Opportunity Knocks

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Miranda walked from the restroom hallway back into the noisy, smoke filled dance club. As she turned the corner she glanced to her left and came to a sudden stop, eyes wide. The table in the corner, where all the rich girls from the college had been sitting was now nearly empty. She recognized the only girl remaining, a tall, stunning blonde in a revealing black & silver outfit, as Pam, one of the schools leading upper class party girls. But what made Miranda stop so suddenly was Pam’s behavior. She was sitting behind the table looking innocently out at the dance floor, but her right hand was beneath the table furtively rummaging through a bright red purse that obviously wasn’t hers. Without really considering why, Miranda stepped back behind the corner as she felt through her own purse, retrieving her new phone. She leaned out around the corner and used the video function of the phone to zoom in and record the corner booth just as the statuesque blonde withdrew a handful of rumpled bills from the red clutch and quickly slid them into the black purse on her lap.

Miranda ducked back into the hallway and played back the short video clip. It was less than 30 seconds long but clearly showed Pam taking the money and hiding it in her purse. Miranda smiled as she tucked the phone back into her own purse. She wasn’t sure yet how she was going to use it, but she thought it might be time for Miss High and Mighty to be put in her place.

She went back to the booth where her friends waited and continued the night’s festivities – but she was running the possibilities through her mind. And later in the evening when she say one of Pam’s friends start raising a fuss with the club’s manager about someone stealing over $300 from her unattended purse, Miranda knew she had a real chance to bring Pam down off her high horse. When she saw her go up to the bar by herself Miranda quickly excused herself and followed after. She walked up to the bar where Pam leaned waiting for a drink, and without a word held her phone with the damning clip playing up in front of her face. Pam looked annoyed for a second till she realized what she was looking at, then shock and panic filled her face.

She snapped her head around to meet Miranda’s eyes and stammered, “Why? What do you want? Who are you?”

Miranda smirked. Typical that she wouldn’t remember any of the “little people” around her. She handed Pam a scrap of napkin with her address scribbled on it.

“Be at my apartment at 2 a.m. or I’m going to the police in the morning.”

As she turned to leave she heard Pam protest, “Why? What? You just don’t understand!”, but she just kept walking.

She returned to her friends and a few minutes later saw a shaken Pam rejoin her friends. Miranda smiled and began to make her good-byes. She had some things to do before 2:00 rolled around.

When a knock sounded at her door shortly before 2 a.m. Miranda was just finishing the preparations for her plan. With one last look around she turned through the small foyer and opened the door. Pam stood there, as gorgeous as usual, but with some of her confident façade lacking.

“Well, I’m here. What do you want from me?” she said in a tone of forced cockiness that showed her true nervousness.

“Come on in,” Miranda replied, ignoring the question. She turned and gestured for Pam to follow her. She had showered and changed out of her clubbing dress and was now wearing a modest midlength robe as she led the blonde into the living room. She sank into an overstuffed chair, leaving Pam to stand facing her. Before Miranda had even fully settled down with her feet propped up on the ottoman in front of her, Pam started talking.

“I don’t know why I’m even here! That video wasn’t what you thought it was – you just don’t understand!” She glared down at the smaller brunette. “No one would believe it anyway – especially coming from the likes of you!”

Miranda reached over to the table beside her and took a drink from the wine glass there. She looked up at Pam’s face, which had an expression showing both anger and worry.

“I think that they would believe it, especially after the trouble your friend made over her stolen money. What was her name again – was it Annie?” Pam nodded abruptly. “I think she’d know that I couldn’t fake something like that. And somehow I don’t think she’d be very understanding if she found out that you’d been stealing from her, do you?”

Miranda looked up at Pam and took another drink. Pam was becoming more and more agitated and she loved it – the farther she felt pushed the better the chance Miranda had of bringing her plan to completion.

“I don’t know or even care why a spoiled rich girl like you would be stealing from her friends. But I can tell you the results – possible criminal charges and jail time, definitely some disciplinary action from the university, including being written up in your permanent record. And I’m sure that would be the end of that particular circle of friends.” Miranda stared at Pam’s nervously sarışın porno frowning face. “It might as well be the end of you at this school, I’d say.”

“Fine. What do you expect me to do now?” Pam muttered. “You just don’t understand…”

“And I don’t want to,” Miranda interrupted. “That means nothing to me. But after considering it I think there may be a way for you to get out of this without any problem.”

Pam stared at her for a moment, and a smile began to form on her ripe lips. “Ohhh, I see. How much will it take to make that video disappear?” Her natural arrogance was beginning to come back and Miranda didn’t want that.

“No money is going to get you out of this one,” she replied. “No, your daddy’s money isn’t going to save you this time.” She smiled as she saw Pam’s sneer crumble into uncertainty and fear – that was much more to her liking.

“Have a seat and we’ll talk about it.”

The tall blonde turned towards the couch, but before she could take a seat Miranda lifted her feet and scooted the ottoman towards her.

“No, not the couch. Have a seat here, in front of me, so I can see you better.”

Pam looked at her, arrogance now totally gone from her expression. She slowly smoothed her skirt and sat upright on the low stool. Her blue eyes never left Miranda’s face as she clutched her purse on her knees. “What do you want from me?” she stammered.

Miranda sat up and reached for her wine glass, ignoring the question.

“Closer, move in so that we can talk face to face,” she said softly.

Pam slowly slid the ottoman forward another foot so that there was only about four feet between them. Miranda finished her drink, sat down the glass and leaned back in her chair. She smiled at Pam for the first time.

“Better,” she said. “Much better. Well, with your behavior being so bad I’ve already decided that the right thing to do is to turn you in. After all you are a criminal, right? So the first thing in the morning I’m going down to the police.” She smiled at the wide-eyed shock and panic in Pam’s eyes. “But after careful consideration I’ve decided that there is one thing you could do for me that might change my mind – and ONLY one thing.”

“What is it? What? I’ll do anything,” Pam quickly replied.

“I’m glad that you said that,” Miranda smiled back at her. From her position reclining deep in the armchair she smoothly lifted her legs and hooked her knees over the end of the arm. Her robe slid up, showing that she was naked underneath, and her bare pussy spread open, revealing her soft pink inner lips.

“Eat my pussy till I come and you’re free and clear. I’ll delete the clip and we’ll never have to even speak to each other again. So, do we have a deal?”

Pam’s face was the picture of shock – mouth gaping wide while her panicked eyes shifted from Miranda’s face to the shaven pussy just a few feet in front of her.

“But, no! No, wait…” she stammered. “I’m not a lesbian! I don’t do stuff like that with girls! I mean you couldn’t really want to force me to…” She trailed off.

Miranda let her hands stray down to gently spread her labia. “I’m not a lesbian either, and I don’t care if you’re one or not. I just want to have a good orgasm and I think that you shouldn’t get away with stealing with absolutely no repercussions. Soooo…eat me till I come and you’re free. I’m only giving you this chance one time – right now – so either get out or get to work.” She looked Pam in the eye. “I think you should start by licking my clit first.”

Pam’s wide eyes shifted from Miranda’s face to her pussy. With her hands holding her clean shaven lips spread wide her clit stood out proudly. Pam’s face held a dazed expression. She looked desperately towards the door as if thinking of escape. But realizing the trap that she was in she again turned to face Miranda. She nervously licked her lips and slowly set her purse on the ottoman beside her.

“Very good,” Miranda purred. “I think you made the right choice. No use ruining your life over one small mistake. Now get down on your knees in front of me.”

The sexy blonde slid down off the stool onto her knees and slowly crawled forward. She stopped a foot or so away and looked up into Miranda’s eyes.

“Please, no,” she whispered. “Don’t make me eat your pussy. I’m sorry I stole! Really – I’m really sorry! But I can’t do it – I just can’t put my mouth on a girl! It’s so wrong! Please don’t make me do it!”

Miranda smiled at her. “You can do it. Just don’t think about it too much. I’ll tell you exactly what to do and you just do it. And before you know it you’ll be done and on your way home. Here – you hold my pussy spread open now. Get your hands up here…”

Shakily Pam reached up and kept her labia spread as Miranda withdrew her own hands. She looked up at Miranda uncertainly.

“Now open your mouth and stick out your tongue,” Miranda gently coaxed her. Still holding Miranda’s gaze she opened her full lips and sex hikayeleri slightly extended her soft pink tongue. “Now lean forward a little bit…”

Pam shifted her gaze to the pussy in front of her. It was clean shaven, with a slender strip of trimmed brown hair just above the top of the slit. The labia were a soft pink, with the clit just a little darker red. Between the soft folds of the inner lips she could see the glistening of moisture. She slowly moved in a few inches, bringing her head into Miranda’s reach. Miranda put her hands behind her head and gently pulled her closer. Desperation showed in her eyes as her tongue made contact with Miranda’s swollen clit.

“Very good, very good. Now use your tongue on my clit like you’re licking a lollipop. Take your time and lick it good.” Miranda stared down at the beautiful face between her legs.

Pam clenched her eyes shut as she began to gently stroke her clit with her tongue, licking up, then moving her tongue back down to make another upward stroke.

Miranda sighed, “That’s very good, you dirty little cunt licker.”

Pam’s eyes widened at the term, but she continued licking.

Miranda pulled her face tighter against her pussy. “Now be a good girl and suck my clit. Come on, get it between your lips.” She watched as Pam reluctantly moved her face, closing her lips around the swollen knob of her clit. “Good girl! Now suck it, really suck on it hard between your lips. Then get your tongue going back and forth against it – like you’re French kissing my clit! Come on cunt licker, suck my clit!”

Almost as if it was someone else, Pam found herself following the perverse instructions. She fastened her lips around the other girl’s clit and sucked hard. She felt the fleshy knob between her lips, the slick smooth skin of Miranda’s cunt pressing against her face; she smelled the musky scent of her excited pussy. Pam flicked her tongue across the clit captured in her mouth and Miranda stiffened and gasped, pulling her head tighter into her cunt.

“Oh yes!” she moaned. “That’s just right! Suck it! Suck it hard, you slut! And keep your tongue going!” She held Pam’s head tight to her cunt and rocked her hips, grinding her sex against the blonde’s mouth. Pam closed her eyes and continued her frenzied sucking for a few minutes until Miranda pushed her away with a gasp.

“Wow,” she whispered, breathing heavily, “You’re good! But I don’t want to come too fast. If this is only going to be happening once I want it to last a little while.”

She leaned forward, opening her robe completely to reveal her bare breasts. Without a word she reached her hand behind Pam’s head and pulled her forward, guiding her stiff nipple between the blondes sticky lips.

“Suck on my titty, slut. Use your mouth on my nipples for a while before you go back down on me.”

As Pam fastened her full red lips around Miranda’s hard nipple, Miranda released her head. “Hold them yourself slut, and switch off from one to the other. I want to feel your mouth on both of my titties.”

Eyes glazed, Pam cupped her hands around Miranda’s full, round breasts and sucked on one nipple then the other. Miranda watched her at work for a few minutes, then noticed something.

“Hold on slut! Lean back a moment.” Pam looked up at her, confused. Her long blonde hair was rumpled and her lipstick was smeared across her face. She leaned back on her heels.

“Take off your top so I can see your boobs,” Miranda ordered.

“Why?” Pam asked slowly. “Why do you want to see my tits? I thought you weren’t a lesbian.”

“Just show me you boobs,” Miranda sighed. “Or get your lips around my clit again right now.”

Immediately Pam pulled her tight silver top over her head, then reached behind, unhooked her bra and slid it off. She knelt topless between Miranda’s legs, her firm 38 inch bust revealed.

“I thought you weren’t a lesbian,” Miranda said quietly. “But look at how hard your nipples are. They say something different.” She pointed at the dark pink nubs standing out proudly on Pam’s perfect breasts. “You’re really turned on being my cunt licker, aren’t you?”

Pam shrank back, rising to sit again on the ottoman behind her. She wrapped her arms over her bare breast as her cheeks burned bright red. She turned her face away and whispered “No – no, I don’t like this at all. It’s not true.”

“Bullshit.” Miranda lowered her knees and leaned forward. “You like pussy. I can tell. Why are your nipples as hard as bullet then?” She grinned. “I bet your pussy’s all wet, too!”

“No, you’re crazy! This is sick and wrong.”

“Liar. Admit it – you like my pussy!”

“No!” Pam shifted as it to get up. “You’re wrong!”

“Take off your panties and let’s see then! Show me you’re not all wet!” Miranda grinned again. “If you’re not loving this then prove it!”

“You’re crazy,” Pam muttered, shifting again.

Miranda leaned back in the chair and hooked her knees over the arms again, şişman porno spreading her pussy wide. “Show me your pussy or start tongue fucking my cunt right now.”

Pam’s head snapped around, her gaze locking on Miranda’s. Slowly she stood and pulled up her short black skirt. She hooked her thumbs in the top of her skimpy black lace panties and slid them down her long, tanned legs. Then she stood back and lifted up the hem of her skirt to reveal her clean shaven slit. She looked off at the wall, face still scarlet.

“Now sit down on that stool and spread your legs,” Miranda gently ordered. “I can’t tell a thing like that. We’ve got to have that proof, cunt licker.”

Pam quickly sat down and moved her knees apart. She still refused to look at Miranda. The soft light from the table lamp glistened on her wet pussy and inner thighs.

“Very good, my little lesbian whore,” Miranda said softly, still reclining with her legs spread wide. “You’re a very good slut. Now come on over here and tongue fuck me. You know you want to.”

The shapely blonde slowly dropped to her knees again and crawled forward. She brought up her hands to spread Miranda’s slick swollen lips wide, then brought her head forward, tongue extended. With a look of desperation in her eyes Pam slid her tongue smoothly between her inner lips. She closed her eyes as she began to slowly rock her head, driving her tongue in and out of Miranda’s wet cunt. Following her instructions, she began rubbing Miranda’s clit as she continued her trance-like motion. Miranda’s breathing deepened and an occasional low moan escaped her lips as Pam focused her attention on her now dripping pussy.

Finally Miranda gasped, “Okay, now stop and push as deep inside me as you can.” With glazed distant eyes Pam complied, pushing her face up hard against the smooth skin.

“Now hold that position and listen to me. I want you to think now – think back to when you left the house this evening. Think to who you were. Now look very carefully at where you are right now and what you’re doing.”

Miranda saw the glazed look leave her eyes, saw her focus on her surroundings and her position. Miranda’s legs were spread in a wide V, her feet lifted above her head, with Pam’s beautiful face buried at the juncture. That sultry, sexy face was smeared with pussy juice, saliva and sweat. Her long, pink tongue disappeared between Miranda’s dusky pink inner lips. As her the realization of her situation sunk in Pam’s eyes began to well with tears. With her tongue still firmly buried inside Miranda she choked back a sob.

“Okay crybaby, start with the fucking again – nice and slow,” Miranda ordered in a harsh voice. Pam complied and resumed servicing her pussy. “Now, you can nod your head and keep that up, am I right?”

Pam nodded her head slowly, continuing the pistoning motion.

“Good. If you want to stop nod your head.”

Her blonde head nodded more eagerly.

“Okay, then you can stop. But you have to suck up all that pussy juice,” Miranda grinned. “Better suck it out of the source first!”

Pam lowered her eyes, opened her mouth wide and fastened her lips all the way around Miranda’s inner labia and sucked hard. A warm mouthful of sticky lubricating juice slid between her lips. She continued licking till she had Miranda as dry and clean and possible, then looked up, awaiting her next instructions.

Miranda met her gaze firmly. “Now repeat after me,” she commanded. “I love being your cunt licker.”

Pam lowered her head ashamedly and mumbled something, eyes on the floor.

“Say it loud and proud or get back to tongue fucking, slut!” Miranda barked. “Say it! Say ‘I love being your cunt licker’ you fucking lesbian slut!”

Pam looked up startled and blurted “I love being your cunt licker!” She stared at Miranda eyes wide. “I love being your cunt licker,” she repeated more softly.

Miranda smiled and stroked her hair. “Very good, slut, very good.” She touched her cheek. “Well, now that I’ve given you an education I think it’s time for you to give me that orgasm!” She settled back further in the chair and raised her feet high again. “Get back to sucking my clit, slut. I want to keep on sucking it hard, giving me a lot of attention with your tongue and some gentle bites.” She smiled at Pam’s blank face. “Oh, an you need to fuck me with three fingers. A few minutes of that and I’ll come for sure!”

Pam dejectedly bent over her pussy again, bringing up her right hand to slide three fingers into Miranda’s swollen tunnel. As she began pistoning her hand into Miranda’s cunt she leaned over and fastened her lips firmly around her darkly swollen clit.

“Oh yeah – that’s it slut. Keep that up till I come. Oh, and one more thing – put your other hand on your own pussy and rub your clit while you eat me. Since you’re such a pussy lover it seems right that you should come too on your first night of being a lesbian.” She felt another smother sob against her cunt, but felt Pam shift and then the gently rhythmic swaying of her left shoulder showed that she was doing as she was told.

“Good little lesbian whore,” Miranda moaned. “Keep working on my pussy, slut, and yours too!” Shaking slightly she arched her back as Pam’s motions brought her orgasm closer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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