Prince Snow Ch. 01

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Once upon a time, there was a prince named Snow. He was named that because his skin was white as snow and it was snowing. His mother Queen Mary was kind of lazy when it comes to thinking of names. He lived a happy life until his 18th birthday where his father James dropped dead of a heart attack in the middle of the ball.

His mother remarried shortly afterward to a Duke’s second son named Sebastian. Since Mary was Queen by birth, he was only royal consort. A fact that left a bitter taste in Sebastian’s mouth.


Sebastian pulled the book in the library that opened the door to his secret room. He made sure it closed behind him and strutted over to the mirror.

“Mirror, am I still the most handsome man in the kingdom?”

The mirror fogged up as the face of bald man formed in the mirror. “Sir, I thought we had discussed the fact that I would like to be called Anton. Being called Mirror is degrading.”

Sebastian rolled his eyes. “Fine. Anton, am I still the most handsome man in the kingdom?”

“Well, I think a lot of people consider the huntsman Leon to be the most handsome man in the kingdom.” Anton winced as he anticipated Sebastian’s reaction.

“He’s black, so he doesn’t count! White men, Anton,” Sebastian roared as he stopped himself from striking the mirror.

“Uh, by the standard of white men, Prince Snow is the winner. His skin, his striking black hair, his 6’2″ muscular build, his thick cock and that ass…” Anton stopped as he realized what he was saying. “Sir, you’re the most handsome in your age group. Your hair is still a glorious shade of blond and isn’t graying. You look amazing for 37. And beauty is subjective. It probably isn’t healthy to measure yourself up to others.”

Sebastian was shaking. “It is bad enough that I’m not going to be king, but I can not abide that rosy cheeked sodomite to be considered more attractive than me! He doesn’t even like me. Me?! I’ve been married to his mother for two years and he won’t even call me Papa! Or make a pass at me.”

“Sir, you fornicate with men as well. I see everything,” Anton said gently.

Sebastian was pacing. “When I fuck a man, I’m being charitable. It is a privilege to experience my penis in any orifice. When Snow does it, he’s a filthy pervert who is violating the laws of man. Got it?” Sebastian stopped pacing. “Show me Prince Snow, Anton.”

The mirror fogged up again as Anton’s face disappeared and an image of Snow plowing an 18 year old stable boy Jasper in the hay appears. Sweat dripped down Snow’s face as he picked up the pace of fucking Jasper who was on all fours.

Sebastian sneered. “I was with that stable boy last week. ‘Oh, master. I’ve never felt this way before!’ Traitor.” Sebastian looked at Snow’s cock thrusting in and out of Jasper’s ass. “Anton, what is the size of Snow’s penis?”

The image of Snow hitting Jasper’s prostate disappeared and Anton’s face reappeared. “Prince Snow is the same as your penis in length. 8 inches, but he is thicker than you.”

Sebastian picked up a chair and threw it across the room. “That’s the last straw. I’m going to kill him.”

Anton’s jaw dropped. “Sir, you can’t just kill your stepson because your jealous of his manhood and beauty!”

“Watch me!” Sebastian scratched his chin as he pondered. “If I poisoned him, that would be too obviously murder. What if I just maimed him? I could train some birds to peck his eyes out so he won’t be beautiful anymore. No. Then he’d get so much sympathy ass. But if I kill him, Mary will still be Queen and I’ll still be nothing but the husband who fucks her while she lies there like a star fish.”

Sebastian walked over to tekirdağ escort the ornate table to the left and picked up his grimoire. “There’s a spell in here to switch bodies.” Sebastian flipped through the pages until he reached it. “Ah, yes. Here it is.” Sebastian cackled. “I’ll kill him after he’s in my body and I’m in his. I’m going to be the most handsome white man in the kingdom and king.” Sebastian clapped. “Now I’m going to take my clothes off, so you can compliment every part of my body. Don’t be stingy with the praise.”

Anton wished he could smash himself to avoid having to think of nice things to say about Sebastian’s nipples and elbows again.


Jasper grasped a handful of hay as Snow thrust into him hard again. The feeling of Snow’s balls smacking into his balls as he stuffed him was magical to Jasper. Finally he got to experience the royal cock that the other male servants had reviewed as “amazing” and “my ass hurt so good afterwards.”

“Yeah, you like that dick. Uhhh. Is it better than my stepfather’s?” Snow asked as he slapped Jasper’s left butt cheek.

“Yes, Your Majesty. Ohhhh. Fuuucck. Your dick is better. He only cares about his pleasure and me telling him amazing he looks. He even called out his own named when he climaxed.” Jasper’s six inch dick was leaking precum heavily onto the hay.

“You don’t have to be so formal when I’m balls deep in you. Call me Snow.” Snow put his hands on Jasper’s shoulders and pulled him back into his next thrust.

“Room for one more?” a voice from behind asked.

Snow turned his head and saw Leon undressing. His powerful 6’5″ ebony body was soon bare and his 9 inch phallus was erect and ready to join in on the fun. Snow and Leon often shared men together, but avoided touching each other because Leon thought it would be inappropriate to be that intimate with the prince. Snow thought that logic was flawed, but respected his feelings.

“Always room for you, friend,” Snow moaned as he thrust into Jasper hard. He went balls deep again and stayed there.

“Put your big, beautiful butt in my face, sir. Ohhhhh. Fuuuuck. So full,” Jasper gasped as he felt Snow’s pubes up against his ass. Leon smiled and moved onto all fours with an arched back in front of Jasper and Snow. Jasper gave a loving kiss to each black cheek and then spread his cheeks and licked his balls and taint and then moved all the up his ass crack with a long lick. He spit on Leon’s asshole and gave it a kiss.

“That’s a good boy. Stick your tongue in my ass now.” Jasper did as he was instructed and started really digging into Leon’s ass with his tongue. “Snow, I’ll never understand why you’ve never rimmed or been rimmed. This is heaven.”

“It’s too intimate. And with you and my valet around to prepare asses for me, I’ll never have to do it. Uhhhh. Such a tight ass you have, Jasper,” Snow said as he gently thrust into him as to not disturb the work he was doing on Leon’s ass.

Jasper would have thanked Snow for the compliment, but he had an ass in his face. He blushed as he darted his tongue in and out of Leon’s tasty asshole.

“Snow, half the fun of being a homosexual is sticking your butt in someone’s face. Fuck yeah,” Leon moaned as Jasper took one hand to jerk Leon’s gigantic cock as he tongue fucked his butt. “Oh, I forgot to tell you, Snow. Your mother was looking for you.”

“She is? Ugh. I better go, but not before I finish.” Snow gave several hard thrusts and unloaded into Jasper’s hungry ass. He eased out and admired the sight of his cum starting to dribble from the gaping hole. “Leon, if you want a turn at Jasper’s bottom half, I’ve eased the way for you.” trabzon escort Snow stood up and started to dress himself.

“I’d rather have it the other way. Jasper, fuck my ass.” Jasper moved away from Leon’s ass with a stunned look. He had never expected to be the top, especially with such an intimadating man.

Snow looked on amused as Jasper started to work his modest white cock into Leon’s ass. Leon didn’t take it like that often, so Snow knew Leon must like him. “Give him hell, Jasper!” Snow yelled as he strutted out of the stables.

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Jasper shouted back as he started plowing Leon.


Snow found his mother sitting in the purple drawing room. She was 5’7″ in her late 30’s with the same black hair as Snow. “You wanted me, mother?”

Mary sighed at Snow’s dishelved appearance. “You look and smell like a barn. You really must stop prevailing upon the servants for your pleasures.”

“Mother, I was raised to be kind to servants. It would be cruel to deprive the ones of certain inclinations the attentions they want,” Snow said smiling innocently.

Mary rolled her eyes. “Let’s move onto the subject that I wanted to talk to you about. Marriage.” Snow made a face like he was thinking of bolting from the room. “Stay right there. You are 20 years old. It is time that you start searching for a bride. I won’t be around forever and you need to start procreating. If I die and then you die in a carriage accident or from the flu, the kingdom will be left with no one to lead it.”

Snow crossed his arms. “There’s Sebastian. He could take charge if some unfortunate thing happened to both of us.” Snow started pacing the room. “This conversation is entirely too morbid. Nothing is going to happen to either one of us!” He strode over to his mother and took her hand. “I already lost father. I’m not losing you too.”

Mary squeezed his hand and stared into his deep blue eyes. “No one can predict the future, my son. As for Sebastian, he is very attentive to me, but I don’t think he’d be right to be king. Besides that, the royal consort of the queen can’t become king. You have to find a wife.”

Snow bit his bottom lip. “Mother, you know that I like ladies as friends, but I don’t want to bed them. My preference is men.”

“You haven’t even really tried, Snow. Women have a lot to offer other than procreation. Companionship and supporting you as you fulfill your duties as king.” Mary could see this argument was going nowhere. “You could just take a wife and procreate with her and have a male lover on the side. It has been done before.”

Snow released her hand and sat next to her on the couch. “Mother, I once saw one of the maids naked. Her, um, lady parts looked like my pet squirrel Skip after he got run over by that carriage. I don’t desire women. Period.”

A knock on the door interrupted the conversation and Sebastian entered. “Hello, darling.” He walked over and gave Mary a kiss on the cheek. “I was looking for Snow. We have some new books in the library that I thought he might like to see. You could peruse them yourself as well.”

“That sounds wonderful, darling. We can look at them in an hour or so. I was just talking to Snow about beginning a search for a wife. I’m not getting any younger and you can’t be king. He needs to think of the future,” Mary said turning to stare intently at Snow as she spoke the last sentence.

Sebastian gave a closed lip smile. “Yes, Snow. Listen to your mother. She’s always right.”

Snow stood up. “I love you, but I don’t see myself marrying. At least not anytime soon. Sebastian, I’ll look at the books with Mother in an hour.” Sebastian sped out sivas escort of the room wanting to be done with the conversation.

Mary shook her head. “That boy will be the death of me. Onto another subject, you should proof read your correspondence. I looked over a letter and you wrote ‘To who it may concern.’ It is whom, not who. Darling, as my husband, you must use proper grammar. It reflects poorly on me if you don’t.”

Sebastian suppressed the urge to scream. “Of course, darling. I’ll try not to disappoint you in the future. Let’s go to the library and look at the new books. You’ll want to get first pick before Snow shows up.”


An hour later, Snow entered the library. He hoped the new batch of books were novels and not poetry filled books that he loathed in the last batch. He noticed an open door in the middle of the book shelves. He cocked his head at the door. All his life, he had never known about the secret passage away.

He ran over to the door and strode in. The first thing he saw was a large mirror on the wall. He heard a muffled cry from the left and turned to see Mary bound and gagged. “Mother!” He tried to run to help her, but he was frozen in place. He noticed the mirror started fogging up and the face of a bald man materialized in the mirror.

“I’m very sorry for what is about to happen to you, Snow,” Anton said apologetically. Then everything went black for Snow.

Some time later, Snow opened his eyes. Feeling light headed, he slowly got up. The first thing he saw was his reflection. Only it wasn’t his reflection. It was Sebastian’s. “What is going on?” a terrified Snow asked. He paled as it wasn’t his voice that came out.

“I’ll tell you what’s going on, Snow. A magical coup.” Snow turned his head and saw himself standing by his mother wearing a black cape and holding a dagger. His mother was frantically crying. “Do you think the cape is too much? I figured if I were going to take over your life, I’d make some changes. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m Sebastian. Well, not anymore. I’m Prince Snow. No, I’m King Snow!” Sebastian turned to Mary with the dagger.

Snow tried to move, but he was frozen from the neck down. “Sebastian, you don’t have to do this. Don’t hurt Mother. She’s all I have left,” Snow tearfully begged.

Sebastian gave Snow a mocking look. “You think you can cry prettily and I’ll do what you want? Spoiled brat. Don’t worry. I’ll be quick. The only suffering she’ll feel is having to look at the body of her own son murdering her.” Sebastian raised the dagger. “This is for always correcting my grammar, you cow.” Sebastian stabbed it right in her heart.

Snow sobbed as his mother lay dead on the floor. “Why?!”

Sebastian removed the dagger from Mary and walked over to Snow. He rubbed the blood from the dagger onto Snow’s, really his, shirt. “Because I wanted to be the most handsome man in the kingdom and to be king. It wasn’t fair that you get all that and I get nothing. All I had to look forward to was getting even older.” Sebastian cackled. “Now I have all the time in the world and you get to be the one who knows what it’s like to be old and unappreciated. Not for long though. ‘Sebastian’ is going to have to be publicly executed for murdering his poor wife. I’ll look so kingly as I order you to be hung. Better fetch the guards now. You stay right there.” Sebastian looked at his cape. “She bled on my new cape. Your mother was a bitch even in death.” Sebastian flounced out of the room in a huff.

Snow decided his only chance was getting the mirror on his side. “Mirror! Help me! You said you were sorry! If that was true, help me escape.” The mirror fogged up and the bald man’s face appeared.

“My name is Anton, not Mirror. And I will help you, but I’m only strong enough to disobey my master once, so you can’t ask again.” Snow started to feel sensation below the neck again. “Now run!”

To be continued…

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