Room for Rent

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anonymous said: Hey, I am a huge fan of your stories. I was curious if you would possibly write one on this idea I have. My idea is about a young married couple, but the girl soon finds an attraction to a woman almost double her age. The woman finds out about the girl lusting after her and draws her in and takes full advantage of her without the husband knowing anything about it. I like the idea of the girl being married but then becoming a secret lesbians with a side love affair. Something about that is hot.


I listed the room for rent on a Tuesday. By Saturday I was exhausted from fielding all of the calls I’d gotten about it. I had seen five prospective tenants that morning and I was pretty sure the older lady with the cat was my best option, although it wasn’t quite what I had pictured when I’d listed the room. In my fantasies, I rented the room to a sexy lesbian chick. Unfortunately, the closest thing I’d found was the old lady and I was pretty sure she was past menopause. The only pussy I would be getting would be her fucking cat.

I sighed heavily. There was one more couple that I was meeting with after lunch. I almost called them and told them not to come but something made me keep the appointment. I greeted them at the door and instantly I knew that they were the ones. I let out another sigh, this one of relief.

Rosa had long, dark hair and Ernie was much older than her with brown skin and a bushy mustache. She looked so young and innocent but it said on their application that she was eighteen. He was thirty-six. It low key disgusted me to see Rosa with such an older man but I could see why she was with him as I got to know them.

Ernie took good care of her and treated her like a princess. I was happy to see that they were a nice couple and I instantly offered them the room. The day they moved in was an exciting one. I’ll never forget it. Rosa was unpacking some of the boxes their new room and I approached her slowly, taking in the delicate beauty of her features. She stopped to look at a music box and I could tell that she was having a memory about it by her faraway gaze. I felt like I was intruding on a private moment and so I cleared my throat so she knew that I was there.

“Oh! Hi! Pam, thank you so much for this lovely room. It’s so much bigger than the last one we were in and the price is really nice. You are giving us a fresh start.” Rosa’s eyes filled with tears and it made me slightly uncomfortable. I had never been the best at dealing with displays of emotion from others.

“Oh, you’re welcome! I came to ask if you were hungry. I’m thinking of popping a frozen pizza in the oven.”

“You can afford frozen pizza?” Rosa asked, her eyebrows raised with curiosity. “I definitely want some, please!”

“You got it. I’ll let you know when it’s ready.” I went to the kitchen to throw in the pizza and I wasn’t even thinking nasty thoughts about what I was going to do to Rosa. I had planned on having a hot, lesbian renter but I had found a straight couple and that was all there was to it. I was going to have to keep my hands to myself and sneak my glances at Rosa’s tits when she wasn’t looking.

By the time the pizza was ready, Rosa was wearing a different outfit than she had been wearing when I had seen her packing. This one was a tiny, green dress with a ruffle along the hem. It looked cheap and flimsy and it definitely was doing something to my imagination. I sliced the pizza as Rosa sat on one of the barstools and watched me.

“I really like you,” Rosa began as she gave me a sideways smile that didn’t look one-hundred percent natural. “You have been so kind to me already. This pizza smells delicious, too. Thank you for cooking it for me.”

“Here you are.” I handed her a plate with three slices of pizza on it. She looked like the kind of girl who actually ate.

“Oh my God! Thank you!” She bit into the pizza and I swear to God my pussy got so wet just watching her mouth chew. That was how sexy Rosa was to me. It was just like me to deneme bonusu veren siteler end up with a straight girl in my house instead of a lesbian. My friends were always telling me that I should settle down with a nice woman but I had never found the right woman. I’d had some girlfriends over the years but it had been too long since I’d felt another woman’s touch. I realized I was staring at Rosa intensely.

“Am I bothering you?” I asked her.

“No, not at all but why are you looking at me like that?” She took another bite of the pizza and moaned with pleasure at the taste. “It’s been so long since I had pizza!”

“Why is that?” I asked her, hoping to change the subject away from how I had been looking at her.

“You’re looking at me like you want something, Pam. What is it you want?” Rosa stared me down and I had a sudden realization. Rosa knew exactly what I wanted from her. She had read me well, not that I had made it very difficult. I had assumed that she was straight but now there was hope inside of me that maybe I actually had a chance with her.

“I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable, Rosa. That wasn’t my intention,” I tried my best to cover up what was really going on. I knew she was my tenant and I wasn’t supposed to be sexually harassing her the day she moved in. I couldn’t stop myself from doing it anyway.

Rosa paused to touch my arm gently, tracing a path with her fingernails. She started at my wrist and moved her nails slowly up my arm with the gentlest touch. My senses began to stir and by the look in Rosa’s eyes I knew that she wanted something from me that I wasn’t supposed to give.

“I could be your mother, Rosa,” I warned her, shaking my head.

“Isn’t this what you wanted?” she said brazenly, moving her arm up to touch my shoulder. I felt the chills settle over my entire body, Rosa’s touch awakening something carnal within me.

I made a sound quite unlike any other sound I have made before or since that moment. I sounded like a caged animal who had finally been set free. I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her to me. She reached up, putting her arms around my neck. We shared a long, lingering look of desire before I leaned in to finally kiss her. Her mouth tasted like sweet heaven and I let my tongue explore hers while I tried my best not to think about when Ernie would get home.

“Come on, let’s go to my bedroom,” I pulled her toward the room but she paused to grab the last slice of pizza on her plate and shove most of it into her mouth. She tried to say something but her mouth was too full for me to understand as I pulled her to my room.

“What are we doing?” Rosa asked as soon as she had swallowed all of her pizza.

“Whatever we want,” I explained as I led her all the way into my room and closed the door. “Where is Ernie?”

“He’s at work.”

“What time does he get off?”


“So we have time,” I grinned at her. Her smile lit up my heart and my hands found her body, gently caressing every inch of her skin that wasn’t covered by her flirty, green dress. I paused as I inched my hand up her thigh and under her dress. I looked into her eyes and saw that she wanted me to touch her pussy. She wanted me to do all the dirtiest things I could think of and she was ready for it all to happen.

Our kisses made me weak, so weak that I was having trouble remaining in a standing position. I gripped the ruffled end of Rosa’s dress and pulled it up and over her arms. She raised her arms up for me, letting me peel the green material from her body. She wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing underneath. I gasped as I looked at her naked body for the first time.

Rosa had full hips and a rounded abdomen that curved up toward her waist. Her tits were large with dark brown nipples that were the size of silver dollars. Instantly, my hands moved to her breasts and my mouth followed. I took each of her brown nipples in my mouth and sucked them until Rosa was jumping with pleasure. I moved onwin her to the bed, where I laid her out, naked and waiting for me as I undressed. I parted her legs and saw her pussy on display for the first time.

“Pam, please. Lick me!” Rosa begged me. Her eyes were filled with excitement and I noted the chills all over her legs as I gently stroked her pussy with my fingers. She had a beautiful pussy and I took a moment to admire it. It had been a long time since I’d been with a woman and I wanted to savor every second with Rosa. I played with her pussy, teasing her a bit so that she was good and wet by the time I put my fingers inside of her. She moaned as I felt around inside of her, trying my best to find the sweet spot that would make her lose control.

She let out a whimper as I pushed against the inside of her pussy with my fingers. I moved faster, moving my body over hers to get more leverage. She bucked against me, screaming as the intensity of her pleasure increased. She was trying so hard to wriggle away from me but I held her down, making sure she took every thrust of my fingers until her pussy finally popped.

“Ayyyye! Oh my God!” Rosa screamed. I could feel her pussy give way and I quickly pulled my fingers from her and smiled as she squirted all over my expensive bedspread. I didn’t care if she ruined my bedspread or anything else. Sex with Rosa was far more important to me than any material possession. I instantly buried my face in her pussy, licking and sucking all her orgasm juice like a thirsty fool. I couldn’t get enough of her taste, sticking my tongue deep into her hole and then pulling it back out and up toward her clit.

“Fuck! You’re so good!” she told me as she gripped my head in her hands and held me where she wanted me to lick. She began to grind her pussy on my mouth, working her clit against my tongue until she was merely using my face to get herself off. I looked up at her in disbelief. This young woman was fucking me back and it was hot the way she owned her sexuality. She was comfortable with her body in ways that I hadn’t been at eighteen. It was so sexy the way she carried herself with confidence, and the way she tasted was scrumptious.

“You taste so good!” I moaned, drunk on the taste of her pussy.

“I want to taste you now,” Rosa pushed me off of her and we traded spots.

“Have you done this before?” I asked her.

“Why don’t you try and guess while I lick you.” She parted my lips with both hands, one on each side of my pussy. She pulled down and then up on both of my lips, revealing my clit. She looked at me with an evil, sideways smile that I later realized was her signature look. She was good at staring me down and she kept her eyes open and on me as she descended until her tongue was at clit level. She made a big production of lapping at my clit with long, slow strokes.

“I know you’ve done this before!” I cried as I felt my orgasm building. My legs began to shake as she slowly moved her tongue all over me. It was amazing the things that she was doing with her tongue and I thought that was absolutely impressive until she added two fingers inside of me and worked me over completely with them. The orgasms I had were of an intensity I had never experienced. I was in shock that this young girl was able to make me cum this often and this hard. No female had ever licked my pussy like that and maybe that’s why I fell in love with Rosa right then and there.

“I’m not done with you! Get back here!” She pulled me back toward her by my legs and I watched her large brown nipples bounce as she violently fingered my pussy. Her tongue was resting innocently on my pussy, not doing much until she could feel my legs start to shake from her fingers. Then she would add her tongue and my whole body would sing with pleasure as I shook beneath her. She was a powerful lover and by the time she was done with me, I was unable to move a single muscle.

I lay there as she got up and put her dress on. She said nothing yatırımsız bonus as she watched me attempt to regain my composure. She pulled her green dress back on and grabbed my clothes and set them next to me on the bed.

“Pam, that was really amazing but I think we should stop now. Ernie will be home soon and I haven’t told him that I’m really a lesbian. He thinks I’m into him.”

I paused, shocked at her words. She had used the word lesbian.

“What do you mean you’re a lesbian.”

“I’m with Ernie because he takes care of me. My family kicked me out when I was sixteen and I needed a place to stay. Ernie took me in. We’re poor and we don’t have much, but Ernie is family. I wouldn’t want to hurt him. He’s done so much for me.”

“I understand,” I said, but I really didn’t.

Rosa and I continued to sneak around in the months to come, fucking every time Ernie was out of the house, which was quite a bit. All three of us ate a late dinner together every night and it was getting increasingly harder to hide my feelings for Rosa from Ernie. I didn’t want him to find out that I was fucking her. I wanted to keep it a secret forever. I loved the thrill of sneaking around. There were a lot of close calls, but mostly it was just me and Rosa having our afternoon fun every single day.

I had wanted a lesbian to move into the room I had for rent and I had gotten my wish. Rosa was everything I had ever wanted and more, except now that I had found her, I wanted more. I wanted her for myself and I wanted to find a way to get Ernie out of the picture.

“Why don’t you just dump him?” I asked Rosa about Ernie one day when she was bitching about their relationship.

“We are actually married. See, I’m from another country and so to come here I had to get married. That’s why I came as soon as I was eighteen.”

“Wait. So how do you know such good English?” I asked, confused by her story.

“I studied back in my home country because it was always my dream to come here so I could be a lesbian and not have to worry about marrying a man. It turns out I had to marry a man anyway but that doesn’t change who I really love.”

“It doesn’t?” I asked, praying to God that she really loved me. I definitely loved her and I would have done anything to be with her at that point.

“No, baby. You’re the one I really love. In fact, I know for sure now that I’m a lesbian because of how I feel about you.” Her eyes were shining with the truth.

I paused, letting her words sink in. My eyes filled with tears and I couldn’t believe that she loved me too. “I love you too, Rosa. Stay here with me. I’ll take care of you.”

“You will?”

“Yes, come here.” I opened my arms and she fell into them. I held her more tightly than I should have, rocking her as we counted the minutes until Ernie returned.

“Maybe I should tell him.”

“If you do, what would happen?”

“I could lose my ability to become a citizen.”

“Well, maybe you should stay with him and we can just keep doing this the way we are.”

“You think?”

“I do,” I assured her.

The lock on the front door began to turn. Ernie was home! Rosa jumped back and away from me and took a seat at the table just before the door opened. I stood there, my eyes still full of tears of love for Ernie’s wife. My heart stung as I watched him kiss her hello. I wondered if he tasted my pussy on her breath. Part of me hoped he did and that he would find out and discard Rosa so I could snatch her up. The other part of me hoped that he never found out and that Rosa would someday become a citizen. My heart ached for her just as it did every night after Ernie got home.

I excused myself to my room where I would brood until the next day when Ernie went to work. I would count the hours and minutes until Rosa was back in my arms and between my legs. I would nurse the wounds of being the other woman as I listened to Rosa doing her wifely duties with Ernie. I didn’t like to think about him fucking her but even the thought of her having sex with a man was a turn on. I began to fuck myself as I listened to him fuck her each night, my heart pitted with jealousy and ripe with desire for more of Rosa’s forbidden fruit. She had rented more than just a room in my house, she had stolen space in my heart.

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