Running a Red Light Ch. 02


We pull up to the station, and you put the handcuffs on both my wrists dragging me out of the car and escort me inside the building. The other nightshift guard greets you and looks me up and down in a greedy smile. I roll my eyes at him as you push me forward to your office. With the door locked, you have me take a seat in front of your desk. You walk behind me, massaging my shoulders, my hands still cuff behind my back as I sit down. Your hands move to the top of my shirt, your fingers grazing the top of my breasts, tracing the line of my bra. “Will Miss, looks like you’re have a lot of explaining to do.” You say, sliding your hand down my shirt to cup my boob.

I cross my legs and toss my curls back out of my face. “Like I said before, Officer, I ran the red light because I was running late to my boyfriend’s party in his car. Call him and check it out for yourself?”

You smile and slide your other hand in, cupping my free boob. Squeezing them in your hands. “And should I also ask him how he likes his slut of a girlfriend?”

My mouth drops open. “I had no choice. You told me to suck you.” As I try to shift out of your grasp. Your push on my breasts hard, twisting them as you bend to whisper in my ear, “Oh and you enjoyed it. You enjoyed sucking me off didn’t you?”

I turned my head to look at you when I heard the statement, but before I can respond, you push your mouth hard against mine, tilting my head backward. I fight against it, but once your tongue enters my mouth, I give in and start kissing your back with the same force. You pull me up off the chair by my breasts. Your hands snap at the back of my bra, unclasping the bra, moving your hands back to the front. And your hands slide down to my skirt, raising it up to my waist. Your hands brush against my black lace panties, feeling my clit through them. You let out a moan as you start rubbing me through my underwear.

There’s a knock at the door and you push me back in the chair before you go and open the door. I shift in my chair, trying to pull down my skirt with being able to use my hands. It’s the guard, saying that he’s going home for the night and if you have any problems to give him a call. Apparently, you’re working the station grave alone tonight, but it shouldn’t be a problem since there were only six inmates since the town was so small. You wave him goodbye and he flashes me a heated smirk. I glare at him and look at the window. My eyes stay focused on it as I see his cruiser pull out of the parking lot. I think to myself, I’m all alone with this cop. This sexual hot cop no to save me, no to stop me.

You come back to my chair and kneel as your hands slide up my legs again. “Please. I can’t do this. I have a boyfriend.” I plead, crossing my legs. “I don’t want to hurt him.” You smile and pry my legs apart, moving a hand to the front of my panties. “What he won’t know won’t hurt him and if you do what I say, I won’t tell him. If you don’t cooperate I might have to tell him about the car ride over here.” You push against my clit, I wrap my ankles around the legs of the chair, trying to brace myself against your rough big hand. You push up my skirt and pull down my panties. “I can’t. I can’t do this.” And without thinking my foot makes contact with your jaw, kicking you. “Oh Damn! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean.”

You Stand Escort bayan up, touching your jaw and flash me a smile. “I don’t think you know where you are, Miss. You’re in jail. Of course maybe you forgot because you aren’t exactly in a cell.” You pull me up and push me out your office, leading me down the hall of inmates, three guys in the first cell, two guys in the second, and a girl in the third. You stop at the last cell, reaching for your keys. ” Marie, you have company tonight.”

The girl in the cell, gets up off her bed and flashes a perfect white smile. She was five four, short blonde hair, and chocolate brown eyes. She was wearing what looked to be white scrubs, her hair was pulled back in a small pony tail. You unlock the cell and shove me in the cell, following me behind. I hear the cell lock behind me and I look around. You take a seat on a stool in the corner of the room as Marie circles around me like I’m her next meal. I bite my lip from saying anything as she inhales my scent, her hands sliding around me. Flashing me a smile, she kisses my neck, “Where did you find her?” She asked you. You lean back against the stool. “She was running a red light. Hot piece of the thing. You should see what she can do with that mouth of hers:”

I turn my head to look at you and then bring my gaze back to Marie. I was taller than her by about three inches, but she looked stronger than me. I slowly took a step as casually as I could backward, causing her grin to grow. “Don’t worry baby, I’ll be nice.”

I roll my eyes at her to let her know that I’m not stupid, I know that she wants me. “I have a boyfriend and he has a pretty good damn lawyer.” She smiles, “Well, your boyfriend isn’t here and neither is the damn lawyer. All I see is a cop, me, and a new bitch.” She grips my long curls in her fist, twisting them into her fingers, pulling my head back, she takes her tongue and licks the length of my neck while her other hand moves for my top. She rips the top over my head and down my arms as it catches on the handcuffs. “Oh, officer I think I might need your assistance.” She says, cupping my breasts in her hands.

You get up off the stool and unlock the metal handcuffs, replacing them back onto my wrists, but now my arms are in front of me instead of behind me. to You stand behind me as your hands slide down the lengths of my arms, grabbing my wrists and pulling them up around your neck, letting the metal link rest on the back of your strong neck as Marie tosses my bra to the concrete floor. She takes one of my nipples in her mouth, sucking on it, nipping on it. I let out a gasp at her hot breath teasing me as her mouth moves down my stomach, leaving a kissing trail, letting her tongue make a pathway to the waist of my skirt. Your hands come around my waist and feel them up to my breasts, rubbing each nipple with enough attention as they get hard at your fingers. Marie unzips my skirt, letting it slide to the concrete. And her tongue licks the hem of my lace panties, dipping her tongue behind them. I let out a loud moan as I press backwards into you. Your hands massage my breasts kneading at them making me moan as you kiss my collarbone. Marie slides off my panties and helps me to step out of them. I feel her hands on my waist as she is on her knees, sliding them down to my pussy that has Bayan escort became wet. Her hands massage my mound and I squirm against you, not being able to go anywhere. Her fingers work hard against my clit, suffocating it with her palm. I throw my head back as I can feel myself building up, finding your neck, I sink my teeth in you, kissing your neck, biting it as Marie works at my hot pussy and you continue rubbing my tits. A finger slides up and another follows and my teeth graze against your neck at the feel of her fingers in me. You lift my arms off around you and uncuff me, replacing them back on your belt. Marie stands up and removes her top. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so her round breasts fall free, You bring my hands up around her so are breasts are rubbing against each other. She brings her mouth to mine and kisses me hard. I let out a small resistant moan, but work her mouth. Your hands are back on my shoulders as you put a little pressure on them, nudging me to the ground. Marie doesn’t break the kiss as she follows me to the ground, kissing on our knees.

You unzip your pants and tug them off, and grab your lock cock and start tugging on it a bit as you watch Marie’s hands squeeze my ass, are breasts smashed together. You maneuver your hand between our mouths, your cock breaking our kiss. Marie, continues try to kiss me through your cock. The side of your shaft is covered by two full pair of lips making you grow hard. Maries hand slide back to my pussy and starts working on my clit. I moan against your dick and find that my hands start moving down her body. Her mouth moves off your cock she grabs your cock, pulling you to the floor. She pushes you back on your back and climbs on top of your mouth, spreading herself for you to enjoy. She then pulls me to her as she lays back against your chest and pulls my hips to her. I fall on her and you and start kissing her, my feet brushing the sides of you as you lap at her hungry pussy. She slides me up her so I’m above her mouth as her tongue makes a quick intrusion to my wet pussy and I grip your thighs at the feel of her teeth sucking my clit as I imagine what you could be doing to her. I grip your cock with my hands, pulling at it with each tongue thrust my pussy gets. She moans as you make her soaking wet and her tongue starts matching yours. You slide a finger in her and then another as your suck on her clit. Marie screams in ecstasy as she comes in your mouth. You lap her up with your strong and talented tongue, licking her dry. She then rolls off you, letting you up as she pushed me to the floor. Gripping my thighs open she sucks hard at my clit, sliding her fingers around it, taking turns. My moaning grows faster and louder.

She smiles and mumbles that maybe you should keep me quiet. You kneel above me, stroking my hair watching my eyes glisten as I can feel it coming, my mouth opens to scream and you shove your long thick cock into my mouth. I gag as my scream is muffled by your strong cock. My tongue dancing around it as the head of your cock vibrates in the back of my throat at my moans Marie is giving to me. My throat tightens around you as I try to scream as my pussy clamps around Maries’ skilled mouth.”OohmmmOohhmmmOOohhhmmmaaahhhhmmm!” I moan against your cock as my pussy shatters around Marie’s mouth cumming uncontrollability. Escort

Marie sucks me dry as you pull your hard cock out of me. I lay on the floor panting out of breath. Marie stands and kisses your hard, gripping your cock, massaging it as I’m try to catch my breath. Your massage her breasts before your hands move done to her clit, already making it wet again. You let out a moan, as you really need to cum. She breaks the kiss and walks up to my face to where I still lay on my back, exhausted. You kneel down, gripping my ankles, to pull you to you. I let out a yelp as I feel the cool cement against my back and you spread my legs wide as the tip of your cock rubs against my clit. I moan, not knowing if I can take it. The thick head of your cock lubricates with my juices and you look at Marie and smile as she grips my hands over my head. You thrust your thick cock hard and fast into me. I scream as I feel you fill me. My pussy stretching to fit you. You pull slowly back out and then pus back in hard and fast. I let out another moan. Marie gets up as I close my eyes biting my lip. She moves to the pile of your pants and grabs my cell phone from your pocket. Your thrusts moved to a slower pace as Marie is kneeling above me. I hear a ringing, thinking that my ears must be ringing from all the intensity. Deep inside me you pullout slowly and say, “Tell Me Bitch! Tell me you want me to screw you! Tell me that this is the cock you want.” I squirm, moaning, out of breath,

“Yes, Yes, I want your cock. Faster HARDER!” I scream and Marie smiles, saying into the phone. “Now do you believe me that’s your girlfriend?” My big green eyes flash to her horrified, as I see my little black cell phone over my head knowing my boyfriend just heard everything but you are thrusting so deep and hard I can’t stop myself. “Uhh Uhhh Oooh Ohhh Mmmm”I scream into the phone as I can feel myself cumming.

Marie slams shut the phone and sits on my mouth as I scream into her pussy, my tongue tasting her wet juices. My lips cover her mouth as my pussy tightens around your cock, My eyes look over the small patch of blonde hair above my nose to see her firm boobs bouncing up and down as she rides my tongue as you thrust into me. You’re cock is tightening and push harder and faster into me. Harder and faster I thrust my tongue into her pussy matching the rhythm of my hips. Her thighs tighten around my head as she is panting. All you can hear is the panting and grunting from the three of us. She screams as fluid rushes into my mouth, at the same time you can’t hold it any longer and release your large load deep in me. I feel fluid rushing through me from both sides as you feel me deep and I struggle to swallow Maries cum, licking it up to make sure she’s dry and there isn’t any more of her juice. You’re so full that I can feel your cum leaking out of my pussy. Marie gets up as you pull out of my hammered pussy and sucks you off, cleaning you dry before bringing her tongue to the left over cum you left at my pussy. She laps it up and I moan. You put on your pants, picking up my cell phone, putting it back in your pocket. You then lift me to the small bed and put me on the mattress. I’m so warn out that I don’t fight you as you grab my wrist and kiss me before cuffing me to the metal pole. My eyes flash open. “What are you doing?”

You smile and say, “With your record, you aren’t going anywhere soon.” You kiss Marie a long good bye and close the cell behind you as you watch her climb on top of me both still naked, laying there with me. I close my eyes, thinking, of what lies a head.

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