Ripe Fruits Ch. 02

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Tallat was the wife of my cousin. She was a mature woman and if I were to guess her age she’d have been 35 or so. Her complexion and skin was as white as porcelain. She had a plump figure and some might even say fat, but she was a tall woman at 5’9″, so she didn’t look fat but fleshy. She has the loveliest face I have ever seen.

She had nice breasts, big enough to suit her frame, but still firm and perky. Her ass was one of the best features of her body; nice, big and round. Not like those who barely have anything they could call an ass. Her ass was perfect. Her waist was getting larger as the years went by and her legs were long and still in good shape. She had long, medium brown hair all the way to her butt. When she walked her breasts always seemed to be bouncing up and down and her ass swaying from left to right.

The only thing that was more attractive than her ass was her eyes. They were the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen in my life. I had never seen anyone with such blue eyes as bright and as vibrant as hers.

She was my dream woman and I’ve been thinking about her a lot. She was sensual, so beautiful. She had the best attributes among our relatives. I lusted for her as much as anyone. I didn’t think that a nineteen-year-old like me could get anywhere near her, but I wanted her badly.

She was always with me, in my fantasies, even in my dreams. I needed her. I wanted her. I wanted to be one with Tallat.

One day, my lucky stars smiled on me. When my father asked me to give a massage to my cousin I was more than happy. I dressed up a little nicer and about 10am I went to her home. I knocked on the door and Tallat opened it but she didn’t recognize me.

“Do I know you?” She asked.

“I’m Zeshan, cousin of your husband”

“Oh, my god. It is you. Wow, you turned out pretty good now that you are grown Zeshan. I never would have thought it, considering what a dork you were as a kid.”

I looked her over, without being too obvious about it. Tallat had always been a little larger than most women, and time had filled her out nicely. We laughed, and she reached out and gave me a hug. As we drew away from our hug, I looked her in the eye, and she leaned up and kissed me on the cheek.

“Come in! Why are you standing in the doorway? Our home is your home”, and she grabbed my hand and led me to in the house.

She asked me to sit and asked me what brought me to her home after such a long time? I told her that my father has sent me to give the massage to your husband. We spoke for some time. I could sense Tallat’s eyes were on me. I looked down at her, and she smiled quietly. She then asked me that if I could stay while she washed clothing. So she did washing, but always returned to talk with me in between.

During this time I noticed good-sized bruises on her biceps and asked her what happened.

“My husband got a little rough, but he didn’t mean to hurt me,” She said.

Knowing the background of her family, I knew her husband was a wicked man and I never liked him. I also knew that this wasn’t the first time he had bruised her. This woman captivated me because she seemed to be looking at me slightly lasciviously, almost lecherously all the time.

“Zeshan, are you free for a little while? She asked. I want to move some heavy cupboards from one corner of the room to the other and I can’t do it alone as it too heavy.”

“Of course! I’m free and would be pleased to help you” I replied.

“Thank you, please come with me” and she walked to the room.

As I followed this tall brunette into the other room I couldn’t help but notice her firm buns moving freely under the thin fabric of her cotton shilwar qameez. I wanted to grab that beautiful ample ass and pull to close to me and hold it tight.

The sleeveless qameez she had on fitted her form nicely and perhaps showed me just a little too much of her breasts, as she hadn’t worn a bra. The fabric clinging to the fullness of her womanly form and the nipples protruding was a real turn on for me.

In the room she showed me the cupboard and asked me where it should be moved. I tried to push it but it was heavy and I couldn’t move it alone so she also came to help me. Now we both were trying to push it ahead. Her one arm was touching mine and that was a sensation. As we both were pushing it, suddenly the cupboard lost it balance and tipped to one side, resulting in a big can falling from its top. It struck my head and then my foot. It really hurt me and I took my head in my hands.

She looked nervous when she turned her face to me so I said,

” Don’t worry, it doesn’t feel serious.”

She said, “Should I just hold you? You need to be held.”

She moved over to me and held me and I rested my head on her shoulder as she wrapped her arms around me.

The feelings I had as she had held me close to her body was something beautiful. She led me to the nearby bed where she sat and placed my head in her lap and started massaging my head. My face was buried between in her thighs and I could smell a strange and romantic aroma from her thighs, while my back of my head was touching niğde escort with her breasts. I was getting aroused and my cock was started moving.

” How do you feel now, Zeshan?” She asked.

” Its feels all right and the pain has subsided” I replied.

“And your foot? It must hurt too”

“Yes it does.”

“Okay, I’m to massage it,” she said.

She gently took my head in her head and placed it on a pillow. I didn’t know what would happen next but I felt like an idiot for telling her about the pain of my foot. She bent and asked me, “Where is the pain?

” I don’t know exactly where it struck but I’m feeling pain all over my foot.” I replied.

” Okay! Let me check it and she started to touch my leg. She was gently massaging my leg up to my upper thigh even though that was never in pain, but she was doing it anyway. I felt her silky fat finger very near my now semi-erect cock and suddenly her finger touched it.

“Do you have any places to go right now?” she asked me.

“I did have plan to meet a friend, but its late now and it wasn’t urgent.” I replied.

It was becoming too sensuous and I was getting more and more aroused and my penis was getting harder, so I closed my eyes.

Then I felt a hand on my cock, so I opened my eyes and she suddenly said, “Come on, let’s get a look at it.”

I became dumbfounded, and just looked into her eyes. Her eyes twinkled with lust, and her smile became even wider as she looked right back into my eyes.

Without warning she grabbed my cock in her hand and moaned when she felt how big I was. She started stroking my shaft slowly.

She was looking posessed with lust as she opened the string of my shilwar and let her fingers encase my hardness. Her hand moved up and down its length. Her nails slightly brushing my scrotum before moving back up the shaft.

“Are you sure you don’t mind when I do this,” she asked?

“No Tallat! How can I mind when the most beautiful woman in the world has my cock in her hand?

She blushed and said, “Don’t be foolish, I am not.”

“You are to me,” I said.

As I was looking her over from head to toe I had to admit I was looking forward to ravishing this woman. I got up and impatiently lifted her qameez up to her neck to reveal her breasts. The sight that beheld my eyes was something from my dreams. They were as white as milk and were big as ripe coconuts, with dark brown nipples that were fully erect. I had often wondered how she would look like this, and now I kissed the inner swells of her breasts.

I grabbed one breast in each of my palms. I ran the flat of my palms all over the breasts greedily and kneaded them, first gently and then, as my passion grew, a little rougher. I took the nipples between each thumb and forefinger and pulled them up vigorously. Tallat moaned with anticipation.I started licking the nipple and the surrounding area of one breast. I opened my mouth wide and took the nipple and also a large portion of the breast itself into my mouth.I repeated this several times.

“You have the most beautiful breasts, Tallat. No matter what I saw in my minds eye, it cannot compare to how beautiful your breasts are right now.”

Then I asked Tallat to take off her qameez completely. She hesitated and said, no! You can do what you want with me without removing it completely, she told me it was necessary for safety. If someone comes to the house she would be able to put it back on quickly.

I used my thumb and index finger and slightly turned her nipple to and fro.”Okay! You know better”

Now we were both breathing a little harder and I moved my head once again to her breast. I kissed her nipple and sucked the stiffened skin into my mouth. My tongue twirled around the nipple, exposing both lovely breasts to my eyes.

I moved over to her other breast and kissed and suckled on her nipple as my hand caressed the other. The pleasure was incredible as her hand continued to slide up and down my shaft. Her nails moved just under the mushroomed head, which excited me. She kissed my cheek and she took me in her arms, and looked up to see me watching her and she blushed. Finally she said, “This will be our secret, promise me.”

I looked into her face and said, “I promise you it will be our secret. What else are you thinking of?”

“I’d rather show you, if you’d allow me to?”

Without really waiting for an answer, I took her face in my hand, leaned into her and kissed her on those beautiful lips. As I held the kiss, I could feel my heart start to quicken. The notion that she wanted to kiss me too kept me kissing her. I felt her slide slowly down the bed and I went with her until we were lying side by side.

I placed kisses on the upper swells of her breast again and then moved down to her stomach. I felt a small hitch in her breathing as I neared her bellybutton. She moved her hand to my head and held me lightly to her.

Continuing down her stomach, my chin felt the top edge of her shilwar string and I pulled the string of her shilwar and started to remove it from her thighs. She cooperated and I was surprised ordu escort there were no panties inside. Oh what a feeling. Her thighs were white, soft and creamy. My right hand went from her chest to tummy. It wasn’t flat but the smoothness was there. I teased her there and moved downwards.

She had really a big pussy. No, we’ll call it a cunt, not a pussy. I have never seen one so big like that in my entire life. It was shaved clean and it was hot. She was already wet and her whole pussy was wet. I touched the cunt lips and she clung to me feverishly.

Tallat lay down on her back I moved down her body and moving between her legs, I stretched myself out, feet hanging off the end of the bed as I moved my face closer to her pussy. She shaved herself, but not completely.

I kissed her outer lips and then let my tongue lick up between them until I reached her clit. The big nub was poking out and I lightly sucked it into my mouth, twirling my tongue around it. As I did that, she was moaning, and saying, “Oh! Zeshan, what are you doing to me? You’re going to kill me, I have never done this!” and her hands grabbed my head. I moved back down and again licked her cunt, reveling in her taste. She was wet and oozing juice and I willingly accepted what she offered. My tongue found the entrance to her love tunnel and I shoved it inside of her and licked the juices from her.

I felt her legs tighten against my head and her hands were holding me close to her. I moved again to lick between her lips and when I found her clit this time, I nipped lightly at it and tugged it with my lips.

Her hips started to gyrate against my face while I continured to suck and lick her juices, enjoying every second of this. When she moved her ass up from the bed, my tongue ran across her butt hole and I heard her give out a loud moan. Every time her ass came off the bed, I would lick her asshole.

Soon, she was pressing my face harder into her pussy and with her moaning and seeing her head moving from side to side, I figured she was about to climax. I moved my lips to her clit and she moved her hips quicker and almost shoved my face through her as she went over the edge.

“Zeshan, make love to me,” she said softly. “I need you right now, don’t tease me more” and she pulled me on top of her, my cock now inches away from her pussy.

Her hand reached and grabbed my cock and guided it to her opening. She started to rub the cock head over her already wet pussy and she started to moan. I removed my grip on her adjusted her in missionary position. Keeping my hands to her sides I lowered myself. The tip of my cock started to penetrate her.

” Oh, please go slow”, she whispered.

I started to go inside and it was tight, so tight. I was wondering how she could be so tight. A few months before I began fucking my other cousin’s wife and am still fucking her. She has a different pussy, no, cunt, altogether than the other woman. It was emanating heat and gripping my cock. After inching inside I drew to a stop. She was like a tight virgin! I couldn’t understand and asked her why she was so tight?

“Oh, how can I tell you? Your cousin hasn’t fucked me for the last few years. He could get erect after I spent hours between his legs but he couldn’t satisfy me.

“Is he mad? How can he ignore a pretty woman like you? “

” He can’t”

” So this is the reason you looked so starved for cock”

“Yes! I was dying for a fuck for years, but I’m lucky I found this nice, big one” “I couldn’t bear it anymore”, she said, moving her hips up towards me.

” I feel sorry for you, and I’ll do as you wish. Do you know I wanted to be with you for a long time?”

“I have also had my eye on you. That’s why I’m fucking you now. I couldn’t do it with an outside man, because then somehow people will know. You are not an outsider. So there is no danger of anybody finding out.”

” Don’t worry, I’ll fuck you everyday” I whispered in her ear.

A soft moan was the response. Her hands traveled down my back, pulling somewhat out in one fast motion I rammed inside, simultaneously tightened my lips over hers to soften the impending scream. But it was useless she screamed like hell.

I started to move slowly. I increased the tempo as well as length of my strokes. Her body started to respond. Her cunt was gripping me and when she bit on my ear I started in full speed. I bent over her chest and pressed my chest into her naked breasts. Feeling the firmness of her nipples poking into my chest caused my cock to get even harder. I suck on her nipples while the bed creaked, but I was beyond being bothered by the sounds. I fucked like hell. She was now matching me stroke for stroke from downwards.

” Fuck me, fuck me, give me satisfaction. Fuck me” she was screaming. I was just grunting and kept on my pace. As we moved wildly, the bed was creaking noisily, as if it too was aroused.

We were both sweating and breathing heavy as our lovemaking became even more frenzied. We were sweating badly because the weather was hot; hot and calm. My sweat dripped from my head to her body. I was nearing my limits and rize escort seemed she was also very near to her first ever orgasm.

“Oh Zeshan…I’m cumming Zeshan!” she screamed.

” Cum honey, cum soon,” I said.

“Yes, yes, cum with me in my pussy, make me cum with you!”

And she came.

Now Tallat took my face in her hands and began to lick around my lips. Her lips found mine and we kissed softly at first. Soon our tongues were dancing in each other’s mouths and she threw her leg over me and pressed herself tight.I was still pumping her and soon she was giving once again with me. Looking right into my face she said, “Fuck me good Zeshan, harder, harder!”

I increased the rhythm and she did too. Together we wanted to reach climax. To feel that mutual release at the same time, like fireworks exploding on a hot day. Her pussy was dripping juices as we slammed ourselves together and I knew it would only be a matter of moments before I let loose

A few more thrust and I felt my fluids rising up my shaft and said, “Now Tallat now, cum with me!” “Yes, yes, cum in my pussy, make me cum with you!”

Her tunnel wrapped me in heated delight as she squeezed her muscles and showed me how much control she had. I exploded inside of her with full energy. I came hard and fast and that was what she needed also. Her hips were still, but she was milking me as nobody ever could.

Her muscles clamped around me, and the heat from her climax flowed over my hard cock as it continued to slide back and forth. We hugged each other as tight as we could as the fruits of the love we made flowed from us. As we meshed with one another, our hips had minds of their own. As we tried to make it a second round, I wasn’t able to, and I felt myself shrinking while still inside of her. Tallat realized it also and just moved slowly for as long as I remained inside.

I finally had to move to her side, as I had fallen from inside of her and my weight was too much for her. Lying there on our backs, I watched as her breasts rose and fell with the intake and exhaling of her breath. She was lovely, as she brushed the hair from my face with her hands. We were kissing passionately her tongue was roaming in my mouth. I was in heaven.

Breaking off the kiss, Tallat moved her body over mine, and I could feel the softness of her tits on my chest. She kissed me again, then moved her mouth from my lips to my neck, kissing me with short little kisses, with occasional nips with her teeth. From there she gradually worked her way down my body with her lips, first to his my hairless chest, kissing each nipple, then down to my belly and then even further down to just above my pubic hair. At this point she looked up at me with her baby-blue eyes and asked me, “Does it feel good?”

I was so overcome with lust by this time that I could only croak, “Yes, too good!”

Tallat now turned her attention back to my cock, which was hard as iron and pulsing with desire once again. She hovered over the tip momentarily, then licked off a bead of pre-cum glistening on the tip. Then she plunged her mouth over it, sending shivers up my spine. Tallat began a slow rhythmic up and down motion over the entire length of his shaft, and this felt so sweet to me I could already feel the movement of cum from his balls. This is where my experience as a long-time masturbation became useful, as I had mastered the art of using my muscles to delay ejaculation. However, as Tallat continued with her motion, I realized it cannot be delayed much longer. Just as I was almost at the point of no return, she pulled away and switched her position by straddling my thighs. She smiled at me and whispered, “Feeling good so far?” I nodded, unable to speak coherently.

What she did next almost blows my mind. She put her hands on each side of her beautiful tits and then wrapped the delicious globes around my iron hard cock. She started to move them up and down my cock and the feeling is so indescribable, I could only moan.

“It was my dream to take your cock in my tits,” she told me. “I hope it feels as good to you as it does to me!”

I could only croak, “It’s the sweetest feeling I ever had!” She stopped after a while and I groaned, “Please don’t stop!”

“Don’t worry, we’re not done. We going to do more than that!”

She knelt up straight, tossing her long brown hair back as she did. Then she inched herself forward and raised her body upright so that her pussy was positioned right over my erect cock. She grabbed my cock with her right hand and guided it between her cunt lips, so that just the head of my cock was touching them. Then she gradually eased it further and deeper into her pussy until the cock had entirely disappeared into her cunt!

I moaned with pleasure at the sensations I was feeling, but they were soon to multiply! Tallat started moving herself up and down on my cock, slowly at first then gradually increasing the pace. I was enjoying this so much I closed my eyes. When I opened them again I saw that Tallat had a joyful expression on her face and I realized that she was enjoying it too. She began to combine her up and down movement with a circular one so that she seemed to be rotating over every square inch of my cock. This was so delightful to me. I involuntarily starting thrusting my cock back into Tallat’s cunt. I couldn’t believe that I was actually fucking her like this!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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