Sex and the Magic Lamp Ch. 06


I woke up alone, stretching in bed. It actually felt good not to have a body next to me for a change. Don’t get me wrong, the sex had been super hot, but at some point, a man and his dick just need some alone time. Genie had given me a sideways smile saying he understood.

Work was work, I was still distracted thinking of the sex I’d had with Bill and Matt, since they were around and I could see them. It was fun that they didn’t remember it. I hit the gym and headed home.

“Hey Genie!” I shouted as I flopped on the sofa.

“Yes, Master!” Genie appeared, a smile on his face.

“So with these wishes, can I wish for something not realistic? Like cartoonish?”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m wondering if I can wish for a super big cock, like in as big as my arm, and get to fuck a guy who can take it.” Genie looked at me oddly for a moment. “I don’t want to keep it, but it would be fun. Weird, but fun. Let the guy have a super big cartoon cock and I want to be able to take it.”

Genie got that zoned out look he did when he was searching for what I asked for.

“Seems I can. Ah, you might want to take your pants off.” Genie looked down at my slacks.

“Yeah, that makes sense.” I got up and stripped. Genie laughed, there was a glittering around my crotch, and when it cleared I saw my dick was past my knees, and just like it was cartoonishly long, it was cartoonishly thick. My balls matched. I joined Genie in the laughter.

Through the door came a blond man, with a perfect V chest to waist, using both hands to stroke a cock and balls as big as the ones I was now sporting. Still laughing, I stroked my cock and it instantly went erect with a noise like “Spruunggg!” I laughed harder at that.

Approaching the blond, we rubbed the giant cockheads against each other. Bright shiny pre-cum coated and mingled at the contact. The sensations were amazing. A normal cockhead is full of nerves, this giant dick had nerves just as packed, but a much bigger area, my knees buckled as the feelings shot up through this gigantic prick and bounced through my body.

I finally pulled my eyes off the huge cocks and looked at the face of the man I was with. His eyes and face were showing the same joy of sex and humour I knew mine were.

“Here, let’s stroke them together.” He said, sliding so his cock was fully over mine, taking both hands he tried to reach around, but there was no way. I joined him, and our hands could only cover a small fraction of the shafts. More laughter from both of us.

It was like jerking off with pinkie fingers. It did cool me down a bit, fortunate, so I could enjoy the whole scene longer. It was odd stroking something that could not exist in nature and have it be attached to my body. With a guy just as fake size as I did at the moment.

The blond pulled his hands off the dicks and put his hands on my shoulders, pulling them down my pecs to my abs, and my hips. Holding onto my hips he used my body for support as he knelt down before me, starting to kiss over the head of my massive cock. His lips couldn’t cover most of the head like they would on normal prick, and we both started laughing again, his laughter adding something to the kisses. It was comical, seeing him working on my impossibly huge cock.

It was even odder when he opened his mouth and started to engulf my engorged prick. I was amazed that he could do this, but I guess it was cartoon physics. I had wished that we would be able to take these mammoth cocks, so we could.

I don’t know how he got it all down his throat, but he did, and it felt amazing. So much more skin to get sucked, so much more to feel the throat covering, the tongue flicking on what parts it could reach. He reached around and grabbed my ass, kneading it as he sucked, cloud storage and I was struck how I did feel like a cartoon character, his mouth somehow able to swallow my giant dick and him needing to keep on for the long trip up and down my shaft. Loud sucking sounds came to my ears as well, still cartoonish, giving a further impression of the unreality of it all. I guess I was getting use to unreality, Genie let me have a lot of stuff that wouldn’t be possible in the ‘real world’.

Blondie was going fast, it was amazing seeing how quickly he moved up and down a dick that was arm length. I had no idea where it disappeared, but I didn’t really care. I did decide I wanted to try it, so I pulled him off and got down so I could suck him.

I swear the head of his cock was almost as big as my head. I licked it, and tasted the sweetness of the pre-cum it was leaking. And so much, I could drown in all this pre-cum. Giant dicks make rivers of pre-cum, it seemed. I opened my mouth and I don’t know how, but it fit in. I was able to get to his pubes on the first push. Genie had let me deepthroat real big dicks, and now I could deepthroat fake big dicks. My mouth felt full but the sensations were mostly like giving a regular blow-job, only the distance was a lot greater. Blond laughed above me. He must be having as good of a time as I was.

You know how when you’re sucking a long prick you can really, really enjoy the distance? Imagine that times ten. Length not in inches but feet. I could feel his cock down my throat, and it seemed to fill my entire body, like my throat was being pushed out, but all the way down my chest. It didn’t hurt, if felt sexy. Total contact, in places I’d never felt a dick before. I would have been laughing if my mouth wasn’t full. I also don’t know how I kept breathing, but that didn’t seem to be a concern either.

I sucked blond for a bit before he started to move, bending down and using his hands to send me to my side, I quickly got what he was planning. On the floor we began to 69, both able to take the huge members the other had in our mouths and move. If a scientist could see us, I’m sure his head would explode, but who cares?

This couldn’t go on forever, and we did shoot off at the same time. Simply massive amounts of cum came out of our cocks, overfilling our mouths and covering our faces. A bakkake from one dick. Colossal amounts of cum dripped all over our faces, forcing us to wipe it from our eyes and laughing at the shear volume of it.

Our oversized cocks didn’t go down, and for the first time, I got to look at them. Perfectly realistic except for the size, it was easy to see the veins. Stroking Blond’s prick, I could feel the ridges inside the cock. In a normal size one, you could feel them under the skin, with a cock this big in front of me, I could really feel them, it was an odd sensation, and not one I ever expected.

I looked up and the blond was smiling at me, his face glistening with the wiped-off cum I had spurt all over it. He rubbed my still hard bulky cock. “Want to put it in me?” He teased.

“It’s been in one end all ready, sure you want it up your ass?” I asked.

“Yeah, it will be fun.” Blond lifted his leg, reaching one hand between his legs and fingering his hole. “I bet this will totally fill me up.”

“There is no doubt there, sucking you was an experience.” I replied, starting to move over so I could get this hefty cock lined up to his hole.

“Damn right, I’ve never felt anything like that in my life. Getting fucked is going to be even better.” Blond was moving around to help get his hole where I could start it in.

“Here it comes!” I had found my target and started to push in. It was an amazing thing to watch, as his asshole getting wider to let mammoth cloud file storage thing in, and he was groaning like he was enjoying it. Well, big dicks really did fill you up, and this had to be the biggest thing he’d ever had in him. There was no doubt about that. He didn’t sound like he was in pain at all, but I had no idea how he was letting it in. The normal stretch of the asshole when you got fucked was multiplied by a million times, but my oversized cock went in no problem.

I grabbed his hips and started to fuck, really fuck, and it was great. His ass covered all of my substantial cock and the additional acreage I had just improved the feelings. So much more than a real dick would have. His body bounced back and forth on my prick like a jack-in-the-box. I was feeling much more of his ass around my colossal dick than should actually be possible.

One of the things that is great about sex is the feeling of the hole around your dick, and with Genie’s powers I had so much more cock to be covered by his ass, and it was marvelous. Just like I wasn’t sure how his ass got around what I had, or how deep I got. I was sure my cock was going so far up he must be tasting it. I know that’s something you read, but with as big as Genie had made my cock, it could be true.

I don’t know how Blond kept moving like he did, but was near shouting in ecstasy “Fuck me! Fuck me hard! God how fucking deep!” I was sure he was enjoying himself as much as I was. I can’t believe how wide my hips were humping, all of this was so unreal. But fantastic beyond describing. All of this was really coming together to get me to cum, and I did. I felt the cum bursting out and into him. I let a giant shout out, before feeling entirely drained and fell to the floor. Blond turned around and I bursted out laughing. He had cum leaking out of his mouth. These tremendous cocks would actually shoot cum up onto the fuckees mouth. Blond joined me in laughing, wiping my cum out of his mouth again. “I bet I can fuck you even harder than you fucked me!” Blond manhandled me into position.

I didn’t resist as Blond stuck his immense cock in my hole, I felt my asslips grow in circumfrence to let it in, and that just kept going. It kept going in me as well, and it was amazing to feel it go deeper and deeper into my body, much further than anything had ever gone before, not that, that was a surprise, given the unreality of the situation.

I felt the vast cock deep in my body, and it reverbrited around, stuffing me and causing me to bounce against his hips. You know how a long and thick cock really fills you up, this was like that but magnified like nothing I have ever felt before. I could distinguish the ridge of the cock head going up and down the insides of my body. It was astonishing and my body twisted around almost unable to comprehend what was going in my body.

Getting fucked by a big dick is an experience, but feeling it ram up to your lungs is out of this world. Blond was rocking my world in the best way. I could hear not only his grunts and the cartoonish sounds of his titanic cock going in and out of my ass. I was riding a long distance to go the entire length of what he was shoving in and out of me. Long dicking is one thing, this was beyond the pale. I was racking up some real mileage traveling up and down the significant distance of his prick. It was a workout, and I was fully enjoying it, and my head was whipping around.

With a massive shout, Blond came in me. As often as the term about cummig so deep it shoots out the mouth. Let me tell you the sensation of cum coming up from your throat into your mouth is not something you can describe. You can suck a guy who cums so far down your throat you can’t taste it? This was the opposite, a massive amount of cum covered file upload my tongue and leaked out past my lips. I fell forwards, my arms shaking too much to support me. Blond withdrew and fell over me.

This time, I had cum leaking out of my mouth, and Blond turned me and began to kiss me, his tongue mingling with the cum. He hadn’t removed all of the cum I had shot into him.

After the mutual fucking, and some kissing, we lay back, just staring at the ceiling for a bit. The cocks still rose like redwoods, waving in the air. We both giggled at that, giant cocks still super hard and leaking.

I grabbed the base of mine and shook it a bit, causing drops of pre-cum to fly around. Blond did the same to his. Shaking them quickly, we got bits of pre-cum everywhere. Using our grip on the bases, we moved our oversize cocks so they were like sword fighting each other.

Bopping our cocks to each other, we both started stroking them, so much to cover. Blond got up and took both hands on his cock and started to hit mine on either side. I got up and used my cock to go against his, so we were having a sword fight with the gargantuan cocks. More pre-cum splattered around, as our dicks struck against each other, we moved back and forth across the room, laughing at the game.

I would back up some, he would advance, I would start to turn and get him to retreat. We went around dodging furniture. I almost slipped on a pool of cum or pre-cum on the floor. That gave us a new attack of the giggles. I was a bit amazed I could move so easily, you would think the weight of such a bulky cock would tip me over, but none of that seemed to matter, and so we jumped around the room, on the chairs and other furniture, swinging our dicks at each other. We got pre-cum all over everyting, including each other. I don’t know after how many minutes we both started really stroking while knocking dick to dick. It was fun having so much to play with, big sets of balls swinging all over the place.

At the same time, Blond and I got to the edge, again. Huge gobs of cum shot out of giant purple cock-heads, covering our faces again. We leaned on each other as we laughed. The amount of cum was truly comical.

I glanced around the room. I looked like a giant marshmallow had exploded. There was white stuff all over everything, dripping off edges. It was a total mess.

“I think I’m fucked out.” Blond said to me. “I’m going to let you clean up. Think I’m going to keep this cock?”

“Hell no. How the hell will you walk down the street without getting attacked by every bottom in the world.”

“Ha ha. I guess size has it’s problems. Hashtag big size problems.” Blond kissed me and headed out.

Genie appeared next to me. “Did Master enjoy that?”

“Yes, I don’t know how you did that.”

“I wasn’t constrained by actual reality, so I could let it happen.”

I looked down at my crotch. “Put this back like it was now.”

“Yes, Master.” I closed my eyes, not wanting to see my cock actually shrink to normal size. “It’s done Master.”

I peeked, and my dick was back to its natural state. It was an amazing adventure, but I was glad to be myself again. I felt my junk gently, looking at it and remembering what I had just done. “You know, Genie, everyone wants a big dick, and that was an experience and a half, but I’m glad not to have to live that way.” I stopped a bit, pretending not to notice the pleased expression on Genie’s face. “This place is a mess. Think you can get me a couple of slaves to clean it up?”

Genie gave a big smile “A couple of slaves? Of course Master.” And two slaves appeared. Both in harnesses, but neither shaved down. They got right to work.

“I’m going to my room, I don’t want to watch this.” I got up, looked down at myself. “But a shower first.”

“Yes Master, I’ll have them take care of the bathroom once you’ve finished.”

I have to admit, it was really nice to be able to assign someone to clean up the mess we had made. It’s not a task I would want to do.

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