Parents Help Me to Discover Myself


Discovering my sexuality with the help of my loving parents.

My parents had money, I knew that. I often spent a lot of time growing up with nannies and boarding school. But I always knew my parents loved each other and me. When I turned 18, I found out how much they loved each other and me as well.

It all started with me coming home and mom wasn’t there. Which was unusual. She was usually home before me and there to greet me. On the kitchen table were two packages, nicely wrapped. Mom’s handiwork. They said open me as soon as you get home. Inside the bigger one was a brand new laptop computer. The other was a new smartphone. I got an email from my mom. It was marked ‘read me first’.

‘Hey dear,’ It began. ‘Hope you like your new presents. I thought in honor of your birthday you should get to spend some father and son time alone. So, I and the girls will spend the night out and you boys enjoy each other. We’ll see you sometime tomorrow. Love mom. XOX.’

Mom’s so thoughtful. I love hanging out with daddy, I always have. The girls she mentioned were the two college kids that rent are bordering with us. We’ve always had a few girls living with us all my life. As they graduate we would have new ones come stay with us.

So tonight and most of tomorrow it’s just going to be me and dad. Sounds great! Pizza!

Then I saw an email from dad. So I opened it next.

‘Hi son,’ it began. ‘So you know that we get to spend the night together for some father-son bonding. I am so looking forward to this. Oh, yeah. Happy 18th birthday. I am hoping it will be memorable! Below are some of my favorite web sites links. By the way, your prior computers and phones had parental locks on them. Your mother’s doing. She loves to be in control. So you never had access to the more interesting things on the web. She wanted you to grow up a sweet innocent. But, now that you’re a young man- well we are both hoping things will be different. See you soon! Love dad. XOX’

So I clicked on the links and well…they were an eye-opener!

They were links to guys…naked guys…guys dressed up like girls…guys submitting pictures of their penises…oh my God! Wow! I never saw anything like this…I never imagined there could be anything like this.

As I read the posting of guys sending in their pics…and telling their stories…well…if got to me. I had this urge.

I had a naughty idea and feeling.

I checked the doors and they were all locked.

I remembered mommy saying she and the girls would not be home at all tonight. And dad wouldn’t get home from work for a while.

Seeing all these naughty pictures of naked men…well…I just…wondered what it would feel like to be naked. The idea made me so excited. I could feel my penis all warm and something else was happening to it…I never felt like this before. So I was bad. Really bad and I rushed to take off all my clothes. I looked at myself and my penis was different! It usually was this tiny thing, about a half-inch across and maybe an inch or an inch and a half in length. Now it was about an inch wide!! It was growing bigger!

Oh my God!

I’m naked!

I have no clothes on kartal escort and I like how it feels.

This is so wrong.

Yet it feels so good.

I have a hard on! That’s what its called. I read it on the computer. My penis…my cock is big! It got to find a ruler to measure it.

I start to walk around the house naked and it feels so wrong, so bad, so naughty and so GOOD! My penis, I mean my cock feels so warm and hard. I find a measuring tape and I check myself out. I have a cock that is five and a half inches long!! OH MY GOD! It is huge!!

It feels so good. I want to touch it…like on the way guys do in those pictures. I read about using oil, or lube or lotion to make it feel better…to help with the touching…I get some olive oil and coat my penis with it and touch myself. OH MY GOD, THAT FEELS SOOOO GOOOOD!!

I read up on touching penises…its called masturbation…jacking off…jerking off…stroking…gooning…so many words to describe this amazing feeling.

Then…it happens…

This hot feeling…like I need to pee…I’m all flushed…all excited…all feeling good and then…Wham! I explode! I shoot this cream…this hot creamy stuff out of my penis…it seems to be everywhere…OH MY GOD, IT FEELS SO GOOOD!!

I lose it for a few minutes as stuff shoots out of me…

I just look at my hand covered in this goo.

Then I just did it.

I don’t know why I did but I did.

I licked the goo.

It tasted weird

But…but…good. I licked all of the hot messy cream off my hand.

I checked this out on the net.

Cum. I came! I made cum loads. I tasted my own cum!

I actually masturbated and came. My first ever.

My penis was all wet and tiny again.

I wanted to do it again. Could I?

I touched my little penis and used my fingers to stroke my still oily warm penis.

It started to grow again! Hooray!

I started doing it again and I looked at pictures of naked men with sexy girly clothes and stroking themselves or wearing cages like daddy…so many pictures…I loved stroking my now bigger penis.

I love being naked and stroking myself.


Who knew?

I did it again. I stroked my tiny penis and made it bigger and stroked it till I came!

I was hooked on looking at pictures and reading about masturbating and being naked and stroking myself…I didn’t realize how long I was doing it…I didn’t realize that daddy came home…I didn’t realize he was watching me…oh no!

“What the hell are you doing?” Daddy said in a loud voice. I was trapped. Naked and holding my big oiled penis in my hand and I was caught by daddy.

“Is this what you do when I am not here? Tell me! Is it?”

“I’m sorry daddy…it just happened…I got on the computer and…”

“It just happened that you took off your clothes? It just happened that you got all naked and started doing…things with yourself! Look at the mess you made. Get up. See the stain on the chair from you naked butt. You must have been doing that for hours to make such a mess.”

I felt so awful. So humiliated. So vulnerable. I was naked and daddy was clothed and kartal otele gelen escort I had my hard penis in my hand and he must have seen me masturbating. Oh no!

“I’m sorry daddy.”

“You should be! You ruined that chair. You should have used a towel to sit on. Now bend over the table.”

“Yes, daddy.”

Here I was all naked with a hard on and daddy asks me to bend over. I can’t help it but this makes my penis even harder.

“You need to learn a lesson. So you won’t do this again.”

Then…wham! I feel his hand smack my bare bottom! It hurts!

“Bad boy!” SMACK! “Bad boy!” SMACK! “You should never do this again!” SMACK “Next time use a towel!” SMACK!

“I’m sorry daddy! I’m sorry! I won’t do it again! Ever!”

“Next time you want to play with yourself naked you will get a towel to sit on. Do you understand?” SMACK!

“What? I don’t understand daddy?”

SMACK! SMACK! “What do you mean you don’t understand? Speak up! Explain yourself.”

“Next time? Next time…I don’t understand…”

“Don’t they teach you how to obey your father at school? Don’t they teach you to listen? I said the next time you get naked and want to sit and play with yourself you do not do it by putting your bare ass on the furniture. You go and get a towel. Now, do you understand?”

“Yes, daddy.” OH MY GOD! HE IS SAYING IT IS OKAY TO DO THIS??? “You mean it’s okay to play with myself? It’s okay to be naked?”

“Of course it is. I was hoping that when you checked out the links that something like would happen. Now, how about letting me get undress and we can spend our father-son time together naked. You do like being naked?”

“Oh yes, daddy! I really like being naked.”

“I can see that. Your penis is all hard. Would you stay naked for daddy”?

“Oh yes! Could I?”

“Do you want daddy to punish you for making a mess by forcing you to be naked for the rest of our time together?”

“Yes! Would you?”

“Okay. I will. You have been a bad boy and for misbehaving and ruining that chair you will have to be naked from now on as punishment.”

“Oh! Is this for real?”

“Yes. I am so pleased that you liked my links. You seem to have spent a long time looking at them.”

“I did. But how did you know that?”

“I saw what you looked at. Actually, so did you, mother, as well.”

“You saw? I don’t understand?”

“Your mother and I had always seen what you do on your phone and computer. This new one we gave you lets you freely search for things. Now that you are 18 you can do that. Your old computer had a parental lock to keep you from finding things on it.”

“You could see my searches?”


“could you read my emails?”


“Can you still do that?”


“Now be honest. Do you like being naked?”

“Yes. I do.”

“Does it excite you to be naked in front of your father?”

“Yes, it does.”

“Do you like playing with your penis?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Show daddy how you play with your penis.”

“Really? You want me to do it while you watch?”

“Yes. Daddy likes it when kartal eve gelen escort you play with yourself. He likes to watch. Now, Daddy is going to make you be naked all the time. If you don’t do that daddy will spank you again. You don’t want daddy to spank you do you?”

“No daddy.”

“Good. So you will be naked for daddy?”

“Oh yes, daddy.”

“Now let me show you how to open a bottle of wine so you can pour mommy glass of wine and I will sit and drink it while daddy will explain some new rules now that you are older.”

I was shown how to do daddy’s wine and he sat in the big leather chair in the living room with his feet up and sipped his wine.

“Now, you can be naked at home but you have to obey your parents at all times, do you understand?”

“Yes, daddy.”

“That is a good boy,” daddy starts to play with my penis and tease me. He runs his fingers along my penis and makes it all tingle and I get hard. He wraps his hand around my penis and starts to stroke it.

“Ohhhhh daddy that feels good…ohhhhh…”

“Daddy can make you feel good when he wants to.”

“Oh thank you daddy …that feels sooooo good…ahhhhh…I can’t believe this…ohhhh…I’m all naked…and you are doing this to me…ohhhh…this is soooo naughty…but I like it…ohhhh dadddyyyy…you make me feeeeellll ssssooooo goood…ohhhh…daddyyyy don’t stop. Please don’t stop…”

“You like daddy taking control of your penis?”


“You like daddy stroking your penis?”


“Your penis is daddy’s toy, do you understand?”


“I want you naked so I have you in my power.”


“You like that don’t you?”

“Ohhhh yessss…daddy I’mmmmm sooo close…”

“Close to what dear little boy? What are you close to?”

“Ohhhhh…close to cumming…daddy…so close…”

“Daddy doesn’t have to let you cum.”

“Ohhhhh please daddy…let me cummmm…please…”


“Please dadddyyyyyyy…ohhhhhhh pleaseeee “

Then daddy let’s go of my penis and it just twitches in the air all hard and hot and needy.

“Please, daddy make me cum. Please do it, daddy, please.”


“I promise to be good and obey daddy all the time. I promise never to wear clothes in the house. I promise to have my penis ready to be played with all the time, daddy. Please…daddy, please let me cum.”

Dad then takes my ball sack in his hand and squeezes it tighter and tighter, “Now child you need to learn discipline. You can’t just get it when you say you want it. It is good for you to need it and want it but not get it…it keeps you horny and on edge. This keeps you compliant. This is a lesson your mother taught me very well. Do you understand me?”

“Arrrrrghh…yes daddy…yes, daddy…that hurts daddy…yes, daddy…”

“Good boy. Now, have you done your homework yet? Or did you just start playing with yourself the moment you got home from school?”

“I forgot about my school work, daddy. I was so busy playing with myself. I’ve been a bad boy but please don’t spank me or squeeze my balls.”

“This time. Now go to the kitchen table and do your schoolwork, Daddy is going to go change and then you can help make dinner.”

And so, when I turned 18 it was the being. I discovered my own sexual needs and I was ever so thankful that my parents were so loving and understanding.

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