Shanghai Surprise


I am John and one of the most exciting sexual experiences of my night started with a group of friends making fun of one guy called Dave.

We were sitting around drinking and making fun of Dave who was the only unmarried member of our social group.

Our group was a mixed one of Europeans and Asians and most of the marriages around the room were also mixed. We were living in Shanghai and most of us came there to work and ended up in relationships with the lovely local girls.

My wife, Natalie, for example, was the finest combination of brains and beauty you could imagine. Slim, bright and a great fuck.

Almost effortlessly, our group had developed into a ‘swinger’s circle and we had all taken part in heavy swapping sessions.

Maybe some of those stories can come later.

Coming back to Dave, he told us what he had often told us that he was waiting for a really young girl to take as his partner as this is what really turned him on. Not that this need stopped him sharing our wives and his large cock was a big favourite amongst the girls.

Some time after this conversation Natalie and I were discussing her young sister Sarah.

Sarah is eighteen and looks younger but behaves older…if that makes sense. She has a boyfriend of sorts and, she often brings him to our apartment to baby sit when we are out. I guessed it was the only ankara escort chance they had for some privacy.

Sarah always look sexy even though her body is still forming and I was not surprised when Natalie told me that Sarah and her boyfriend had sex from time to time.

Natalie went on to tell me that Sarah confided in her that she didn’t really enjoy the sex and wondered what all the fuss was about. More sisterly discussion brought the conclusion that the boyfriend was simply too small and that Sarah should not judge the pleasure of sex until she had a bigger cock inside.

I remarked that if Sarah joined our ‘group’ she would soon get a proper fucking. I was not really serious but Natalie agreed enthusiastically and went on to say that Sarah would make a perfect partner for Dave in his wish for very young cunt.

We decided to set up a session between them and we intended to be around for the fun.

Sarah, who had agreed excitedly to the plan arrived first on the chosen evening and looked very sexy with a short skirt showing off her small round ass and a tight jumper, showing that her tits were just beginning to develop.

She was nervous of course but excited. Not for the first time, her appearance made my cock start to harden. At that point, I have to admit I was feeling jealous of Dave.

We antalya escort waited for him but he was late. We had a drink and kept waiting. Sarah had some alcohol and started to loosen up.

She laughed and complained that she has come especially to be fucked and Dave was late.

Eventually, it seemed clear that Dave was badly delayed.

Natalie eventually told Sarah “OK I promised you a fuck so why not let John give you your first proper shagging”

She agreed eagerly and Natalie pulled my erect cock out of my shorts and Sarah took hold of it. She started to suck my dick softly.

Meanwhile, Natalie pulled off Sarah’s panties and started to lick her cunt to make it softer and more ready for my cock.

After some time, Sarah was obviously ready as she was moaning ‘Do it now, do it now…’

She laid back on the sofa and I placed my cock between her legs. I pushed in slowly and gently stretching her wet little cut hole.

It is impossible to describe how incredible it felt fucking that tight pussy. The wetness helped my dick go up but it was certainly the smallest pussy I had ever shagged.

I held her small round ass as I pumped in and out of her little cunt determined to give her what she had been missing.

Ooh yesssss’ she cried ‘ this is what I needed.. fuck me, fuck me…”

She gaziantep escort got hotter, wetter and louder. I got deeper and deeper in her pussy.

As I screwed Sarah, I heard Dave come in. He apologised for being late and was clearly disappointed that I got into Sarah’s cunt first.

Never mind ‘ laughed Natalie ‘ I’ll arrange another young girl for you next week.’

‘That’s fine ‘ said Dave ‘ but what do I do with my stiff cock now?’

‘That’s a silly question, ‘ said Natalie. She bent over and lifted her skirt.

Not for the first time, Dave shoved his huge cock deep into Natalie’s fuckhole. She cried out because he was so big and hard. ‘Ooh so stiff’ she said ‘ fuck me good, Dave’

As Dave gave Natalie what she loves her shouts of joy and the noise of her slurping cunt got louder and louder, my cock got even bigger inside Sarah who came very loudly.

After ramming in hard for a little longer until Sarah was completely fucked out, I withdrew my cock and placed it into her mouth. As she sucked gently, I was able to reach down and feel her small hard tits.

Natalie was now also coming loudly as she always did with Dave’s dick.

When I heard Dave groan and empty his cum deep in my wife’s cunt hole, I could not control any more and covered Sarah’s mouth and face in sperm. There was so much, I could even get some down on to her tits. She looked wonderful.

Later we swapped places and Dave spent the night finally screwing the ass off Sarah while I enjoyed my hot wife, who admitted that the combination of seeing me shag her sister and having Dave’s big cock in her from the back was the best sex she had ever had.

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