On the Loveseat Ch. 11


Hello Readers! Here is the next chapter in the ongoing saga. I hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 10 has a summary of events up to that point.



I expected to be awakened by the usual Friday morning blowjob, but I was mildly disappointed. Mildly, since mom had seemingly drained me only hours before. I could hear my brother and sister getting ready for school and heard mom’s voice urging them about their ways. I looked at the clock and saw I had plenty of time before I had to get up but not enough to risk falling back to sleep.

I heard the twosome tromp down the stairs and after grabbing my boxers off the floor, darted to the bathroom, fighting my morning wood to be able to urinate. I climbed back into mom’s bed, hoping that after my siblings had left that mom would rejoin me. It was only then that I realized that I had spent the night in my mother’s bed (my father’s too, but I didn’t want to think about him at that moment)! That I had been so blasé about it, to wake up, go pee, and then come back as if I had done it every day! I expected to be sleeping in this bed every night this weekend. I pulled the covers back over myself and was tempted to skip today whether I had sex with mom or not. Just to lay here in my parent’s bed and savor this feeling all day.

Yeah, right!

Mom appeared in the doorway looking far more chipper than I could have managed at this hour, late night sex or not!

“You’re up early.” I said.

I stared in awe at her. Even with her brown hair unbrushed, wearing her plain worn robe, signs of our late night on her eyelids, and the harsh light of the early morning sun, she was just as radiant and beautiful to me as ever. Or even more so.

“I still have my motherly duties to perform. I have to get my children up for school. All of my children!”

“I still have plenty of time.” I unconsciously looked at the clock again even though I had just looked three minutes before. “Any other motherly duties you have to perform mom?”

“Um? No, none.”

“Are you sure? Not thirsty?”

“No. I had some juice with your brother and sister for breakfast.” She answered coyly. She knew what I meant and was toying with me.

I pulled my boxers down revealing my mostly limp dick.

“Care to wake him up?”

“Are you sure he wants to be up now? He had a pretty late night. Eventful too.”

“You should have seen him five minutes ago before I went to the bathroom!”

“He was up then? I’m sorry I missed it.”

I could tell she was fighting two urges, one to smile and the second to attack my cock with her mouth!

The smile won out. For the moment anyway.

“You look a little pekid mom. An energy drink? A protein shake perhaps?”

My dick sensing mom’s presence began to rise up and stretch out with in the morning light.

“I heard that place went out of business. Misuse of company property or something.”

I did notice mom’s eyes had fastened on my hardening cock the moment it twitched.

“Sure you don’t see anything you like?”

“I’m not sure. Seems a little small. I was looking for something quite a bit bigger.”

We were in a contest to see who would give into the other’s teasing first. My money was on my dick. Or rather, mom’s lust for it! I grabbed the base and waggled it at her. Her smile grew and I could tell how much she was fighting that second urge.

“I don’t know how much more time I have until I have to get up. I was thinking of a nice … long shower. I would have to get up fairly soon if I did that. You would miss your friend here then!”

Mom almost laughed. She could sense I was almost out of ammo in our war of words.

“I already took one. I think I used all the hot water. I don’t think my ‘friend’ would like the nice … cold water!”

I was sure she hadn’t used all the hot water. After last night, I really was thinking of taking a quick shower before school. A hot one! I could think of nothing more to come back with; I had lost our battle of wits and would get no action this morning.

Wait! What’s this?

While I was trying to think of something to say, mom had broken down and succumbed to my raging cock’s beckoning call. Her lips were fastened firmly around my shaft, her tongue swirling on the swollen dome, no doubt tasting the remains of both our fluids crusted on it. This didn’t seem to faze her, possibly even encouraging her.

“I knew my number one customer wouldn’t let me down!”

Mom mumbled something around my shaft that gave my cock wonderful sensations from her incoherent words.

“What’s that mom? Can’t understand you with my big cock in your mouth!”

She mumbled a long stream of humming vibrations that I felt sure weren’t meant to be understood as much as felt. And it felt wonderful!

“Keep talking mom, my cock likes it when you talk to him!”

Mom pulled up her head and looked all-serious at me.

“Why should I talk to him? All he does is spit at me!” tuzla eve gelen escort

Her look, along with her hand stroking my dick, caused me to laugh aloud.

“It’s not spitting, he just does that because he really likes you!”

Mom smiled and resumed her sucking, bobbing fiercely, now intent on extracting my ball juice.

“You really want my cum in your mouth, don’t you mom?”

“Mm hmm.”

“Keep going, I’m close!” I ran a hand through her short brown curls in encouragement.

Mom worked her oral magic on my wand causing the muscles in the rest of my body to clench in preparation of my imminent release.

“God yes mom! Fuck, I’m cummmingg!”

After last night, I don’t know where it came from, but my dick really liked mom this morning! I grunted as she gulped down my offering and I fell deeper into her bed.

Mom sat back on her ankles.

“You have two minutes to regain your breath and regroup, because I want to ride your face before you go to school!”

I was focused now!

“I don’t need two minutes for you, mom. I’m always ready to lick your pussy!”

I scooted down on my bed to give mom room to climb up and straddle my head. She watched me shift on the bed with a smile.

“We’ll have all weekend and you did take good care of me last night, so I just need you to take the edge off honey with your wonderful tongue!”

Mom moved up the bed before draping one leg over my head. I saw she was naked under her robe as she untied it and threw it open. She grabbed the headboard with both hands and looked down at my eyes over her bush.

“Don’t go too fast Jeremy, but you don’t have all day either.”

She spread her knees wider, lowering her pussy into my tongue’s reach. I grabbed her hips and pulled her down so she was practically smothering me. I gave her a wide-opened mouth kiss on her genitals and began to French kiss her damp cleft. It quickly went from damp to wet to dripping. I sucked her delicious dew as it ran from her depths.

“Oh God yes Jeremy!” Mom commended me.

I began to tongue fuck her as well as I could with her pussy lips clamped to mine and her hips holding my head down on the mattress.

“Oh! Yes. Fuck me with your tongue baby! Mommy loves that!”

She loved it so much she started gently to bounce on my face, my tongue driving deeper into her cunt. I hoped she didn’t get so caught up in her pleasure that she accidently suffocated me! She’d have a hard time explaining that to dad!

I ceased jabbing my tongue at her, even if she didn’t suffocate me. The way she began to bounce harder, I was worried she might break my nose! Besides, I wanted to tease her clit some before I made her cover my face with her succulent syrupy cum. I heard a disappointed groan from above that became a breathy gasp as my tongue brushed gently over her hidden nub. I meant to coax it from its shelter to come out and play with my friendly tongue.

“Yes baby! Lick mommy’s clit! Hurry up, you’ve already got me worked up enough to cum!”

I glanced around her thigh enough to see the clock. Plenty of time to tease mom still.

I removed my tongue from her and breathed heavily over her damp hood. Then I shifted to blowing cool air over her entire length from asshole to her furry patch. Mom sighed pleasantly. I flicked her just at the extant of her folded lip. Her breath caught. Another quick flick. Mom’s hips shivered. Two quick flicks and I could feel her bump emerge beneath my tongue. I sought that bump with the tip of my tongue and as I tapped on it, it sprang forth and hardened. My tongue swirled around the small nib of female heaven, then fastened my lips around it and sucked deep in my throat. When I got it as fully extended as I could, I took it gently in my teeth to prevent its retreat and now used that bundle of nerves as a boxer’s speed bag with my tongue.

Mom rewarded me for this with the full weight of her body now pressed down on my mouth and chin!

“Fuck Jeremy! Just like that! Just like fuck king that!” Mom bellowed.

“Yes! Oh, yes! Oh fuck!” She screeched.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh fucking God!” She squealed.

‘C-c-cuuummminng!” She orgasmed with a yell.

All our neighbors should be at work or school. I hoped. No, dad’s truck was in the driveway, so unless anyone saw him leave with Bob, then I could make mom, and later Aunt Jessica, yell all weekend as much as I wanted. Or as much as I could make them anyways!

Mom shook fiercely, her hands white and clenched on the varnished wood, as her tremendous orgasm thundered through her. She had her cheek lying on the wall as she trembled with the last of her bliss.

I patted mom’s firm rear and said, “Get up mom. I need to get up myself.”

“If you could do that all day honey, I might be tempted to let you skip!” She said breathily, her chest still heaving.

“Gladly mom, but you would have to take breaks to take care of my dick!”

She struggled tuzla otele gelen escort slightly to move off my head.

“No. You get up before you do talk me into something we want too much.” She patted my shoulder. “Besides, in eight, no seven hours, Johnny and Jojo will be back And Jessica is coming later.”

“I hope so.” I interjected. “I hope your cumming later too!”

Mom slapped my bare arm then. “Get up!”

She wrapped her robe around herself and tied the sash loosely. I groaned and got out of her bed. I headed for the bathroom to take a shower since I must have reeked of sex.

“Where are you going mister?” Mom’s stern voice halted me.

“To take a shower.” I answered wondering about her tone.

“What about your clothes?”

“No one’s here but us!”

“I meant how about you take them with you!”

“Nah! Let the maid get them.” I waved the air in disregard.

“The maid is on vacation. She’s spending time with her son, who will be sleeping alone if he doesn’t pick up his clothes!” Mom growled, pointing at my pile of clothes.

“Wow! The maid sounds like a bitch. I’m glad I have you for my mom instead of her.” I replied. I did turn and bend to grab the pile.

“My mom is the best!” I smiled widely at her teasingly. “You should probably fire that maid mom; it sounds like she doesn’t do anything.”

I darted out of her room before any objects should suddenly fling themselves my way!

The shower was quick and cold. Not because mom had used the hot water. I needed to keep my little friend asleep, at least until I got out of the house and away from my motherly temptation!

I couldn’t focus again that day; the promise of a seemingly life-long dream clouded my thoughts. Visions of naked mom and naked Aunt Jess danced in my head like very naughty Christmas fairies. Until I got to Ms. Jennings class that is. My bespectacled brunette teacher joined the other two naked nymphs parading around in my noggin with glee. Nymphs, or should I say nymphos with what I envisioned them doing. I didn’t even bother trying to hide the slide rule in my pants that I was obviously trying to sneak out of her class. A few of the girls tittered childishly, but Ms. Jennings stare today was clearly of interest. I pretended I didn’t notice her gaze and headed for Mrs. Graham’s cock-shriveling classroom.

As the end of the day grew closer, I got light-headed with excitement. And probably the fact that most of my blood had spent the entire day in my pants! I had to sit in my car after school was out to calm my breathing and think unpleasant thought to get my dick to subside before I could drive home. I knew mom wouldn’t allow us to fool around so as to ‘save’ up for tonight. And for the following few days. I just had to make it six more hours. Okay, eight because I did intend on actually watching a movie this week. Unless my resolve broke before then that is. And the two nymphos, I mean nymphs, I mean mom and Aunt Jessica would be there to tempt me! But is it still called tempting if the victim is willing?

I debated about going right home or not, knowing how willing mom and I would be to get a jump-start on the weekend. Well, I guess we already had done that with last night and this morning! If I waited until the other two got home, then mom and I would have to keep things clean until my siblings were asleep. I almost wished I could take a nap. Would mom tease me if I went home and tried to sleep until dinner? My indecision led to no decision and I ended up just going home

Mom came out of her bedroom to greet me. She gave me a quick and passionless kiss on my lips. I was already longing for more. I noticed that she was dressed casually and as motherly as possible with a loose pair of chocolate-colored slacks that did still hug her ass nicely, and an equally loose pullover cream-colored blouse, a black or dark-colored bra barely visible underneath.

“Hi mom.”

“How was school dear?” She asked and actually sounded interested.

“Don’t really know. I couldn’t concentrate all day. All I could thing about was you and Aunt Jessica naked and … doing things.”

“Didn’t that make things hard for you all day?” She almost giggled.

“Absolutely! Ms. Jennings noticed. I think she even looked interested. I couldn’t do anything with a teacher though.” I saw the trap even before I finished speaking. Mom did too and was quick to spring it.

“But you can with your aunt and your mother?”

“I didn’t set out to do anything with you two though. I just got sucked in, so to speak.”

Mom was struggling not to laugh. “Would you care to get ‘sucked in’ before your brother and sister get home?”

As tempted as I was, and I can’t believe I said it, but I actually told mom no. She was as surprised as I was.

“Already turning me down. It took your dad years for that to happen!” She grinned slightly so I knew she wasn’t serious.

“You know I would never really turn you tuzla sınırsız escort down mom. I just figure I should have something in the tank before we even start tonight. Otherwise by tomorrow night I will be shooting dust in your mouth!”

“But I bet it will be the most delicious dust ever!” She licked her lips slowly.

I just shook my head and really thought about a nap. I did have a somewhat late night last night and an earlier morning than I would have asked for.

“Actually mom I think I might lie down for awhile before dinner.”

“Afraid you won’t be able to keep up with the cougars?” She did laugh at this.

My pride was wounded and I was half-tempted to stay up and prove to mom that I could match them both. She saw my face.

“Don’t worry dear. I napped after lunch myself. I’ve been cleaning my room, the house actually. Sterilizing and disinfecting everything before we cover everything with our … excretions.”

“You mean, before I cum on everything!” It was mom’s turn to shake her head.

“I don’t plan on your tasty cum going anywhere but in me, somewhere. Or in Jess.”

“So you just mean you and Aunt Jess then!”

“I only said your cum, nothing about how much you’ll be sweating everywhere! By the way, we have to make sure you stay hydrated. Don’t want you passing out again on us. I bought some more of your Tigerade.”

“Thanks mom, but I’m not the only one that needs to stay hydrated. Or have you forgotten about soaking my bed quite a few times. I plan on making you soak your own bed.”

“Ooo! How about we soak both beds?” She squealed.

“How about I just fuck you in the tub all weekend and leave the beds dry!”

“But we can get in so many more positions in a bed!” She answered coquettishly.

I gave up.

“Give me a couple hours or until dinner is ready.” I told her.

“I’m not making dinner. I figured we would order some pizzas that way if we get hungry during the night there will be something to eat without have to make anything new.”

“Good idea mom, but don’t we have to get up early to take Jojo and Johnny to Grandma’s?”

“There are three of us to drive. The other two can rest while one of us drives. It’s not that far and if we get that tired we can all nap tomorrow after we get back.”

“You truly think any of us will be able to sleep then mom?”

“I said if we were that tired. I don’t expect that we will, but we could. Besides we have big plans for you tomorrow night!” Her eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. I was as nervous as I was excited at whatever these plans could be!

I chose to go to my room at that moment. Before anything might happen because of our risqué talk. I lay in bed and drifted a bit but I don’t think I slept; I was too hyped for what was to come.

Jojo came up to my room and kept her feet on the floor this time. She informed me that mom said it was time to get my lazy bones out of bed. I asked my sister if Aunt Jessica was here yet. Jojo said it looked like she was moving in. I asked her what she meant. Jojo said that Aunt Jess had brought a couple suitcases of clothes with her. I tried to cover this supposed gaffe of my aunt.

“You and Johnny won’t be home tomorrow and Sunday and I’ll probably not be home much either, so maybe mommy wanted to spend some time with her sister.”

“I like Aunt Jessica.” Jojo said out of nowhere.

“I like her too, Jojo. Let’s go see her.”

I climbed from my bed without any lumber to hide from my little sister and with my nervous exuberance, I picked Jojo up and placed her on my shoulders. She giggled gleefully. I carefully walked down the stairs carrying my priceless cargo, but occasionally playfully bumped her head lightly on doorways or the ceiling.

As I reached the bottom step, I proclaimed loudly. “Watch out everyone! It’s Jojo the Giant! Oh no! Jojo the Giant is here!”

This brought squeals of delight from my sister. She raised her little arms brandishing her fingers like claws and growled at Johnny, Aunt Jess, and mom. The two women shrieked with mock-horror while Johnny laughed and began to beat his fists against my legs.

“I’ll kill the bad giant mom!” He announced.

“Save us Johnny!” Aunt Jess said, as she held up her arms halfway to ward off the bad giant. She had on a tight pastel green sweater, a short mid-thigh black skirt, and forest green knee socks, with two-inch black heels on her feet. The greens set off her reddish-blonde hair and she looked very much like a schoolgirl. I wondered what color her panties were. I expected black lace!

The bad giant was probably going to have bruises on his thighs tomorrow! They would go good with the hickeys or any other bruises I might acquire the next few days from mom and her sister! Johnny may not have been hitting as hard as he could but the repetitive hits were really beginning to hurt. I reached up and lifted Jojo down. She continued her growling, much less threatening at three feet than at seven and a half feet.

Mom dropped to her knees and hugged her youngest son.

“You saved us! My hero! For your reward we are having pizza for dinner!” Mom announced.

All three of her kids cheered.

“Now you two go outside and play until we are ready to start the movies. We’ll eat while we watch”

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