Quebec Women Love Black Men


There is most certainly a relationship between power and eroticism in our society. And I think we all play our part in this continuity. How else do you explain some of the disturbingly erotic yet politically incorrect situations I keep getting into? My name is Monique Mont Coeur. I am a French Canadian woman born and raised in the City of Montreal, Province of Quebec. I stand five feet eleven inches tall, curvy, big-bottomed and quite fit, with long blonde hair and pale green eyes. I am deeply conservative, intolerant and quite mean. And my sexy Black men come to me because I am who I am. How cool is that?

I have a love-hate relationship with the handsome, deliciously cocky Black men I run into in the City of Montreal. I am attracted to them and they are attracted to me. Yet my political views are often at odds with my desires. I’m not in favour of lots of immigrants coming to Canada. I don’t care if they’re from Ireland, the Caribbean, China, Spain, Brazil, Portugal or the Republic of South Africa. I don’t care if they’re Black, Asian, Hispanic, Arabic, White or anything in between. I think immigration to Canada should be restricted. Too many bozos from everywhere are coming to our shores. I’ve met lazy Irishmen, lazy Jamaicans and lazy Russians who come to the Confederation of Canada because of our generous social programs. They don’t want to work. They just want to live off the rest of us hard-working Canadians. And I don’t like it one bit. Such people are dragging down Canada. They’re no good to us. Please understand my views. It’s about nationalism and culture rather than race or linguistics.

I don’t like immigrants, yet I find immigrant guys really erzincan escort hot. Far hotter and more confident than the average Canadian guy. I really like Black men from the Republic of Haiti. Take Jacques Rosier for example. This six-foot-one, lean and muscular, dark-skinned Haitian stud hails from the City of Cap-Haitien in the Republic of Haiti. He’s currently studying business administration at Concordia University right here in the City of Montreal. He’s already a permanent resident of Canada and he’s on his way to becoming a Canadian citizen. He is in Canada to do big things. I am both attracted and repelled by the relentless drive and energy of immigrant men like him. They’re so much tougher, manlier and more resilient than the average Canadian male. Partly because of where they’re from and what they endure in our kind of conservative Canadian society.

I’ve been seeing Jacques Rosier for the past few months. He’s twenty three and I’m thirty seven. I work as a Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Montreal and we met while he was visiting his then-girlfriend Darlene Pierre, some Haitian chick who’s actually one of my former students. They broke up a few months ago. The first time I laid eyes on Jacques I simply knew I had to have him. I really like tall, dark-skinned Black men. A lot of them are into mature White women. Especially since a lot of Black females in the Confederation of Canada are developing “White guy fever”. I see quite a few young Black women walking around with White guys in the big cities of Canada and I couldn’t care less. They can have the White guys. I’ll take the Black studs, thank you erzurum escort very much. I’ve been sleeping with Black men exclusively ever since I was a University student. Twenty years later, I still crave my chocolate studs. And they still crave me, thank Heaven!

Jacques and I have been seeing each other and this is quite different from my usual relationships with Black men. Usually we just hook up and then split. They go their way and I go mine. Jacques is changing me and I can’t say that I truly mind. The gorgeous Haitian stud loves to read French Literature. He knows about great French writers like DesCartes and Voltaire. He also knows the Fables of LaFontaine. I’ve known dozens of Frenchmen in the Province of Quebec who don’t know Jack about classical French literature. Man, those Haitian studs in the City of Montreal are really something else. Educated, manly, smart, friendly and amazingly sensual. And I really like that about them. I surprised myself by going dancing in Haitian nightclubs of Montreal-Nord with my sexy Jacques. I don’t mind being seen in public with him. I enjoy holding his hand. And yes, I’ve kissed him in public.

This is definitely not my usual plan of action when dealing with a sexy Black man. I respect him for his mind, instead of merely lusting after him for his body. There is more to a Black man than just a strong body and a big Black dick. Jacques Rosier taught me that. He’s much smarter than half the faculty at the University of Montreal. The school where I teach is full of old white guys and fading white women who take themselves way too seriously. Pontificating and stifling old academics. eskişehir escort If it weren’t for the rejuvenating influence of Jacques, I might have turned out exactly like half my colleagues. This gorgeous, brilliant Haitian stud has taken me on many trips to heaven yet he keeps my sexy feet planted firmly on Earth. It’s a rare man who can do that to a woman.

Tonight, Jacques and I are spending the evening together. We’ve watched one of my favourite movies, Some Kind of Wonderful. I’m a former tomboy so that kind of scenario’s totally up my alley. Jacques and I curled up on the sofa and watched the movie. There we were, just a couple at home watching a movie. Jacques has fallen asleep on the couch next to me. I watch him. Lord he’s beautiful. I trace my fingers over his brow, and gently kiss his sexy lips. Black men are so amazingly sexy it’s not even funny. He’s so hot. Hotter than Black studs from Hollywood like Denzel Washington, Will Smith or Tyson Beckford. And the cutest thing is that he doesn’t even know it.

My stud looks delicious when he’s asleep. Awake he’s something else. When we make love, he’s all manly passion. Making me kneel before him and suck his cock. Putting me on all fours and spanking my big White butt while slamming his dick into my pussy. Making me lie on my back with my legs in the air as he works his cock into my ass. Yes, I do love the feel of his dick in my ass. It’s absolutely frigging awesome. My sexy Haitian stud knows how to rock my world. When he’s asleep, he looks so wonderfully vulnerable. Like an Angel or something. My gorgeous Black male Angel. I gently kiss his forehead and lower the volume on the flat screen TV. I wrap a heavy blanket over the both of us and cradle him into my arms. And we fell asleep like that. Just a woman and a man together. Race, gender and age differences be damned. I think I’ve fallen in love with my favourite Haitian stud. I’m still a member of the Bloc Quebecois. What in hell am I going to do?

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