Rose’s First Fight

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Every last Friday in the month the Walnut Tree restaurant held women’s wrestling matches where I regularly attended with some of my drunken buddies. The format was always the same in that there would be 6 bikini matches followed by any woman in the audience being able to challenge any of the wrestlers they’d just seen, to a bout. There was no money involved, it just gave wives and girlfriends a chance to show off in front of their men and some girls just probably wanted to prove something to themselves.

I’d been married to Rose for two years during which I’d nagged her repeatedly to wrestle a friend (or anybody) topless for me but she always refused saying she wouldn’t be any good at it and it would embarrass her to show her tits in front of a crowd. She was a good looking Thai girl with a superb body save for her small Asian tits which I’d paid to have enhanced and now she was a D cup.

One night in late summer she went on a girls night out and ended up at the Walnut Tree and came back half tanked with her friend Judy saying she’d seen the girls there wrestling and she’d give it a go just once. Apparently she’d mentioned to the other girls my love of women’s wrestling and how much it would turn me on to see her fight and they’d talked her into it. Judy had agreed to train with her and they worked at it for something like 10 sessions in our basement on mats. I was never allowed to see them training so I didn’t have any idea how advanced she was or what she’d learnt. But I did go out and buy her a shiny white, high sided micro thong and a pair of white, soft, calf length, proper Nike wrestling boots with two red bands at the sides. She’d also spent time with me going through my wrestling videos to see if she could glean any tips and to see what turned me on so much about women fighting. Anyway, the night eventually came when Rose, Judy and I together with Rose’s other 4 office girl fans got in the car and headed for the Walnut Tree for my big treat.

My drinking buddies were all already there and I said “hi” and walked on past them. The five girls all sat at one table and Rose and I at another. Rose was in a figure hugging, electric blue, long evening dress – which showed the outline of her nipples – and high heels with her wrestling boots in a sports bag under our table. We sat there watching the fights until the last bout and then all the wrestlers came into the ring and were up for challenges.

“So which one do you want me to wrestle?”

“Alicja, the one on the left”

“And you just want me to wear my white wrestling knickers and the boots right?”


“What if she won’t take her top off? I won’t fight topless if she won’t”

“No, she does fight topless, no problems, I’ve seen her fight topless”

“Do you fancy her?”

I knew that if I said yes, Rose would have more reason to fight her so I said “yes, she looks sexy standing there in the ring in just that little black thong bikini and boots with her hands on her hips and her head up like that doesn’t she?”

“I’ve done that pose a hundred times for you and you have God knows how many photos of me like that naked or in G strings”

“Yeah, but not in a ring with an opponent opposite you and not in wrestling boots.”

“She’s got better legs than me”

“Mmm, longer”

“I think my breasts are probably better than hers”

“When it comes to tits babe there’s not a rack up there in that ring right now that comes anywhere near yours. Next to you the girl in red has the best rack but she’s only what, a 36C compared to your 38D? Your tits were expensive but it was the best $3,000 I ever spent babe. Anyway look at the rest of her; you’re way out in front on all counts”

“D’you think so?”

“Well, just look at all 6 of them. You’ve got bigger, firmer tits than any of them, your ass is tops too”

“What about the girl in the yellow thong?”

“Yeah, she has a great ass, no question, but yours is just as good and she’s got saggy tits. Look at her”

“You want me to wrestle her instead? I don’t care which one I have to fight.”

“No, I want to see you fight Alicja”

“Let’s face it Pete, it’s unlikely that I could beat her. She’s a real wrestler; you say she’s here wrestling every month. I’ve only ever wrestled Judy and that wasn’t in a ring. Look at her up there flexing, she’s got biceps. When I flex there’s nearly nothing there compared with her”

“Are you scared of getting hurt or humiliated?”

“Yes, a bit. I’m nervous but if she’s hurting me too much all I have to do is submit right?”

“Yeah, I don’t want to see you get hurt babe but I’d like to see you really putting up the best fight you can give her.”

“I know what turns you on, you just want to see me stretched and grimacing. You want to see between my legs with my breasts sticking out just like all the poses I’ve done for you with your camera but with a pained look on my face, wearing those boots and Alicja hurting me. If that’s going to give you good turn on memories I don’t anime porno mind, really, I don’t. But remember Pete, I’m only doing this for you not me and I’m never going to do it again so I’ll give it all I’ve got. You just make sure you get it all on video so you can keep it to turn you on when I’m old and my body’s gone to the dogs.”

“Rose, you’ll never know how much I love you for doing this for me”

“I know it’s your biggest turn on Pete. It’s not mine but I get turned on a bit thinking you’re going to be turned on seeing me looking sexy up there in just my wrestling knickers and boots. The thought of you drooling over my body when I’m fighting her is a bit of a turn on”

“I wish you wouldn’t call them wrestling knickers, it sounds so un-sexy”

“OK, then, my white fighting thong how’s that?”

“Much better”

“Are the boots OK?”

“They’re fine, comfortable I suppose… Pete…I’m shitting myself”

“Babe, you’ll never know how much I admire you for doing this for me. Please don’t chicken out now even if you only stay in the ring for a couple of minutes I’ll get it on video. Babe, you’ll look so sexy up there in the lights; the sexiest women this audience will see all night. In fact they’ve never had a woman in that ring that could hold a candle to you for sexiness. You never believe me when I tell you you’re a really sexy woman; I don’t know why because it’s absolutely true. You’re a real stunner but you’re way too modest about your looks and body”

“Well, my breasts aren’t my own are they? Anyway, I won’t chicken out Pete but I’m really scared. I’ve never shown off my body in front of a crowd like this & your buddies are going to see my breasts and then Alicja might make me look stupid and humiliate me in front of everyone. I can see how turned on you are already though – look at the bulge in your pants. Is that for her or me?”

“Just do me a favor Rose; flash your tits at her before you start fighting. That’ll turn me on big time.”

The conversation was broken off by the MC.

“Ladies and gentlemen now we’ve come to the part of the program where our regular girls, you’ve already seen wrestle here tonight, are up for challenges. As always the matches are submissions only bouts in 5 minute rounds and there are no prizes given. The winner will be the lady with the most submissions at the end of 6 rounds. So, all you ladies in the audience, can I please now have your challenges.”

The MC paraded each girl around the ring with one arm in the air asking for any challenges and only one girl from the audience came forward until he paraded Alicja. Rose stood up and raised her hand. The MC asked her to step into the ring and interviewed her.

“What’s your name honey?”


“And you’re challenging Alicja tonight, is that right?”

“Yes, I want to fight Alicja”

“Excellent. Is there any reason why you’ve chosen Alicja over the other five ladies?”

“Yes, my husband thinks she’s sexy and he can’t take his eyes off her.”

“Oooh, do I detect a little needle in the coming match…you’re a little bit jealous maybe?”

“I think he wants to see me get beaten by her.”

“And how much experience have you had?”

“None, only training with a friend. This will be my first fight”

“And do you mind if I ask you your measurements, your statistics?”

“I’m 38 22 35”

“And you look like a D cup?”

Rose nodded. He held out his hand in Rose’s direction inviting the audience to applaud which they did. Then he asked what type of match she would like at which Rose replied “I’d rather fight in a one piece swimsuit but this is for my husband who wants me to fight her topless in a thong and boots, but I only want to go for 3 X 5 minute rounds because it’s my first fight and maybe I’ll get tired. Oh, and I mean I want her to be topless in a thong too of course.” The MC asked Alicja if she agreed to the match at which she nodded and Rose was asked to exit the ring until the next bout was over and then it would be her turn.

“Wait a minute. You asked me my measurements and everybody heard it. What are her measurements?” said Rose pointing to Alicja.

“Alicja?” asked the MC.

“36 25 36” came the reply.

“And a C cup?”

“I wear a D cup bra.”

Rose interjected “I’m a D cup and hers aren’t as big as mine.”

Rose held up her arms to the audience as though she’d just won the match and the guys in the audience cheered. Mind you, the guys hadn’t seen my wife’s tits yet and they were in for a real treat. With that she came back to our table and pulled on her boots. I noticed she was having trouble with the laces so I asked her if she was nervous and she said she was but that her butterflies would soon go away once she started the fight.

After what seemed like a very long time it was Rose’s turn to fight and the referee held the ropes apart as Rose, still in her bright blue evening dress, climbed into the ring. She immediately strode to the anne porno middle of the ring and facing Alicja pulled down the top of her dress to flash her superior tits at her. It was a statement but also a kind of challenge which said “my tits are better than yours and I’m going to beat you.” Rose’s girlfriends all cheered and whistled. Alicja, in her corner, un-fazed, took off her bikini top and stared at her impassively. All the talking stopped; There was a deathly hush and I had a boner hard as steel as, I figured, would every guy in the whole place.

The ref motioned Rose to her corner where, her back to Alicja, she took off her dress over her head and handed it over the ropes to me. She wore the miniscule white, shiny thong I’d bought which barely covered her shaved cunt and disappeared between the cheeks of her firm, rounded ass. The guys went mad, whistled and stamped their feet at the sight of my fabulously sexy wife’s body as she pulled back on the ropes like a pro. Her stupendous (admittedly silicone enhanced) D cup tits were perfect with barely a hint of sag and her big long nipples were already erect. Seeing her in this setting, which I’d imagined so many times in the past, was just the horniest sight I think I’d ever seen. I could feel that my dick was leaking lube juice already and she hadn’t yet clashed with Alicja. This was almost more than I could bear and I wished I could have run to the john and jerked off right there and then. Rose looked down at me but didn’t seem to recognize me. She was concentrating and looking right through me & I noticed her hands on the ropes were trembling. She looked up above me at her friends and smiled. I turned around and saw they were all having a laugh at my boner.

Judy came across to me and said “Pete, she’s only doing this for you, you know. She doesn’t really want to do it and she told me she’s scared.” I nodded and smiled. “What a superb body she’s got though hasn’t she?” I nodded and smiled again. “You know she’s surprisingly strong, deceivingly so but I couldn’t help her much with learning to wrestle; just with her fitness, I don’t know the first thing about wrestling either.”

The ref motioned to the two combatants to come to centre ring and went through the rules with them, told them he wanted a good clean contest, inspected their fingernails and soles of their boots and ordered them back to their corners. This time Rose faced Alicja with her arms stretched along the ropes on each side of the corner post. This was the fight I had imagined so many times in my sexual fantasies when having sex with Rose. Alicja was the wrestler I fancied the most every time I went to the Walnut Tree & I’d imagined Rose fighting her each time. I could hardly believe my luck

I took a look across at Alicja. She must have known I fancied her because I could never take my eyes off her every time I’d seen her fight and she’d caught me looking quite a few times. She was a C cup at least but natural and I’d always admired her rack although now, up against Rose’s perfect & bigger tits, they didn’t look quite as good. She was certainly a sexy women but in maybe a less feminine way than Rose. She had short blond hair and a taught body and looked every inch a wrestler.

Round 1

The bell rang and the ref shouted “fight”. Rose went on the attack immediately running at Alicja & lifted her arm to go for a headlock but Alicja quickly side stepped and slapped Rose hard on the tits. Rose let out an involuntary yelp and backed away. Alicja simply stood with hands on hips waiting for the rookie’s next move. Rose adopted a crouch and leaned forward but Alicja raised both arms for a test of strength and Rose took her on. They struggled against each other for a few seconds before Alicja forced Rose to her knees and pulled both her arms back under her chin thrusting a knee into her back.

This was the first time I’d seen my sexy wife in pain and up came by boner again as Alicja pulled back hard thrusting Rose’s tits forward while she spread her knees apart on the canvas. She struggled trying to get up by attempting to bridge which pushed her little white thong covered cunt outwards & I ran to the other side of the ring to get her crotch on camera.

Rose fell backwards and Alicja released the hold and straddled her in a schoolboy pin leaning forward over Rose’s face showing the mound of her barely covered pussy from the back. Unlike Rose, who shaved her puss, Alicja had a little landing strip bush and a small part of her blonde cunt hair was showing. After a few attempts Rose managed to roll over and the two wrestlers fought for control until Rose’s legs crept under the ropes and the ref told them to break and start again. Alicja offered her hands up again for another test of strength but Rose wasn’t having any of it this time and they circled in crouching positions. When they finally clashed Alicja picked Rose up with ease and dropped her over her knee in a back breaker which made her scream out. Alicja forced Rose down in the hold arap porno repeatedly bringing out a scream each time before rolling her off her knee and onto the mat.

Rose was in pain and lay face down rubbing her back, the white thong between her ass cheeks making a beautiful contrast with her brown Asian skin. As she moved one knee forward, beginning to get up, I could see it had moved sideways and one half of her cunt was showing.

Rose stood and backed herself into the ropes as Alicja came forward grabbing her right arm and throwing her backwards into the opposite corner for a vicious posting. She fell on her butt with her right hand clutching the top rope and breathing heavily. For a moment I thought she was going to cry but she fought it off and stood up again in the corner for more punishment. I reached up through the ropes and pulled at her thong so as to cover her cunt again and the ref warned me not to interfere. As Alicja came on again Rose swung her around into the corner post and hit her with 3 fast forearm smashes to the tits and then one mighty slap which sent the black thonged girl’s rack swaying from side to side. It was great to see Rose fighting back but it didn’t last long. Alicja quickly had her in camel clutch and Rose’s first submission came immediately but not before Alicja reached back and fingered Rose’s crotch.

The MC announced the first submission holding Alicja’s arm up in victory and the ref told the girls to fight on. Alicja went straight for Rose’s right leg, pulled it up sending Rose crashing to the mat and then turned her, laying on a single leg boston. As she leaned into Rose’s back I could see Rose’s face contort until she couldn’t take the pain any more and began thrashing her hands on the canvas and screaming out her submission “I give, I give.” I was sorry for Rose but it was just so sexy to see her ass in that position with her right leg pulled up so far.

Again Alicja’s victory was announced and yet again my sexy wife had to go back into battle and I could see she was hurting but something amazing happened. Alicja backed onto Rose and went to stretch up to put her in a hangman but Rose was too quick for her and moving her own arms up and back grabbed Alicja by the neck and bent forward to execute her own hangman. At first she didn’t seem strong enough to bend Alicja back sufficiently but after two attempts she succeeded in lifting Alicja over her back with her toes only lightly touching the floor. Now it was Alicja that was in pain. She clenched her teeth as she clutched Rose’s hands and her big natural tits shook as she waggled her legs but she couldn’t hold on and submitted to my fabulous, horny looking wife who released her instantly. As the MC raised her hand in her first ever wrestling submission the guys in the audience went wild and Rose’s girlfriends were on their feet cheering. Rose looked over at me with a grin as she straightened out her tiny white thong. The ref once again ordered them to fight on but this time Alicja seemed angry and charged Rose sending her down but as she made to kick her the bell rang and the ref got between her and my winded wife.

As I helped Rose back to her corner I found that she was slippery, covered in sweat and her stomach was panting in and out. I toweled off her back and turned her around to wipe the sweat off her tits and tried to create some breeze with the towel to cool her down.

“She’s hard” Rose gasped.

“Yeah, everybody knows she’s tough but you’re doing great”

“No, I don’t mean it like that” she said gulping for breath…”I mean hard. Her skin’s hard… you can feel her stomach muscles… her arms & legs are hard. There’s no fat on her…her sweat smells like yours, like a man… I don’t think I can last the 3 rounds with her. I look better than her though don’t I?”

“No question”

“And I’m not nervous now.”

The bell rang for the second time and out went my wife to face her experienced opponent again just as my drinking buddy Bill came over and asked me if he could take a video on his cell phone from the opposite side of the ring. “You bet” I said “as long as you give me a copy and don’t put it on YouTube or anywhere.”

Round 2

In centre ring the ref brought his hand down, shouted “fight” and moved out of the way. Wringing a submission out of Alicja had boosted Rose’s confidence & she no longer looked self conscious about her half naked body as she had in the first round. Now her arms were akimbo and she wasn’t trying to hide her tits as I sensed she was trying to do in round one. It was clear that she was going to take the fight to her opponent as she circled her and then locked up pretty much the way the pros do and she even lifted one leg as she did so – just like you see the pros do. She must have taken that stance on board from the videos she watched with me.

Alicja though, walked her back into the ropes, spun around she threw her white thonged opponent all over the ring with body slams and an arm drag before trying to wrap her up in the ropes with a tarantula that failed when Rose fell over the top rope and onto the mattresses on the floor. The ref started the count and Rose was looking groggy but Judy was there and lifted her back up on the edge of the ring so she could crawl under the bottom rope.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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