Original Angels Ch. 39


All characters are over the age of eighteen.


Construction on the new guesthouse was under way. The contractor had shown up as he promised and within just a few days we had a foundation in place. I was glad I could be there to watch and oversee the activity. It would be even more important as the framing started and the plumbing and electrical work began.

Melinda called and told Trish that Lucinda was coming up to spend the weekend and asked if they could they come over to visit and talk about the new employment arrangements. Melinda assured us that she hadn’t shared the secret with Lucinda yet and that it would be a surprise to her when we remade the offer. Trish told her that they would be able to see the beginnings of the house and we knew that it would be that much more exciting for them both. I estimated that the construction would take about 3 months and that by the time we return from the honeymoon cruise, it will be ready for the girls to move in.

I was glad that Tracy and Teri were busy in school because they were an obvious distraction for the construction crew when they were at home. The crew arrives at five o’clock in the morning. They work until about three in the afternoon. The first day that the girls got home before the crew left they stopped working anyway so they could watch the teenagers at play. Teri has begun to enjoy exhibiting herself as much as her older sister does. Tracy took one look at those hard bodies and she slipped on one of Trish’s Wicked Weasel bikinis and headed out to the pool. Teri came out to join her and stripped naked before she dove in the water.

Trish and I were inside and didn’t realize what was happening at first. I looked at my watch and noticed that it was after three and that Don, the foreman, hadn’t checked with me to tell us they were finished for the day. I went outside and found the girls in the pool and saw the entire work crew at a halt, just watching the nubile young bodies at play. When the men saw me they tried to look busy again as they gathered their tools and prepared to leave. I approached Don and the workmen all avoided eye contact with me as they scurried about.

Don gave me a quick summary of the work that had been completed. I thanked him and approved the work. Then I added, ‘Sorry about the distraction in the pool. I’ll tell Tracy and Teri that they need to cover up a little when you guys are here… or we might never get this project finished!’

Don looked slightly embarrassed but appreciated the lightness that I expressed about the situation. Then he grinned. ‘Do those kids always swim naked like that?’

‘Yeah, pretty much I guess.’

‘Well I can tell you that if they’re going to be out here that way, I sure won’t have any trouble getting the guys to show up for work everyday!’

‘It’s one thing for them to be here.’ I said. ‘But they need to be working when they are. I’ll tell the girls that they can’t be out here like this. We need to get this house finished on time. But if the guys get a little show sometimes, just make sure they know how to behave themselves.’

Don got the message. He nodded and looked around at the other men. They were all near enough that they heard what we were saying and I felt that they understood.

The men all carried their tools and things back to their vehicles and packed up for the day. I told them all good bye and watched them drive away. Then I went back to the pool. Teri and Tracy were trying to ignore me. They knew that they had fixbet come close to crossing the line by exposing themselves as they did.

I stood there looking at them for almost a full minute. I know it must have seemed like an eternity to them. I wasn’t sure exactly what message I wanted to give them. But the longer I stood there, the more I realized how sexy and exciting they were, even though they weren’t even moving. But I felt the blood rushing toward my groin and I figured that some cold water might help. So I unbuttoned my shirt and took it off. As I was loosening my shorts the girls relaxed and smiled and that melted my heart and also sent a rush to my dick. When I jumped into the pool I was practically solid and Teri swam over to check it out.

‘Umm, Rob what is going on between your legs?’ She reached out and grasped my throbbing shaft in her tiny fist. ‘Oh this is nice! Can I play with it?’ She didn’t wait for me to answer; she just stroked it like a seasoned professional.

By now Tracy had joined us and I felt her hand on my ass and her fingers probing downward between my legs.

‘Umm Rob, if I stick my finger in your ass does it turn you on?’ she asked, knowing the obvious answer.

‘Oh yeah Tracy, it does!’ Teri told her sister, ‘He’s getting harder by the second!’

Teri jumped up and wrapped her legs around my hips as she settled down on my solid rod. I could feel myself slipping into the fold of her puffy young cunt. She wiggled her ass and pumped her hips as she rubbed her tiny clit on the top of my shaft.

‘Oh God Rob! That feels so good there. I want to know what it feels like to have you inside me!’

I’ve resisted that temptation before and I knew I had to do it again. I hugged her close to me and whispered ‘Someday you will my love. I want to do it as much as you do. But I promise it will be even better, the longer we can wait.’

‘Oh God! Then put your fingers in me. I have to cum soon!’ Teri was so horny. I knew that the thrill of exposing herself to the workmen was the reason. But I was the one who would have to finish the job.

Tracy was busy probing my ass hole with her finger and like Teri, I was totally turned on. I slowly backed myself towards the steps out of the pool. When I reached the shallow water I fell back down onto the step with Teri clinging tightly to me. Tracy withdrew her finger and let me get comfortable. As I lightened my hold on Teri she slid down my torso until she was staring at my dick.

‘OK Rob, if I can’t have you in my cunny, then I want you in my mouth. Shoot your stuff down my throat. I love the way it tastes.’ She held my dick in her hand and put her lips on the head. Then she eagerly began to lick and suck me.

Tracy didn’t want to be left out and so she removed the tiny string thong she was wearing and straddled my face. I pushed my tongue in her vaginal hole as she rubbed her clit on the tip of my nose.

Teri had moved around so that I could reach her groin with my hand and I instinctively inserted my middle finger. It was wet from the pool but slippery from her inner juices. She removed her mouth from my dick just long enough to say, ‘Oh yeah Rob! Two fingers! Mmm…’ The rest was garbled as she took me deep down her throat again.

I was holding Tracy’s ass and guiding her as she rocked on my face. When she pushed back, I forced my finger into her cum slickened ass hole. She pushed back harder and my finger went in deep. I could feel her anal cum oozing fixbet giriş into my hand.

‘Oh yeah Rob! Umm! Oh God! Yes!’ Tracy’s voice shuttered as she shook and flooded my face with her cum. I licked the juice and drank it down. The feeling took over and I released my first big spurt of cum into Teri’s throat. She swallowed it like a pro and pressed her clit against my hand. I wiggled my finger and rubbed her mons as she erupted in her own orgasmic moment.

Shot after shot of my cum filled her mouth and I watched her cheeks swell as she took it all. Then as my eruption subsided she crawled toward me and kissed me with her cum filled lips. She spat a huge gob of my sperm into my mouth and I tasted my seed mixed with Teri’s saliva. Then, with my fingers still inside her, she crawled up and shared the same kiss with her sister. I watched as their tongues darted about and my cream dripped from their lips.

Without breaking their kiss, they slid down to my face and spread the goo all over my face before we shared a three way kiss and cum licking moment. I lasted for a couple of minutes and I think it would have gone longer if we hadn’t heard Trish’s voice right above us.

‘My God Teri that was the most erotic blowjob I have ever seen! Where did you learn to do that?’

We all looked up and Teri wiped a big gob of cum from her cheek with the back of her arm. ‘Uh gee Mom, I don’t know. It just seemed like a cool thing to do. It’s Rob’s fault. He made me cum so hard! And he shot so much in my mouth that I couldn’t swallow it all!’

Tracy added the best compliment of all. ‘Mom, you’re so lucky to be marrying Rob. He really knows how to make a girl feel good!’

I blushed and tried to think of something to say. Trish saved me by replying. ‘I know he does dear. But after what I’ve just watched the three of you doing together, I’m so horny that I think it may take all three of you to satisfy me. And I think I deserve it too, don’t you?’

We all looked at each other and nodded.

Trish nodded back. ‘Why don’t we go inside? I feel like being taken in my own bed. Will you do me in there?’

Our nods turned to grins and then beaming smiles as we all stood up and hugged Trish, letting her know that we all wanted to please her in the best ways that we knew how.

She turned and walked towards the bedroom. I watched her walking away and I was reminded of how much I love her. She was wearing a long gauze dress and the silhouette of her naked ass under the shear fabric was a sight to behold. I felt my dick coming back to life. Teri and Tracy were following her and their bare butts were equally appealing, but I knew that it was Trish who really turned me on.

Inside our bedroom Trish crossed her arms and pulled the dress over her head. She flopped back down on the bed with her knees bent and her legs open. Resting on her elbows she patted the mattress, inviting us to join her there.

I watched her small breasts as her chest rose and fell with her breathing. Her nipples were hard and standing like pencil erasers. Teri and Tracy laid down beside her and took her nipples in their mouths. Trish relaxed and fell back onto the mattress. My eyes wandered down to her cleanly shaved pussy. Her gold clit ring beckoned me and I carefully knelt between her legs.

Trish’s sighs told me that she was enjoying having her two daughters suckling at her breasts. But when my lips and tongue touched her clit she let out a moan of pleasure that told me I was in the right track. I licked and tugged and teased and sucked on her clitoris while the girls did the same to her tits. The sounds that Trish was making let us all know that she was enjoying it.

Gradually Teri and Tracy moved their legs closer to me and I was able to stroke and fondle their asses without letting up on Trish’s pussy. Their movement encouraged me and soon I had my fingers in their hot young cunts and they were pumping their hips in an effort to get my fingers deeper inside. I had two fingers in each of them. Trish was lifting her ass off the bed and pressing herself into my face. I knew she was about to cum and I let my fingers flutter inside the girls.

Somehow I brought them all off together! It was one of the most amazing moments I can ever remember. They all cried and moaned with extreme pleasure and I just kept up my pace until they all begged for mercy. Slowly I brought it to a halt and we all rested for a few minutes.

‘Did you like that, Mom?’ Teri inquired.

‘Oh yes sweetie, that was fantastic!’

‘Are you all worn out now?’ Tracy asked.

‘Oh God no!’ she answered, ‘I’m just getting warmed up!’

She grabbed her ankles and lifted her legs high in the air. Then she threw them back, almost behind her head, totally opening herself to my bird’s eye view.

Then she said, ‘C’mon Rob! I have to have you deep inside me! Fill my hot pussy with your hard meat!’

Teri and Tracy’s eyes grew wide when they heard their mother’s demands. They sat up on their knees and watched closely as I got up and placed the head of my dick at the entrance to her vagina. I rubbed the tip against the gold ring and then pressed it into her tight hole. Slowly we began to rock and I pushed myself in deeper with each thrust. The girls were watching intently as I fucked their mother within inches of their hungry young eyes.

Trish was moaning and begging me to fuck her even harder. I realized that this was a new step for Tracy and Teri. We have engaged in so many sexual activities with them, but they’ve never really seen their mother beg for my cock like this. I continued to pound her and the sound of our flesh slapping seemed so loud in the room.

Tracy commented on her mother’s excitement. ‘God Mom, you’re so hot! Does it hurt? How far inside of you is he going?’

Teri was just watching in amazement. Her eyes were glued to my missile driving into Trish’s tight love tunnel. Her face was only inches away and I could tell that she wanted to be even closer.

‘C’mon Rob. I want to feel your hot cum in my cunt!’ Trish was crying. ‘Give it to me!’

The scene was too much. I let out a loud groan and thrust hard one more time as I unloaded my seed inside Trish’s wet hole. My cock was jerking and shooting but I kept it flowing deep inside. When I finally stopped cumming I slowly pulled myself away from Trish’s sweaty pussy. Teri immediately grabbed my dick and put it in her mouth. She licked and sucked it clean. Tracy was examining her mother’s pussy and as my cum began to leak out she leaned in and used her tongue to lap it up and eat it out.

Trish continued to cum wildly. She grabbed Tracy’s head and held her there while her entire body shook with orgasmic delight. I was amazed at how much Tracy and Teri devoured the gobs of cum from my cock and Trish’s cunt. But once they had us both cleaned up we settled into the ultimate family hug.

We were four sexually satisfied, sweaty bodies, kissing, touching and holding on to each other, secure in our love and our future together as a family unit. I thought to myself, ‘How could life ever be better than this?’

Every day is a new adventure…

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