Sequences Ch. 04


“Welcome to my Kingdom.” The King smiled at the six delegates from the Planets Alliance. “This is my wife, and these are my sons, Peter and Daniel.”

“It’s an honour to be invited here.” Captain Steven said, smiling at the four members of Royal family. He looked at the two boys stood behind the chairs of Peter and Daniel but didn’t say anything.

“My sons will show your crew around. Anything they need or want to see, just ask. How about we go and discuss matters.”

The Captain, the King, and the Queen left the room.

“So, what would you like to do first? How about a tour of the palace and then we can give you some time to relax and prepare for this evening.” Peter suggested.

“That sounds great.”

Peter and Daniel led the way, chatting with the head of security and the head of engineering. Fabian and Sequence followed behind the group. A young girl at the back of the line, stopped to look at a plant. Sequence stopped near her.

“Its beautiful isn’t it?” He asked motioning to the plant.

“Yeah, do you know what it is?”

“Its an orchid. It’s called ‘Full Moon’; one of my favourites.” Sequence touched the plant causing it to bloom. “I’m told it’s purple.”

“How did you do that.” The girl asked.

“Plants are my thing.”

“Mine as well.” She smiled. “My name’s Zariah.”

“I’m Sequence. Maybe I’ll be able to show you my Master’s garden while you’re here. I did the garden here too but my Master’s is special to me.” The followed the rest of the group.

“Your master?”

“The King’s youngest son. What do you do on your ship?”

“I’m training to be a doctor. I’m meant to investigate new plant life and see if any of them could be used in medicines.”

“I’ve got a range of medicinal plants; if you want to look at them with me?”

“You know what would be totally cool? If you come on the ship and check my plants. There’s this tree I got from another planet but I don’t see to be able to grow it.”

“Your Master won’t let you go alone.” Fabian said turning to him.

“You can come.” Sequence suggested.

“I hate listening to you talk about plants.” Fabian smiled at the officer he’d been talking to. “Sequence is a plant geek.”

Sequence smiled at them.

“Sequence.” Daniel called. Sequence ran to stand before his Master. “Why don’t you show our guests the garden?”

“I’d love to, Master.” Sequence grinned.

“I’ll get some drinks sent out so that when you get bored of him you can relax. Fabian, set out tables and chairs.” Peter said.


Sequence and Zariah grinned at the others as they rejoined the group after their garden tour. Zariah sat on the last chair, Sequence handed her a drink before sitting on the grass near Fabian.

“Have fun, Zariah?”

“Yes, it’s awesome. Sequence sure knows his plants. He’s a plant life form!”

“Really? Wow!”

Captain Steven joined the group. Sequence jumped up to get him a chair.

“Thank you.”

“Would you like a drink, Sir?”

“No, thank you; I had one with the King.” Captain Steven smiled as Sequence sat back on the grass. “Why don’t you two get yourselves chairs?”

“Why not?”

“Its not respectful.”

The delegates frowned; the Captain slid onto the floor.

“Tell me boys, are you happy here?”


“But this isn’t your home planet?”

“No. My home planet is about three weeks away from here.”

“Are you here by choice?”

“Yes. Why all the questions?” Sequence asked.

“He’s politely trying to ask if we’re slaves.” Fabian said.

Captain Steven blushed.

“Yes, I’m afraid I am. I’m not being very diplomatic about it am I?”

“Or so diplomatic that you’re not understandable.”

They all laughed.

“So you’re not slaves?”

“Oh, no, we are slaves.”


“We are slaves; our Masters own us.” Fabian grinned. “You expect slaves to be chained up and unhappy?”

“They expect slaves to desire their freedom. They expect slaves to obey because of fear.” Sequence said, staring at them. “They want us to want to escape.”

“We were told that slavery wasn’t a problem here.”

“It’s not; it works well.”

“But it’s against human rights.”

“All slaves are well-treated; any owner who mistreats their slaves has them confiscated, is banned from owning and is beaten. We are well-treated and respected.”

“We don’t approve of slavery. He could easily pay you to do his garden.”

“I’m not a garden slave. I’m a sex slave; the garden is just a hobby. Master wouldn’t disgrace you by offering you the services of a mere garden slave.”

“A sex slave? As in you are forced to have sex with him.”

“He doesn’t force me. If you are so anti-slave owning you need to tell the King before the party tonight.”


“He’s planned a slave show in your honour; a competition testings obedience, endurance and good ownership skills.”

“I’m going to win tonight.” Sequence smiled at Fabian.

“You won’t win. You look so delicate, your Master won’t leave you in place as long as you can hold out.”

“Tonight he will; we’ve been practising.” Onwin

“You two want to take part in this competition?”

“Yeah, its a sport.”

“How long have you been slaves?”

“I’ve been a slave for about three years, Sequence has been here about a year.”

“And you don’t want to leave?”

“No, we have very caring Masters and we are in privileged positions.”

“How many slaves does the King have?”

“About 500 I think.”

“Oh gosh! This is going to be awful, we’ve already drawn the agreement; everything was going so well.”

“You’re not going to let him join?”

“We can’t, not unless he agrees to abolish slave trading within five years.”

“Oh, and he won’t.” Fabian smiled. “We should go prepare for tonight. Do you want us to show you back to your rooms or do you want to stay out a bit longer?”

“I think it’ll be best if we returned to our room.”


“Oh, my, gosh! This is awful.” Captain Steven gasped as they walked into the banquet hall. There was an obvious distinction between the owners and the slaves. All the slaves, male and female, were semi-naked, many of them with nipple rings and wearing odd costumes.

“They all must be sex slaves.”

“You know what’s odd? They all look really happy.”

“They don’t know any difference. They think this is normal and acceptable.”

“Hey.” Sequence greeted them. He was dressed as a rabbit; he was wearing a rabbit’s ear headband, white furry nipple ring accessorises, a white pouch covering his cock and anal beads ending in a white fluffy ball. He was wearing high heeled sandals. He grinned at them. “My Master likes me in white. You hate it don’t you?”

“It’s so degrading, Sequence.” Zariah said.

“I would’ve agreed with you last year; I thought slavery was awful and degrading but now its good. I like it; I like how everyone looks at me. I’m unique. Anyway, Master asked me to show you to your table. You’ve got the best view of the competition; you should have told them.”

“It would have caused offence.”

“It will cause offence when you grimace at the competition. It looks like an endurance test.”

The delegates looked around at the other dressed up slaves and then to the stage which was set out for the competition. Daniel came over to them.

“Evening.” He said, patting Sequence’s ass. “You guys sit and relax, someone will be along to serve you in a while. How have you enjoyed your stay so far?”

“Its been interesting. Sequence is very passionate about his garden.”

“Indeed he is, its a problem if you’re not.” Daniel laughed. “Has he told you about the competition?”


“It’s due to start soon. It’s an endurance test so we start them early in the evening. You ever seen on before?”

“No, this is a first for us.”

“Ah.” the Master frowned. “Try to remember that this isn’t a punishment, its a sport. It’s not a form of torture, trust me, the slaves here are far too expensive to be tortured.”


“Oh, yeah, Sequence was five thousand gold coins, which is about ten times more than you’d expect to pay for an untrained, newly-captured boy.”

“New-captured? He was free before you brought him?”

“Yeah, beamed straight from his planet’s surface, didn’t even know what was happening to him. Normally, you don’t pay much for untrained slaves.”

A bell rang.

“Games are starting.” Sequence grinned as the King ascended the platform.

“We’ve got three places left for any latecomers.” The King began. “It’s a simple endurance test; slaves tied up by ankles, tongues on electrodes. Two ways to withdraw; first, slaves take their tongue off the electrodes or two; the owners withdraw them. Normal rules apply; if your slave can’t stand for a minute, five minutes after the end of the test then there will be a fine and you’ll lose your place in the competition. The electric pulses increase every 15 minutes; I don’t think it’ll take much longer than four hours to find a winner. Take your places for fittings.”

The delegates watched as ten slaves lay on the floor and had their ankles shackled, another slave pulled them up slowly, checking to make sure they could touch the electrodes with their tongues. When they were happy with the position they let the slaves down and then tied their arms behind their backs.

“Make sure you blindfold Sequence, we don;t want him cheating do we?” Peter said to Daniel.

Daniel grinned.

“He might want to cheat; electricity and metal tongue studs really don’t work.” Daniel went over to Sequence and changed his blindfold. He kissed Sequence and went to sit down by the delegates. He explained Sequence’s abilities to them as they waited for the game to start.

“The King said it would take less than four hours. What do you think?”

“The weak ones; the new ones, there’s about four playing, they won’t last an hour; upside down endurance is hard. The last six are experience, they’ll last past the two hour mark easily. I’ll start worrying about Sequence near the three hour mark.”

“Ok, lets start the games; lift the slaves.” The King commanded. “Tongues on electrodes. Onwin Giriş Time starts now.”


“I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.” Zariah moaned after the three hour point. “Everyone just eating, and chatting, and dancing while over there five people hang, dribbling with electricity passing through them! There is something wrong with these people!”

“This is nothing! I went to the bathroom and there’s a slave in there offering to clean you with his mouth; claiming its some sort of reward for him.”

“That’s horrible! You’re not going to let them join are you, Captain?”

“We can’t; not unless they agree to end slavery and I don’t see that happening. Everyone seems happy; there won’t be any slave uprisings here.”

“There might be; I mean, we’ve only met up with the slaves at the top of the ladder; perhaps, the majority of slaves aren’t happy.”

“That’s a fair point. We should look around the city.”

A cheer went up as another slave fell from the electrode.

“You know how many piercings Sequence said he had?”

“Well, he’s got six we can see; I suppose he’s got a penis piercing, so seven?”



“He’s got six in his penis.”

“Oh, my gosh! How can he be so happy here? And Fabian. That tattoo on his back; that’s not a tattoo, its a branding; it was burnt on. And he’s so proud of it.”

The conversation ceased as Peter sad down near them.

“I think Sequence is gonna win this; he looks comfortable. Fabian’s struggling, another twenty minutes and I’ll have to pull him out.” Peter looked at the delegates. “You didn’t realise we were a slave trading nation did you?”


“I told dad you wouldn’t let us join when you found out but he insisted that it would be fine if we could prove that everyone was happy with the system. I told him it was a stupid idea, that some people would always see it as inhumane.”

“Surely it is?!”

“Of course it is. Fabian may be happy but the boy has no control over anything he does. If a slave misbehaves there’s no real limit to how they are punished as long as no permanent damage is done. They have no right to appeal, they have no right to anything really; not even food. All owners have a responsibility to make sure that their slaves do not die from a punishment but that’s not a slave right. And we aren’t going to suddenly free them all.”

“Does the King believe that slavery is humane?”

“It’s more humane here than other planets.”

“I’d rather the slaves were attempting freedom. I’d rather they hated slavery.”

“Then it would be easier to rescue them but not easier to live with. Hey, little brother, Sequence seems to be struggling.”

“Yeah, it’s the tongue stud; now the voltage has gone up it’s getting to him.” Daniel sat down. “It’s going to be a face off between him and Fabian again.” Daniel commented as another slave removed her tongue from the electrode. “Only one left before the real challenge begins.”

“When it’s left to Fabian and Sequence it usually becomes a competition between us two, who will worry the most. They don’t the idea of slavery.”

“Fair enough. She’s going to take him out.” Daniel motioned to the last slaves’ mistress.

“I would. He looks unconscious.”

“Yeah, she’s going to get fined.”

They watched as the slave was lowered onto the floor and untied.

“Is it true Sequence has twelve piercings?”


“Why? Why would you do that?”

“Why not? He’s mine.”

“It’s that sort of attitude that they don’t like.” Peter said. “I’m gonna check on Fabian.”

Daniel lent across the table to be closer to the Captain.

“Sequence is a toy, a pet if you like. He does what I tell him to do. He has no free choice about anything. He’s not really a person. You’ve become attached to him; you must think of him as a toy that belongs to me. Treat him like a person and he’ll misbehave; treat him like the slave he is and he’ll be fine.”

“He is a person.”

“No. He’s a sex slave, and he loves it.” Daniel left to check on Sequence.


“Ow, Master.” Sequence whispered as Daniel threaded a rope through his nose ring. The rope was pulled through each of his earrings, before being tied around his wrists behind his back. “Why are you doing this? I won last night.”

“Not a punishment, little one. I just want to display you for the delegates.” Daniel picked up another rope.

“They won’t approve, Master.”

“I know.” The Master tied one end of the rope to Sequence’s ankle before looping it through the rope around his wrists and back down to tie the other ankle so that Sequence was forced to remain kneeling. “They annoy me; trying to be so moral.”

“It is their culture, Master.”

“Their culture that they are trying to impose on us.”

“Yes, Master.” Sequence sucked in breathe as the Master pulled another rope through the ring in the slit of his cock. The ends of this rope were pulled through his nipple rings and then a small weight added. “Ouch.”

“That hurt?”

“So much.”

“How long can you endure it?”

“Long enough, I’ll be ok, Onwin Güncel Giriş Master. They won’t; they’ll want to rescue me. I felt their desire to last night.”

“I’ll get Basil to watch you.” The Master packed away his left over ropes.

The delegates entered the room. They stopped and looked at Sequence.

“Dear Lord! Why would you do that?” Captain Steven bent down next to Sequence. “Are you ok?”

Sequence smiled slightly but didn’t talk.

“He doesn’t talk in costume.”

“Ooooh, Sequence looks hot.” Peter said as he saw Sequence. “He did well last night, especially with his tongue stud.”

“Fabian did well too; not much in it really.”

“Let him go, you can’t keep him like that!”

“You believe in free-choice?”

“Yes! Its the foundation of society.”

“Ask him if he wants to be let go.”

“He’s not allowed to talk!”

“He can say what he wants with no repercussions.”

“Shall I untie you, Sequence?”

“I would be lying if I said this was a comfortable position or that I was enjoying being like this but no, don’t untie me.”

“Why not? He won’t beat you.”

“No, he’ll only beat me if I manage to stay like this for as long as he wants me to. He’ll be disappointed if I let you untie me.”

“But it’s hurting you!”

“Master would untie me if I asked him.”

“Sequence, don’t be stupid! You’re letting him treat you like a toy or something. You have every right to be treated with respect. If he forced you to do this I could understand it but you just let him do it to you!”

“Zariah, I’m a sex slave. I gain respect by being obedient and enduring uncomfortable situations; by doing my job. When I succeed I am rewarded and it’s good. When I fail, my Master is disappointed and it’s bad.”

“Gosh! He’s been so brainwashed! See, this is what I meant when i said they thought it was normal.” Captain Steven pulled out a gun, the other delegates pulled out guns as well. Daniel and Peter were backed into a corner as the Captain un-tied Sequence. “Where’s Fabian?”

“You won’t be able to control them. You take them and it’ll mean you all becoming slaves. Fabian and Sequence will return to us and your punishment will be slavery.”

“They won’t be under your control when we leave. Where’s Fabian?”

Sequence stood up, uncertainly, wondering if he was going to be allowed to leave with the delegates. The Master nodded to him.

“You may go, Sequence. You’ll enjoy looking at their plant. Show them where Fabian is.”

“Have a fun journey.” Peter grinned.


“Wow, this is beautiful!” Sequence said, wandering through the topical garden on the delegates’ ship.

“No where near as good as your garden.”

“Obviously. When am I going back?”

“You’re not, you can go home or anywhere you want.” Zariah grinned at him.

“Home is with my Master and that’s where I want to be.”

“You’re not a slave anymore.”

“No, I’m a hostage.” Sequence touched a dying plant and encouraged it back to health. “I’m getting too far away from my Master; I’m losing my connection with him and that’s dangerous.”

“Hey, Sequence.”

“Hey, Fabian. What’s new?”

“I’m fucking bored! You became a slave after me so submit to me; I want to fuck you.”

“I’m a stronger slave than you. You should submit to me!”

“Guys, no-one has to submit if you want sex. If you both want it just go for it, it doesn’t have to be about control.” Zariah said.

“Yes it does! I’m a bear! He’s gonna get pounded and injured; I must have the control.”

“If I give him the control, he will become feral and dangerous.”

“I will not!” Fabian bellowed and struck out at Sequence. Sequence ducked, pulling off his blindfold. Fabian and Zariah froze.

“Fabian, go to your room and handcuff yourself to the bed.” Sequence replaced his blindfold as Fabian left and shook Zariah.

“What happened?” She asked.

“I have abilities but I am unable to control him as his Master does. My Master does not allow me to fuck others so I cannot give Fabian what he needs. He’ll become uncontrollable soon. You must take me back.”

“Why can’t you accept freedom? Neither of you need someone else to control you!”

“Shall I tell you why I was so expensive?”


“My price reflected the damage I had done on board the slavers ship before I was sold. Without training from a dedicated and skilled owner I am dangerous to other lifeforms. The same is true with Fabian. On my planet we are a community, we communicate telepathically. We other species, we hypnotise them and control them; we can kill by persuasion. Fabian comes from a wild planet. They are all bears, controlled by their desires; all other lifeforms are hunted. They rarely become human and then only to mate or challenge others to fight. Fabian will revert sooner than I will. I will be more dangerous when I revert.” Sequence grinned. “Without our Masters we will become what we are. And that is not good for you.”

“Surely, if that’s who you are, that’s who you should be. We should take you back to your planets.”

“We will both be killed if we return. I will be, because I have engaged with and enjoyed carnal pleasures and Fabian because he is no long part of the group, he is an outsider, a threat to others. We only belong with our Masters; we fulfil our potential with our Masters, without them we’re just animals.”

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