Quest For Urinary Adventure

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Chapter 1


Paula Manzoni was just getting over her birthday celebration. She had just reached sixty – a milestone that, for many, would call for reflections on where life had led and a time for planning for the years that lay ahead. Some, at this age, would be thinking of declining years and think of lessening activities; others would be in fear of health or security as they looked to future years when these issues could be major hazards.

Paula was happy, she thought. Well, mostly happy. She had a secure marriage; her husband, Stanley Manzoni, a year younger than Paula, was a professional engineer and well situated in a company he had founded and now partnered. Paula herself was an investment advisor, employed for many years in a firm which did financial planning for clients, many quite wealthy, and Paula herself felt financially secure. She handled the finances in the family, as it was her field; Stan handled many of the items requiring physical work or more technical expertise. Their children grown, and with children of their own, both felt comfortable in their finances and material needs. Both were in good health. However, with very different careers, they lived largely in different worlds. Paula often traveled in her career, and loved it. Stan stayed more in the local area where his business was established. They had developed a comfortable relationship and seemed well adapted to each other.

As Paula reflected on her married life, she knew she was happy with her husband. She had never been unfaithful, and, as far as she knew, neither had Stan. Their sex life now lacked some of the fire and frequency of younger encounters, but they were satisfied with it. Well, at least Stan seemed satisfied and Paula had adapted.

Throughout their marriage, Paula had been the adventurous one, and Stan the more traditional and conservative. Stan had almost no apparent sexual kinks, and Paula had accepted that. Stan’s only sexual peculiarity, as Paula saw it, was a tendency to like to pull and stretch her breasts, something he did with more vigor now as they had become somewhat less firm, and, as Paula would describe them, “more flexible”. Sometimes this annoyed Paula, but she accepted it. But Paula had her own interests, in which she had never been able to involve her husband as much as she would have liked to.

Paula was very much aware that she had a urinary system. It required her attention several times every day. She was also very much aware that her urinary system had erotic aspects, which she enjoyed and yearned to explore. Since her youth, Paula had been fascinated with such matters, and found holding a full bladder or watching urination erotic. Stan, on the other hand, saw little or no erotic features in the urinary systems of either his wife or himself. In the early years of their marriage, she had tried to interest Stan in sharing these, but Stan never showed much interest in watching her urinate (she had often done it in front of him) and didn’t seem to try to prolong her holding a full bladder. She would have liked for him to share her interest, but he hadn’t. The closest she had come in recent years was on a long car trip, when both of them developed very full bladders on a long and fairly busy section of highway with no accessible rest stops. Paula was beginning to enjoy not only her own feelings, but especially the increasing distress of her mate. Eventually they stopped on the roadside when a sign was standing a few feet from the road – the only privacy shelter they could find. Both of them had stepped behind the sign, but Stan offered to wait and let Paula relieve herself first. She had insisted they both do it together, so they both squeezed behind the sign, facing each other, their backs to the highway traffic. In this posture they had both urinated profusely, in front of each other. Paula loved it, but she had not again been able to create a repeat situation. Her husband simply did not share her fascination.

Paula adapted, though she enjoyed her interest in her choice of reading matter and viewing opportunities as they arose. Stan was a good sexual partner for her in other ways, she knew. He had always liked to see her nude, and at times played little tricks on her to get her to appear naked in front of him. At the beginning of their marriage she found this exciting, but later she found it annoying at times and certainly embarrassing. However, now, at a later age, she really didn’t mind his interest, aware that many older women complained that their spouses wouldn’t notice if they walked around naked all day. Stan still liked to get her to do things in the nude, and enjoyed looking at her bare body, despite its accumulated defects. At her present age, she was quite willing to let him see her unclothed, taking a bit of satisfaction that he found her erotically arousing. She just wished he would also find her urinary system more interesting.

Paula reflected on her birthday milestone. One thing she was not ready to give up was sex. In recent years, her sexual appetite had exceeded that of her husband, diyarbakır escort and it was more often she, rather than he, who initiated their sexual encounters. Not that Stan seemed to mind; he was in good shape and seldom needed a lot of encouragement to engage his participation.

At home, Paula often worked late at night, though she was not an early riser. Tonight, as she finished her tasks and put away her papers, she was feeling those biological urges. She hadn’t used the bathroom for several hours, and she had been consuming liquids while doing her work. Not surprisingly, her bladder was full, a situation which tended to make her feel erotic. Stan had gone to bed some time ago. She went to the bathroom, cleaned herself up a bit and quickly showered. She pointedly did not urinate. She looked at the nightdress she was preparing to put on, then put it back. She looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. For a lady of sixty, she thought she was not bad looking. Yes, she had some sags and marks, her breasts drooped noticeably and some of her veins showed, but she was not fat or, she thought, badly out of shape. Stan, she knew, enjoyed seeing her naked.

Nude, she walked into the bedroom and slipped into bed beside her sleeping husband. She noted the time, approaching three A.M. She lay for a few moments, pondering her strategy. She was dressed for sex, and she meant to have it. Stan lay on his side, facing her. Gently she unfastened the pants of the pajamas he wore and slipped her hand inside. Her hand found his penis, and she grasped it, squeezing slightly. After a few squeezes, he moved a bit, awakening slightly. She went to work, unbuttoning his shirt and rolling him onto his back. As he squirmed just a bit, she worked his pants off of him, still holding his penis in her grasp.

He was obviously awake now, and his penis was erect, still grasped in her hand. She kissed him lightly, then rubbed her breasts over his face. She climbed on top of him, and worked his erect member into her. She leaned forward, shaking her breasts a bit. His hands came into action, and he reached up, seizing a nipple in each hand. He fondled them just a bit, then holding her breasts by the nipples, he pulled them as far apart as they would stretch. She winced just a bit as her erect nipples were pulled almost at right angles to their normal position, but she knew he liked to do this to her. It was stimulating, if he just didn’t pull too hard. She moved her hips up and down a bit, his penis held firmly within her. She loved the feeling of her husband’s penis in her especially with a full bladder, and hers was indeed full, not having been emptied for many hours. Her motion accelerated.

As he held her breasts and she provided the motion, she erupted in her orgasm. He had not reached his yet, and as she stopped, he began to move rapidly. She sat almost motionless, coming down from her own high, but with her muscles still tightened to restrain her very full bladder. Then he, too, reached his climax, and they sank into a relaxed union.

Not a word had been spoken between them. None was necessary. After she slipped off of him, she lay on the bed, ready to drop into a deep sleep. Reality hit her. “Bladder’s still full”, she thought. She got up, walked to the bathroom, urinated profusely, then returned to the bed, still naked. She flopped on the bed and was soon fast asleep.

In the morning, she pulled herself out of bed, aware that her husband had already risen and gone. She reflected on the night’s episode. He didn’t mind being awakened for sex, and she couldn’t really complain about his performance. It would be nice if he took note of her full bladder, which she was sure added to his enjoyment because of the way it made her tighten her muscles, she thought. It would have been even nicer if he had wanted to watch her copious urination, but that was simply not his thing. “Well”, she thought, “at least he likes to look at my body and he still likes handling my breasts”.

Her thoughts turned to her birthday milestone and her erotic interests. She had indulged herself in many fantasies concerning her fetish, dreaming of situations where she or someone with her was preventing from emptying an overfilled bladder, or had to urinate in front of strangers of the opposite gender, and other similar situations. She yearned for the chance to really experience such things, and realized that if ever she was to accomplish it, it would need to be before her aging process impeded the possibilities. At sixty, she could not wait forever unless she gave up the idea. She had no intention or interest in being unfaithful, but it was apparent to her that if she were to turn any of her urinary fantasies into reality, it would need to be with persons other than her spouse.

In a few days, Paula was scheduled to travel with a male colleague, about fifteen years younger than she, to a distant city where the two of them would make a presentation at an investment seminar. They would be gone three days. Paula was mustering her courage. edirne escort She determined to experiment just a bit during the trip. She was not going to get into an affair with a colleague or anyone else, but this time she was going to be a bit different.

Chapter 2

The Trip

The day of their departure, Paula arrived early at her office. She and Erwin Kingsley, an associate of hers, were to leave on a 9:30 A.M. flight. She joined him at about seven thirty to collect he materials they would take. “Morning, Erwin”, she began, “Have a good night? It’s going to be a long day. I checked the packing yesterday, so we need only to pick up the last-minute items to take with us. You got the itinerary? I left it for your yesterday.”

“Right, Paula. We need to get away from here in an hour. I’ll take my car to the airport, if OK with you, and you can leave yours here. Let’s see, there’s one flight connection, and I see you arranged a rental car at our arrival airport. It will probably take a couple of hours then to drive to Sheparton, where the hotel and seminar is. Gee, why don’t they schedule these things in cities with airports?”

“Because people with money to invest don’t always live in big cities. Many like little towns, and we have to go where they are. Want some coffee?” she motioned toward the office coffee area. The conversed about the day’s plans while consuming two cups each. “Ready?” Paula asked, when they had finished. “Just let me make a quick stop, and we’ll be on our way!” Erwin replied, indicating the nearby men’s room. Paula’s response was “I’ll wait for you. Don’t be long!” She waited outside the door until he rejoined her.

At the airport, they checked in and again Paula suggested a bit of coffee while they waited at the gate. The flight was on time. They sat together through the flight. Paula made a point of asking the flight attendant for refills on the drinks offered in flight. She explained to Erwin, “Not sure why, but I’m quite thirsty today. You want another?” Erwin declined, commenting “No, I don’t think I want to join the line at the lavatory.” Paula just smiled.

At their connecting point, they had little time. Erwin found a men’s rest room, located quite some distance from the women’s. He excused himself., pointing out the location of the female facility to Paula. She responded, “No, thanks. I’ll just wait for you. I’m fine. Then let’s see if we can get a coke or something before the flight!” She stayed outside the door, insuring that Erwin knew she was not using the ladies’ room. When returned, they had a quick soft drink, gulped down hurriedly, before they went for the next flight.

On board, drinks were again offered, then a lunch snack. Again, Paula asked for refills on the drink. After she had downed both, Erwin indicated that the lavatory now had no line in front of it, implying that she might to avail herself of the facilities. “No, thanks”, she returned. “I’m OK. You go if need to!” He did.

Now, to be sure, Paula could feel that her bladder was very full, and sending signals of increasing strength asking for relief. She was not about to relieve it. She was waiting to see if Erwin would make some comment about her apparent lack of need to relieve herself, which she intended to use to open up a bit of an erotic conversation. She had not much longer to wait.

When he returned from the lavatory, he sat for a moment, looked at his watch. Then he turned to her. “If you don’t mind an observation,” he began, “I’ve been with you for about eight hours now. You’ve been drinking more than I have, and you haven’t taken a single bathroom break yet. I’ve had several. You amaze me. How do you do it?”

“Did someone tell you older women have weak bladders?” she answered, almost laughingly. “Mine is strong, and I keep it that way through the exercise it gets in long dull meetings. Well, yes, I can feel the signals calling for a bathroom break, but I’ve trained myself pretty well – I think I’ll just keep holding for a while.”

Erwin’s curiosity was peaked. “Why don’t you want to go? It just seems odd, if you need to, why don’t you?” This was exactly the conversation Paula wanted. She was beginning to enjoy it. “I guess I just don’t go every time I feel a need. I know that I can hold, and so I often do. Can’t you hold for a while, even if you feel a need?” The discussion went on for a bit. Meanwhile, her need was growing, her bladder becoming more swollen, producing considerable discomfort for her. She was beginning to squirm a bit. Erwin was obviously fascinated at this situation.

They got off the airplane at their destination airport. Paula picked up the rental car, which she then drove. She was still unrelieved. They started off in the direction of Sheparton, an estimated two hours drive. Erwin again commented on Paula’s failure to seek rest room facilities. “I don’t see how you do it – you’ve gone all day. Doesn’t it hurt you?”

“You know, Erwin, I think probably you’re right. I should have used the facilities back there elazığ escort at the airport. But I was so busy with the baggage and the car, I just didn’t want to take the time. Yes, it is hurting. Quite a bit, in fact. Poor judgment on my part, I suppose – I should have taken the time.” Paula was speaking the truth. At this point her bladder was badly overfilled, and she could feel it hard and swollen. She was doubtful that she could hold it until they arrived at their hotel. She didn’t intend to – she was about ready to give Erwin a real shock.

Less than half way into the drive, Paula pulled the car over to the side of the road and stopped. They were in a fairly uninhabited wooded area. She explained, “Yes, Erwin, you were right. I overestimated my bladder capacity. I thought I could wait, but it’s hurting so bad that I have to take care of it. Let’s get out!” The “let’s” astounded Erwin. Why both of them? “I’d like a lookout- I really don’t want to make a spectacle of myself!” she went on.

She posted Erwin at the front of the car, facing to the rear, on the side away from the road. She told him to look out for cars coming from behind them, and warn her if he saw any. Then she squatted down right in front of him, pulling down her underwear. She released a strong urine stream, quite visible to him in the fading sunlight, and producing a noticeable rivulet on the ground.

“Sorry to make you wait and watch this – I really should have taken care of it back there. But – when a lady’s got to go…” She was looking up at him, smiling, as the stream poured from her. She was amazed at herself – she was doing something she had never done before, she was actually urinating outdoors in front of a man other than her husband; and she was enjoying it immensely. Moreover, she sensed that he was, too. Nonetheless, she wasn’t going to pursue this further with Erwin, a bit fearful of where it might lead. She thought she knew when to quit.

Finished, she smoothed her clothes and returned to the car. She didn’t bring up the subject in conversations with Erwin during the balance of the trip, except for some passing remarks on the return flights about “not making the same mistake again”.

Three days later, as she returned home, she arranged that her bladder was again full when she arrived. Her husband was home on her arrival, and he greeted her as she came in. She quickly moved to the bedroom, where they had a quick embrace. As she told him of the events of her trip, she quickly shed her clothes. She then commented to him, “I have to pee so bad it hurts – let me get these clothes off, and that’s what I’m doing next!” As she dropped the last garment from her body, she faced him, throwing out her hands with an exclamation, “It’s all here!”. She paused for a moment to give him a good view, knowing how he liked to look, then headed for the bathroom. She hoped he would follow; he didn’t. Instead, he called to her, “Take care of it quick – we’ve got things to do!” She was confident there would be a satisfactory encounter this night.

Chapter 3

The Run

Paula was not about to repeat the episode with Erwin. She didn’t want to risk any activity that might result in some kind of ongoing affair with a working associate; but still she focused on how she might further explore her particular private fascination. A few days after returning from her trip, she found herself awaking on a Saturday morning at home. She was alone today. Stan had gone into his business for a bit of extra work, and would not be back until afternoon.

Paula arose, dressed, handled a few morning chores, and sat back for a bit of relaxation as noonday approached. She consumed a few cups of coffee in the morning, and now, with the warmth of the day her craving was for something cool.

She fixed herself a large pitcher of lemonade. She liked lemonade, but usually drank of it sparingly. This time she made it a bit weak, and only lightly sweetened. She calculated that she could enjoy a rather large drink, contemplating the after effects. She poured herself a large glass, quickly downed it, and then poured another. The pitcher held, she knew, about three pints.

Once she had emptied it, she refilled it with ice and water. Just a touch of the taste of lemon remained. She was really no longer thirsty, and her stomach was now feeling a bit full. She waited a few minutes, then began drinking the water. Already her bladder was sending her signals asking for relief, which she ignored for the moment. About an hour after she had begun with the lemonade, she drained the last of the water. The ice had by this time melted, so she estimated that she had consumed about three quarts of liquid.

She made a trip to the bathroom, and emptied her quite full bladder. Then, dressed in a casual shirt and jeans and a good pair of walking shoes, she left the house, locking it up behind her. Paula was intending to force herself to hold a very considerable amount in her bladder by getting herself in a desperation situation so far from home that no immediate relief would be available. She often exercised herself by taking long walks in the neighborhood, and she set out on one – with an empty bladder but a stomach sloshing with, she felt sure, about two quarts of liquid which her kidneys would soon be sending downstairs.

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