daddy mistook the cry for pain and stopped his slow thrust.

“Dearest, it’s going in so easily, surely this isn’t the first time…?”

And indeed it wasn’t, at least, not the first time she’d put things up there. She’d experimented with candles, carrots and fingers, of course. But it was her first cock and she wanted it so badly, because it was her Daddy’s cock. Her cheeks blushing as red as her whipped ass, she pushed her hips back and squealed as Daddy’s thick meat slid all the way into her wet, aching cunt. She heard Daddy moan, now, and felt something she never expected: power. She could make Daddy feel by using her body. She began to rock back and forth, forcing Daddy to fuck her and he in turn pushed his hips into her to meet her pace. She felt his hands on her tender ass and winced, but the pain turned to pleasure almost immediately and she began to fuck her Daddy’s cock harder and faster.

“Darling daughter…you little slut…you are fucking your Daddy!” he moaned, and she could tell she had captured him. A wave of ecstasy started to build in her, centered on her clit. Daddy seemed to sense what she needed and his thumb found her nub and began to rub it. The orgasm ripped through her and she arched her back and had to stifle her cries of pleasure. Daddy’s other hand wound itself in her hair and pulled her head back and thrust violently into her pulsing vagina. His balls slapped against his hand and her labia.

Suddenly, he pulled his cock free and jumped around in front of her. He took her head in both hands and forced his huge member between her lips once more.

“Daddy told you he’d teach you to like the taste of your pussy! Here it is, mixed with my cum!” he snarled and gave one great shove. She gagged and coughed as a salty sweet explosion of jism mixed with her own vaginal juices flooded her mouth.

“Suck it all! Taste us! Taste our cum mixed together!” Daddy purred, as the last of his spasms subsided. She sucked and slurped and whimpered around his cock, trying to drink every drop. To her shame, she found it was delicious and knew that she would long for that taste.

Daddy withdrew his penis from her mouth, already slackening in it’s massive girth. He untied her legs and helped her to her feet. He held her in his arms and kissed her hair, then tilted her face up and kissed her lips in a very unfatherly kiss, his tongue exploring hers and tasting their mixed tastes for himself.

“Oh, my good girl. Daddy loves you so much. Would you like to come back to the ranch again soon?”

Zoë looked at him coyly.

“Oh yes, Daddy. Maybe you will teach me how to ride.”

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