Out the Window Ch. 08

Big Tits

Balls drained, feeling empty but relieved by magnitudes he hadn’t thought possible, he walked, slowly, back to the couch. There was, as always, a slight tingle in the backs of his hands and the small of his back, and even in his satisfied (but not quite satiated) balls, a desirous tingle that pressed against the underside of his brain like fingertips imbued with static shocks, crisp snaps that fired at his imagination dark and greedy desires, but he refused to give in to them. He’d sit, on the couch, and wait for Angela to finish in the bathroom. Once she did, he’d go in, clean himself, and go back to sleep. That would be the end of this already salacious night. That would be the end of it, he promised himself.

But Katie, of course, knew otherwise. She was waiting for him in her doorway, just waiting, without the lights turned on but her body clear in the moonlight. Dale stopped by the couch. Katie was a living silhouette, and as she came forward her curves, her tall, graceful features, came into focus.

His daughter’s curls were resplendent, even having been slept on (though Dale wondered if she’d actually been sleeping), and they framed her head in rich, silky ringlets.

Her legs were bare, her smooth skin looking like it had been oiled. The pale sheen of her shins and athletic thighs went all the way up to a pair of sinfully sheer panties. Dale stared at them. She might as well have not worn the panties at all. He could see the bare slit of her shaved pussy straight through the fabric, even in the dark room. His eyes traveled up (and his cock did the same) to her cut abdominals, the innocuous bellybutton, to the two plump dewdrops that sank from beneath a small, loose top that had no other function than to titillate. The bottom of the baby-t had been cut away so that the ripe undersides of Katie’s breasts fell free to expose everything up to her nipples.

Her nipples were still hidden by the barest margin of shirt, but Dale badly wanted to reach out and brush it away, and see them, let them harden in his palms. He couldn’t help wondering how they would swell beneath his touch, her back arch to offer them fully to him for his enjoyment. The rest of the shirt was cut down the middle to show off Katie’s bra-less cleavage. Her mouth, her full lips puckered in mute enjoyment of his inspection.

“I don’t know if it’s because you own it…or because you know you shouldn’t touch it…but no one stares at my body the way you do,” she said evenly, stopping less than arm’s length away from him in front of the couch.

“I don’t own you,” Dale said quietly, his eyes now locked on to her dazzling eyes.

“You made it,” she said. Her eyes fell on Angela’s closed bathroom. The sounds of her washing were almost loud in the apartment in the dead of night. “Did you have fun?” she whispered.


“Shh-sh, daddy,” she whispered. “I don’t want to play that game tonight. C’mon, let’s get you cleaned up.” She reached down and took his hand, which was still so big compared to hers, and glanced at his cock, already rising from his legs. She smirked. “You’re just like me. You can never get enough.”

She turned and tossed her hair. Once they crossed the threshold of her door, she let go of his hand, and shut it behind them. Then she flicked the dull light on in her bathroom. “Unless it’s the right person. Of course then I just want it more and more.”

The shower had a place for one person to sit, and she led him to that. She sat him down on it. He, meanwhile, could only watch in silence. It was too late to argue, and he couldn’t help himself from drinking in her confident, heavenly body, her cool, measured voice. The smoldering lust that danced just behind her eyes.

Katie twisted a knob on the shower fixture and unhooked the nozzle from its placement above the stall. She pulled a hand cloth off the side of the shower, then turned the H knob until a light, warm drizzle spilled from the shower head.

Katie got down gingerly to her knees, still wearing the panties and cut up t-shirt, and lightly trailed the shower head over her father’s sticky penis. “Too hot?” she asked. Her eyes flitted up at him. He shook his head.

She worked it in a rhythm. She’d spray his penis with the weak stream coming from the shower head, then she’d wipe at him with the cloth. She did this gently, without taking him in hand. She took her time, cleansing his foreskin of the fluids of he and Angela’s rough intercourse. Without her ministrations, just the sight of her brought his penis to attention. With the warm bathing, he was growing harder than could soon stand.

“I think Vanessa was right,” Katie continued, her voice betraying no intent beyond making simple conversation. But her hands began to linger over his prick, the strokes of her cloth becoming longer, the weight of her hand becoming heavier and the grip tighter. “We probably are nymphomaniacs… But incest is so taboo… I never thought I could be so… naughty.

“But kurtköy escort one day…” Katie rested the cloth on Dale’s thigh and gently drizzled the showerhead over his cock, letting the soap slowly stream down to his balls. “One day Vanessa took this big, big dildo… and she got behind me…” Katie’s eyes trailed from Dale’s tumescent penis to his eyes. “And she said, ‘This is what it feels like to be fucked by your father.'” Katie bit her lip. “She fucked me hard. It hurt – not the way you do it – but it was so big. I had to open my legs wide. And she made me call her ‘daddy.’ Oh, ‘daddy, daddy’ I moaned. It was…I couldn’t get over it. I came so hard.

“Of course, I made Vanessa pay for hurting me. I had her lie flat on the bed and I sat on her mouth, made her eat me out. I rubbed myself over her face, put my hands flat on the bed, told her how horrible she was for doing that to me, making me say that.”

The image of his daughter and Vanessa eating each other out in bed made Dale’s penis fairly unmanageable. Katie eyed it possessively.

“I was attracted to her,” she said. “It was because I knew she could do things to me. Things men couldn’t do. Or at least…” Katie left the cloth on Dale’s leg and slowly, tenderly, drew the tip of her finger down the head of her father’s bulging cock. “…none of the men I knew.”

The thin finger slid down the head of Dale’s penis. It traced the thick vein down the side. “You know, the funny thing is, Angela’s actually a really shy girl.” Dale thought of the way the girl lubed him up and took him into her ass and wondered if that was really true. But how well did any of us ever know our friends and neighbors? he thought. Katie continued to trace the lines of his penis with slow, teasing strokes, watching it shake and twitch at her command. “She hardly ever goes out with a boy unless she really likes him. But she gets so horny. We all do,” she said. “We’ve never done more than make out, but we sometimes help each other get off by telling each other naughty stories. Really naughty stories,” she emphasized, finally wrapping her fingers around his thick cock. She gave one, firm squeeze up towards his head, and made eye contact when she did it.

“So big,” she told him. “So ready.” She let her mouth hang open for one lewd second. “I’d never have believed it…but I imagined it.” She softly flexed her fingers up and down his shaft.

“I guess all girls have a fantasy or two about their fathers. That was Angela’s favorite one. She has more than one or two. I think she really wants her father.” The first bead of precum appeared at the slit of Dale’s cock. Katie worked her grip up towards his head to make it trickle off the round mushroom. It ran down to her thumb, and she used it to smear it back into his skin. The shower head had been left at the shower’s floor, wetting his feet and her knees. Neither one of them paid it much mind. “You know how it is. Your fantasies are always darker than what you’d really do. That’s what makes them fun…taboo…exciting. Wrong.”

Katie removed her hand from her father’s penis and raised it to her face. She met his gaze as she brought her thumb to her lips. She wet the soft pad of it with her tongue, and then sucked it into her mouth. She sucked her thumb clean and then she brought it back to Dale’s cock, wiping her clear saliva over the foreskin.

“So I used to tell her stories about what we’d do. Don’t worry, I made sure she knew they were fantasies. But oh, daddy, she got so hot.” Her delicate fingers squeezed his shaft until the head bulged red in her hand. “I made her so hot that some nights I wondered if she’d make an excuse to leave town and go back home. When she told me the fantasies she’d had, well…I could only imagine what she’d do if she got herself ahold of a real man. An older man. An older man with a big…” Katie lowered her face towards Dale’s lap, “juicy…” he felt her breath warm his wet, hard, “cock…”

His daughter’s mouth swallowed him down to his length. He swung his head back until it knocked the tile of the shower stall. The whole shower seemed to shake. Katie’s tongue lathered up the underside of his shaft, her lips kissing the base of his prick even as his big penis forced its way to the back of her slick, gagging throat. Drool dropped freely when Katie opened her lips wider, and he knew she did it to only further titillate him. The saliva dribbled down to his balls, running over his hairy scrotum in rivulets. She pulled off him and plunged her mouth back down, letting his cockhead tickle her tonsils, working the bulging skin of his penis against her cheeks.

He couldn’t help it, he had to reach up and run his fingers through her golden curls, then gently, push her head down, even deeper. “Suck my cock,” he heard himself gasp.

“Yes, daddy,” she choked. She let out a submissive gurgle and slowly, agonizingly slowly, relaxed her throat and took him further, into her soaking throat.

“Oh my God,” aydıntepe escort Dale groaned. “Oh my God, Katie.”

He felt his member sliding out of her throat, trailing cum over the back of her tongue and slipping, finally, out the plump lips of his beautiful, teary-eyed daughter. She wiped her face with the back of her arm and smiled crookedly. “Did you like that, daddy?”

“Oh God,” Dale groaned. His prick stood up straight, wet and pulsing. It shined with her copious saliva and he could see more cum mixed with her spit at the corners of her precious lips. Without thinking, he reached for her face, pressing his mouth to hers as they kissed passionately. She twined her arms around his neck while his tongue explored her nimble mouth. She moaned into his kisses. He held her face tightly to his own. “This can’t happen,” he said breaking away from her. “God, Katie, this can’t, can’t happen.”

“Don’t you think I know that?” she hissed. “Touch me.” She grabbed his hands and shoved them up her shirt. He couldn’t suppress his groan as his fingers worked their way into her soft, bountiful breasts. Every twist of her young body elicited more exploration, as every graze of his fingertips brought her greater pleasure, just to have his hands on her, especially squeezing her, especially wanting her.

“You fucked me in you and mom’s bed,” she gasped. “You want me so bad.” She crossed her arms over her head and pulled her shirt off her shoulders. Her round breasts fell free. Her own hands cupped the backs of his and she arched her back, pushing herself into his greedy palms. “I can feel how badly you want me, and I want you, too. Daddy, I can’t stand how much I want you. There’s something wrong with both of us. We just want to fuck each other.” Her left hand reached down between her legs and began to rub her clit furiously through the thin fabric. “It’s sex. God, it’s sex. That’s what Angela and I talked about so many nights. The difference between fucking anyone else and incest is that it changes everything. It changes it forever.”

Katie threw herself back. Dale’s hands were suddenly deprived of her luscious breasts and his first instinct was to reach for her again. But she rose before him, a statuesque blonde, a youthful, curvaceous nymph, and reached for her panties. She peeled them down off her bare vagina, sliding them languidly down her thighs. “One night, after a big game, I was still in my cheer outfit, and I told Rob he could fuck me in it. As a reward for winning, or something.”

Dale watched the panties slide down his daughter’s knees.

“And I let him fuck me from behind, let him do me doggy style.”

Dale watched them drop into the wet puddle at the bottom of the shower. Katie stepped forward, absolutely naked. She put her hand on Dale’s shoulder, her other hand on his neck. “And he called me a whore. It was just one of those things he said during sex. I didn’t know if it bothered me. Except this time, when he said it, I thought, for some reason, I don’t know why – I don’t know why – of you. When he called me a whore, in my cheerleader outfit, his dick just ramming in and out of me, not knowing how to please me, I thought, ‘if you could see me now…’ And I started to let my mind wander, and for whatever reason I thought of you fucking me, for the first time while having sex, I imagined it was you, inside me, imagining you hating me, but loving me, touching me…”

She took Dale’s hand and pressed it to her stomach. He could feel her heartbeat thrumming away even there. “I was as turned on as I was ashamed, and I came, and Rob thought he was so good for getting me off. I didn’t dare tell him what I thought. Not until Vanessa fucked me did I ever let myself go to that place again.”

Katie took her father’s hands and led him, gently, to his feet. He seemed to tower over her in the shower. She led him, the two of them naked, his member erect and undeniable now, her body flushed in all the ripe places, to the shaggy rectangle of the bathroom mat, the white tile around it cold, and austere. Katie turned, and when she bent over she gave Dale a full, unmerciful view at her lush, round ass. She kneeled at the mat, then swung her body around and sat herself on it, her knees up, her toes together. “It makes me feel dirty. It makes me feel powerful.” Dale was entranced by her. She was almost panting now. It was like being hypnotized.

“Angela wants to be her daddy’s dirty little princess. I just want…” Katie raked her fingers up her thighs until she reached her knees then, her fingers tip-toeing over her skin, she spread her legs apart, “…to feel my father cum inside me.” She cupped her fingers over her thighs and drew them in to her pussy. Dale could see it there on the dirty bathroom mat, glistening, red. “He can call me whatever he wants…”

Katie’s eyes were fixated on his dick. “That big fucking thing. You horny bastard. Why didn’t you stop me?” Dale kneeled on the mat. He pushed his daughter gently tuzla içmeler escort to the floor.

She laid flat, her head resting on the cold tile. “What are you doing, daddy?” she cooed. Her hands flew up to his chest. “Ah,” she said preemptively, half at the touch of his hand on her pussy, half at the suddenness of the cold tile. He cradled the back of her head in his hand. With his other hand, he took his thick prick and lowered it, closer, and closer, to his daughter’s quivering thighs. His cockhead, already sticky with the girl’s saliva, brushed the meaty lips of her labia. “Aghh,” Katie growled. “Say it. Say you want to fuck me.”

“I want to fuck you,” he said.

“Say it. Say it again!”

“I want to fuck you, Katie.”

“You want to fuck me hard.”

He could barely hold himself back. The head of his dick squeezed between her pussy lips. Katie’s head arched back in his hand. “I want to fuck you hard,” he said.

“Here on the bathroom floor.”

“On the bathroom floor.”

“Did you like giving it to Angela, daddy?”


“You were thinking about me.”

“Yes.” As if it had a mind of its own, as he could barely believe it, his cock slid into – deeper into – further into – slickly into – his daughter’s stretching, dripping pussy. Katie strained her taut stomach, her sudden cry sounding as painful as it did orgasmic, her long legs stretching out on the tile as if every inch he slid into her shocked her and hurt her and pleased her and stripped her of any and all control. As if his penis pushing into her fulfilled every lasting wish she every dreamed up, and all of those dreams were dripping with her cum.

“Give it to me,” she groaned. “Give it to me now…”

He pushed himself farther and farther in, until his toes were pushing him forward on the floor and his cock was buried, up to its balls, deep inside his daughter. It was a tight fit, but she moved with him, raising her knees to receive the full length of his swollen member, her arms tightly wound about him to keep from being pushed across the floor. Katie let out a shrill cry that ended in a shivering gasp as he pulled out the first time, clasped her buttocks in his hand, and plunged inside her again.

“God…damn it…” Katie groaned. Her vagina was so tight. He held her to him now, desperately, his hand cradling her dazzling hair and his other gripped tightly around her ass cheek, and she clung to his back until her nails scratched out blood.

She opened her legs wider for him, the man who was her father and, to both of their deep guilt, the most fervent lover she’d ever had. His big cock opened her pussy and made her scream. The fire in her belly was being stoked, in rough, uncontrollable impacts. She let her father dominate her like a wild beast. She knew, and in this knowledge she felt her first orgasm building, that if she told him to stop he never would; she could never stop him once she’d invited him into her pussy, and her father’s great strength and size made her absolutely powerless against him. She was enslaved to his penis, the petals of her delicate pussy under attack by his masculine fertilization.

Fertilization, she thought, the feel of his dick expanding and showering her uterus with its seed, her father’s seed, her father’s thick, copious semen, exploding in her body the way it exploded in her mouth, tainting their relationship forever in all its brutal, explicit voluptuousness, the thought of it sent shivers up her back. “Ah…” she cried.

“Are you gonna cum, baby?” she heard her father say.

“Yes, daddy,” she said obediently, her breath catching in her throat. “Did I make your big dick hard, daddy?”

“Yes,” he groaned. “Yes, God, yes…”

“I wished you’d fucked me in front of mommy, daddy,” she continued to speak, now babbling uncontrollably as her orgasm began below her bouncing breasts and flushed down, down to the tight ring of her vagina constricting over her father’s massive cock. “Oh God I wished you’d forced me like a bad girl.”

“You are a bad girl,” he grunted.

“Fuck me like you want to fuck mommy, daddy.”

“You won’t tell her, baby?”

“I p- I p-promise, oh, oh, God!” She orgasmed around his dick ecstatically. She immediately stopped bucking her hips and threw her arms and legs around his body, letting him plunge deeper and deeper. She came so hard she felt tears sting her eyes. Behind them stars burst. “I’m a bad girl…” she gasped. “Oh God I’m such a bad, bad girl…”

“You’re my bad girl,” he growled into her ear. She pressed her cheek hard against his jaw and mewled wordlessly.

He gripped one of her breasts without mercy.

“You bastard,” she groaned. “You bastard, daddy. You’re not supposed to fuck me. I’m your little girl.”

Dale reeled back. He came up to a sitting position to watch his penis glide in and out of her soaking pussy. “Yes,” he groaned. “But you need to be fucked.”

“I do,” she agreed. “And you need to use me, daddy.” His glistening shaft squelched between her bare lips and she undulated on the bathroom rug, folding her belly and wriggling like a snake. She shoved herself roughly against his cock. The two of them groaned. “All better, daddy?”

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