On the Beach Ch. 04

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Bill wanted to check his messages so he booted up his laptop and carried it around the condo but couldn’t get a signal. He finally got one when he went out onto the balcony and picked up somebody’s Wi-Fi so he could access the net. It connected and there was no password needed but the connection was so slow he left his computer on the table to download his emails while he took a shower.

Out of the shower and dressed in a polo shirt and shorts, Bill slipped into his mocs, grabbed a bottle of juice out of the refrigerator and sat down to read the list of emails. Most were junk and there were several that he felt if he opened them he would worry about them and end up working so he logged off and closed the computer case.

“I could do this!” he exclaimed as he looked out over the ocean at the blue sky dotted with white puffy clouds. “Maybe I could talk work into letting me come into the office only two days a week. I could spend the rest of the week down here and learn to live a little.”

A chime sounded and Bill realized that it was his doorbell.

“I didn’t even know that there was a doorbell in this place,” he mused while walking down the hall to the entrance.

“Wow!” came out of his mouth as soon as his eyes took in Murphy standing in the hallway. “Wow!”

Murphy looked like something from a photo spread in a magazine for mature women. She wore her sunglasses on top of her head and she had applied just enough makeup to bring out her best features. Gold thread earrings dangled from her pierced ears and she was wearing a Royal Blue criss-cross halter-top that was held at her neck by a gold chain. The top didn’t show much cleavage but it pulled her breasts together and made them look larger. The front of it draped to a point just above her belly button and a few inches of exposed skin between the top and the low-slung, white cropped pants that covered her legs to mid-calf. The entire outfit was set off by a pair of medium heel, gold sandals that were not much more than a leather sole with a few straps crossing over her arch.

Murphy stood with one hand on her cocked hip and the other carrying a little white clutch purse.

“Well? Do you approve?” she laughed and did a pirouette to show him all sides.

There was no back to the halter-top but the sides were held together and her modesty preserved by a single band of material across her back.

“My god! You are stunning!” he exclaimed. “Simply stunning!”

Another blush covered her body and she demurely dropped her eyes.

“Thank you, sir!” she smiled. “But you don’t have to lie to make me feel good.”

“Murphy, I’m not lying! You are a beautiful woman.”

Looking down at himself he realized that he was not dressed up enough to escort her so he stepped aside and gestured to her. “Come in while I change. I was not ready for this.”

“Is it safe in there?” she laughed.

“As safe as you want it to be,” he replied.

The heels Murphy was wearing increased her height to almost eye level with Bill. Smiling at him, she slid past him and he could again smell that scent that so entranced him the night before.

“I’ll be right out,” Bill said and went into the bedroom to change clothes.

Bill whipped off his shirt and shorts and kicked his shoes towards the closet. He took his tan Dockers off of the hanger and searched for a belt in his suitcase. Finding his belt he glanced at the barely cracked door where he could see Murphy looking out over the ocean. The bright sunlight glared a little but to his eyes it looked like she was wearing T-back panties underneath her slacks.

He stood mesmerized and watched her for a moment before stepping into his pants. He continued watching while she casually looked around the condo before settling down on the sofa. She crossed her legs and picked up a newspaper lying next to her. He admired her slim ankle and foot highlighted by her red toenails that she was slowly rocking back and forth.

Checking himself in the mirror he picked up his wallet from the dresser. He was now wearing his Dockers and a button down collar shirt. Straightening the shirt collar he decided to leave an extra button open. Slipping his bare feet into his loafers Bill turned towards the door and spotted Murphy now standing in front of the sofa.

He was about to call out to her when he saw her look cautiously towards the bedroom door and seemed to satisfy herself that it was closed. Reaching into her top she did that thing that women do and pulled her left breast up and towards the center of her chest. She repeated the maneuver with her right breast and then shaking her shoulders a little, she looked down at her now more prominent cleavage. Cupping her breasts with both hands she hefted them a little before moving back towards the glass doors overlooking the ocean.

“Is this better?” Bill said as he exited the bedroom. “I don’t feel underdressed now.”

“Much better,” Murphy nodded, implying that he was underdressed when she first knocked sakarya escort on his door.

Bill followed her out of the door while concentrating on her hips and ass. Her nude back didn’t miss his inspection and he noted that she stood close enough to him so that their shoulders touched while they waited for the elevator. When the door opened he ushered her in by placing his hand on the bare skin just above the waistband of her pants. She didn’t complain when he kept his hand there after they turned and faced the doors. A young mother and several little kids got on at one of the lower floors so there was no conversation other than an afternoon greeting with the mother.

Bill’s hand slipped from her back when they exited the elevator on the parking deck and he led the way to his pickup. He held her hand and helped her up onto the high seat while stealing a look into the side of her top and wondering if there was a separate bra in there or was it one of those built in things.

“Oh! I like this,” Murphy commented and ran her hands over the leather bench seat. She twisted around to look into the rear seat of the crew cab and then settled down with her shoulder harness separating and featuring her breasts.

“Do you have a vehicle here?” Bill asked after they were on their way down Rt. 17.

“Yes, but Robert takes it every day to carry his golf clubs so I call a taxi if I want to go anywhere. He is supposed to come back to the condo at night but it will be a surprise if he shows up more than one or two nights all week. I like to Shag but he doesn’t so I sometimes meet a few of my friends that I have made down here and we go to a club to dance.”

“So that’s what Shag means!” exclaimed Bill. “I’ve been trying to figure that out since I’ve been here.”

“You didn’t know that? You are young,” Murphy laughed. “It started as a way to dance on the sand and North Myrtle Beach is famous for it. Would you like to go to a club and try it out?”

“Would your husband mind?”

“Not on your life. I told you he doesn’t really care what I do as long as I don’t embarrass The General or the Air Force! I’ve been a good wife for 28 years. His first wife went out and had an affair when he was only a 1st Lieutenant. He never really got over that. He married me to take care of his uniforms and kids except we never had any. Long separations don’t do much for sex lives and his sperm count was too low to do anything when we finally got together. My job was to look good, be good, and take care of the wives and the families left behind.”

Bill glanced over when Murphy shifted in her seat and curled her legs up under herself. He never tired at looking at her legs and tried to imagine how they would feel if he touched them.

“You obviously did a good job since you’re still with him,” Bill offered and glanced over at her again.

“Whoa!! Watch it!” Murphy yelled and pointed at a stopped car in front of them.

Bill jammed on the brakes and the truck skidded to a stop throwing Murphy against the seat belt shoulder harness.

“That hurt!” she said and rubbed her breast. She pulled her top away from her chest and looked down. “I don’t see any marks but be careful you don’t hurt my puppies they need all of the help they can get.”

“Do you want me to kiss it and make it better?” Bill laughed out loud.

“Concentrate on the bumps on the road tiger, not on the bumps on my chest. I’m a married woman you know and don’t forget I’m married to a General.”

Bill and Murphy enjoyed sharing more of their lives over lunch. Bill’s life had been relatively simple and dull. He was a graduate of Virginia Tech with a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering and Process Design. He traveled extensively in the United States and Canada but had not been overseas except on vacations to Bermuda and Hawaii.

Murphy wanted to hear all about his relationship with Sandy and why he thought that she left him.

“Sandy had been married and divorced. She would never tell me why they divorced and she liked to refer to her ex-husband as ‘psycho bastard.’ I didn’t realize that she was a high maintenance person until we moved in together,” he reminisced. “She demanded my full time and attention when we became roommates. Not like before when we each had our own space and some time to do our own thing. She’s four-years older than me and she has her own successful career and that’s the problem. Her career came first but she expected mine to play second fiddle to her wants and desires!”

“That’s too bad,” Murphy commiserated.

“We didn’t exactly fight about things but sometimes she would go for days and not talk to me.” Bill smiled and continued, “I didn’t mind because the makeup sex was incredible.”

Murphy laughed and slapped his arm, “Just like a man! Thinking with his little head all of the time.”

Murphy had been to many places in the world that Bill hoped to eventually visit. She did not appear to be unhappy with her life but Bill detected samsun escort a touch of loneliness in her story and in her sharing. She spoke of children and her disappointment of not having any. She also talked about her suspicions that her husband had not always been faithful to her.

One particular comment hit home with Bill.

“I had plenty of opportunities to be courted and bedded while Robert was away on assignment. He was never in real danger in any of his assignments so that was never a worry to me. Many of the wives had casual affairs while their husbands were on assignment but I always felt that it was important to stick to my marriage vows.”

Murphy stopped and stared at the table. She seemed to gather some strength to go on with her story.

“Robert was promoted to full Colonel when he was in Japan. It was to be a three-month TDY that ended up being extended to over six months. His promotion came through while he was there and they threw him a big party. Later on I heard through the wives’ grapevine that they had hired some Japanese prostitutes and that Robert had ended up having an affair with one of them that went on for several months. It was rumored that he caught a disease from her and that it was covered up by his friends.”

Bill reached across the table and placed his hands on top of Murphy’s clasped fingers.

“That would be a tough one to find out about,” he sympathized. “Did he ever tell you the truth?”

“Are you kidding? The big tough General with an STD! Not a chance! I knew something was wrong when he came home and he avoided sex with me for several weeks. Apparently they told him not to have sex without a condom until he was sure that whatever he had, I never did find out what it was, was cured. I couldn’t understand what was going on and he made it sound like it was my fault and that it was me that didn’t want sex.”

“When did you find out about his fooling around?” Bill asked.

“Several months later when one of the other wives whose husband had been over there with Robert came down with an STD and her husband told her the story. She couldn’t wait to tell me to get even for Robert being promoted over her husband. The bitch!”

“Has he ever fooled around since then,” Bill wondered.

“Not that I know of but since our sex life is down the tubes anyway I really wouldn’t know. I never did trust him much after that and I had myself tested outside of the military doctors every once in a while after that but nothing positive ever showed up. He’s lucky because there would be one dead General if it had!”

“Do you want another beer?” Bill asked. “Or should we head out. It’s already almost three o’clock.”

“Three o’clock!! I didn’t know we had been here that long. I’d better get back. It looks like rain and Robert may have to leave the golf course early if it does. He will be disappointed that he will have to spend the evening with me. Let’s go!”

The sky was dark and it was already sprinkling when they left the restaurant so Murphy stayed under the canopy and Bill ran across the parking lot to get the truck. He drove up to the restaurant and slid over to open the door. Murphy had trouble climbing up into the high truck so Bill helped pull her up. They were both laughing like fools when he finally got her up to where she was kneeling on the seat.

“It’s tough when you get old,” she sputtered between outright guffaws. “My old legs just aren’t what they used to be.”

The rain was pouring down and Murphy attempted to knee walk away from the door so she could get her feet inside and close the door. The bottom hem of her loose top ended up between her knee and the seat and when she leaned forward it pulled the top down and her right breast was completely exposed.

“Whoops! You weren’t supposed to see that,” she giggled and sitting back on her feet, she pulled her top out and stuffed her breast back inside. “Back in your kennel you bad little puppy you!” she laughed hysterically and slapped her breast playfully.

“Well that answers the question of the built-in bra,” Bill thought to himself. “Nice looking tit. It looks soft and ready for sucking with that big nipple sticking out. It must be the cold air on her wet shirt.”

Murphy’s top was wet from the rain and her nipples were engorged. The discussion about their sex lives had her a little aroused and she fleetingly considered what it would be like to kiss him. She wondered what he would do if she made a pass at him. She was sure he would respond and that worried her because she wasn’t sure what she would do when he did.

Traffic had thinned out considerably and the rain was coming down hard. It beat on the windshield and on the glass moon roof. Murphy pulled some tissues from the box on the dashboard and wiped the rain from her hair and face. She started to pull more tissues out of the box when Bill offered a suggestion.

“My laundry is in the back seat and there are some clean tee-shirts in the package. Use one to urfa escort dry yourself off.”

Murphy followed his suggestion and was soon patting her arms and chest dry when Bill stopped for a traffic light.

“Here do my back for me. Will you?” she asked and handed him the tee shirt.

Murphy leaned forward and Bill gently rubbed the cotton across her back and down to her waist. He playfully tried to ease his fingers inside the waistband at the back of her pants when she sat up and grabbed the shirt from him.

“You are a very naughty boy,” she laughed. “I told you before, I’m a married woman.”

“Put your seat belt on,” Bill instructed. “Before I get a ticket.”

Murphy chose to sit in the middle of the big bench seat next to Bill. She clicked her belt into place and sat back in her seat.

“That was fun!” she said. “I haven’t laughed so much in years. I like you. You’re a fun person to be around.”

“What would The General do if he saw us together?” Bill asked. “Does he carry a gun?”

“No, no gun but he would accuse me of cheating on him. It doesn’t bother me anymore, I’m used to that. He is one of the most jealous people that I know but he ignores me most of the time.”

Bill glanced over at Murphy when she became quiet. She was staring off through the windshield with a thoughtful look on her face.

“Yes, I’m used to it,” she almost whispered.

The rain was slowing and Bill reached down to move the windshield wiper control to a slower speed when suddenly Murphy grabbed his right arm.

“Stop!” Turn in here she yelled in his ear and tugged at his arm.

“Careful! You’ll wreck us!” Bill cautioned her and checking the mirror he slowed the truck down as quickly as possible. “What’s the matter?” he asked.

“Turn around and go back. That’s my truck in that parking lot.” Murphy instructed while twisting around in her seat to look out the back window. “That’s my fucking truck.”

Bill was surprised at her choice of words but her tone, volume and intensity indicated that she was highly pissed off. He turned left into a parking lot and u-turned back out onto the street.

“In there! Right there!” Murphy exclaimed and pointed at the parking lot of the Crazy Horse Gentlemen’s Club.

“In here?” Bill wondered.

“Yes! Right there!”

She was pointing at a white Cadillac Escalade with gold trim parked next to the club. The Virginia license plate read “First Sgt.”

“That’s my truck! That son-of-a-bitch is in there playing around with those whores. I’ll kill him.”

Murphy’s venomous attack surprised him and he sat back against the door to get out of the way of her flaying arms.

“I’m going in there and get him! The bastard!” she yelled and struggled to get out of her seat belt.

Bill held her arm. “Wait a minute! Murphy! Calm down! Are you sure that’s your truck?”

“Of course I’m sure,” she yelled at him. “That’s my vanity plate!”

“You’re going to get yourself arrested if you go in there and make a scene,” he warned. “Calm down and we’ll figure something out.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to yell at you,” she said and slumped back in her seat.

Bill was blocking the driveway so he moved his truck to the back of the club’s parking lot. He was surprised to see the lot was nearly full at this time of the day.

“The rain must have driven the golfers off of the courses and to this place.” He mused.

Murphy was quietly sobbing and Bill reached for a tissue to dry her tears. She dabbed at her eyes and looked up at him. She had the saddest look on her face that he had ever seen on a person. She looked devastated.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what to say,” Bill tried to comfort her.

“That son-of-a-bitch!” Murphy repeated hiccupping a sob from her throat. “How could he do this to me?”

“Take it easy. It’ll work out,” he put his arm around her shoulders and she snuggled her face into his shoulder like a little lost girl.

Bill couldn’t help but to enjoy the scent of her hair and her soft warm skin in the palm of his hand. He felt an erection starting to form and he had to do something to take his mind off of this woman to whom he was becoming strongly attracted.

“Maybe we had better move on out of here,” Bill suggested. “I wouldn’t want The General to see us like this.”

“Ask me if I give a shit!” she sobbed into his shoulder. “I’ve had it with him.”

Bill moved to get his arm from around Murphy’s shoulder but she held onto him for a moment before straightening up and looking up at him with her hand on his chest. Her right arm snaked around his neck and she pulled his head down to where she could meet his lips with hers.

The kiss was soft and warm. Bill could taste her lipstick and the salt of her tears as she moved her lips gently against his. He returned the kiss but tried not to force anything on her that she didn’t want to do. He realized that his cautionary approach was not necessary when he felt her mouth open slightly and her tongue swipe across his lips. She murmured into his mouth and pressed herself firmly against his body. Bill responded by meeting her tongue with his and they gently tasted each other for a few seconds until Murphy stiffened and pulled away.

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