Saturday Night at the Movies


Now call me a big kid if you want but I love Harry Potter. The films I mean. And there is no better place to watch these films than on the big screen. But unfortunately for me my boyfriend disagrees. Having dragged his miserable arse to the previous six films I was having great difficulty in getting him to the seventh.

“Why can’t you get one of your friends to go with you?” He moaned. “I don’t even like the films, stupid sci-fi crap.” He added, childishly.

“The genre is fantasy actually,” I quickly corrected him, “something you would know very little about.” I said, nastily referring to his lack of adventure in the bedroom.

“Very funny.” He muttered.

Anyway, after hours of arguing he finally agreed, but on the condition that we go to the late showing to avoid the inevitable hoards of screaming children. With eleven thirty being the latest available I excitedly booked our tickets and set about getting ready.

Mike had decided without my knowledge to have a few beers before we left, it was no big deal I guess, and at least he would probably fall asleep and leave me in peace. He could be so selfish at times. And in an attempt to cause an argument he insisted on sneaking a few bottles into the cinema with him.

Once inside the complex I collected the tickets and went to queue for some popcorn. Mike as usual headed for the arcade games, leaving me to wonder how on earth our relationship had lasted this long.

Then, standing in the queue, for better or worse, my evening was about to change.

“You’re very beautiful,” a grey-haired gentleman in his late sixties said, grinning at me. “Your hair: it’s very nice and your perfume too.”

I felt myself blush. “Well, yes, thank you.” I replied, almost speechless.

“I don’t mean to embarrass you, but your dress really compliments your perfect, young body.” His grin grew larger.

Both embarrassed and flattered I was quickly relieved that it was my turn to be served. I ordered my usual medium sweet popcorn with a medium sprite and then turned to my purse for some money.

“They look tasty and well stacked.” My grey-haired admirer said. I smiled and turned back to the counter, thinking that he was referring to nothing other than my over-flowing box of popcorn. “Most would say that you’re well stacked,” he sniggered.

I wasn’t too sure if I heard him correctly, so I gave him a half-smile and placed my card back inside my purse.

“I said, you’re very well stacked,” he repeated, and dropped his gaze so his eyes were looking down into my cleavage. He then beamed at me again, and continued feasting his lustful eyes on my breasts. “Like I said, tasty and well stacked.”

Now, normally if a guy, say my own age, commented on my body in that way I’d tell him to piss off. Not because I don’t appreciate such comments, but because there is a time and a place for such innuendos. However, this guy was beginning to arouse my curiosity. Whether or not it was down to his age I couldn’t tell you. But whatever it was I was getting moist in my panties.

“Thank you.” I replied with a mischievous grin, aware that his eyes were still glued to my breasts.

When I had finished paying, I looked over at him, smiled gently, and said screen ten. With a glint in his eye he leaned towards me. “My pleasure.” He whispered.

I smiled again and made my way towards screen ten, with Mike quickly in tow.

As I waited çorum escort to see if my new friend would be joining us, I couldn’t help but smile at the thought of the look on his face when he discovered he was buying tickets to watch Harry Potter.

Ten or so minutes later, and to my delight, he entered. But my joy was quickly replaced by shock as I noticed he was not alone, a second man was now with him. The two men stopped and scanned the empty, dark room for a few moments before finally pointing and smiling at what they were obviously looking for… me.

I turned to look at Mike, who was busy supping on his beer whilst texting his mates. Oblivious to my sudden shock and excitement I left him too it.

I turned back to see the two men talking. I wondered what they could be discussing before the grey-haired man nodded towards Mike and I, and then they began to climb the steps towards us.

My heart began beating faster as they stepped level with our aisle, stopped and spoke a few quiet words to each other. With my head looking at the screen in front of me I watched the two men from the corner of my eye before they continued on to the aisle directly behind us.

No, surely not I giggled to myself as both men made their way ever closer to the seats behind us.

“What’s up with you?” Mike asked, before suddenly realising the answer to his own question. “You have got to be fucking joking,” He moaned, “all the fucking seats in the house and they sit behind us.”

“Oh shut your moaning,” I said, whilst quietly laughing, “you’ll be fast asleep in ten minutes, you always are.”

As the two men sat comfortably behind us, but slightly more to my left, the film started. I have no idea what I was thinking or expecting to happen, but the fact this guy came onto me and then followed me into the cinema, whilst with my boyfriend, had my panties soaked and my nipples hard as bullets.

True to form Mike was fast asleep within fifteen minutes. The jerking bottle of beer in his hand didn’t go un-noticed by the two men behind us either. As I took the bottle from his hand I heard the men discussing whether or not Mike was asleep.

Then their talking got slightly louder. Not too loud but loud enough for my benefit. To hear what they were saying I stopped munching on my popcorn and listened like a pussy cat in the still of night.

The two men, both old enough to be my grand-father were immaturely discussing how they would each like to fuck Emma Watson. I couldn’t help but feel myself becoming wetter at the thought of being the one in the middle of what they were saying.

Continuing with their filthy words they quietly slid across the chairs until they were sat directly behind me.

I felt a sudden rush of excitement shoot down my body before it ended with my toes tingling. Then, just as I was trying to calm myself down with the realisation that nothing could or would happen, I felt a hand slide between Mike and me.

I instantly bit my lower lip to silence my excitement as a mystery hand cupped my right breast through the thin fabric of my dress. The rush was so intense as a second mystery hand quickly joined the first and cupped my left breast. Now both men had a breast each.

Confused by my feelings and emotions I didn’t know what to say or do, so I sat quietly and allowed the men to continue their violation of my young body.

Being denizli escort a firm 32C bust I know I have a nice handful, and these two perverts were wasting no time in weighing them up with their dirty paws.

It was by far the most erotic, exciting and exhilarating feeling I had ever felt, and it was about to get better.

After gently caressing and weighing up my bust for a few moments, I then felt their hands tighten as they began to squeeze and maul my mounds. I fought hard to hold in my sighs of enjoyment, but it all became too much when simultaneously the hands began to slowly, very slowly slide the straps of my dress down my arms.

With the straps now seductively out of the way the two men each slid a hand over my shoulders and down onto my breasts. They squeezed again, but gently this time, before using the tips of their fingers to push the cups of my dress downwards.

Gasping loudly I dropped the box of popcorn between my legs. The sound of the box hitting the floor and scattering popcorn seamed to echo in the silence. Where is an action scene when you need on? I thought.

Instinctively I turned to Mike and felt the hands on my breasts stop. There was no movement for a few seconds until we all realised that Mike had not even stirred. Then, I spread my legs as far as my seat would allow and sunk back into the chair.

The top of my dress was down in seconds as the men set about caressing, groping and mauling my now bare breasts. My nipples didn’t need hardening but the cool air from the air conditioning above made them that little bit harder until they ached.

“What a great set of fucking tits.” I heard one of them curse.

“I know, tell me about it,” I heard the other respond. “I wanted them the moment I set eyes on her.”

Recognising the voice of the grey-haired man I tilted my head around and they both smiled at me, still with my breasts in their hands. After giving them a satisfied smile of approval I turned back around and looked at Mike.

Feeling overwhelmed with lust I pulled the gusset of my panties aside and slid a finger straight inside my pussy. I was so wet I could have stuck a pole up there with ease.

“Yes, baby, that’s it,” the grey-haired man grunted, “fuck that pussy with your fingers. Get it ready for my cock.” “And mine you dirty little bitch.” His friend added.

Their words just spurned me on to fuck myself even harder and deeper as they squeezed hard on my breasts and pinched my aching nipples. I was so close to exploding. Silently masturbating always raised the intensity of my orgasm tenfold, add that to having two strangers playing with your breasts next to your sleeping boyfriend and you might have some idea of how powerfully amazing this whole experience was.

However, the guys had plans for me and they didn’t want them ruined here. I was just on the brink of exploding when my hand was suddenly yanked up and out of my pussy.

“Come to the toilets with us, sweetheart,” the friend ordered, before pulling my dress back up and over my breasts.

I didn’t really grasp his meaning until I stood up and saw the two men rubbing rather large bulges through their trousers.

Who was I to argue? I was too highly charged to care anymore. I was on the brink of an awesome climax, and I’d do anything to get it back.

Leaving Mike sleeping alone in the cinema the three of us quietly diyarbakır escort sneaked inside the large disabled toilets and locked them behind us. Sitting on the toilet seat, horny as fuck I attempted to light a cigarette to settle my nerves.

“What are you doing you stupid bitch?” One of them said ripping the unlit cigarette from my mouth. “You’ll get us caught, kicked out and arrested.” The three of us laughed before he unzipped his trousers and fished out a wrinkly, semi-erect cock. “Put this in your mouth if you need to smoke.” He arrogantly added before forcing himself between my lips.

I was so horny I wasted no time in taking him to the back of my mouth and deep throating his old cock. He grabbed my hand and started to fuck my face, forcing his cock deeper and deeper.

“She’s a fucking pro!” he grunted through gritted teeth.

I was so involved with the cock in my mouth, squeezing his balls and trying to take him deeper that I didn’t realise my dress had been pulled down again. The grey-haired man was sucking on my nipples and stroking his cock by now and I was in heaven.

After a few minutes the cock was pulled from my mouth and I was ordered to remove my panties.

“Good slut now put on some fresh lipstick.” I was told. I turned to look in the mirror and found that most of my red lipstick had smudged. Looking at the cock that had just been in my mouth and it too was smudged in red.

“By the way I’m Gary,” the grey-haired man said, “and this is Ritchie.” Again we all chuckled as Richie stripped off and sat on the toilet. “Nice to meet you, I’m Sophie,” I sarcastically replied, “do you come here often?”

Further laughter filled the toilet as I emptied my purse into the sink to find my lipstick.

Once I had applied more colour to my lips Ritchie quickly positioned me between his legs but facing Gary.

“Wait … what about condoms?” I quickly screeched. “Fuck condoms!” Ritchie exclaimed as he pulled me down onto his cock. “Oh … fuck” I squealed as his fat bareback cock filled my pussy. “We are all clean here.” He chuckled, before bouncing me by my hips.

“I’m more worried about not …” I was unable to finish what I was saying as Gary thrust his cock between by freshly painted lips.

I quickly forgot about the condom, and the fact that I was unprotected as I allowed my mind, body and soul to enjoy what I was receiving. Two cocks inside my body, fucking and using me. Two old cocks in fact, fucking and using my young body.

“Oh … shit … here it comes,” Ritchie started to grunt beneath me, “yes … yes bitch, take it take my hot cum!”

Whilst his choice of words during climax did nothing for me, his engorged cock spewing gallons of fresh, hot spunk inside my unprotected womb did. I could have sworn his cock had swollen twice in thickness when he started to cum. I felt my sensitive walls stretch so much I couldn’t help but explode my own juices all over his cock.

This scene was obviously too much for Gary as he too started to cum. Gary could tell I was in no state to swallow his load as I bounced on top of Ritchie screaming and gasping for air. He chose instead to plaster my tits. Very fitting I thought afterwards.

After both taking a leak they kissed me goodbye on the cheek and left. I tried to wash myself as best I could but there was so much spunk leaking out of my pussy I just put my panties back on and hoped Mike wouldn’t notice. It was the same for my cum-covered tits. I pulled my dress back up and allowed Gary’s spunk to soak into my dress before I finger licked the rest.

Mike didn’t wake up until the film ended, by then I had rubbed my pussy three more times, leaving a pool of mixed juices on the floor.

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