Paid to Seduce His Mother V. 02 Ch. 02


This follows directly from the first chapter. This describes Mikes adventures with Ellie in a threesome with their mother, and the conversation between Mike and Maggie, in which he learns about his father, and they describe their first times. Comments welcome; votes appreciated

Paid to Seduce His Mother Redux

Chapter 2


The two Nelson children were just pulling into Belle Vista Drive when Mike finished bringing Ellie up to date on the condition of their parents’ union. She looked at him in wonder.

“You’re telling me our cheating asshole of a father is paying you to convince our mother to do something she already wants to do, is giving you four months to get it done, and is picking up the bill for it, to boot, and what you really need to do, is convince him to apologize to Mom for letting their marriage go to shit?

“And your strategy to do that is to practice full nudity around the house so you can take her to bed and remind her how good sex can be.” She laughed. “Sounds like a plan, to me. Damn! I wish I could be here to help.”

Mike grinned at her comment, then sobered up to ask, “Why did you call Dad an asshole? I agree, but I always got the impression he doted on you.”

“Yeah, growing up, I felt I had him wrapped around my finger. Then a few weeks ago, he decided to try to collect. Said it was only fair.” Ellie looked at her brother and saw the anger building. “No, Mike, it wasn’t with him. He tried to set me up for one of his big customers.

“It was the way he said take him out and show him a ‘good time’ and don’t be upset if he gets a little touchie-feelie. I got an idea what the weekend would be like and told Dad I had an important paper to finish and an exam to study for.

“He started that old ‘sauce for the goose’ talk about playing fair with customers. I almost asked him if he had fucked the guy’s daughter. Maybe I should have. You say he has a girl staying in the company apartment. Have you seen her?”

She almost choked from laughing when he told her about walking in on them. “In our living room! I swear, the only brains he has are in his dick. Did you tell Mom about that? No? Good; she doesn’t need to know how lucky she is.” Mike pulled into the driveway, and almost before he could stop, she was out of the car and on her way in the front door.

Part XIV

Mike grabbed her suitcase from the back of his Jeep and was just entering the door when he heard his sister asking if the pool was useable. She was just removing her panties when he walked into the kitchen, in front of a very shocked Maggie. “Ellie, what are you doing? Your brother…”

“Oh, Mom, don’t be such a stick. It’s not the first time he’s seen all of me, and probably not the last. Are you going to come in with me? Skinny dipping is so much fun; nearly as good as…well, maybe not that good, but it is better than with a suit on.”

“What on earth are they teaching you down there, young la…woman; you’re certainly no lady any more.”

Ellie grinned and began unbuttoning her mother’s shirt. “C’mon, Mom. Try it. Don’t worry about Mike. I’m sure he’s seen lots of T ‘n’ P. Hell, we stopped at Waverley’s on the way home and the waitress practically jumped on him when we walked in.” By this time, Ellie was pushing her mother’s shirt off her shoulders, revealing the fact she wore no bra.

Maggie grabbed for her hands, trying to stop her determined daughter. “Ellie. Stop this nonsense, now. No, Ellie! Leave my shorts alone. Ellie, I said stop! No, not my panties! Mike, stop looking at me. You shouldn’t see me naked, like this. Go grab us some towels and bring out a bottle of wine and some glasses… And some robes!” Ellie took hold of Maggie’s arm and led her out to the pool.

“And Mike,” called Ellie, “you can’t come out unless you’re naked!”

“Ellie,” admonished Maggie. “What’s gotten into you? Or shouldn’t I ask?”

“Well, Momma,” she replied, with a sly smile, “I have to confess, I haven’t exactly been a nun while I’ve been away. In fact, a few nights ago I had my first threesome with a couple of guys I let pick me up. It wasn’t a very good experience. Mike said he’d take me to the clinic to get checked for STDs.”

“You told Mike? Wh…Why?” Maggie plopped down on one of the chaises, her legs crossed and her arms shielding her breasts. Ellie sat down beside her, their knees touching, and leaned so their shoulders touched. She thought for a moment.

“His opinion of me means a lot to me and I didn’t want him to hear it from somebody else. He’s taught me a lot about men and women, and it has really helped me deal with relationships while I’ve been in school. And so far, he’s been right, in what he taught me.”

“I’m almost afraid to ask…” Maggie looked at her daughter, not sure she really wanted the answer she expected. Ellie looked her in the face, with no trace of shame as she answered.

“Yes, he was my first, and so far, my best ever, and not just because he was first or is my brother, but because he showed he escort bayan loved me enough to care about my needs, too. We didn’t just fuck, or have sex, Mom. He made love to me. You should let him make love to you, too. It would remind you how love is supposed to be.”

“Ellie! How do you…”

“Mom, I’m right across the hall. I can hear you moaning, and, sometimes, I can even hear your vibrator. A few times with Mike, and you’d throw that toy away, I’m sure.”

Maggie was just about to say something when Mike coughed to discreetly announce his presence. “If you want a swim before we go, you should get it now. We have to be at the restaurant in a little less than two hours, and it’ll take almost a half hour to get there that time of night.” He struggled to not stare at the two women who were facing him. Ellie saw his struggle and grinned as she reached out and drew Maggie to her side.

“I guess I’ll have to wait. Maybe when we get home, you and I can have an after dark swim, Mikey. Isn’t Mom beautiful? So slender and such pretty titties. And you can tell she doesn’t have to trim her pussy. Wouldn’t you just love to kiss it?” She reached over and pulled Maggie’s legs open.

“Ellie!” Maggie and Mike shouted in unison.

“What? You both want to, so why not admit it?” She released Maggie and walked up to Mike. Taking hold of his semi-hard cock, she reached up and kissed him. “I told her about us,” she whispered. Mike’s stomach sank as he looked at his mother, whose hands, at that moment, were busy, each subtly kneading the breast it was covering.

He gave Ellie a smack on the butt and sent her into the house to get changed for dinner. When she was safely inside, he grabbed a robe and walked to his mother. “Mike,” she started. “Your sister?”

He opened the robe and held it for her. When she had her arms in the sleeves, he wrapped his around her and pulled her onto his lap as he sat down. He held her tightly against him as he told her about Ellie’s Senior Ball experience.

Maggie was still wrapped in his arms, cuddled into his chest when he finished. She turned her face up and kissed him. “I’m glad you were there for her. For the rest of the weekend, as long as your father is around, we’ll have to behave like mother and son. Tuesday, We’ll leave Maggie here, while you drive Meg to our trysting place.

“Let’s go get dressed.”

Part XV

Dinner was as successful as possible under the circumstances. Harry was more than impressed at the end of the meal when he called for the bill and found that the dinner was on the chef because of Mike’s impending employment and winning the end of year competition. Mike was asked if he wanted to see the kitchen, and accepted the offer.

As Mike walked away, Harry looked at his daughter, and asked, “What are your plans this weekend?”

“I really hadn’t made any. Just hang out with the family. Especially with Mike home. His being here was a nice surprise.”

“Well, I hope we get to spend some time together. You did me a big favor.”

“I did? How? And why wouldn’t we have time together?”

“McCallister was very impressed with your decision to pass up a free dinner to study, especially at a school like P’Town. His sons went there, and, in his words, majored in partying and drinking. He said your obvious maturity and seriousness about your studies reflected well on your upbringing, and indirectly on the business. He signed a contract making us his primary supplier for mechanical fasteners.

“As to the other; I have a business trip I need to prepare for, so I’m going to be staying at the apartment for the next few days, before I leave.”

“Your daughter is going to be gone for over a year, and you’re going to pass up your last opportunity to spend some time with her to shack up with your…” Maggie’s voice was full of bitterness, and she failed to complete her thought with anything but a shudder.

Ellie reached out for her mother’s hand and looked at her Dad. “Sounds like you’re going to be pretty busy, Dad. Why don’t you give me a call Sunday? Maybe we can get together for coffee before I have to leave.”

“Which is when, honey?” Harry asked, not looking at his wife. She had tried on at least three separate occasions to talk to him about this weekend with Ellie.

“I have to be at the airport in New Haven at 6:30 Sunday evening to catch a puddle jumper to LaGuardia . Then Monday, the school has set up a medical review, to make sure we have all our immunizations and vaccinations, and aren’t harboring any medical weirdness, and then Tuesday, they come around and collect all our baggage.

“They’ve chartered a special flight to Heathrow. We all have a week in London, then those that are going to the continent get sent on. I’ll be going to Guildford in Surrey for the fall, then to Lausanne for a semester at the hospitality school. Next summer, I’ll tour a little, and be back here in time for Mike’s birthday in July.”

“Well,” Harry responded, “sounds like you’re going to busy next tuzla genç escort year. Sunday, we will definitely get together. Look, I, uh, I have to run. Tell Mike I said thanks for dinner, and I’m proud of him for landing a job here. I’ll call him when I get back.”

Mike was gone a bit more than a half hour. He had been duly impressed with the set up and by the personnel he met, some of whom he knew from school. He was surprised when he returned to find the two women alone. Maggie saw the question in his face as he rejoined them.

“Your father, if you want to claim him as such, will be spending the night with his whore at the apartment. He said he had to prepare for his trip out west, and would call you when he got back.”

Mike nodded. “Okay. Shall we go home, then, or would you two want to do something else?”

Before Maggie could say anything, Ellie interjected, “Home, please. I’m a little tired.”

“Home it is,” Mike answered, pulling out Maggie’s chair and helping her up. Ellie watched him with a smile and stayed seated. He grinned and pulled out her chair and extended his hand.

“Thank you, big brother,” she said with a coy smile.

Outside, as they waited for the valet to bring their SUV to them, Ellie raised up on tiptoe and whispered to Mike, “Can I sleep with you while I’m home? I’m going to be gone a long time, and will miss you.”

Over her head, Mike looked at Maggie, who, guessing what the conversation was about, nodded, giving Mike a smile. He bent down and whispered his answer to Ellie, “Mom said it was okay.”

Ellie whipped her head around to see Maggie smiling at her children. The valet drove up at that moment, precluding any more conversation for a few minutes. As they sorted themselves out to get into the car, Ellie took Maggie’s hand and pulled her mother into the back seat with her.

As Mike pulled into traffic, Ellie leaned into Maggie. “Are you sure you don’t mind, Momma? I really just wanted to share his bed, but if you’re okay with it, then I’m going to ask him to make love to me.”

Maggie put her arm around her daughter. “Honey, I can’t forbid you from having sex with anyone. Especially your brother, when I’m going to be doing that same thing with him Tuesday night. You have him all to yourself tonight, and tomorrow night. I’ll try not to be jealous. Thank goodness, you’ll be at the other end of the hall, though,” she finished, with a small laugh.

“You could join us…” Ellie said

“No, but thank you, Sweetie. I have a feeling you really need this time with Mike, alone. I’ll be fine. I have my magic silver bullet, and three weeks of unrestrained sex to look forward to. Don’t you worry, just enjoy yourselves.”

Mike pulled his mother’s SUV into the garage and helped the women from the back seat. Ellie was first and gave him a thankful smile. As she established her balance, she reached up and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. “Thank you,” she whispered, and moved out of her mother’s way.

Mike reached in to help Maggie from the car. As she stepped out, she revealed her thigh all the way to her furry minge. His eyes stayed glued to the sight until he felt her squeeze his hand. Only then did he become aware of the fabric in between their hands. She also gave him a kiss on the cheek as she straightened up, and whispered, “Just in case you needed some inspiration tonight. If you don’t, then they are a reminder of what’s going to be waiting for you next week.”

Part XVI

In the living room, Maggie had embraced her two children together, kissing them both on the lips. She had then unzipped Mike’s pants and pulled out his cock. After wrapping Ellie’s fingers around the shaft, she had told the young woman, “Here you go, Sweetie. It’s all yours until Sunday morning. Use it as much as you want, but remember, it has a very important date Tuesday evening. Now, off with you.”

“Are you sure, Momma, you don’t want…” Maggie placed her fingers over Ellie’s mouth and shook her head.

“You have him for two nights; I’ll have him for three weeks. Go, now.”

Up in Mike’s room, Ellie stood still as Mike unzipped her dress while standing in front of her, their lips seemingly locked together. When the zipper reached bottom, he slid his hands up her bare back, just inside the parted fabric, causing her to softly hum her approval.

Mike pulled the dress forward, off her shoulders, and broke the kiss to step back and admire his sister’s luscious body. It took him a few seconds to realize she was tanned all over, with no tan lines. With a wide grin, he offered, “Must be great, having all that sunshine. Are all the coeds as tanned as you?”

“No,” she said. “Down there I don’t qualify as tanned. As far as those candidates for melanoma are concerned, I’m still bisque-ware (referring to the low fired, pre-glazed state of poured slip ceramics-ware).”

She put her arms around her brother and hugged him tightly. “Hold me, Mikey. Can we just cuddle for a while? I think I need that more than anything tuzla kendi evi olan escort else, right now. I wish Momma had joined us. I feel sad about not including her. Do you think you could persuade her to come down here?”

“If you want all three of us in bed comfortably, then we should go join her. She has a king size bed, while we both have doubles. We can go there in a little bit. Give her a chance to settle down and take care of things.”

Ellie giggled. “Yeah, like her silver bullet.”

Mike chuckled. “I was thinking more along the lines of bathroom, and make-up removal, but yeah, that, too. We can lie down while we wait, and you can tell me why you’re so insistent on having Mom join us.”

“Mmm, I, uh, mmm. It’s…I, ahh, I want to be sure you and her get together. Is that so bad?” She asked, situating herself beside him on the bed.

He bent down and kissed the tip of her nose. “No, El, that’s not bad, except right now, she doesn’t want to do that. How many times did she say no, two, three?”

“Yeah, something like that. Why?”

“Have you ever been out with a guy, who was all over you, and you realized the only way to get out of the situation was to give him either a hand job, or a blow job?” She nodded, frowning. “How was he any different from what you’re doing? By constantly asking and pushing, you’re trying to wear her down until she says yes, just to stop the harassment. It’s sorta like date rape.”

“But girls can’t rape girls, that’s…”

“You’re ignoring her feelings, forcing her to comply with yours. The only difference is that you don’t have a cock of your own, so you’re using mine. And I don’t remember anyone asking me if I wanted to make love with Mom tonight.”

Ellie looked up at him, gnawing at her lower lip. “I’m sorry. I was just…”

“I know, sweetheart, and I appreciate it, but Mom’s the one you need to apologize to.” When she moved to sit up, he laughed and pushed her back down onto the bed. “It can wait until morning. Wasn’t there something else you wanted to do tonight?”

With a shy smile, belied by the passion in her eyes, she shook her head. “But I’ll let you convince me, if you want to,” she purred.

Mike rolled over on his back. “Funny,” he chortled, “that’s just what I was going to say.”

Ellie rolled over and jumped on him. “Why you…” she laughed, and began to bat at his head, lightly slapping at him, barely more than patting his pate. After several seconds of being a passive target, Mike reached up and took her hands in his, and pulled her down on top of him.

“That’s no way to seduce a guy,” he said, his lips against hers as he kissed her. “You need to start here.” He released her hands and started to lightly caress her back, his hands moving in long strokes parallel to her spine. Ellie relaxed and let her body mold to his as she increased the fervor in her kiss.

She felt his cock begin to come to life and ground her pussy against his pubes. When she felt him pushing back, she reached down between them and pulled his staff up so it laid on his belly, between their pubes so she could slide her cleft against him. She felt as much as heard his groan when she started.

“What you want, big guy?” she hissed in his ear, running her tongue around the edge and into the center.

He tightened his arms about her. “You,” he whispered back. “I want you, Ellie. I want you on my cock, pumping the cunt you said I could always have, up and down until you empty my nuts. And then I want you to lick me clean while I suck my cum out of you. That’s what I want.”

“You son of a bitch,” she moaned. “You’ve got me so fucking turned on, I can’t move. Make me come, big brother, and then I’ll do it just like you asked.” Mike pulled her to him for a kiss and grabbed her ass, pulling her up his body until he felt his cock pop free.

He grabbed it and slid it up and down her slit a few times before searching out her opening. When Ellie felt it settle into position, she pushed back, impaling herself on her brother’s imitation of re-bar. They moaned in unison.

Ellie began to pump her hips up and down Mike’s staff, slowly at first, gaining force and speed as she became used to having the rigid one-eyed snake inside her.

Since her first time, with Mike, she had seen quite a number of naked cocks. Nude beaches and sun bathing areas, and a couple of frat parties she had been invited to, plus the male models in the life drawing class she had managed to get into last year, had provided ample opportunity. Her brother didn’t have the largest dick she had ever seen, but he was one of the top three or four. And he was certainly the thickest she had personally experienced.

Ellie felt the tingle in her belly which signaled that she was close to the point of inevitability–that point where she wouldn’t be able to stop. She felt Mike begin to push up into her, “El, I…I…”

“Go ahead, Mikey; it’s okay. I want to feel you come inside me. Come in me, Mikey; wash my pussy walls with your cream. Come in your little sister, Mikey; give her your clam sauce. Do it Mike, I want to feel you squirt in me; c’mon, Mi..i…i…oh oh oh oh mi gawd Mike I’m coooommmmiiiinnnnn…” and she collapsed on his chest, quivering in release as she recovered from her orgasm.

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