Paying My Son’s Debt


I scratched my head sighing. Tax time, not exactly my favorite time of the year. I stared at the piles of receipts, bills, and pay stubs. I crunched a few numbers into the calculator and before I knew it the front door opened. I looked up at the clock. Alex was home.

“Hi honey!! How was your day at school?” I called out. I heard a grumble as a heavy backpack thudded in the hallway.

“I quit! I don’t care about college, or getting a good career!” he yelled out. I detected something else in his tone as his footsteps told me he was coming closer.

“What happened?” I asked as I filled in a few more boxes then set down my paperwork and massaged my temples.

“Well I made the team!” he replied as he entered the dining room and sat down in the chair beside me where my feet were resting.

“That’s great, what is there to be bummed about that?” I asked, glad for the distraction from tax work

“Daniel is still a bully! I hate that guy so much mom. Him and the other guys duck taped me to the toilet!” I frowned. This wasn’t the first incident we’d had with this Daniel. He’d been bullying Alex since 6th grade. I’d made several calls to his mother and father, but neither of which seemed to matter. I even had a conference with the principal. I clenched my fists.

“What the hell is that kid’s problem??” I asked aloud, only voicing my son’s frustration.

“Tomorrow, after practice I’m going to go have a word with him myself!” I decided. Alex picked up one of my feet and started rubbing it. I moaned; before I’d started taxes I’d spent most my morning on my feet in court. I worked for the prosecutor’s office and today I’d sentenced a drug dealer to 15 years in prison.

“That’s not a good idea mom; he’s not going to listen to you.” Alex replied, thumbs pressing into my arches.

“Sounds like a snob who gets away with everything because his parents let him…I’ll knock some sense into him!” I promised reassuringly. I leaned my head back against the chair and enjoyed the magic he was working with his hands.

“What’s for dinner?” he asked casually as he moved to the other foot. I sighed; I hadn’t given it much thought.

“What are you in the mood for?” I asked.

“I was thinking maybe we could go out for dinner. It’s been a while since we’ve both had an evening without work or practice…” I nodded; it had been quite a while since we got to spend some good mother son time. I smiled

“Any good movies playing?” I asked. He shrugged.

“Some new Zombie movie I think.” I pulled my feet from his hands and stood. He always took the ache right out of them.

“Well let’s go get dressed and we’ll go out tonight then. Give me 30 minutes?” Alex smiled up at me. I could see his father in him so badly. Alex’s father had passed away while I was pregnant with him. He’d been in the Navy, some really bad storm and he’d drowned. They found his body caught on the anchor. Alex has always been the man of the house, I didn’t think anybody could replace his father, and I hadn’t bothered looking. I ruffled his hair and headed upstairs to my room to change into something other than the monkey suit my profession demanded.

“MOM!!!” he yelled up the stairs. I grumbled as I ran a quick comb through my hair.

“I said I’m coming!” I replied.

“It’s been an HOUR! Movie starts in twenty minutes and I’m starving.” I slipped into a comfortable pair of flats and hurried downstairs. When I reached the landing Alex just stood there and stared at me open jawed.

“What? Did I leave my shirt tucked in?” I demanded twirling to see if there was something wrong with my attire.

“Mom…you look….well you look… you don’t look like my mom!” he answered. I blushed.

“Stop trying to flatter an old woman, got your jacket?”

“Mom, it’s like 85 degrees out. I’m pretty sure I won’t catch a cold if I don’t bring a jacket.” I grabbed my purse and keys and we headed out to the old station wagon. It had been my only car and I found if I took good care of her she remained faithful to me.

“Quick drive-thru dinner okay?” I asked as I put the car into reverse. He nodded. “I don’t mind, I just want to see the movie with you.” I smiled. It wasn’t often we got to spend time together. Seemed older he got the busier both of us got and it would only be year before he went away to college. Alex, like his father, was tall, maybe 6’2 with dark black hair that he kept short. The same annoying uncooperative cowlicks too, so his hair always looked like a mess. But it seemed to work for him. He was wearing just a regular large t-shirt and jeans. Alex had a pierced lip, his 16th birthday present, and wore only a gold chain around his neck. I didn’t quite understand the fashion, but it didn’t bother me.

Alex was on the football team, as he had been the three previous years. He was hoping to get a scholarship. However, he had several other scholarship opportunities in science and math. My boy was a genius. He popped in a CD and his favorite band started playing. Hollywood Undead. I tapped my fingers kartal escort to the beat as I drove to the mall. I tried not to fight him too much on things he was into, even if they weren’t exactly my style. My son was mature and smart and I knew he knew what he was doing; that was how I raised him after all.

We arrived at the mall five minutes before the movie started so we grabbed a cheap burger and rushed in to find good seats. Only to find the theatre wasn’t that occupied. We sat directly in the middle and he offered me some popcorn. I popped a few pieces in my mouth and watched the screen. So far we’d watched every single zombie movie to come out in theatres. We tried to keep tradition going for the whole series. About halfway through the movie I noticed Alex was fidgeting and I leaned over.

“You okay?” I whispered. He cleared his throat and nodded.

“Little cramped is all.” He stretched his legs out putting his left one next to mine and his arm behind me. I had a tall frame, and he wasn’t just skin and bones either but he barely had an ounce of fat on him. Despite how much the boy ate. I relaxed against him an just watched the movie next thing I knew he was shaking me and the bright lights were on.

“Mom!” he whispered. I shook awake and stared around then swore.

“I’m so sorry Hun!” I apologized. I must have been so exhausted I just fell asleep. He smiled and helped me up.

“It’s okay mom. You were so peaceful sleeping I didn’t have heart to wake you till it was over.” I patted his cheek.

“You’re such a good boy.” He put his arms around my shoulders and brought me against him.

“Come on mom, getting past your bedtime old lady,” he joked as I playfully smacked him. When we got home I kicked off my shoes and after a quick hug and kiss goodnight I went upstairs and collapsed into bed.

I awoke to my alarm screaming and I groaned. Was it really morning already? I stood and yawned and glared at my reflection. Make up smeared on my pillow the night before. But luckily I had day off so I made my way to Alex’s room for his wake up call. I opened the door.

“Alex, time to get up….WHOA!” I yelled and immediately closed the door, cheeks aflame.

“I’m sorry!! I’ll go start breakfast.” I called out and ran downstairs quickly before I had to confront him. He’d been sitting at his computer, wearing nothing but his birthday suit and he had his shaft in his hand, pumping it vigorously while some porn played on the screen of his computer. He was a teenager, so I knew he did stuff like that…I’d had my brother have the “man” talk with him…I was just way too embarrassed. As I started the eggs Alex entered the kitchen and started grabbing the dishes to set the table. I didn’t say a word, and I couldn’t meet his eyes.

“Mom…I um…I thought my door was locked…I’m sorry you walked in on me…”

“It’s natural, you’re a young man, and I should have knocked. You don’t have to explain or apologize to me sweetie!” I interrupted giving him a big smile. I’d never really given it much thought. He hadn’t had many girlfriends, and as far as I knew he was still a virgin…but sex wasn’t a topic we discussed much. His cheeks turned red and he went to set the table. After a nice hot breakfast I gave him a hug and kiss goodbye, promising to come watch his practice so that I could have a word with Daniel.

I took a long bath, spent a few more hours with the taxes before It was already time to get ready and head out. I like casual dress, and I still wore jeans and t-shirt like I had when I was 16. I’d gotten pregnant with Alex young, and so I still sometimes felt like I was stuck being a teenager. When I pulled into the school parking lot, they were just letting school out, leaving more space available.

I went and sat in the bleachers by the field and watched as they went through their warm ups and scrimmages. Alex played offense, and used his speed to his advantage. I watched and cheered. Catching him watching the cheerleaders a few times I chuckled when it got him knocked on his butt. Moment the coach blew the whistle they all hustled into the locker room. I waited a good half an hour before I followed. I strode into the room with purpose and I stood by the coaches’ office.

“Daniel?!?” I yelled loudly, my voice echoing off the linoleum tiles in the walls Suddenly the small chatter from the boys that were left ceased and I heard wet footsteps approaching me from behind.

“Who wants to know?” he demanded. I froze; I could feel his presence behind me, like an overbearing cold shadow. I turned around and stared right into the kid’s chest, my eyes meeting right beneath his nipples. I craned my neck and looked up at him. This young man didn’t look like any young man I’d ever seen. He had to be at least 6’5, broad shoulders, well build muscles covering his body, he was practically hairless, but there was no mistaking this for teenager. I took a step back so that my neck stopped aching and I took a deep breath.

I put my hand on my hips and put on a false bravado.

“You’re cumhuriyet mahallesi escort the quarter back, the one who keeps picking on my boy!!?!” I demanded. He smirked and was obviously checking me out as his eyes traveled up and down my body. I shivered, suddenly feeling vulnerable and meek.

“What’s it to ya if I make fun of the little queer?” he demanded shifting the towel around his waist.

“Didn’t your mother ever teach you any manners?” I demanded as my mind suddenly went blank, I felt as though it was shutting down from fear.

“Bitch abandoned me when I was a baby, so no, she didn’t.” he replied taking a step closer. My heart raced and I backed up without really realizing what I was doing. He saw it and laughed lightly.

“Is that all you came in here for?” he asked as his free hand gestured crudely towards his manhood. I shook my head as my back came to rest against a locker.

“Oh no need to lie here little momma, most the team is gone and coach probably at the bar already…”

“No, I uh…I think I made a mistake!” I answered as I tried to step around him and back towards the door. Daniel grabbed me roughly around the upper arm and slammed me back against the locker, holding me there by my bicep.

“Not so fast….I ain’t done talking to you yet!” he growled and I cried out at the strength of his grip.

“Please…let go you’re hurting me!” I pleaded trying to loosen his hold. He squeezed tighter and brought his face down towards mine.

“Answer my question!” he replied.

“No!!! I came down here to try and talk some sense into you! And it looks like I wasted my time!” I yelled in his face. I felt a sharp sting across my cheek and it took a minute before I realized he’d slapped me.

“I don’t take too kindly to yelling, apologize!” he demanded.

“Let go of me RIGHT now!” I demanded, hoping my son was already out in the car. Whatever was going to happen I’d prefer it not happen in front of him. Daniel slapped me again. And I stopped fighting, holding my face in my free hand. I was almost in shock. I’d never had a man hit me before, and certainty not anybody young enough to be my son.

“I told you to apologize!” he ordered.

“Who do you think you are? I won’t hesitate to call the cops and file charges, doesn’t matter that you’re a juvenile, you’ll see jail time!” This time instead of slapping me he threw me down to the floor, landing in a puddle that was draining from the showers. He leaned over me

“First of all, I’m not a juvenile, I’m 18, second of all, can’t go to the cops if you’re dead.” My heart almost stopped dead in my chest. What had I gotten myself into? What the hell was wrong with this kid? What would happen to Alex? What if he walked in and then this psycho killed him too?

“I didn’t mean that! I’m sorry…” I apologized, cowering before him. I would play this game if it kept me safe.

“Who are you?” he demanded.

“I’m…uh I’m Alex’s mother.” He nodded, confirming what he’d already suspected.

“So little queer ran home to his mommy and cried…what a pussy!” he said in distain. I slapped him before the thought fully crossed my mind. I gasped and shakily backed away, scooting across the tile.

“Daniel…I’m sorry! I didn’t mean that…listen, whatever problem I had with you, I think I’ll find a way to deal with it.” Like move several towns away or move districts.

“You sneak your slutty ass into a boy’s locker room intending to “teach me a lesson” and now that you realize what a mistake that was you think I’m going to let you just go?” I actually whimpered in fear, hating how pathetic I was before this kid.

“Alex…well he’s waiting in the car, and I worry about him being out there alone!” I replied. Daniel smiled and I wondered how anyone like him could still be out of jail.

“Don’t worry Matthew went to go grab the little faggot. See today he managed to get us caught by coach and he made us do sprints all day…see your son is quite the little pansy.”

“Please….just let me go and I swear not to bring this up to another living soul.” I promised, but I could already hear shouting as a door screeched open.

“Fucking let go of me you stupid monkey loving fudge packer!” shouted the voice of my son. I’d never heart such language.

“Shut up queer. Daniel wants to see you…” I assumed that voice to be that of Matthew. When they came into view from between the lockers, Matthew had light brown hair, and was dressed in basketball shorts and a wife beater. He had Alex by collar of his shirt and one arm pinned up against his back.

“I told you…I don’t have it!” he protested but when he looked towards us he froze.

“Mom…?” he tried to come towards me but Matthew shoved him backwards, having him trip over a bench and land on his ass.


“I was surprised to hear Alex…it seems you forgot to mention a little something to your mother…”

“Daniel let her go! I said I’d get your money, and I will!”

“Money… yunus escort what money?? What does he owe you money for?” I worked a decent job, we were living comfortably, if he needed money why didn’t tell me?

“Your little bitch of a son borrowed some money from me and is almost a month late paying it back…”

“Alex?!? What did you need money for? What could you possibly have needed it for?” Daniel laughed.

“This is just priceless I wish I could record this moment. Oh wait, that’s right!!! Justin?” he called out. Another one of them came out from between two other rows of lockers with a video camera in his hands pointed straight at me.

“Insurance policy, you understand.” I growled and stood pointing my finger at him

“You cannot get away with this! I work for the prosecutor’s office… and I have some friends”

“My father is the state prosecutor… you’ll be fired before the ink dries in your statement. Now, back to the issue! It seems your son here owed a Dealer for being fronted some of those…what did you call them again Alex? Smart pills?” Alex just looked down as if counting the tiles. I just stared at my son, my entire view changing before my eyes.

“Alex?? Is this True?”

“If I had gotten that job I would have had him paid off already,” Alex answered. I just stood there not sure what to say or think.

“And he came to me…begging me…wanna hear what your little boy did for just the loan itself?” Daniel circled me and paused behind me again. I stared at my son who looked so sad and ashamed; I had been the one that told him he couldn’t have a job, that he needed to focus on school and sports and friends.

“He got down on his knees, and sucked me like I was his favorite treat. And then when I was done cumming in his mouth I bent him over that bench right there and pounded his ass like there was no tomorrow,” Daniel whispered in my ear. Tears filled my eyes as I spun around and started slapping at him. I shook my head. This couldn’t be really happening. Why hadn’t he told me? I thought we shared almost everything; and he’d been allowing this twisted beast to use him like that… Daniel grabbed both my wrists and held me almost off the ground.

“Whoa, looks like young momma has a little bit fire in her soul. See yesterday, when he was due for his second payment, he showed up empty handed, and I expressed to him how disgusted I was with his lack of motivation…so to keep me happy he’s brought you me as a faithful gesture.” I looked over at my son, he couldn’t even look my way.

“Alex?? Is what he’s saying true??” I demanded; had my own child set me up? But he didn’t answer me. Tears rolled down my cheeks and I looked up at Daniel.

“Oh believe it little lady, caught him wanking it to your photo a time or two and I knew right away you’d be worth an extension on his loan…”

“Look, I can pay you whatever it is he borrowed…my wallets out in my car I might have to go to an ATM first.”

“I don’t want your money…I have plenty of money. But a chance to fuck a well to do prosecutor…now that’s worth something.” I watched as Matthew buckled a collar around my son’s neck and hooked him up to some chain that was locked under a bench. He looked so broken and defeated. I pulled away even harder, I just wanted to comfort my son. Nothing would make me not love and care about him.

“Let me go!” I demanded. He laughed as he lifted me off the ground by my wrists.

“You assume age has to do with strength. Women don’t really get much smarter after high school, do they?” I swung and kicked him, making contact with his shin and stubbing my toes at the same time. Matthew came up, grabbing my ankles and assisting with holding me still. My screams echoed off the wall as they carried me to a bench and laid me down on my back.

Daniel held my wrists firmly while Matthew snapped the shackles over them and then moved to the front side of my body. He looked down at me as I pulled against the chains. How long had this been planned? I shook my head, not quite comprehending all the forethought that had gone into this.

“Please whatever you’re about to do, think about it…you don’t want to do this.”

“Oh, you’re very wrong about that!!” He leaned forward as he straddled the bench and placed my legs around him. He lifted my shirt up and cupped my breasts. I scooted up, but not far with my wrists at an odd angle. He grinded against me and from what I felt against me I knew this was no boy I was dealing with.

“I won’t…I won’t tell anyone…please let us go,” I pleaded, never had I felt so helpless.

“Don’t bother begging me…nothing you say will persuade me, best to give in.” I squirmed and he pressed more weight against me. He bunched up the skirt I was wearing exposing my panties and I glanced over at Alex. Instead of staring down at the ground he was watching, wide eyed and breathing heavily.

“Now now, it’s not that bad…if all things go according to plan, this should be the last night I have to wait for my money…cooperate and you just might enjoy this!” He tore my panties and tossed them to the floor, exposing me to him. The tent he was supporting made his towel fall open and I gasped. I hadn’t been with another man since Richard…I’d relieved myself once in a while, but that was with my own hands.

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