Sexy Car Wash for the Neighbor

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I’ve been doing some very naughty things recently. My name is Alice and I’m twenty-two years old and I just love to be with older men. Lately, I’ve been focusing my time on my neighbor. He’s married, but I just don’t know if his marriage is good or not. I often hear them arguing, when they’re in the yard, or if he’s outside washing his car.

His name is Vincent and he’s an older man. I’d think he’s probably sixty years old. I just find him very attractive. I know sexually I could please him very much. He’s retired and doesn’t go out very much, but is always in his yard doing gardening. His wife often goes out, I believe she does a lot of volunteering with the church and hospital.

We always wave to each other when we see each other. Sometimes, we’ll talk for a few minutes. I know he thinks I’m attractive, because his eyes are always scanning me up and down. I’m 5’8″ and weigh one-hundred thirty pounds. I have long blond hair and blue eyes. I have long legs and have a large chest. I’m proud of my 38-D breasts.

I live in a ranch home and Vincent lives across the street from me. My parents bought me the house, so I could live on my own after graduating college. I just graduated in May and have taken the summer off, before I will start looking for work. I’ll be looking for a marketing job in September.

This is a story of what happened one afternoon, while I washed my car. I’ll go into all the details.

It was a hot summer day in the month of July. I was feeling especially horny and wanted to wash my car. You must be thinking, how does being horny and washing your car have anything to do with the other. I planned on putting on a show for my neighbor Vincent. I was hoping to land him and have sex with him.

Usually, on Thursday’s he does his gardening in the front of his yard. I thought I’d wash my car and maybe put on a little show with the water. I decided I’d wear a white string bikini and my black pumps. I brought my boom box outside and put on some house music, so I could dance while washing my car.

I went outside and poured the car washing solution into my bucket, and then got the hose and filled the bucket with water. The bubbles were filling up nicely in the bucket. I put my sponge into the bucket and then sprayed the car with water. I began to wash the car with the car wash solution. I noticed Vincent was outside. I waved at him and he waved back to me.

I was soaping the car up really good and really getting into it. It was really hot and I held the hose over my head and got myself really wet. My nipples were hard in my top. I really wanted to get his attention and I took off my bikini top and washed the car topless.

Vincent now was looking directly at me and I could tell he looked a little shocked, but he never took his eyes off me. I was now washing the hood, lights of the front end, the sides of each of the car, and the back. What I did next was really strange, but I knew it looked very sexy. I held my breasts and washed the car with them.

I looked over and he now started to walk towards me to get a better view. I continued to use my breasts as sponges. When I was finished, I then sprayed the car and made sure to jump up and down so my breasts would jiggle. I even squeezed them together and started to do a very sexy dance.

“Alice, you sure do a very sexy car wash. I sure would love for you to come over and wash my car.”

“I would love to wash your car. If you want, you can pull your car in my drive way and I could wash it right now.”

“Okay, I’ll bring my car over right now.”

Vincent then ran to his driveway and drove his car over to my house. I knew I had his attention, because I was topless. He was basically drooling at my firm and lovely breasts. I drove my car into the street so Vincent could pull right into my driveway. Vincent pulled his car into my driveway and got out of the car.

“Vincent I brought you out a lawn chair. Sit down and I’ll wash your car.”

Vincent sat down and I sprayed his car with my hose and then I started to soap his car up. I did the same thing with my breasts. I used them like sponges, while I washed his car. I then wanted to really blow his mind and I slipped a few fingers into my bikini bottom. I fingered my pussy, while he watched me.

“Gee Alice, you’re a very sexy young woman. You’re so fit and have a beautiful body. You’re really raising my blood pressure seeing you topless.”

“Why don’t I finish the car and then you could come inside. I’d love to show you a little more of my body. I could put on a little show for you. Would you like that Vincent?”

“Does a dog like bones? Hell yes, I’d love to see you put on a show. You’re making this old guy feel young.”

I sprayed his car with water and got all the soap off and then towel dried it. Then I took Vincent’s hand and led him into my house.

“Why don’t you sit here in this chair? I’ll go get my vibrator and you can watch me masturbate. Would you like that Vincent?”

“Oh God, you’re so sexy Alice. Yes, I’d love to watch you masturbate.”

I ran to my bedroom and got my Hitachi Magic wand and plugged it in with an extension cord. I then took my bikini bottoms off and my bald pussy was now exposed to Vincent. I saw he was licking his lips and getting very comfortable in the chair.

I sat on my carpet, spread my legs, and rested the head of the wand onto my clit. My wand sounds like a loud power tool. I was moving the wand up and down my pussy lips. I then put the curved attachment onto to the wand and started to fuck myself silly with the curved cock.

I was fucking myself faster and faster with the attachment. Vincent was now rubbing the front of his trousers and getting very aroused. I could see his cock growing in his trousers. I slid the attachment in and then out of my bald cunt. Deeper and deeper into my pussy. I was about to orgasm.

“Vincent I’m going to stand up and hold my leg up. Why don’t you take the vibrator and fuck me faster with it. I’m about to come.”

I got up and put my leg onto the arm of the chair. Vincent grabbed the wand and fucked my pussy really hard and fast.

“Fuck me faster! Oh God, I’m coming Vincent. I’m fucking coming.”

“I want to lick that gorgeous pussy. Let’s go to your bedroom Alice.”

I took Vincent’s hand and we hurried to my bedroom. I got on the bed and spread my thighs. Vincent got right between my legs and licked the sweet and tangy juices that were pouring out of my sweet and succulent pussy.

His tongue was lapping at me like a hungry kitten. His tongue was licking my pussy in circles and then he pushed his tongue through my flimsy pussy lips. His tongue felt so good in my cunt. I was bucking my pussy into his face.

“You eat pussy so good. My pussy is on fire. I want you to fuck me. Will you fuck me Vincent?”

With that Vincent stood up and ripped his clothes off. He had a decent body for an older man. He was a little chubby, but it only made him look more adorable. Vincent was bald and was about 6’2″ and maybe about two-hundred forty pounds. He was tan and had blue eyes and was bald. He was hard and his cock was average size.

I was laying on my back and Vincent got right on top of me. We shared a deep and passionate kiss. He was such a good kisser. I guess years of practice with his wife. I wondered if Vincent had cheated on his wife before. He jumped right in the bed and started making love to me.

He put his cock into my very slick pussy and we made love together. We kissed deep and passionately the entire time. His thrusts were deep and hard as he pushed his cock further into me each time. We were in perfect rhythm with each other.

Vincent’s one hand was kneading at my 38-D breasts. He was pinching and rolling my nipple between his fingers. It was very exciting and made my pussy get wetter as we fucked. I was really enjoying him deep inside of me as we made love.

Vincent then got on his back and I got on top of him. I slid his cock into my wet pussy and rocked and moved my pussy up and down over his hard cock. His cock was so deep in my pussy and was hitting my special spot.

“Oh Vincent your cock is amazing in my tight pussy. I love how hard and thick your cock is.”

I rocked and moved and then I leaned back to gain speed, while I fucked Vincent. My pussy felt so amazing on his hard cock. I got back up and squeezed my tits together as I rode him.

“I’m going to come Alice. Get on your knees and suck me off girl.”

Vincent stood up and I got on my knees. I worked my mouth up and down over his thick prick. I was cupping and massaging his warm balls, while I took him deeper and deeper down my throat.

I thought I would give him even more pleasure and put my fingers into his rectum and rubbed and massaged his prostate.

“Oh Alice, that feels so good. I’m going to come hard if you keep doing that.”

I kept rubbing his prostate and was sucking his hard cock all the way down my throat. I wondered if his wife had sucked his cock much anymore.

“Oh God, that feels so fucking good. You’re the sexiest little vixen I’ve ever met. I want to fuck you every day. Keep sucking Alice.”

I kept sucking and he was playing with my tits as I was sucking, slurping and gagging on his cock. He was squeezing my breasts together and pulling at my hard, long, erect nipples.

Vincent then pulled his dick out of my mouth and shot ropes and ropes of come into my throat. I swallowed it all down for him.

“That was fucking amazing Alice. You’re really something else. You have given me a refreshed feeling for life. My wife rarely has sex anymore. I do jerk off and watch a lot of porn. I did have a short affair last year with one of the ladies from around the block. But, I plan on fucking you, whenever you want to Alice.”

“I had a great time. You make love like a pro. I’d love to have sex with you, whenever you want. I really like you Vincent.”

“Let me lick that pussy some more Alice. Get on your hand and knees and let me lick you from behind. You have the greatest ass I’ve ever seen. Get me a vibrator and I’ll fuck your pussy with it. Somebody like you should have lots of orgasms.”

I went to my draw and pulled out my dildo. It was a nine inch realistic looking cock and handed it to Vincent. I got on my hands and knees and presented my ass and pussy to him. Vincent spread my buttocks and began to lick at my pussy. His tongue was licking and loving my bald pussy.

He slid his fingers into my pussy and began to finger me really fast. I was so creamy and slick. He then eased the dildo into my cunt. He pushed it in very slowly. Once my pussy stretched around the girth, he fucked me fast with it.

The motion of him sliding it in and out of my wet pussy felt so good. He was thrusting it deeper and deeper inside of me.

“Oh God, that feels so fucking good. Keep fucking me Vincent.”

Vincent was jamming the dildo harder and faster into my pussy. My cunt juices were dripping out of my cunt. He pulled the dildo out and lapped up my juices. He was jerking his cock and then he pushed his hard cock back into my pussy. He grabbed my hips and made love to me doggie style. He’d take his cock all the way out and then jammed it back into my bald pussy.

“Your cunt is so fucking amazing. You’re an amazing fuck, Alice. If I died right now, I’d die a very happy man.”

“Oh God, I’m going to come. I’m coming Vincent.”

I had a huge orgasm and after a few more thrusts and pushes Vincent pulled out and asked me to wrap my tits around his cock.

I got up and wrapped my beauties around his cock and slid his cock through my huge tits. When his cock got high enough, I’d lick at his pee hole. I was working my tits faster and faster up and down his hard cock.

After a while, Vincent came all over my breasts. It was really beautiful as he came. I massaged his come over my breasts. I think he really liked that.

Afterwards, we just cuddled and kissed and then we both got dressed and Vincent thanked me for washing his car and giving him the most amazing day of his life. He said he would see me tomorrow.

I was very pleased how the day went. I was happy to finally have landed Vincent. I knew he would be back again tomorrow. I really loved having sex with older men. They’re very appreciative, especially when their wives aren’t giving them sex. I was looking forward to starting an affair with him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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