Pig’s Night Out

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You have found time in Your schedule to relax and are feeling the need to degrade a pig. Your pig has never been to a strip club (which You still find hard to believe) so You decide to start off the evening there and see what whims You will feel like throughout the evening – leaving pig totally in the dark about the events of the evening, other than to tell her to bring her funnel and a paddle along in her purse. You give further instructions for pig to wear a skirt with heels and a sheer top. she is to pick You up from Your hotel and You will instruct her at that time on where to drive to. Of course, pig is dying to know what Your plans are for her, but she knows better than to ask and tries to remain patient. It’s not working though and as the day wears on she continues to get excited and wet. This only makes her feel like more of a pig.

pig arrives promptly to pick You up and You tell her that she is to drive to a strip club in town – she knows of a few clubs but knows nothing else about them. pig decides to go to the one near the airport, since she remembers hearing that the girls there were much friendlier than the other places. pig has no idea what to expect once arriving at the club. You usher her to an empty table and order drinks for both Yourself and pig. After approximately 30 minutes mardin escort You instruct pig to go in the restroom and remove her bra and panties and return to the table. pig asks if she is allowed to pee, to which You reply, NO! pig prays that You won’t make her hold it for much longer as it already is a strain and she knows she should have asked You sooner.

When pig returns to the table, she notices that You have pulled her chair closer to Yours. pig stands at the table and waits for Your permission to return to her seat – You smile up at her and admire the way she is handling herself. There is a certain smirk across Your face as only You know what fate is waiting for Your pig this evening. Your gaze lowers from her eyes to her nipples which are already erect and waiting for Your touch. After a few minutes You grant pig permission to sit down and You reach over and begin to unbutton the top button of her blouse, allowing room for Your hand to wander and begin to play with her nipples. You can see pig squirm and moan every once in a while and You whisper for her to remain still and quiet.

You continue playing, twisting, and pulling on pig’s nipples for another 30-45 minutes at which point You announce that You need to take a piss. pig does not think much of this until You nevşehir escort stand up and say, “come along piggy and bring Your funnel”. pig knows she has no time to react, so she grabs her purse and follows You to the restrooms. she knows better than to hesitate when You open the door to the men’s room and lead her to one of the stalls. As pig walks into the stall she quickly notices that no one is in the restroom and sighs a little bit of relief.

You tell pig to sit on the toilet and unzip Your pants. You take Your cock out and force it in pig’s mouth – holding her head close to You so Your cock fills her mouth. pig starts to gag but You don’t back off immediately. Your cock is rock hard and as You pull it out of pig’s mouth You tell her to stand up, turn around, and bend over so that pig’s head is close to the toilet seat. pig feels You pull up her skirt and without warning, You slam Your rock hard cock into her nasty pig cunt. You continue to fuck her cunt with a force like she has never known before. she realizes that once You cum inside of her she has no panties on and Your cum will run down her legs, but secretly she hopes that You will let her wipe herself.

Unfortunately for pig, it is not to be – You cum and pull out of pig’s cunt and pull her hair to niğde escort force her to stand up straight. You make her stand there and whisper in her ear that she is not allowed to wipe herself in anyway. she is a pig and You want her to truly be a pig by letting Your cum run down her legs and dry there – as a reminder of the pig that she is. she almost wants to cry for this humiliation.

After a few minutes You tell pig to get her funnel out and sit on the toilet with the funnel in her mouth. You now feel the need to take that good long piss that You originally came into the restroom to do and pig will drink all of it or face punishment. Being the pig she is, she gulps every last drop and as You remove the funnel from her mouth, You replace it with Your cock and tell her she may now pee as she cleans off Your cock. Pure humiliation and degradation to have You watch and listen to her pee as Your cock is in her mouth, but pig has to pee so bad that after a minute she begins a steady stream of her own pee. After she has finished cleaning Your cock, You proceed to tuck it back in and zip up Your pants. pig starts to reach for the toilet paper to wipe herself and quickly feels a slap to her face. she remembers what You whispered to her only a few minutes earlier and looks downward. she rises from the toilet and You open the door of the stall. As pig is walking out of the stall, the door to the restroom opens and another gentleman walks in, eying up pig and You with a smirk on His face. pig washes her hands quickly and can’t wait to get back to the table.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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